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TheEnglishMansion – Chain Hogtie Predicament. Starring Mistress Sidonia

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TheEnglishMansion – Chain Hogtie Predicament. Starring Mistress Sidonia




Mistress Sidonia has put her slave in a fiendish all metal hogtie, with toe and ankle cuffs to make it even harder to move. Mistress then inserts an anal hook to up the discomfort level. She makes him squirm around the dungeon trying to reach her shoes to lick and worship then, enjoying the ever present struggle to try and please. Finally she adds a predicament, a water carrier is placed above him and if he drops his head to the floor, it empties the container of chilled ice water all over his body.

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Ball Busting Chicks – Naked on High Heels – Lesbians have Fun

Ball Busting Chicks – Naked on High Heels – Lesbians have Fun




See how real lesbians act and talk about men. They got a poor male victim next to their bed. The only use of the male slave is being a toy for 2 hot lesbians. They humiliate him verbal and abuse and t*rture his penis and ball sack. At the end – before they throw him out – they drag him to the small house corridor for a ruthless ball kicking. All full nude but of course the ladies with high heels, which they use like lethal weapons.

Keywords: Female Domination, Free, Femdom, BallBustingChicks, Naked, High Heels, Dual Domination, Double Domination, Humiliation, Nudity, Ball Abuse, CBT, Ballbusting, Balls Busting, Rebekah, Shay

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Ball Busting Chicks – Humiliated, Squeezed and Kicked

Ball Busting Chicks – Humiliated, Squeezed and Kicked




Very humiliating talking about his dick size n what women really need. while she punches his bollocks n kick them merciless with her high heels.

Keywords: Female Domination, Free, Femdom, Ball Abuse, Rebekka Raynor, CBT, BallBustingChicks, Humiliation, Ball Squeezing, Ball Kicking, Ballkicking, Ballbusting, Balls Busting, High Heels

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Asian Femdom Ballbusting – DICK WHIPPED! Starring The Goddess Katamura

Asian Femdom Ballbusting – DICK WHIPPED! Starring The Goddess Katamura




This hopeful slave boy had the audacity of sending me his application along with photographs of his dick! Rather tasteless and presumptuous of him. Did he really think that his man meat would somehow entice me to add him to my growing stable of personal slaves? Quite the opposite. It enticed me to lure him into my dungeon to torment him and that annoying cock of his.

Once in my clutches, I render him bound and helpless so that I may have my way with him. Selecting a painful rubber cat of nine tails, I trash his manhood relentlessly, until his cock and nutsack are throbbing in agony. Strike after painful strike, I whip his dick over and over again, until it is a delicious shade of candy apple red. When he has been sufficiently tenderized, I switch over to a lethal leather quirt/slapper and resume my cock and ballsack attack.

His testicles are completely at my mercy, and for this fool there shall be none. Mercy, that is. I hit my target with the precision of a surgeon, as I destroy that dick which he mistakenly thought would somehow persuade me to consider him for a position as my servant. But rest assured, when I am through crushing his prized family jewels, then and only then, will he be considered for such a valued position.

Category: BALL ABUSE


Keywords: femle domination, whipping, female suprmacy, submissive slave training, bondage, femdom, goddess katamura, humiliation, corporal punishment, asian goddess, bdsm, female domination

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CRUEL PUNISHMENTS – SEVERE FEMDOM – CBT with needles. Starring Mistres Lady Jenny

CRUEL PUNISHMENTS – SEVERE FEMDOM – CBT with needles. Starring Mistres Lady Jenny




Mistres Lady Jenny is punishing his slave with needles. She is tortures his cock and nipples with more than 30 needles. It’s a very spectacular torturing type.


Related Categories: CBT, FEMDOM

Keywords: lady jenny, cbt, needles, pierced, cock, torture, painful, severe

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CRUEL PUNISHMENTS – SEVERE FEMDOM – Lack of air and hurting cock Full Version. Starring Lady Zita

CRUEL PUNISHMENTS – SEVERE FEMDOM – Lack of air and hurting cock Full Version. Starring Lady Zita




This clip contains all parts from the “Lack of air and hurting cock” series:
1. Lady Zita is infuriated. You know how strong she is and she chokes the slave and step on him with all her might. She puts all her weight on his ugly face, his throat preventing him from breathing. First the slave faints from it – he deserves what he got – but after he recovers Zita continues the . She sits on his face only in a thong, she wiggles around and enjoys that he is choking from the lack of air under her beautiful butt.
Features: trampling, facestanding, choking, neck trampling, smothering, face sitting, female domination
2. The slave hangs from the ceiling clad only in a boxer, his hands are tied together tightly and attached to a ring. Zita is fighting with the slave she kicks him many times and tries to aim between his legs to hit his balls. The slave screams and shouts, Zita gets annoyed from it soon so she puts his boxer into his mouth. She continues the kicking and the slave let’s himself hang by his hands with all his weigh many times because of the unbearable pain.
Features: ballbusting, fighting, kicking, female domination
3. Zita bought a pair of stunning new high heeled boots. She stands on the table while her slave puts his pathetic cock and balls on it an awaits for his Mistress to stomp on them with cruelty. Zita likes her position, she loves how the slave shouts from the pain she causes when she steps on his cock and balls, tortures his most tender parts with her pointy heels. She does it with grace and extreme evilness.

Features: cbt, trampling, high heels, cock and balls trampling, female domination



Keywords: lady zita mistress, domina amazon, military elegant femdom, mistresses slave, humiliating hard, trampling cock balls, unusual vicious tara, cruel bdsm slave, unusual tara daphne, sadist evil mature, institution punishment, painful merciless, ballbusting cbt smother, full weight high heels, elegant femdom classy

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DOMA SMTV! Fetishes from Amsterdam – Tied up Balls. Starring Mistress Dinah

DOMA SMTV! Fetishes from Amsterdam – Tied up Balls. Starring Mistress Dinah




Mistress Dinah has tied the cock from a slave up. Hard and solid. The slave is tied in a rubber bag, just his cock out through a special hole. He has a ahrd cock, big shiny tief off balls and has nothing to say. Free preview!! (WMV version)

Category: COCK TEASE


Keywords: domatv, smtv, leather, naked, rope, mistress, slave, cock busting, submissive, fetish, nude, slave, domina, small feet, bizarre

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Brat Princess 2 – BP – 4 Girls Brutally Assault slave that Hates Being Ballbusted

Brat Princess 2 – BP – 4 Girls Brutally Assault slave that Hates Being Ballbusted




1080 HD This slave is very new to ballbusting and he hates it. But, he is Amadahy’s property and she can do with him whatever she pleases. His likes and dislikes no longer matter. Not only does Amadahy decide to ballbust him, she invites three friends over to help break him in. They do not go easy on the newbie. He’s going to have to get used to ballkicking at some point anyway! Every time the weak slave drops to the ground, the group of girls make him stand right back up again and take some more. Amadahy puts on a good display of hard kicks for her girlfriends before inviting them to partake. The slave can’t really take an assault from four girls, he can barely take ballkicks from one. The girls have to literally hold up his limp body to keep kicking it. Every girl gets a turn! At one point, it seems as though the slave is really down for the count. But Sasha still hasn’t gotten her turn! They force the barely conscious slave to stand and take a few more kicks, because that’s what’s only fair for poor Sasha, who had to go last. When the slave drops one final time, he starts babbling incoherently and crying out loudly in pain. Amadahy just keeps kicking his prone body as he rolls on the ground, trying to avert impact from Amadahy’s boot. (12:07 long)

Clip Contains Amadahy, Kendall, Natalya, Sasha Foxx, Ballbusting, Female Domination, Boot Domination, Brat Girls



Keywords: female domination

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Club Stiletto FemDom – Brutal Assault On His Balls. Starring Princess Mia

Club Stiletto FemDom – Brutal Assault On His Balls. Starring Princess Mia




Sexy Princess Mia does not hold back as she assaults her slave’s balls and cock. Kicking, pulling, and slapping, this slave is getting the Royal treatment. As the scene opens the slave is already fully erect, causing her to ask whether he’s really looking forward to this”. While the slave answers “yes”, the fear in his voice is palpable. She has him hold up his cock and soon her leg is swinging like a pendulum, slowly at first, then faster and faster as she picks up the pace. She kicks him in the balls 32 times before the first minute has even passed and adds another 36 kicks during the second minute. The camera shows some great angles from behind as well as between the slave’s legs, then manoeuvres behind Mia so you not only get to see the harsh kicks she delivers but her amazing ass as well. When the slave goes down again, she pulls him up by his cock and slaps his balls with her cupped hand a dozen times, asking “Who’s in charge?” The slave starts to stumble only five kicks into Minute Three, and Mia graciously allows him to crawl behind her and kiss her glorious ass cheeks.

“Do you love my ass?” she asks him. “Is it the most beautiful ass you’ve ever seen?”. The slave desperately wants to stay there on his knees, kissing her ass, and the emotion is evident in his reply when he tells her how much he loves it. “I love it, Goddess; I devote my life to it” he says. She asks if he would like to be smothered under it forever and says that at least then he would know his life had meaning. However, Mia isn’t finished with him and tells him to get back up because she still has plans for his balls. He’s fully erect as he stands back up. She delivers another 16 kicks before she looks at the camera and tells you to give her a call so she can torture your balls, too. She delivers 16 more slaps to his nuts before dragging him to his knees, cock in one hand, balls in the other, all the while twisting and pulling on both. She yanks him back up and delivers another half dozen kicks, before asking “Would you like me to invite my girlfriends over to kick you in the balls, too?” Mia giggles throughout the scene. Such a nasty Princess… she loves his pain and devotion. Another six kicks bring the slave back to his knees and Mia orders him to the trample floor where she locks him up, saying “Good, now I have you right where I want you!”.


Related Categories: CBT, PRINCESS, BALL ABUSE

Keywords: ball busting, princess mia, kicking, cbt

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