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VICIOUS FEMDOM EMPIRE – BootJob: Pump the cum out. Starring Mistress Mia Malkova

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VICIOUS FEMDOM EMPIRE – BootJob: Pump the cum out. Starring Mistress Mia Malkova




Mistress Mia Malkova looks stunning in a white bodysuit and white knee high leather boots. She has the slave’s cock and balls out ready for her to trample the cum out. She knees and slaps his balls making him more aroused. She pumps the toe of her boot on his shaft until she pumps the cum out. Mia ruins his orgasm with balls slaps to his freshly drained balls.

Category: SHOEJOB


Keywords: boot domination

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Femme Fatale Films – Serena’s Boot Bitch – Complete Film. Starring Mistress Serena

Femme Fatale Films – Serena’s Boot Bitch – Complete Film. Starring Mistress Serena




If u want to worship Mistress Serena’s incredible leather boots, you will need to work at it and suffer for your indulgence. This slave gets just that honour whilst his nipples n balls get a painful reminder of exactly who is in control. He also gets to appreciate just how much his Mistress relishes in his suffering n gains the opportunity to prove how much is is willing to take for her.

Keywords: Female Domination, Free, Femdom, Mistress Serena, Boots, FemmeFataleFilms, Mistress, Serena, Ball Stretching, Bondage, Boot Worship, Boots, CBT, Bootlicking, Leather Boots, Leather Knee Boots, Nipple Torment

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Club Stiletto FemDom – Watch Me BallBust Your BBF Junior. Starring Mistress Kandy

Club Stiletto FemDom – Watch Me BallBust Your BBF Junior. Starring Mistress Kandy




Kandy has her son bound while she makes him watch her ballbust his best friend. Junior has standing orders to bring friends home so she can trick them into slavery, and she had this poor slob under her control in no time. Kandy has taken him from fun things like licking her pussy to the reality of real slavery, including harsh discipline. What has Junior done to his poor, innocent friend?! Kandy instructs Junior to turn and watch what she’s going to do next, as her plans also include increasing the slave’s pain threshold. “Yes M0mmy” he says. She promptly tells the slave to remove his shorts; there’s no need for them here. The young pervert reveals a rock hard cock and is clearly enjoying his predicament. so far. Kandy makes the slave spread his legs and catches him off guard with a solid knee to the groin.

As Junior watches, she knees his pal repeatedly and slaps his balls a few times before finishing with a volley of punches. He starts to collapse but Kandy holds him up by the cock. Now it’s time for the main act! She delivers kick after kick to the groin, until discarding her stilettos in favor of bare feet. She has the slave facing away from her so she can kick him from behind, and you clearly see the fear in Junior’s eyes as he watches M0mmy brutalize his pal. Kandy switches from one foot to the other until the slave finally collapses. She kneels behind him and twists his cock and balls until he whines like a little girl. But Kandy isn’t finished; not even close! She loves playing with her new toy. “Would you like M0mmy to do this to you, too?” she asks Junior. Of course he has no choice but to say “yes”. Kandy continues to kick, slap, and punch repeatedly until the slave falls to the ground, broken. She unlocks Junior and makes him crawl over to lick the sweat from his buddy’s battered balls.



Keywords: mistress kandy, punching, ballbusting, kicking, family fantasy

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THE MEAN GIRLS – Kicking Princess Bella’s Slave. Starring Princess Beverly

THE MEAN GIRLS – Kicking Princess Bella’s Slave. Starring Princess Beverly




This was a fun clip. Bella is behind the camera for this one. She basically just “gave” me this loser to kick in the nuts as hard and as much as I want! He is like totally obsessed with her…so we are both basically laughing in his face that she can make him do anything for her. (It’s funny- we talk about him like he is a “thing” for Bella to use however she wants- like he isn’t standing right there next to us in the room! LOL) Bella doesn’t give a **** though- I fuckin love her. She knows that she can talk shttt right in front of this losers face about how he doesn’t mean ANYTHING to her- and he will STILL do whatever she says! Fuckin awesome. Now THAT is a good slave, IMO!

So I decide that I want to kick him in the nuts like HARD- with some pointy steel-toed boots! Haha. But me n Bella laugh that this bitch has no choice in the matter. Bella just snaps her fingers and gives the order- and this bitch’s legs INSTANTLY SPREAD WIDE. LOL I am impressed! And even though you can’t see her in this clip, Bella is just sitting back, laughing, and filming the whole thing for our profit. (And of course commanding her “bitch” to keep getting back up and letting me kick it in the balls again, and again, and AGAIN…)

Her slave did pretty good. Even though he was obviously in agony, he kept getting up when commanded- and that is all that matters in a slave. Obedience and the ability to suffer for our profit and entertainment! Bella decided she MAY keep him a little longer based on his obedience…haha.

-Princess Beverly




Keywords: princess beverly

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Kates Palace – The Exposed Exhibitionist 2. Starring Domina Kate

Kates Palace – The Exposed Exhibitionist 2. Starring Domina Kate




It only takes one lesson for WARDEN KATE to make it clear SHE means business. Nobody’s ever gonna call THIS DISCIPLINARIAN WAITY KATIE! Finding the methods of gentle persuasion rather boring, SHE replaces HER gentle SLAVE paddle with a more cuddly cat-o-nine tails. “Why, look here, this appears 2 be my handwriting,” SHE purrs proudly, clawing the pink and purple welts on his bright red ass, which is soon every bit as swollen as a baboon’s in heat,”and we have only just begun, my Sweet. We really ought to run you through the whole programme, don’t u think?” Roughly translated, that means, ‘Time to amuse myself with some serious caning.’ “These`re my two very best friends in the whole wide world,” crows K-K-K-KIND KATIE and SHE ain’t just a k-k-k-kiddin’. With a cane in each hand, everybody’s favourite PUNISHMENT PRINCESS really gets the air to whistling. With the friendly help of HER beloved percussion instruments, will SHE be able to wring an admission of guilt out of the still unrepentant exhibitionist? One thing’s for certain: a regimen of this five times daily will soon have his mama wondering why he prefers to eat his dinner standing up.

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DomNation – COCOONED FOR TESTICLE TORMENT FULL VERSION. Starring Mistress January Seraph

DomNation – COCOONED FOR TESTICLE TORMENT FULL VERSION. Starring Mistress January Seraph




After completely encasing her slave in industrial strength plastic cling wrap, Mistress January can do virtually anything and everything she wishes with him. Unable to move a muscle, her slave lies helplessly cocooned as January cuts away just enough plastic wrap to expose his genitals for her sadistic pleasure.

his cock and balls in tight bondage, January proceeds to ravage his privates tooth and nail, literally scratching and biting his cock as her slave’s moans of pleasure turn to shrill screams of agony as she bites down on his pulsating dick. What a delicious and extreme example of the pleasure/pain principle.

January Seraph

Features: CBT, Ball abuse, Extreme Domination, Mistress, FemDom, Female Domination,



Keywords: january seraph, mistress, fetish, female domination, slave, femdom, cbt, pov, extreme domination, masked, ball abuse

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Ball Busting Chicks – Brutal Ball Bondage. Starring Empress

Ball Busting Chicks – Brutal Ball Bondage. Starring Empress




What she most enjoys is to abuse and maltreat mens balls! This is a special case of brutal ball abuse! She ties his balls up with one of her used stockings. She ties them to his own toes! The slave is totally helpless and not able to stop t*rturing his balls at the slightest movement! Even if she would leave him alone in this awkward position the balls would ache like hell. But she even whip his nuts, kick him to make him rollover… At the end – after cutting the stocking and testicle release – she brings life back to his abused balls by kicking them…
Length 11 minutes. ballbustingchicks.com

Category: BALL ABUSE


Keywords: empress

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GERMAN FEMDOM Lady Victoria Valente – Intense CBT and cock torture game in the bathroom

GERMAN FEMDOM Lady Victoria Valente – Intense CBT and cock torture game in the bathroom




Lady Victoria Valente: This film is partly with Splitscreen shots: In the bathroom my slave is trained further! Intense CBT game! Again and again I treat the testicles with my toes and my high stiletto heels! Merciless, I always go on! Of course, I also treat the cock quite intensely with my riding equipment! He is punished right, the horny piece. Keywords: CBT, rider game, cock torture, femdom, female domination, high heels, pumps, fishnets pantyhose, long leather gloves, long legs, brunette, female supremacy, humiliation, close-ups – Please do not share my Clips on the Internet! HD Quality MP4 Clip, German language.

Dieser Film ist zum Teil mit Splitscreen Aufnahmen: Im Badezimmer wird mein Sklave weiter trainiert! Intensives CBT Spiel! Immer wieder behandle ich Hoden mit meinen Schuhspitzen und meinen hohen Stiletto Absätzen! Gnadenlos mache ich immer weiter! Natürlich behandle ich auch den Schwanz ganz intensiv mit meiner Reitgerte! Er wird richtig abgestraft, das geile Stück. Keywords: CBT, rider game, cock torture, Femdom, female domination, high heels, Pumps, fishnets pantyhose, long leather gloves, long legs, brunette, female supremacy, humiliation, close-ups – Bitte stellen Sie meine Filme NICHT ins Internet! Vielen Dank! HD Qualität MP4 Clip, Deutsche Sprache.

Category: CBT


Keywords: cbt, femdom, high heels, legs, fishnets pantyhose, humiliation, pantyhose, female domination, rider game, reitgerte, domination, pain game, long leather gloves, pumps, stilettos

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Ball Busting Chicks – Slave Hunt – My complete Riding Cult Movie. Starring Isabella

Ball Busting Chicks – Slave Hunt – My complete Riding Cult Movie. Starring Isabella




Riding cult fetish of the real and sadistic female domination kind. A sadistic young brat girl is hunting her slave – high on the horse – to find and punish him in the most cruel way! Face slapping, whipping, brutal kicks in his exposed bollocks, plus various sorts of genital t*rture… She ties his manhood up and beat those cock and balls ruthless! After several hard kicks in the balls, she starts to tease him, just to sexually abuse his erected cock by whipping. She even whips his cumming cock hard and brutal and finish him off by kicking him in the balls again. All that happened in real life, in a public forest…
Length 19:29 minutes.

Category: CBT


Keywords: isabella, riding cult, horse, slave hunt, cfnm, tease & denial, femdom, riding, cbt, ball abuse, ball kicking, ball busting, ballbusting, horse riding, ass worship

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THE MEAN GIRLS – Ballbusting: Bella Vs. Aria. Starring Princess Aria and Princess Bella

THE MEAN GIRLS – Ballbusting: Bella Vs. Aria. Starring Princess Aria and Princess Bella




***This is being written by the new “clip description slave” that has been commanded to watch all Mean Girls’ clips and do all their writeups from now on because they shouldn’t have to do their own writeups. This is how I serve because I cannot live at Mean Girl Manor. I am to watch, review, and give a complete and fair description of each clip from a slave perspective to all potential clip-buyers before deciding to make their purchase.***

Princess Bella and Princess Aria play the favorite game around Mean Girl Manor a ballbusting competition! Princess Aria is new and has a lot to prove so she really wants to win. She needs to make an impression on not only the slaves but to the other mean girls as well so they don’t treat her like some newbie. They take turns kicking the slave and they both say they really want to win but Princess Aria is the star performer in this competition. I guess she just had more to prove so her kicks are really hard. The slave tries to cope with the force of the kicks by jumping backwards and gets kicked in the dick a couple of times by mistake. It looks super painful and I’m surprised his dick wasn’t torn open by Princess Aria’s boot. To put a stop to his moving backwards Princess Bella stands behind the slave and plants her boot in the small of the slaves back forcing his hips forward. With no way to minimize the impact the next series of kicks from Princess Aria are so devastating and the smacking sound so loud I kept thinking the slaves balls might literally explode at any moment.

This is a really hard core ballbusting clip with super hard kicks that will make you wince. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if some permanent damage was done. I’ve seen other videos where the slave might have been kicked as hard but the slave has like balls or something because they don’t really react. What makes this one different and more interesting is that the slave in this video is in obvious pain and is crying real tears! You can tell the pain and tears are 100% real and the slave is so desperate for it to stop that you’d have to be pretty heartless to keep kicking him but that’s exactly what the mean girl’s do. Princess Aria is determined to prove herself and nothing is going to stand in her way! So you can guess how many fucks she gives about the slave’s balls? That’s right zero fucks given! Overall, on a “slave scale” of 1-10, I give it a “10.”



Keywords: princess aria, princess bella

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