VICIOUS FEMDOM EMPIRE – Ball Busting Fuck. Starring Mistress Sarah

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VICIOUS FEMDOM EMPIRE – Ball Busting Fuck. Starring Mistress Sarah




Mistress Sarah Shevon has her chastised slave tied spread eagle to her bed, she unlocks his cage to use his cock. Mistress Sarah strokes his cock hard it doesn’t take much before his cock is dripping pre-cum. Sarah fucks her human dildo reverse cowgirl,. When the slave gets too excited & close to cumming she takes his cock out of her and slaps his cock and balls until he can contain himself, he needs to be disciplined if he is going to serve as proper sex slave. Mistress Sarah continues riding her fuck toy and rubbing her clit until she orgasms. The slaves cock will not fit back in his cage while so throbbing hard so she manually milks his cock. The slave tries to enjoy his long awaited orgasm, but just when he starts to cum she punches his nuts until he is flailing in pain, truly ruining his orgasm. His cock’s only purpose should be pleasuring his Mistress.

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ClubDom – Cruel Women, Crueler Games and Fuck Puppets. Starring Callie Nicole and Charley Hart

ClubDom – Cruel Women, Crueler Games and Fuck Puppets. Starring Callie Nicole and Charley Hart




These two incredible Goddesses have a game in mind. The slaves have to race each other around in a circle three times. Whoever looses gets a little bit less pain. They ensure the slaves that they are both going to get it regardless while they laugh! Round and round the slaves go and of course one of them loses. Guess he is getting shocked really badly! . The women laugh as they continue to torment them. These men only exist to serve their Mistresses, no matter how cruel their treatment. The women get bored and decide they have another game in store. Mistress Kelly and her friend give their restrained slave 20 seconds to jerk off unless she fries his balls with the cattle prod. What of the other slave? He cannot just stand there. They decide to clean off his useless fuck stick with water making him even more conductive to the electricity and give him a choice at which ball they should shock.The girls go back to slave 1 bound on the table and decide to milk his slut-stick and are so unhappy with what he produces. They decide to save it to put on their dildo for when they fuck his man pussy later. After all of that CBT, in “Cruel Mistresses, Crueler Games,” the Mistresses enjoy using their slaves in a human pony cart race. After that, they decide to see if the slaves have any worth. Limp cocks are just so pathetic and useless but their dildo gags are nice and firm! The slaves are instructed to fuck their owners beautiful pussies over and over again. The Mistresses moan and try to cum but the slaves are just so awful at it. Eventually the slaves do something right but the women already have their minds made up to go inside the house and fuck each other. They lock up their fuck puppets in their cages. Perhaps they can be of use later.

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VICIOUS FEMDOM EMPIRE – Angela’s Ass Licker. Starring Mistress Angela White

VICIOUS FEMDOM EMPIRE – Angela’s Ass Licker. Starring Mistress Angela White




Australian Mistress Angela White is so voluptuous and perfect with her pump tits and ass. She teases the slave with her bare pussy making him beg to lick it. She rubs his face in between her ass cheeks making him worship her divine asshole. He gives her ass kisses and licks until she orgasms on his face.



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Dometria Hardcore BDSM Movies – Ultimate Ballbusting Challenge. Starring Mistress Dometria

Dometria Hardcore BDSM Movies – Ultimate Ballbusting Challenge. Starring Mistress Dometria




I love ballbusting. Cardio and sadism all in one. Whats not to like? This hardcore player has brought me his balls. He looks like a beautiful Jesus-boy with his stubble and long curly hair and I am going to give his balls sheer hell for the next thirty minutes. If you ever wondered how real ballbusting is, you wont wonder after this. I wanted close-ups of actual impact so you can see the balls flatten, jump and jerk as the kicks and punches go in, so you can see exactly how hard I am pummeling those nuts. The slave keeps a hard on through most of the session and sometimes he gets even harder the more I batter him. This guy must have titanium nuts!! Thats ultimate ballbusting. As you know, I am a martial arts trained bodybuilder, so when I bust there is no doubting the force and power involved. I begin with a hundred frontal kicks in the balls and then pump heavy rapid knee piledrivers into his groin. Using the overhead bars in my dungeon I swing in the air to deliver flying double-kicks into his nuts. When he does go down in total agony, I reviove him with the smell of my cunt, then stamp on his nuts in return. And that is only the beginning.



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Brat Princess 2 – BP – Leg Scissor its Neck and Cover its Ugly Face with Spit

Brat Princess 2 – BP – Leg Scissor its Neck and Cover its Ugly Face with Spit




Anytime is a great time to abuse a slave. After dinner, for no reason, Amadahy grabs the ugliest slave in the household by its neck. She puts the slave into a scissorhold, which causes the slave to start tapping immediately. This slave is completely disposable to everyone in the household. Everybody hates it. No one cares one bit if it stays around, so all the girls just do the worst things they can think of to it. The slave hates scissoring, but again, everybody hates this slave so nobody cares that he can’t really take it. Amadahy wants to end its existence between her thighs, but the other Princesses want to keep it around to watch it suffer a little while longer. Kendall pulls the slave’s ugly face into her as she wraps her thighs around it. Kendall makes the slave tap twice with her strong scissorhold. Natalya takes a turn next. Natalya spits right in the slave’s ugly face while squeezing its neck. Everybody hates this slave’s stupid face, so all the girls spit on it. The spitting’s really fun, so they keep doing more and more of it. The slave gets totally ganged up on by the three hot girls. They completely overpower him. Soon, ugly is totally covered in Princess spit. Amadahy’s had strep throat and she wants her most despised slave to get the infection. Soon, he’ll be suffering alone in his cage with the horrible pain, fever, and chills she and Natalya have had. The worst slave ever will either prove its devotion to the household, or perhaps expire quietly in the night from lack of medical treatment. Nobody cares which. (11:18 long)

Clip contains: Amadahy, Kendall, Natalya, Female Domination, Scissorhold, Spitting, Humiliation



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VICIOUS FEMDOM EMPIRE – Intoxicating Sniff. Starring Sablique Von Lux

VICIOUS FEMDOM EMPIRE – Intoxicating Sniff. Starring Sablique Von Lux




Get your brown bottle and follow along… I know how slutty you get when you have another intoxicating sniff.

Category: MIND FUCK


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Kinky Mistresses – The Strap-on Slut of 2 Ladies. Starring Goddess Maya Liyer & Governess Painless

Kinky Mistresses – The Strap-on Slut of 2 Ladies. Starring Goddess Maya Liyer & Governess Painless




Goddess Maya Liyer & Governess Painless having fun again! The two Ladies ordered an anal slave to the BLUE DOOR DUNGEON in London. They use their rubber cocks to fuck the Slave slut and they make him suck it also

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TheEnglishMansion – Smoking Tease. Starring Miss Vivienne lAmour

TheEnglishMansion – Smoking Tease. Starring Miss Vivienne lAmour




Vivienne is in the dungeon with her eager slave. She erotically smokes her cigarettes, blowing smoke into his mouth and using him as her human ashtray. He is allowed the pleasure of licking her shoes and stockinged feet and the close-up view of her amazing bum. These treats come with their own punishment though, his cock is slapped hard as her ass is above his mouth.

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Something a little bit different than we usually do but also a lot of fun! I am training TV Jessica to handle human ponies and our female horse Natalie needs a firm hand. A very sexy TransDolls riding fantasy coming true.

Tags: ponyplay, TV, latex, doll, boots, gloves, leather, double domination

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TheEnglishMansion – Cum Production Milking. Starring Mistress Sidonia

TheEnglishMansion – Cum Production Milking. Starring Mistress Sidonia




Tied to the cross, Mistress Sidonia is in total command of her slave, his exposed cock relentlessly teased. She explains how he is going to be edged and milked until she is finished with him, Mistress uses her warming vibrator, placed under his balls to stimulate extra cum production, as his nipples are tormented and cock played with. Sidonia then uses the Venus 2000 milking machine to further tease and abuse his cock until he has no choice but to shoot his first big load of the day.

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