VICIOUS FEMDOM EMPIRE – Interrogation. Starring Ms. Lexi and SAHARRA

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VICIOUS FEMDOM EMPIRE – Interrogation. Starring Ms. Lexi and SAHARRA




Ms Lexi doesn’t take to kindly to men not repaying their debts… in a town like Vegas gambling weasels always try to take advantage of the house. Ms. Lexi has her trusted henchwoman SAHARRA the Amazon enforcer to “persuade” men into finding new ways to repay their debt. Ms. Lexi and SAHARRA star the interrogation process with some ball crushing, cattle prodding and sheer torment.

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The English Mansion – Elizabeth’s House Maid – Complete Movie. Starring Governe…

The English Mansion – Elizabeth’s House Maid – Complete Movie. Starring Governess Elizabeth and Tiffany Real Doll




Governess Elizabeth is enjoying an afternoons reading and relaxation but has been waiting far too long for her maid Tiffany to bring her Champagne. When she appears with no excuse, she is taken in hand with a swift spanking. Tiffany then starts to dust the room, a chore she should of completed earlier but ends up making dust fall on Mistress, so again she is put over the knee and spanked harder and longer. Elizabeth then decides to train Tiffany on her big rubber strapon, fucking her mouth with it before stretching her ass with her gloved fingers and a big pink dildo. Tiffany is then fucked with her first ever strapon, the big length sliding in and out as she gyrates her hips with new found pleasures. Mistress is so pleased with how the training is going that she allows Tiffany to be tied to the treat chair for a few minutes of intense pleasure.

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The English Mansion – Blushing Donor Boner. Starring Miss Vivienne lAmour

The English Mansion – Blushing Donor Boner. Starring Miss Vivienne lAmour




Jason has replied to an advert for sperm donation, he awaits nervously in the reception when Nurse Vivienne turns up to take his details. She is very attractive and he is soon tongue tied as she starts asking him some personal questions and then tells him to drop his trousers. He does as he is told and she measures his cock and balls, humiliating him with the matter of fact comments about their size and on edge in case someone enters the reception. She takes no notice and is soon helping him extract his cum load, collecting the sperm in a special container.

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Mistress – T – Fetish Fuckery – Suffer For Your Orgasm: Hot Sauce

Mistress – T – Fetish Fuckery – Suffer For Your Orgasm: Hot Sauce




This is a super sexy latex glove hand job scene…BUT you can & make it interactive by jerking off with something uncomfortable like hot sauce or “icy/hot”…anything with menthol you might have in your medicine cabinet, be creative. Or just inflict some pain on yourself in whatever way floats your boat (punch yourself in the balls, put cloths pegs on your dick, jerk off with a rough mitten…whatever.) This vid is about you suffering for your orgasm, causing yourself pain for MY pleasure.

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Club Stiletto FemDom – He Can’t Say I Didn’t Give Him A Chance. Starring Princess Miss Xi

Club Stiletto FemDom – He Can’t Say I Didn’t Give Him A Chance. Starring Princess Miss Xi




Sexy Asian Princess Miss Xi is sitting on her slaves face while swinging her crop between his legs, sometimes making contact other times just scaring him senseless. She has already given this slave a serious ballbusting beatdown so he knows she can be super cruel. After a minute she gives him his first breath and asks him if she should use the handle instead but before he can answer she smothers him again and does just that, bringing the heavy handle down square on his battered nuts. She bounces a bit on his face and then asks him what he prefers the flogger side or the handle, but as he answers she sits down and can’t determine what his answer was. She laughs and says, “I guess it’s up to me to decide”. She reverses her position on her slave and continues to smother and flog his cock and balls as well as his legs, using both ends of the crop. She comments that her aim is terrible which only causes more fear for the slave. She then shows her flexibility by doing splits on the slaves face which really crushes his nose but he soon forgets that pain as she starts to pull on his nipples. She’s having so much fun she forgets slaves have to breath sometimes and soon he is kicking frantically for air. She gives him a quick breath but slaps his cock as she sits back down. His senses are working overtime at this point as she brilliantly keeps him guessing at what pain is about to occur while fighting to breath. More slaps of the balls then she sits full weight on him with her legs across his body. She then shifts her feet onto his chest and starts to do a variation of butt drops onto his face. She even moves her cheeks from side to side to insure his nose and face take a good beating. Along the way you get some great views of Xi’s ass and also get a sense of how everything she does is with the pain of her slave in mind. She gives the slave a slight break and orders him to kiss her legs which he does desperately, enjoying her soft flesh and the break from the constant beating he has taken. Again reversing her position she now plays breath games with the slave. She taunts him that this is as close as he ever gets to sex, her ass on his face, while she is banging men on the regular. She tells him he can dream about having sex with her but it will obviously never happen. Then she reaches over and slaps his balls again before smothering some more. When she next turns around she finds he has started to masturbate without permission. She decides to let him continue as it amuses her and then expectantly picks up the flogger and starts whipping his balls some more. She then tells him that she is going to give him an opportunity to cum and give him a countdown. Then she totally torments him by counting down from three to zero in two seconds flat, leaving him high and dry. “Back to the closet for you”, she giggles, “but first you should kiss my ass”. He does as told, thanks her and crawls back to the closet. “He can’t say I didn’t give him a chance”, she smiles.



Keywords: miss xi, ass smother, asian, tease and denial, facesitting, slapping

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Not being allowed to cum for weeks, my boot dog really has become a horny one! My favourite thigh high boots always mess up his brain, he struggles so much not to get hard but fails. I love to tease him with my booted legs and make him sniff and lick them. He will be allowed to cum, by using his paws and later his tongue to clean up the mess.

Tags: boots, jeans, dungeon, handjob, femdom, cum on boots

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Dirty Dommes – XL STRAP-ON SLUT PART 1. Starring Mistress Alexa and Coco

Dirty Dommes – XL STRAP-ON SLUT PART 1. Starring Mistress Alexa and Coco




The anal slut is ready to have his mouth and butt filled by two HUGE strap-on cocks. Mistress Alexa and Coco love to train him, stretch his asshole wide and make him suck cock. The two stunning ladies sure know how to use their bondage slave. So hot!

Tags: double domination, dungeon, blonde, anal, strap-on, boots, gloves, chastity

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Club Stiletto FemDom – Lily’s Stiletto, Boot and Foot Bitch. Starring Princess Lily

Club Stiletto FemDom – Lily’s Stiletto, Boot and Foot Bitch. Starring Princess Lily




Lily enters the room wearing matching white bra, panties and stilettos, and is pleased to find her floor mat right where she left him, wrapped up tightly in a carpet. She just can’t wait to step all over him. “Stupid slave” she says, “you always wanted to be a carpet; well now you really are one.” She climbs on top of him and digs her heels into his pathetic slave-flesh, one after the other, before dismounting and kicking at the carpet until he’s free. She makes him crawl behind her while she walks upstairs to the fireplace. but not before she changes into black military-style boots and matching black lace panties. She struts on the slave’s chest and stomach, then walks down his legs until the pain causes him to shift, nearly throwing her off in the process. Uh oh; someone needs to suffer for that mistake! Lily’s military boots are massive, so what better way to punish the boy than to walk on his legs some more? After all, her boots were made for walking! So she stands on his thighs and shifts around before jumping on and off the poor guy’s chest and stomach… and along the way, you’re treated to some amazing views of Lily’s ass. “I could just use you as a stair master all day” she says to him. She starts jumping on him again, making sure she lands squarely on his ribs each time. Six minutes into the scene, she decides she wants her boots removed so she can switch to barefoot trampling. With better footing, Lily feels free to jump higher and land harder, which results in a great view of her sexy toes and feet. “You’re like a little trampoline” she says, as she continues to jump up and down on his torso. When he grunts too much to suit her, she sticks her entire foot into his mouth to shut him up. She steps down hard on his head before she bounces back onto his chest and announces to the poor boy: “You are in the same place as the dirt below my feet.” But seriously, could there be a better place??



Keywords: feet, boots, trampling, stilettos, princess lily, perky tits

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Brat Princess 2 – Charlotte – Bratty Girl Next Door Foot Worship

Brat Princess 2 – Charlotte – Bratty Girl Next Door Foot Worship




Charlotte makes a loser worship her feet. She really enjoys having the loser lick and suck her soles and toes. Charlotte is wearing a very nice French pedicure. The careless loser chips Charlotte’s nice pedicure with his stupid teeth! They need to go straight to the mall so that Charlotte can get her pedicure fixed. While they are there Charlotte wants two new pairs of ballet flats. Bratty young Charlotte loves using her stupid loser. He’s so weak. He’d do anything to make Charlotte happy. What a sucker. Dummies like this get taken for all they’re worth by bratty young girls like Princess Charlotte. (10:33 long)

Clip Contains: Charlotte Cross, Foot Worship, Female Domination, Brat Girls



Keywords: female domination

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Ball Busting Chicks – Female Domination and CBT. Starring Dominant Lady

Ball Busting Chicks – Female Domination and CBT. Starring Dominant Lady




She brings him in a position that his huge tied up bollocks dangling right in front of her eyes… No Dominant Lady can resist just to beat the crap out of such bull nuts! That’s exactly what she is doing here. She pulls and squeezes them in the most painful way. She takes one of her high heel shoes off to really beat his balls with it… until bl**ding! She just don’t care and laughs at him as he falls down after a very hard kick, right in his tied up nuts

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