Ballbusting World PPV – WL1122 Make Me Airtight. Starring Chloe and Nikki

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Ballbusting World PPV – WL1122 Make Me Airtight. Starring Chloe and Nikki




What better way to lose your anal sex virginity than at the hands of two strap-on wielding Dominatrices clad in boots and bikinis?! The Squealer asked that his cherry popping was captured on film for posterity, and it was an offer Chloe and Nikki couldn’t refuse! The Squealer lives up to his name as he yelps and squeaks as he is ballbusted, deepthroated by their strap-on cocks, and roughly penetrated from behind! The final insult is to make him airtight – with one cock in his arse and one deep in his throat. (Duration 22m53s)



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Ball Busting Chicks – Office Frustrations. Starring Mistress Isabella

Ball Busting Chicks – Office Frustrations. Starring Mistress Isabella




Brutal, angry girl lets all her frustrations out on a helpless boy! She kicks him over and over so brutal in the balls that his sticking out hard on is hanging limp down at the end of her raving punishment! EHQ = Extra High Quality

Category: ASS FETISH


Keywords: isabella

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Ball Busting Chicks – Naked Ballbusting. Starring Alex Coal

Ball Busting Chicks – Naked Ballbusting. Starring Alex Coal




In the first part he gets his balls busted because he is not able to get a hard on. This girl demands it anytime, even when after she abused him real bad! She kicks him also when he is lying in front of her, legs open. Then standing again for more kicking in his down hanging nutsack, until he get floored again by one brutal kick after many many kicks in the balls.
For the lovers of naked girls busting nuts.

Category: BRAT GIRLS


Keywords: alex

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Atlanta Dungeon – Caned On The Cross. Starring Mistress Ultra Violet and Mistress Veronica

Atlanta Dungeon – Caned On The Cross. Starring Mistress Ultra Violet and Mistress Veronica




Sometimes the Goddesses of Atlanta Dungeon grow weary of thrashing fat ugly male creatures, and they want to beat something pretty and feminine. In such cases the ladies know who to turn to, Switch Blade Jade has a lovely sexy ass that can take a good amount of pain. Mistress Ultra Violet and Mistress Veronica go thru a variety of implements including a leather paddle and a ruler before focusing most of their attention on her ass with the cane. This is more of a sensual CP clip, though Jade marks up wonderfully.

Category: CANING


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Asian Cruelty – A RUTHLESS ATTACK TO HIS BALLS. Starring Goddess Mena Li

Asian Cruelty – A RUTHLESS ATTACK TO HIS BALLS. Starring Goddess Mena Li




What a ball buster I am! My slave stands helplessly naked, bound wrists pulled high and legs widespread. The kick of stiletto heels to his balls slam so hard he goes into shock. Only his wrist chains, linked to the overhead bar, keep him from dropping like an empty flour sack.

Repeatedly, I high-kick from the rear, throwing my powerful body into each shot. My aim is perfect; I never miss his testicles, clearing buttocks and thighs to nail my hairy target. The slave shrieks with agony, fades into a semi-conscious world of sheer suffering most guys have never experienced and can’t understand. It’s an escape-proof hell of pure pain, leaving him crying like a girl. And he can’t get a glimpse of my voluptuous breast, bouncing above my corset till I step around and crack his aching nuts from the front.

With Bad Intentions,
Goddess Mena Li

Features: ballbusting, Asian, BDSM, female domination, goddess worship, humiliation, bondage

Category: TOPLESS


Keywords: goddess mena li, bdsm, spit, corsets, domination, ethnic, fetish, gloves, cuffs, kink, leather, bondage, corporal punishment

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Worship The Wolfe – I Like 69- I Mean Reverse Neck Scissors. Starring Mistress Janira

Worship The Wolfe – I Like 69- I Mean Reverse Neck Scissors. Starring Mistress Janira




Janira has arranged to meet up with a guy from Tinder. He rings the doorbell and immediately after they greet each other, the Tinder guy starts to tell Janira how fuckable she looks. Ms. Wolfe goes along with it, and tells the guy how she really likes to do it on the floor, leading him over to her living room. Janira removes her dress, tantalizing the man with her perfect body as she instructs him to get naked and lures him to the floor. The Goddess explains how much she enjoys 69 as she climbs sensually over the Tinder guy’s face, wraps her legs around his neck, and…squeezes the fuck out of him! She squeezes until she feels the man’s body go limp underneath her. Then she climbs off and the scissor domination begins. The first squeeze rendered the Tinder guy too weak to move, so Janira drags him around, applying hard, strong, neck and head scissors in various positions. When the man can barely stay awake anymore, Janira delivers some nice hard chops with her muscular thighs right down on his neck, taking his breath away with each chop. At this point, the Tinder guy gets up to try to leave, but Janira drags him right back down to the floor and climbs back over him for the final reverse neck scissor that puts him out for good. *Real KO included at the end of the video!

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Your Last Breath Between My Legs

You Don’t Stand A Chance Against The Wolfe



Keywords: janira wolfe, worship the wolfe, thighs, foot fetish, highly arched feet, bra and panties, blondes, abs, thong, ass fetish, wrinkled soles, femdom

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VICIOUS FEMDOM EMPIRE – Tip Only Milking. Starring Mistress Mia Malkova

VICIOUS FEMDOM EMPIRE – Tip Only Milking. Starring Mistress Mia Malkova




Mistress Mia Malkova is giving her sub boy a lesson in orgasm control. He must learn to cum with only the tip of his cock exposed, no shaft stimulation. She rubs the vibrator over his cock head edging him closer and closer to orgasm. When he gets too excited she gives his cock a few hard slaps to show him who is in control.

Category: HANDJOBS


Keywords: mia malkova

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Tease And Thank You – Can’t Escape The Ruin. Starring Mistress Hera

Tease And Thank You – Can’t Escape The Ruin. Starring Mistress Hera




A submissive hates his mistress for always ruining him at the worst moment, so he goes to seek out another. He finds Mistress Hera, a raven-haired beauty. It’s as if her website was built just with him in mind. A session is set up, and the sub is beautifully mummified. Once helpless, Mistress Hera peers down into her slave’s eyes, removing her glasses, peeling away layers of clothes, and pulling back her disguise to reveal Mistress Helix, to the helpless sub’s utter dismay. Stupid boy. Too late now. Can’t escape the ruin.

Anyone considering a denial session with me should view this for proof of ruining prowess.- xo Helix

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Subby Hubby – Pizza Boy Gets Cuckold. Starring Daisy Ducati and Raven Bay

Subby Hubby – Pizza Boy Gets Cuckold. Starring Daisy Ducati and Raven Bay




Goddess Raven Bay and Daisy Ducati are talking about how much they just love owning men and are waiting for the pizza boy to arrive, though they have no hunger for pizza but plan to have some fun with the delivery boy, Toby walks up to the house and knocks on the door and says Hello ladies I have your pizza with extra EXTRA SAUSAGE!!! Daisy yells back to Raven that the pizza boy is kind of cute, She replies invite him in, She grabs him and yanks him in the door, Then the ladies ask him if he has some sausage for them, Cocky Toby who thinks he is the coolest says yes i got just what you need, They tell him to do a striptease for them, and he stands up and starts wiggling his little ass like he is a Chip in Dales dancer, The woman encourage him to take it off, when he finally takes his pants down the girls bust out laughing, That he has to have the smallest dick they have ever seen, Raven asks if it is a micro penis, Toby says it’s just cold in their house and that it’s a grower not a shower, Daisy pulls out a ruler and measures only less than 2″ The ladies bust out laughing again, and Toby says he wants to leave, Awww the girls persuade him to stay telling him that they like things kinky, then Daisy puts a gold diamond studded collar on Toby and shoves his face down to their feet and tells him that new tiny dick boys start at the bottom and work their way up, The pizza boy begins to lick the woman’s feet like a pathetic little cucky, and Raven tells him that his day is only beginning. Goddess Raven Bay and Daisy Ducati now tell the pizza boy that they need to get off, but that he could never please either one of them with his micro penis and that he gets to be the lube for their dildos, They both masturbate right in front of his face even letting him suck their pussy juice off the dildos they laugh at the fact that the only way this pathetic loser gets to taste pussy is off of a dick Goddess Raven Bay tells the pizza boy they have more fun in store for him as she holds his head between her thighs so tight that he is gasping for air, and Daisy Ducati comes back and puts her hand over his mouth to cut off his air even more, and tells him that he will be getting a face full of goddess ass. That’s right they are going to make the slut eat their asses and worship them, They completely face fuck him and smother him with their beautiful Ass, The woman are cruel and use him as their fuck toy. Goddess Raven Bay and Daisy Ducati now have the pizza boy completely cross dressed in a red sexy glitter dress and add some final touches of lipstick he is now there sissy slut they make him strut his stuff and even dance for them now he will go out and seduce men and bring the studs back to the girls, after they have had their fun with their new cuckold sissy pizza boy the ladies decide they want to fuck, so they bend him over and get ready to strap up and fuck his man pussy. Goddess Raven Bay and Daisy Ducati now are strapped up and ready to fuck some boy pussy. they bend the pizza boys slutty ass over and ram their cocks up his pretty little cuckold ass, making him beg for every inch, Then sucking his filthy ass off their strap ons

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Strafkamer – MISTRESS BATON’s 60 Stroke Caning and Sjambokking

Strafkamer – MISTRESS BATON’s 60 Stroke Caning and Sjambokking




MISTRESS BATON, wearing glossy PVC trousers and lace-up boots, properly thrashes the bottom of a man with a selection of implements: thin and thick tree switches, plastic canes etc.

The hard blows leave beautiful silver stripes against his black skin.

Category: CANING


Keywords: mistress, baton, strafkamer, dominatrix, disciplinarian, stiletto, blonde, black, cane, pvc, latex, bum, bottom, punishment

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