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Cybill Troy FemDom Anti-Sex League – Anal Supremacy Starring Mistress An Li

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Mistress An Li loves to fuck slave ass and doesn’t care how much he hates it. She loves humiliating her bitch as she pounds his whore asshole mercilessly in every position, stopping only to make him taste his own pig ass on her strap-on cock.

Category: STRAP-ON


Keywords: latex, corset, rubber, high heels, fucking, sucking, atm, cbt, humiliation, gloves, anal, hardcore, fetish, bdsm, anli

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Asian Mean Girls – A BITCH IN THE BEDROOM Starring Goddess Mena




Not fully content with completely demoralizing and financially extorting yet another one of Daddys top employees (thats what she does!), the devious and seductive Mena wants to put a beat down on her new Bitch. From one spoiled Bitch Brat to yet another pathetic loser blackmailed Bitch. Soon to be Menas Pussy Whipped Bitch! HA HA! Busting out the same leather riding crop shes used on countless other weak male employees from her Fathers company, Mena proceeds to beats her Bitchs ass until its black and blue. She has every intention of sending him back home to his fat ugly wife with memories of his fateful encounter all over his backside. He wont be able to sit or take off his pants in front of his wife for a week. And he certainly wont be able to fuck her, thats for sure. Not that he could have possibly been any good at it with his peanut sized cock. And especially after being transformed into Menas blackmailed Bitch! Once Mena has a man wrapped around her tiny little finger sexually and financially, its only a matter of time before they lose their wife altogether, along with the house, kids and savings account. Complete and utter destruction at the hands of a beautiful Superior Asian Goddess, and it feels so good to throw your life away for her.

Category: WHIPPING


Keywords: FEMALE DOMINATION, Whipping, Slave Training, Domestic Servitude, Godess Mena, Brat Girl, Humiliation, Brat Princess, Blackmail, Lingerie, Asian Goddess, Financial Domination, Stockings

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Asian Cruelty – YOUR ASS IS MINE Starring Madam Luzia Lowe




The pain and suffering are brought to a feverish pitch, as I use not one, not two, but three painfully brutal paddles on my pets ass. The result is pure, inexorable agony for my helplessly bound slave. This video truly showcases me at my most sadistic best (or worst, depending on ones perspective lol), as I effortlessly pound both ass cheeks, his flesh welting, bruising and breaking from my violation. It takes such little effort to inflict immense pain with these arcane instruments of torment, as you can see by tormented expression on his face, and his primal screams. Nothing excites mew more, than to hear his screams fill my play space, mixed with the sound of my paddles smacking against his ass flesh Not an inch of his sorry ass escapes my vengeance. His ass is truly mine.



Keywords: BDSM, Flogging, Domination, Female Superiority, Fetish, femdom, Whipping, Leather, Bondage, Corporal Punishment, Madam Luzia Lowe, Humiliation, Asian Goddess, Slave Training

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Asian Cruelty – SURRENDER YOUR MIND AND BODY TO ME Starring Astro Domina




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This pet can typically endure the excessive level of pain and suffering I wish to bestow on him. But what I have in store for him today, will surely take him to the brink of his pain threshold. I am in a particularly sadistic mood, so he has no option but to accept my delicious pain. Systematically I break him down, first his body, then his spirit, with a series of strikes from my dreaded Thrasher Whip. Blow after excruciating blow, I bruise and welt his ass scarlet red with the thick leather tresses of my glorious whip. The harsh leather strikes the flesh with a resounding clap and immediately tears into his baby soft flesh with ease in a matter of seconds. Strike after excruciating strike, I rip into him, as his body wilts before me. I then turn my attention to his upper torso and pummel his back and shoulders, until his body collapses beneath my boot heels from my relentless assault. Beg and plead as he will, I do not relinquish my power over him. Not until I am ready. Not until he completely surrenders to me. When I do finally choose to end his suffering, this slave will drop and grovel before me, thank me, and beg for his next opportunity to please me again by surrendering his mind and body to me in this manner. There can be no other way.


Keywords: BDSM, Whipping, Female Suprmacy, Submissive Slave Training, Bondage, femdom, Astro Domina, Humiliation, Bondage, Corporal Punishment, Asian Goddess, Boots, Catsuit, Female Domination, Corsets

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Asian Cruelty – DICK WHIPPED Starring The Goddess Katamura




This hopeful slave boy had the audacity of sending me his application along with photographs of his dick! Rather tasteless and presumptuous of him. Did he really think that his man meat would somehow entice me to add him to my growing stable of personal slaves? Quite the opposite. It enticed me to lure him into my dungeon to torment him and that annoying cock of his. Once in my clutches, I render him bound and helpless so that I may have my way with him. Selecting a painful rubber cat of nine tails, I trash his manhood relentlessly, until his cock and nutsack are throbbing in agony. Strike after painful strike, I whip his dick over and over again, until it is a delicious shade of candy apple red. When he has been sufficiently tenderized, I switch over to a lethal leather quirt/slapper and resume my cock and ballsack attack. His testicles are completely at my mercy, and for this fool there shall be none. Mercy, that is. I hit my target with the precision of a surgeon, as I destroy that dick which he mistakenly thought would somehow persuade me to consider him for a position as my servant. But rest assured, when I am through crushing his prized family jewels, then and only then, will he be considered for such a valued position.

Category: BALL ABUSE


Keywords: FEMLE DOMINATION, Whipping, Female Suprmacy, Submissive Slave Training, Bondage, femdom, Goddess Katamura, Humiliation, Corporal Punishment, Asian Goddess, BDSM, Female Domination

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Asian Cruelty – A POST ORGASM PUNISHMENT CANING PART 2 Starring Mistress An Li




In my previous video, while ramming my massive cock up this fuckers asshole, he had the audacity of cumming without asking my permission. Suffice to say, a hellacious punishment via my wicked rattan canes served as a proper attitude adjustment. Given his post orgasm state of mind, my caning was even more painful than usual. As it should be. In this follow clip, the carnage escalates as I beat him senseless with one cane after another. I actually broke three of my favorite canes on his sorry ass during this clip HA HA! His ass, his thighs, his calves are all fair game. I even laid a few cane strokes across his shoulder blades for good measure. Each and every time this fool cums from now, he will undoubtedly be reminded of the cane strokes that line both ass cheeks fro top to bottom.



Keywords: Mistress An Li, BDSM, Asian Goddess, Discipline, Caning, Domination, Submissive Slave Training, Fetish, Gloves, Leather, Corporal Discipline, Boots, Bondage, Asian

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Den of Iniquity – BY THE BALLS Starring Mistress An Li




Sadistic Mistress An Li quite literally has her slave by the balls. Strung up and helpless, he can do nothing to stop her from gleefully destroying his small, pathetic excuse for a dick and crushing and pulverizing his balls.

Category: CBT


Keywords: leather, femdom, CBT, gloves, spitting, boots, bdsm, humiliation, sph, lipstick, humiliation, fetish, spit, anli, asian

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ASIAN MEAN GIRLS - A FOOT FOOLS SEDUCTION. Starring Goddess Mena.wmv.0001

ASIAN MEAN GIRLS - A FOOT FOOLS SEDUCTION. Starring Goddess Mena.wmv.0008

ASIAN MEAN GIRLS - A FOOT FOOLS SEDUCTION. Starring Goddess Mena.wmv.0022

Goddess Mena continues to Dominate her Daddys number one employee, by unraveling his sick and twisted foot fetish, as only a true superior Goddess can. A woman like Mena instinctively knows your weaknesses, what makes you tick, in fact she knows everything about you. So its no surprise that she immediately picked up on this loser employee leering at her shoes and feet whenever she worked in the office. And of course she made sure to give him a show every time by kicking off her shoes and wiggling her toes to drive him insane HA HA! So once she had him alone at home, it was a foregone conclusion that she would take advantage of him using her beautiful legs, stockings, heels and feet to demoralize him and bend him to her will. Stripping him naked, as she lies on her bed provocatively dressed in lingerie, stockings and heels, she orders him to remove her shoes one by one, and then shoves her nylon clad feet in his mouth. Watching this pathetic foot fool fall over himself to suck on her toes is highly amusing for the Goddess, as she laughs and degrades him while smushing her feet all over his face. And on those numerous occasions when his incompetence irritates Mena, she responds with a quick stinging slap to his cheek, or a big, gooey spit of hot saliva in his face.


Keywords: FEMALE DOMINATION, Foot Worship, Slave Training, Domestic Servitude, Godess Mena, Foot Domination, Humiliation, Brat Princess, Foot Fetish, Lingerie, Asian Goddess, Brat Girl, Foot Humiliation, Stockings, Asian Princess

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ASIAN MEAN GIRLS - STREET BUM HUMILIATION PART 2. Starring Empress Jennifer.wmv.0014

ASIAN MEAN GIRLS - STREET BUM HUMILIATION PART 2. Starring Empress Jennifer.wmv.0021

ASIAN MEAN GIRLS - STREET BUM HUMILIATION PART 2. Starring Empress Jennifer.wmv.0027

The hilarity continues as Empress Jennifer makes a total fool out of a helpless street bum. Upping the stakes a bit from pocket change to greenbacks, Jennifer now wants to play SLAPPING FORT DOLLARS LOL. Empress generously offers the homeless creature a single dollar bill, in exchange for smacking the crap out of him. The destitute vagrant willingly agrees to what appears to be a harmless arrangement. But then again, he’s never met anyone as cruel and sadistic as The Empress of Pain. Empress slaps his face so hard, one almost expects his head to roll off his shoulders as if decapitated. Slap after vicious slap, the bum kneels before this royal Empress and takes each slap, with the hope that she will give him the almighty dollar. Empress Jennifer

Features: face slapping, spitting, Asian, BDSM, female domination, goddess worship, humiliation.


Keywords: FEMALE DOMINATION, feet, small penis, boots, ethnic, Asian Goddess, slapping, corporal punishment, cbt, fetish clothing, spitting

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Asian Mean Girls - CHINESE FOOD DELIVERY GIRL KICKS ASS FULL VERSION. Starring Porsche Ling.mp4.0009

Asian Mean Girls - CHINESE FOOD DELIVERY GIRL KICKS ASS FULL VERSION. Starring Porsche Ling.mp4.0026

Asian Mean Girls - CHINESE FOOD DELIVERY GIRL KICKS ASS FULL VERSION. Starring Porsche Ling.mp4.0035

This full length 17 minute clip includes Porsche Ling’s best selling Chinese Food Delivery Girl Kicks Ass, Chinese Take Out Girl’s Revenge #1, and Chinese Take Out Girl’s Revenge #2. All for the greatly reduced price of $12.99. that’s a great savings! A cute, unassuming delivery girl has been sent to deliver Chinese takeout to two asshole white dudes, who get off being rude, obnoxious, AND CHEAP! They insult her with racial slurs, slam the door on her repeatedly, and throw loose pocket change in her face for a tip. For the sake of the family business, she tries soooo hard to be polite, keep her MEAN GIRL temper in check, and put up with these idiots’ bullshit. But enough is enough. How dare these round eye losers treat a beautiful, superior Asian Princess with such disrespect. Now she is really pissed off and they are going to pay.with more than money! Pacing the hallway like a caged panther and determined to make these losers choke on their words AND their damned Chinese food, she rips off her oversized sweat shirt to reveal a slamming body and a 2 piece bikini, adds a pair of high heel pumps and some makeup, and forces her way into the apartment to teach these idiots a lesson they will never forget. Once inside this once demure, polite delivery girl, is now a gorgeous, full on ruthless bitch with more power and fury than the Hiroshima Atomic Bomb. She immediately takes the upper hand, orders them both to strip and drop to their knees, and degrades, humiliates and tortures them mercilessly throughout the night. And so the carnage begins. Porsche Ling


Keywords: FEMALE DOMINATION, feet, small penis, boots, ethnic, Porsche Ling, Asian Goddess, Princess Jennifer, corporal punishment, cbt, fetish clothing

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