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Mistress Nikita FemDom Videos – Obey Nikita – Cum Extraction

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Mistress Nikita FemDom Videos – Obey Nikita – Cum Extraction




My human cum hole is hooded, blinded, helplessly strapped down and exposed to whatever I feel like doing to it. Scraping my long red nails against its skin usually makes that little thing between its legs twitch and stiffen. Perfect for jamming one of my nails deep down its other fuck hole. It feels a little tight today, however. My pee hole spreader is just the thing to widen out that canal so it can easily take my larger nails too. Just for fun I decided to see what it would be like to extract “my” cum from it with the little device attached. It was fun. Making it suck it all off my fingers when I stuck them in that hole was fun too!

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Merciless Dominas – Squishy Balls. Starring Miss Courtney

Merciless Dominas – Squishy Balls. Starring Miss Courtney




Miss Courtney is up for some teasing of her slave Squishy. With Squishy securely placed on a bed in her dungeon, she starts to tease his ball with her sexy feet while verbally humiliating her naughty slave. Slave Squishy normally claims to be able to stand a lot when it comes to his balls, but in the end, the Mistress always win, and poor Squishy has to surrender and beg his Mistress for mercy

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Club Stiletto FemDom – Your Swollen Balls Are Easier To Kick. Starring Miss Xi

Club Stiletto FemDom – Your Swollen Balls Are Easier To Kick. Starring Miss Xi




This scene opens with Miss Xi’s slave leaning over a discipline bench. You hear the sound of stilettos until a foot appears and lands squarely in the middle of the slave’s balls. Hard enough to bring him to his knees! Miss Xi explains that she never really knows whether her shoes are a perfect fit until she has broken some balls with them. “I can go out and dance the night away once I know they’re good shoes” she says, and orders the slave back to his knees. “Spread them” she demands. After seven swift kicks to the nuts she gets him back onto his feet. “When I get new shoes I send him a text and he has to wait here naked over the bench, anticipating my arrival” she chuckles.

She asks him if he likes the new shoes and how they feel, as she delivers some more solid kicks. “They feel good” he says in a whiny way. She makes him stand up tall and delivers nearly another dozen kicks to his swelling cum sacks. She raises one shoe and drives the heel firmly into his aching balls, adding insult to injury. Now she tells him to stick his arms in the air because she wants him to tell her which shoe hurts more, the left one or the right one. When he says they’re about even, she lets go with another round of kicks, switching legs as she goes at him. Eventually the slave falls to his knees. No problem; Xi just goes around behind him and knees him in the nuts before kicking him some more. The slave reaches for his balls and is clearly in discomfort. Xi instructs him to pull his cock out of the way and drives her stiletto into his battered berries again. “You weren’t planning on having anyway, where you?” she asks. “Noooo” he whimpers. Now she delivers a series of backward kicks with her shoes before hopping onto his back and making him give her a ride to the stairs like a pony. She remains mounted on his back as he crawls up the stairs. Finally she gets off, sits on the stairs, and unleashes yet another round of kicks. You get a nice view of Miss Xi through the slave’s legs and you can see every kick land until he eventually collapses. As she makes him crawl up the stairs, she kicks him a few more times, just for good measure.



Keywords: kicking, ballbusting, miss xi, cbt

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Ball Busting Chicks – Thrash the ball boys balls. Starring Empress Isabella

Ball Busting Chicks – Thrash the ball boys balls. Starring Empress Isabella




The tennis ladies sitting on the bench legs wide open, while the ball boy stands in front of them with his erected cock! He get brutal kicks in the balls by two cruel women. Also from the front and at the same time the other from the backside. The relentless ball kicking is going on and on, he receive merciless kicks, one after the other. They play a game with him when one woman kick him three times in the balls, then the same from the other woman. He is standing there with his dangling bollocks alternately in front of the ladies to get lethal kicks in his genitals!



Keywords: empress, isabella

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FemmeFataleFilms – Cybill’s Way – Part 3. Starring Cybill Troy

FemmeFataleFilms – Cybill’s Way – Part 3. Starring Cybill Troy




The slave guy thought he was going to get a boot worship session, but Cybill Troy decides to make his life a little more challenging. If he wants to lick and suck on her sumptuously soft black leather thigh boots, he needs to earn the privilege, do as he’s told, endure whatever form of suffering she desires… he’ll have to do it Cybill’s way!

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FemmeFataleFilms – Pain To Cum – Part 4. Starring Lady Mephista

FemmeFataleFilms – Pain To Cum – Part 4. Starring Lady Mephista




The esteemed Lady Mephista makes her tantalising debut for FFF with a tormented face sitting & milking scene that`ll blow your mind! Watch how she revels in the slave’s suffering, how seductively she encourages him 2 take extreme levels of pain n see how she totally destroys his orgasm!

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Mistress Nikita FemDom Videos – Obey Nikita – Slave In A Sack Part 2




I’m not done with this slut yet. Like I said earlier, I’m going to make it feel totally owned from the inside out! An electrified cock hole probe teaches that lesson better than almost anything. A slave should know there is no place on or in its body out of my reach when it consents to be under my ownership. And I just love watching it jump and squirm every time I let some current loose down that slippery metal shaft to shock its pee hole. The best part is being able to zip it back up in that latex sack so I can return later and have my way with it over and over again!

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Mistress Nikita FemDom Videos – Obey Nikita – Slave In A Sack Part 1

Mistress Nikita FemDom Videos – Obey Nikita – Slave In A Sack Part 1




Earlier, my little human cock sock was trussed up taking my massive dick deep down its fuck hole. And guess what? The slut spurted its slave goo prematurely from that huge head massaging its prostate. This is good, of course… I want to train it to only be able to come when it’s getting fucked, but very bad since it came without my express permission! So, I decided to show it that it and that thing between its legs belong to me. Into the latex bondage sack it went all zipped up helplessly with only two tiny holes to gasp for air through, and unfettered access to what is mine, of course. Those balls and that cock of mine were wired up for my amusement, and I thoroughly enjoyed teaching it that I have total control over them!

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Club Stiletto FemDom – Fairy Fairy Quite Contrary. Starring Goddess Mia

Club Stiletto FemDom – Fairy Fairy Quite Contrary. Starring Goddess Mia




You’ll be instantly aroused the minute this scene opens, as it’s a close up of Goddess Mia’s ass and knee high boots as she kneels on her discipline bench. “Now, what am I going to do with you?” she wonders, as the camera pans over to reveal her slave suspended from the ceiling by his arms. “You’re not going to run away from me, are you?” she says, mockingly. She informs him she’s going to bust his balls. She yanks his shorts down with a quick jerk and gives him a few well placed kicks before reigning down a volley of slaps to his cock and balls. She delivers more kicks, and yanks him forward by the balls until he’s standing on his tip toes. She delivers another series of slaps to his cock. Mia is sadistic and she does everything with pain in mind; she wants her bitch to hurt. “If it hurts too much you can always fall to the ground” she tells him. The slave squeals because he knows that’s impossible and would only lead to worse pain.

Mia pushes the slave into the wall by his shoulders and resumes kicking him in the nuts. She grabs him by the balls and slaps his cock so hard he slams right into the wall. The slave is rock hard so she backs up closely into him and tells him to stick his cock into her ass. He can’t quite reach though so she turns around and slaps him some more. She grabs his balls again and pulls the poor slave right up off the ground. She continues to kick his balls, then slaps his cock and balls as well as his legs. “Sometimes I just don’t think you appreciate me” she says, as she brings her knee straight up into his groin. This is a harsh beatdown by a bound slave with nowhere to hide. She spins him around and spanks his ass before turning him around again and pulling on his nipples, then slaps his cock and balls once more.

The slave mutters a swear word and Mia tells him the next time he says ‘fuck’ she’s going to kick him twice as hard. “Instead of ‘fuck’ I want you to say ‘fairy'” she tells him, before slapping his cock and balls even more, as she tries to rip his balls right off his body. She uses him as her own personal gym equipment, pulling him towards her, releasing, and repeating. “Fairy!” the slave screams out. But Mia is far from finished. She twists his balls and nipples, slaps his cock, and delivers repeated underhand blows to his nuts. Over and over again, she pulls him right up off the ground while he hollers “Fairy, fairy, fairy!”. Mia is absolutely ruthless. Eventually, she removes her boots and switches to ball kicking with her feet. After a particularly harsh kick, the slave accidentally says ‘fuck’ before correcting himself. but it’s too late! Mia spends the next minute fully annihilating him, despite his repeated pleas of “Fairy, fairy, fairy!”. Then there’s a knock at the door. “Oh, I guess my girlfriends are here” she giggles.



Keywords: cbt, slapping, goddess mia, boots, ballbusting, kicking

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Ball Busting Chicks – Ballbusted in the kitchen – Full Movie. Starring Mistress Jessica, Mistress Rebekah and Mistress Rose

Ball Busting Chicks – Ballbusted in the kitchen – Full Movie. Starring Mistress Jessica, Mistress Rebekah and Mistress Rose




Three brutal and horny Mistresses punish their naked male kitchen slave for bad cooking. They take a wooden spoon to hit his cock and balls and apply more CBT with their hands, they humiliate him by talking. His balls and cock seem to be already sore and bruised from former beatings… His cock is dangling like a big half snake… Anyway the three ruthless women don’t care and most of all they like to kick men in the balls! That’s what he get here plenty times from all of them! From front and from behind, full force kicks with their high heels. In the second part Rebekah decides to do him a favor by stripping nude, left alone her ballbusting high heel boots, while the other two women keep on their skimpy outfits. Indeed being kicked in the balls by a naked woman makes it easier for some men two take hard kicks in the bollocks, the swelling and the nasty bruises…

New released, full movie version of “Terrified In The Kitchen” and “Ball Torture In The Kitchen” in higher quality.

Category: BALL ABUSE


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