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Mistress Nikita FemDom Videos – Obey Nikita – My Sessions: Flip Flop Slob

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Mistress Nikita FemDom Videos – Obey Nikita – My Sessions: Flip Flop Slob




I wasn’t sure if this pig was planning on meeting a gorgeous Mistress dressed in leather, Wolford pantyhose and Italian platform stiletto heels, or if it was getting ready to haul the weekly trash to the curb. Surely no man could be that lazy and unthinking to wear such atrocious clothing to present itself at my feet. Then again, the male species never ceases to unimpress me. The coup de grace were the filthy stinky cruddy flip-flops it wore on bare feet. Who wants to see that? Hint – nobody. Especially not me! Here’s another hint – want to impress a Mistress? Try putting a little effort into how you look. I would have kicked it to the curb with my trash except it seemed to do what it was told without too much hesitation. At least it could amuse me by sniffing and licking it’s own flip flop! That mouth wasn’t going anywhere near my beautiful heels.



Keywords: submissive / slave traini

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YOUNG-FEMDOM- Brutal German Girls – Mistress Dr. Jette

YOUNG-FEMDOM- Brutal German Girls – Mistress Dr. Jette




Maik has a special fetish, he love it when the mistress torture him in medical outfit. Jette like this idea and so she change in this session to Dr. Jette and Maik gets an nice femdom session in medical room with sexy medical outfit.

Facesitting, Trampling, Boot Domination,
Whipping, Nipple Torture, Faceslapping



Keywords: kicking

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EMPRESS JENNIFER – Sis Blackmails With Porno Mags

EMPRESS JENNIFER – Sis Blackmails With Porno Mags




My brother is such a creepy loser, but kind of a rich loser who doesn’t mind getting pushed around by his little sister Jennifer. He gets up at the crack of dawn every morning to do his paper route. He saves all his money I guess, because I never see him spend any of it. So I sneak into his room to raid his piggy bank. He wouldn’t even miss a couple of hundred dollars I’m sure. Just then I notice something unusual under his mattress HE HAS A STASH OF DIRTY MAGAZINES! Full of boobies and butts and a lot of dirty jokes he is not supposed to be looking at. Well this is interesting, I can SO use this in my favor now. All I have to do is blackmail My stupid brother with his own porn. If mom and dad found out he will be grounded for life, they already think My brother is weird so this will be easy-peasy. And Me, Jennifer, is the perfect little angel in the family so whatever I say they believe. So I pretty much have My brother by the balls and I’m going to squeeze. I make him My defacto slave. he has to do anything I say now and all his money from his job goes to me or mom and dad find out about his porn problem. However, even to My perverted brother I’m not a total bitch. I’ll give him his booby fix of porn now and again. A page here, and a page there just to control him and give him enough motivation to serve Me properly like a good slave should. This is so cool, I love controlling pathetic and weak boys. I wonder what I’m going to be when I grow up…?



Keywords: empress, goddess, princess, brat, mistress, jennifer, jenn, jen, asian, latina, legs, mean, girl

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Kates Palace – Filmmaker in Trouble 2. Starring DOMINA KATE

Kates Palace – Filmmaker in Trouble 2. Starring DOMINA KATE




DOMINA KATE has made it clear to HER cheeky ex-cameraman just exactly where he stands. Or lies: all nice and snug from head to toe in a relaxing body bag. Only his sensitive winky and tender twiddle knobs are still awarded basking privileges in the unforgiving light. Something has to be punished, doesn’t it? The only sounds to escape him now are muffled, self-pitying groans as DOMINA KATE fattens up his lovestick with a custom set of glistening steel rods. Maybe someday now it will be of use to somebody. That puts THE TENDER SISTER OF MERCY in an extra-generous mood. He looked so underdressed in that skimpy body bag, so for HER grand finale SHE decks him out in a respectable gas mask. For several suspenseful minutes, SHE lets him savour the stingy gulping of his stale air while SHE decants another bottle of MISTRESS’S NECTAR OF VENUS. Then SHE hooks up the suffocating slave to HER SPECIAL RESPIRATOR and lets him drag deep on HER freshest air. To help him fully appreciate the invigorating aroma, SHE cuts off his air completely with unpredictable regularity. DOMINA KATE is now totally in command, and the good world is just as it should be.

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Club Stiletto FemDom – Mia’s First Pony Ride. Starring Princess Mia and Princess Lily

Club Stiletto FemDom – Mia’s First Pony Ride. Starring Princess Mia and Princess Lily




As Lily welcomes Mia to her home, she mentions that she has just gotten a new pony. “Do you want to try him out?” she asks. Mia has never ridden a human pony so is a bit apprehensive but says she does want to try. Lily looks forward to breaking him in and stands back as the pony lifts Mia. The pony is strong and soon Lily directs him to climb the stairs. Mia takes to riding right away and tells the pony to go faster. Lily follows them up and down the stairs and has the pony carry Mia through the house. Lily remarks how amazing Mia’s ass looks on the pony. and it does!

Lily decides she needs a ride now, too, and the ladies switch places. Lily instructs the pony to go up and down the stairs again. The camera catches Mia’s ass as she watches the pony climb the stairs with Lily. Lily has an amazing ass as well, and it looks unbelievably sexy as she sits on the pony. Two amazing asses make this a clip, so even if pony play isn’t your thing, you’ll enjoy it nevertheless. And pony fans will consider this a classic clip! Lily instructs the pony to do squats, which he manages quite easily, given that he’s well conditioned. Finally, the ladies recline on the couch and raise their feet to the pony’s face. In this household there’s no such thing as a ‘one trick pony.’

Category: PONYPLAY

Related Categories: PONYBOYS

Keywords: princess mia, princess lily, pony play

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THE MEAN GIRLS – Real Slave Meets Princess Cindi. Starring Princess Cindi

THE MEAN GIRLS – Real Slave Meets Princess Cindi. Starring Princess Cindi




Its sooo special when a new slave writes in and begs to be owned by me! The fear in his eyes as he first sees me in person. LOL! Empress Jennifer is filming this for me as I put him through the real slave process where he signs the paperwork and gets a leash put around his neck and a chastity device is locked on him. The rules are explained: NO eye contact! / NO speaking unless spoken to! It is my property now. It will work for Princess in the following ways taking pain and taking it up the ass and sucking cock if told to! Cleaning my apartment for me and my boyfriend and anyone else for that matter. I might want to make a few extra dollars whoring it out! Lol. It must do whatever I say WITHOUT QUESTION! Including EARNING $$$ for me and my BF in any way possible!!!

*(BTW this is a REAL slave that followed all my commands and lives near me and REALLY works for me now!! This CAN happen if u idiots actually follow the simple orders we give u when you write in and u come here and do a good job for us!)*

-Princess Cindi

Categories: Female Domination, CFNM, Chastity, Forced Bi, Femdom, Goddess Worship, Brat Girls, Humiliation



Keywords: cindi

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Primal’s Darkside Superheroine – Green Lantern – No Will to Resist XXX Extended Edition

Primal’s Darkside Superheroine – Green Lantern – No Will to Resist XXX Extended Edition




The city is quiet for the night, and Green Lantern has tracked sultry villainess Lynx to an empty restaurant. He is quite confident that he can handle the feminine feline, so much so that he fails to notice her subtle attack. Just by walking around him, Lynx has enveloped the Green Lantern with powerful pheromones that weaken his ability to resist her. Before he knows it, he is on his knees worshiping her pussy. Lynx takes advantage of the hero’s vulnerable position to smother him and knock him right out.

Green Lantern comes to strapped down in Lynx’s sadistic lair. Slinking over and rubbing her body on the helpless hero, Lynx shows off the new green ring on her claws. Without his ring, he is without will, without any way to fight back, and without any way to resist. Lynx tells him, “Kitty needs her milk,” and she places a saucer aside. She plans to milk every drop of cum out of him to strengthen her own powers. No matter how many days, or what means, it takes. And the more of his power she consumes and bathes in, the stronger her primal nature gets…



Keywords: alix lynx, female domination, green lantern, costumes, cum in mouth, blowjobs, bondage sex, bondage male, bondage handjob, cum in mouth, bondage blowjob, creampie, pussy eating, face sitting, forced male orgasm

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Mistress Blackdiamoond – Nipple torture with electricity

Mistress Blackdiamoond – Nipple torture with electricity




Electric games are so much fun.. first I bind him to the St. Andrew’s cross. Then we start the game…

Category: FEMDOM


Keywords: black diamoond, diamoond, sexy, mistress, sexy mistress, femdom, latex, electricity, slave, domination, female domination, slave, worship, humiliation, hot

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Lady Karame – Ursula meets epilator

Lady Karame – Ursula meets epilator




I love this mean little games 😉 Ursula, the old tranny, wants to turn tricks for me, but looks on the back like a gorilla. Then I have the idea with the epilator. Very nice how he is screaming but when it becomes too loud I put my sissy right on his face, so it gets quiet.

Ich liebe diese kleinen gemeinen Spielchen 😉 Ursula, alte Transe, will für mich anschaffen, sieht auf dem Rücken aber aus wie ein Gorilla. Da kommt mir spontan Idee mit dem Epilierer. Zu schön wie er jammert. Doch als es mir zu laut wird, setze ich ihm einfach meine Sissy auf den Kopf und dann ist Ruhe.



Keywords: mean, mistress, slave, sissy, tranny, scream, facesitting

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Serious Images – Casual Rubber Fun. Starring Elise Graves

Serious Images – Casual Rubber Fun. Starring Elise Graves




This 3-part video is a peek into a typical day at the SeriousBondage Institute. Our friend RubberBug was visiting with his thick rubber suits, Wired4Fun was visiting with his cool metal helmets, Petgirl Kako had some new gas-masks, and Elise Graves was present to inject fun into the gathering. This scene is typical at the Institute. People bring their gear to show us and things take on a life of their own. In this video, which is part-3 of two other videos, RubberBug was put into his heavy rubber suit, rubber waders, heavy wrist and ankle shackles, and one of the metal helmets. The metal helmet was then connected to an overhead chain which Elise found very exciting. Before we knew it the vibrator was out and Elise was pumping and grinding against RubberBug. Moans and groans were coming from both of them. We hope you enjoy watching the comradery between us kinksters. It’s safe to say that a good time was had by all. More videos like this can be found on SeriousImages.com, SeriousMaleBondage.com, and our free bondage-zine site SeriousBondage.com.

Category: BONDAGE

Related Categories: RUBBER FETISH

Keywords: elise graves, metal helmet, heavy rubber, shackles, vibrator

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