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Brat Princess 2 – Amadahy and Sasha – Lets Fuck him in the Ass (This is how you Teach a Bitch a Lesson)

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Brat Princess 2 – Amadahy and Sasha – Lets Fuck him in the Ass (This is how you Teach a Bitch a Lesson)




1080 HD Once again, Amadahy has a problem with a slave getting jealous of her boyfriend (understandable, but still unacceptable). As a punishment, she decides to fuck slave, “bitch” in the ass with Sasha watching. Amadahy fucks bitch hard, so that it learns its lesson. Sasha enjoys a pink lollipop. She makes the slave suck on a cock while she sucks on her lollipop. There’s only way to cure a slave of boyfriend envy: train it to be his cum dumpster. To make sure the slave learns its place, Amadahy’s going to make it swallow condom after condom full of her boyfriend’s hot salty loads. Amadahy fucks bitch’s ass until its chastity jingles. Sasha laughs at it. Jealously is ugly. Especially on a slave. For making jealous comments, Amadahy is never letting bitch out of chastity again. She’s seriously throwing away his key this time. When Amadahy pulls out of bitch’s ass, she makes him lick off all the dirt from his insides (ass to mouth). They tell bitch to lick up the wet spot it left on the floor, too. Then they head out to meet up with their boyfriends. (11:50 long)

Clip Contains: Amadahy, Sasha Foxx, Female Domination, Strap-On, Pegging, Anal, Fucking, Dildo Fucking, Ass to Mouth, Slut Training



Keywords: strap-on

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Brat Princess 2 – Amadahy – No Talking No Breathing Just be My Chair

Brat Princess 2 – Amadahy – No Talking No Breathing Just be My Chair




1080 HD Amadahy’s chair keeps trying to talk. Chairs don’t talk! Some full-weight facesitting will shut it up. Kind of hard for a slave to talk when it can’t even breathe. Ugh, it’s trying to sneak a breath! Sometimes the only thing these slaves understand is chastity. Comply with the rules, or the key to that steel device goes into a box with 2000 other keys just like it. Good luck fishing it out. Princess always gets what she wants. If she wants no talking, then no talking. No breathing; no breathing. If Princess wants to break a slave’s nose, then the slave should beg for the privilege of having its nose broken. If this slave’s lucky, Amadahy will come back and sit on its face later, after she’s had sex with her boyfriend. Amadahy bounces and grinds until the bound slave is sufficiently and helplessly sexually frustrated. Then, when she’s nice and glistening with sweat, she heads back down to the pool. She better not hear any more whining coming from upstairs while she’s relaxing poolside! (13:19 long)

Clip Contains: Amadahy, Face Sitting, Ass Smother, Ass Bouncing, Ass Grinding, Female Domination, Bondage male, Bikini



Keywords: female domination

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Brat Princess 2 – Amadahy and Sasha – Slave’s Balls Stretched while used as Human Ashtray

Brat Princess 2 – Amadahy and Sasha – Slave’s Balls Stretched while used as Human Ashtray




1080 HD Amadahy and Sasha smoke a cigarette while on a break. The slave serving as their ashtray has been in a metal ball stretching device for multiple scenes. They might take him out after the break. The slave is very uncomfortable, but dedicated to serve. The girls talk about what they like about smoking while putting ash into the slave’s mouth. When finished, they put their cigarettes out on the slave’s stretched balls. The slave makes some pain sounds. The girls laugh and stuff the cigarette butts into its mouth, which it has to swallow. After cigarettes, the Princesses are ready to film the next scene. The slave is less ready. They’ve decided he’s getting ball kicked next, even with his freshly marked skin. (8:08 long)

Clip Contains Amadahy, Sasha Foxx, Human Ashtray, Smoking, Female Domination, Ball Abuse, CBT



Keywords: smoking

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Brat Princess 2 – Amadahy – Oiled Goddess Ballbusts Nude

Brat Princess 2 – Amadahy – Oiled Goddess Ballbusts Nude




1080 HD: Goddess Amadahy ballbusts her lowly pig slave. She is stunningly beautiful. Her Goddess body is nude and oiled to shining perfection. She wears very tall black boots, thigh high and also shinned to perfection. She emits little moans of pleasure while he makes grunting sounds in pain. The kicks are all hard, accurate, and merciless. The pig slave is brought to its knees again and again by Amadahy’s perfection in Her black boots. This is truly an exceptional ballbusting clip. It is as sadistic and brutal as it is sensual. A must have for fans of Amadahy and fans of Ballbusting alike! (8:11 long)

Clip contains: Amadahy, Ballbusting, Female Domination



Keywords: female domination

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Brat Princess 2 – Amadahy and Sasha – Break in a New Ballbusting Slave

Brat Princess 2 – Amadahy and Sasha – Break in a New Ballbusting Slave




Amadahy’s got a new slave and the girls are very excited to see what it can do. Sasha hopes it doesn’t bitch out. They want to be able to kick it really hard for as long as they can. This guy hates being ballbusted. He does not like pain at all, but he’s willing to endure anything for his Princess. Amadahy gives her slave a good hard kick in the balls. This slave is just an average beta male guy that she met in a club. He is in no way a masochist. It takes him a few breaths to recover every time he’s kicked by his Princess. If you’ve ever wondered what it looks like for an average guy to get kicked in the balls, this is it. And Amadahy’s not going to be happy with just a few kicks. She wants to kick him over and over, and she wants to be able to share him with her girlfriends. The slave drops to the floor and pounds in agony with his hands. Amadahy tells it to hurry and get back up. She wants to do a lot more ballbusting. Obediently, the slave finds the willpower to stand and be kicked again. Obviously, all males hate ballbusting, but this guys really suffers through it. He almost blacks out a few times. The girls just giggle and force him to keep standing. Amadahy holds the slave up by the neck and knees it in the balls repeatedly. Then, they get to punching. The slave becomes very disoriented. He falls to the ground and, forgetting he’s surrounded by royalty, he starts cussing like the common filth he is. By the end, the pain sounds coming out of this guy are pretty horrific. There is no doubt that he is truly suffering greatly for the privilege of being used by his Princess. (8:55 long)

Clip Contains: Amadahy, Sasha Foxx, Ballbusting, Female Domination, Boot Domination



Keywords: female domination

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Brat Princess 2 – Amadahy and Sasha – Slave Gets Sounded as Birthday Surprise

Brat Princess 2 – Amadahy and Sasha – Slave Gets Sounded as Birthday Surprise




Amadahy demonstrates for Sasha Foxx how to sound a slave. Not only is this a show and tell, it’s also the slave’s birthday and Amadahy has a surprise for it at the end. First, she stretches the slave’s urethra with sounds. Sasha is amazed at how easily the smooth metal slides right into the slave. Amadahy decides to go for a bigger instrument, but first she fucks the slave’s pee hole with the smaller size. Sasha marvels as she observes the slave’s penis getting fucked by Amadahy’s steel sound. Amadahy has Sasha feel the larger sound going into the slave with her finger. Again, Sasha is all smiles with approval and amazement. Amadahy stretches the slave with three different sounds, gradually increasing in size. Then, Sasha uses a syringe to get lube further down into the penis so that they can insert the biggest size yet. After the biggest sound Amadahy fucks the slave’s pee hole with her finger. Finally, it’s time for the slave’s birthday surprise! Amadahy shoves a long candle down into the slave’s urethra. Once it’s in there, Sasha lights the wick. Hot wax from the candle drips onto its thighs and down the shaft of the slave’s penis. It really sucks to be this slave. The girls start writing mean things all over the slave’s body while the slave has no choice but to burn itself with the hot wax. Amadahy takes the flame and starts singeing the slave’s body hair while giggling. Both Princesses are very impressed with their own sadistic handiwork. Slaves never get presents or cake on their birthdays; they get what they deserve: humiliation and pain. (This clip was shot using soft-focus.) (12:33 long)

Clip Contains: Amadahy, Sasha Foxx, CBT, Female Domination, Sounds, Fire Play, Medical Fetish, Wax Play, Metal, Lingerie

Category: CBT


Keywords: female domination

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Brat Princess 2 – Amadahy – Tells Frumpy Foot Whore she is Not Needed to Make Her Look Hotter

Brat Princess 2 – Amadahy – Tells Frumpy Foot Whore she is Not Needed to Make Her Look Hotter




Amadahy and all her sexy Alpha Female friends are going out to a new club that’s opening downtown this weekend. Poor frumpy Hannah will not be allowed to go with them. In fact, she’s not to be seen in public with Amadahy or her friends ever again. Hannah is just not pretty enough to go out with them. She makes the whole group look bad. At one point, Jennifer had introduced Hannah to the group, and at first having an ugly girl around seemed useful. Hannah was always happy to help carry the other girl’s purses and books. And it seemed socially strategic, initially, to have an ugly girl around to make the hot girls look even hotter by comparison. But Amadahy realized that the group doesn’t really need Hannah. They already look super-hot without her. She’s just taking up space. Amadahy advises Hannah to stay home and study instead of worrying about going out with the popular girls. Hannah’s blessed with neither beauty nor brains, so her only opportunity to succeed in life will be to work really hard. Hannah can also focus on being a good friend. People like good friends and a good friend would stay in and do laundry for her girlfriends while they are out at the club. Amadahy promises to take Hannah to the Walmart for a makeover if she focuses on becoming a hard worker and a good friend. Hannah silently worships Amadahy’s feet. She looks very sad, but she tries hard to make her friend, Amadahy, happy. (10:16 long)

Clip Contains: Amadahy, Hannah, Lesbian Domination, Foot Worship, Humiliation



Keywords: foot worship

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Brat Princess 2 – Amadahy and Edyn – Sweaty Workout Spandex Smother

Brat Princess 2 – Amadahy and Edyn – Sweaty Workout Spandex Smother




Amadahy and Edyn share workout tips with each other on their human workout bench. They have spent the morning scissoring the slave and now he must serve as their workout bench as they cool down and stretch. The girls spend lots of time chatting with each other while ignoring the slave. The slave struggles underneath their sweaty butts as he is smothered. Amadahy pulls down her pants and makes the slave smell her sweaty ass. Then, Edyn pulls down her sweaty pants and makes the slave breathe in her ass, too. Amadahy threatens to ballbust the slave if he doesn’t comply and go along with doing whatever the girls feel like. The slave hates being ballbusted, so he smells each of their sweaty asses. Amadahy holds the slave’s head, pushing his nose even deeper into Edyn. The girls practice their core strength by balancing their full-weight on the slave’s face. They coach each other with strength building exercises while the slave lies like a mat beneath them. Amadahy and Edyn do a double bare-butt smother, sandwiching the slave’s face between their cheeks. They start “see-sawing’ on his face, sliding their asses back and forth. Throughout most of this clip the slave has to support the full weight of not just one, but two girls. Towards the end, Amadahy starts trying to fart on its face. She lets out a cute little fart and makes the slave breathe it in. Then, Amadahy releases a silent but potent one. The slave’s eyes start to water. Amadahy takes this as proof she got him good with that one. They do some thigh master style squeezes to the slave’s head. The slave’s nose gets pushed way up into Amadahy’s camel toe. The girls leave to go take a Judo class. When they’re done at Judo, they’ll come back and use the human workout bench for another cool down before showering. (13:06 long)

Clip contains: Amadahy, Edyn Blair, Facesitting, Female Domination, Ass Smothering, Workout Clothes, Sweat, Farting



Keywords: female domination

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Brat Princess 2 – Amadahy POV – Bratty Sister Insists Step Brother Get Circumcised

Brat Princess 2 – Amadahy POV – Bratty Sister Insists Step Brother Get Circumcised




Your uncircumcised dick is gross. At least, your step-sister, Amadahy, thinks so. You have to get that extra skin cut off! Amadahy’s going to tell her mom to get you the surgery and she’ll make your dad take you to be circumcised. Women make all the decisions in this family, so you have no allies and choice. Why are you still arguing with her? Ok, your step-sister will make a bet with you. If you can look at her in this skimpy outfit and not get hard, she’ll let you keep your disgusting foreskin. But, if you get and erection, it’s “snip snip” for you. Amadahy does not make this challenge easy, obviously, she wants you to lose to her and forfeit that nasty old foreskin you’ve been clinging to. Even though you’re her little brother, she shoves her prefect tits and flaunts her ass in your face. Your step-sis has a great body. She knows you fantasize about her. It’s not really that taboo, because you’re only related by marriage. Ha! You’re step-sis knew she could make you get a boner! You know, “little brother,” if you ever want to have sex with a girl, she’s going to want you to be circumcised. Women prefer it. And let’s face it, if you want to fuck a hot girl it’s really all about pleasing her. Who cares if you lose a little feeling, it isn’t about you! It’s really for your own good you lost the bet. Oh, and don’t forget! You won’t be able to masturbate for like three weeks after the surgery while it heals. Amadahy is going to be sure to have a pool party the day you come back from surgery so that your sutures will really hurt as you fight that erection. Since you lost the bet, Amadahy’s going to go tell mom what she wants and the appointment will be made. In the meantime, you can make yourself useful and clean your big sister’s room. (Part 2) Days have passed, but now the day has arrived! Today’s the day you get circumcised! Amadahy knows you’re scared, surgery is scary. This surgery is especially scary because you won’t be asleep. You’re only going to be given a local anesthetic, so you’ll be awake during the entire procedure. You’ll be aware that a doctor has a scalpel right next to your little manhood, cutting off all that stupid skin. But remember, it’s for the best. Women like circumcised penises better, so this is for your own good. You’re recovery is so going to suck, though. No masturbation for weeks! Plus, your sister is having that pool party today. You’re going to have to watch from the window instead of joining the party. You wouldn’t want to get excited and rip a suture. While you’re resting up, maybe you can be a good sport and do your sister’s math homework for her. Face it, “little brother” dad is a loser and you’re going to end up just like him. Amadahy has dad wrapped around her little finger. In fact, while you’re in surgery, she’s convinced him to let her turn your room into her new walk in closet. You’ll still have a bed in the old closet, but the room itself will be hers for storing all her extra clothes and shoes. She needs it and you don’t. She just has so many more things than you do. Just think, though. You’ll be so much closer to all your step-sister’s clothes. She’s seen you smelling her dirty clothes every time it’s your turn to do the laundry. Now, since you’ll basically live in her closet, you can be surrounded by her clothes all the time! (11:59 long)

Clip contains: Amadahy, Femdom POV, Taboo, Medical Fetish, Daddy’s Girl

Category: FEMDOM POV


Keywords: taboo

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Brat Princess 2 – BP – Devon Fat Shamed by Sorority Girls and Hazed into Foot Worship (Part 2)

Brat Princess 2 – BP – Devon Fat Shamed by Sorority Girls and Hazed into Foot Worship (Part 2)




Devon is emotionally devastated. The sorority she is pledging to has just humiliated and shamed her. Even though she is sad, nobody cares about her feelings. Devon is a pledge, and as a pledge she must do as she is told. Amadahy and Sasha want Devon to smell their socks and lick their feet. They want to see how much Devon is willing to debase herself to earn being seen out with the sorority. Devon does as she is told in hopes that she will be included in a sorority event. Devon does everything her sisters have asked of her, and still doesn’t get to go out. (7:50 long)

Clip contains: Amadahy, Devon, Sasha Foxx, Fat Shaming, Lesbian Domination, Humiliation, Foot Worship, Fat Humiliation, Mean Girls



Keywords: weight humiliation

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