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Club Stiletto FemDom – Total Devotion To Our Asses. Starring Miss Jasmine and Mistress Kandy

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Club Stiletto FemDom – Total Devotion To Our Asses. Starring Miss Jasmine and Mistress Kandy




The scene opens with Miss Jasmine and Mistress Kandy holding hands as they talk about the decadent night ahead at an outdoor fetish party they’ll be attending. They look divine in skimpy lingerie onesies and magnificent stilettos. Kandy mentions that her skin is a bit dry and she could use some lubrication. Jasmine says her ass is a bit dry as well, so they clap their hands and their big dumb slave hastily enters to cover their asses in lotion and massage it all in. Jasmine hops on top of Kandy so the bitch has easy access to both butts, and he spreads a large amount of lotion on their asses. Rubbing four amazing butt cheeks has the slave all smiles. What a dream! Unfortunately for him, his next order is to massage the oil in using his head.

Eventually Jasmine hops off Kandy and they both lie face down on the bench. The slave has easy access to both asses and you get some amazing backside views. Jasmine hops back on top of Kandy and the slave runs his head up and down between both asses, really working the oil in. Their asses are positively shining! While the slave does his work, the ladies laugh about recent encounters they’ve shared. The slave is ordered to use his tongue because Kandy loves having her ass nicely probed. She mentions how it makes her want to fart and that she loves how many guys line up to buy her farting videos. The slave never slows down and his entire focus remains on rubbing their asses. until the ladies decide to sit on him, that is. Kandy sits on his groin as she rubs his hard cock against her ass, while Jasmine goes into full ass smother mode. After he fights for a while, Kandy takes over on his face for the final countdown, but not before she makes the slave suffer by digging her heels into his nipples. Jasmine lies down on him like he’s a chaise lounge and Kandy’s silky smooth ass covers his face, making breathing impossible. Now that’s total devotion!



Keywords: mistress kandy, ass licking, miss jasmine, asian, ass smother, facesitting

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Club Stiletto FemDom – Ballbusting Countdown. Starring Miss Xi

Club Stiletto FemDom – Ballbusting Countdown. Starring Miss Xi




Keywords: Female Domination, Free, Femdom, Asian, ClubStiletto, Club Stiletto, Ball Abuse, Ballbusting, Balls Busting, High Heels

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EMPRESS JENNIFER – Slave Without A Face

EMPRESS JENNIFER – Slave Without A Face




Most of you know by now you don’t mess with Me -don’t even think about it. But some get too complacent in their duties and I have to remind them of their rightful place. My slave needed some serious and permanent discipline, a lifelong reminder that he is nothing and I control his fate. This slave now staggers though the streets like some kind of beggar with leprosy having only a cloak to hide his new-found decrepit appearance from the outside world. all because he asked Me the wrong question. One has to “be cruel to be kind” that’s true, but I think a more fitting expression is “you have to be cruel to be cruel”, LOL!



Keywords: empress, princess, goddess, brat, mistress, mean, girl, slave, asian, latina, legs

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ASIAN MEAN GIRLS – TIGHT SQUEEZE. Starring Queen Asia Perez and Astro Domina

ASIAN MEAN GIRLS – TIGHT SQUEEZE. Starring Queen Asia Perez and Astro Domina




Queen Asia and Astro Domina are magnificent as they tease and torment their loser neighbor with their beautiful legs. They take turns wrapping their long legs around his neck like lethal boa constrictors, squeezing the life out of him, as they make him kiss and lick their sexy stilettos.

Tighter and tighter they scissor down on his throat, causing his bald head to turn so red that it looks as if it might burst. All the while the girls are laughing and verbally abusing their helpless captive.

Features: scissorhold, verbal humiliation, Asian, brat girl, female domination, role play.

Keywords: female domination, feet, boots, ethnic, asia, asian goddess, fetish clothing, astro

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Strapon-Femdoms – Jasmine Gets Rubber Cock. Starring Queen Lissandra

Strapon-Femdoms – Jasmine Gets Rubber Cock. Starring Queen Lissandra




In order to keep her ass stretched the sissy whore visit her Mistress for ass fuck. All this whore knows to do is bending over, face down and ass open up. Need to keep the ass stretched for real cocks in order to bring money to her Mistress. Then the Mistress puts her strap-on and gave this whore a lesson on how to perform and bring money. Shut up and take it! There is a never ending for this whore as the Mistress puts handcuffs and let her wait in the exact same position for the clients to fuck her!

Category: STRAP-ON


Keywords: mistress, double domination, male slut, strap-on fuck, male pussy, anal, ass fuck, punished

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Club Stiletto FemDom – Double The Fun For A Strong Pony. Starring Mistress Kandy and Miss Jasmine

Club Stiletto FemDom – Double The Fun For A Strong Pony. Starring Mistress Kandy and Miss Jasmine




Kandy has mounted her young strong pony and has him climb about 40 steps to the back alley of the property where she is taking him out for a ride, along with Miss Jasmine, both ladies in sexy bikini’s. After a time Kandy has the pony go down to his knees so Jasmine can take him for a ride. As it turns out the trip back is uphill and the asphalt is hot. What to do? They decide they will both ride him at the same time. What a show of endurance by this pony who just wants to please his Mistresses.

Category: PONYPLAY


Keywords: pony play, feet, mistress kandy, miss jasmine

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Dirty Dommes – BOUND AND TEASED NYLON SLAVE PART 2. Starring Mistresses Maya

Dirty Dommes – BOUND AND TEASED NYLON SLAVE PART 2. Starring Mistresses Maya Liyer and Fetish Liza




Mistresses Maya Liyer and Fetish Liza enjoy smothering their slave with their sexy asses and teasing his cock with their nyloned legs and feet. He clearly is excited but he must control his urges as he won’t be allowed to cum. The Ladies love getting him desperate and horny.

Tags: stockings, double domination, lingerie, asian, facesitting, tease/denial

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Club Stiletto FemDom – Your Swollen Balls Are Easier To Kick. Starring Miss Xi

Club Stiletto FemDom – Your Swollen Balls Are Easier To Kick. Starring Miss Xi




This scene opens with Miss Xi’s slave leaning over a discipline bench. You hear the sound of stilettos until a foot appears and lands squarely in the middle of the slave’s balls. Hard enough to bring him to his knees! Miss Xi explains that she never really knows whether her shoes are a perfect fit until she has broken some balls with them. “I can go out and dance the night away once I know they’re good shoes” she says, and orders the slave back to his knees. “Spread them” she demands. After seven swift kicks to the nuts she gets him back onto his feet. “When I get new shoes I send him a text and he has to wait here naked over the bench, anticipating my arrival” she chuckles.

She asks him if he likes the new shoes and how they feel, as she delivers some more solid kicks. “They feel good” he says in a whiny way. She makes him stand up tall and delivers nearly another dozen kicks to his swelling cum sacks. She raises one shoe and drives the heel firmly into his aching balls, adding insult to injury. Now she tells him to stick his arms in the air because she wants him to tell her which shoe hurts more, the left one or the right one. When he says they’re about even, she lets go with another round of kicks, switching legs as she goes at him. Eventually the slave falls to his knees. No problem; Xi just goes around behind him and knees him in the nuts before kicking him some more. The slave reaches for his balls and is clearly in discomfort. Xi instructs him to pull his cock out of the way and drives her stiletto into his battered berries again. “You weren’t planning on having anyway, where you?” she asks. “Noooo” he whimpers. Now she delivers a series of backward kicks with her shoes before hopping onto his back and making him give her a ride to the stairs like a pony. She remains mounted on his back as he crawls up the stairs. Finally she gets off, sits on the stairs, and unleashes yet another round of kicks. You get a nice view of Miss Xi through the slave’s legs and you can see every kick land until he eventually collapses. As she makes him crawl up the stairs, she kicks him a few more times, just for good measure.



Keywords: kicking, ballbusting, miss xi, cbt

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ASIAN MEAN GIRLS – MEAN GIRLS RULE, FOOLS DROOL. Starring Astro Kitty and Empress Jennifer

ASIAN MEAN GIRLS – MEAN GIRLS RULE, FOOLS DROOL. Starring Astro Kitty and Empress Jennifer




This is an extreme ass whooping, not for the feint of heart! The dynamic duo of Asian Brats, Astro and Jennifer are diabolical partners in crime as they put a beating on their moronic tutor, while dressed in matching sexy school girl outfits, pig tails and glasses. Upon his arrival they order him to strip naked, mix them some afternoon cocktails, and then basically just abuse the out of the unsuspecting fool.

Wishing they had something to beat him with, two fraternity paddles materialize out of nowhere, and the two vixens beat his ass to a pulp, all the while laughing and entertaining themselves at this idiot’s expense. Astro and Jennifer are as sexy and as they are cruel and sadistic in this hard core clip.

Astro Kitty

Features: paddling, adult school, verbal humiliation, Asian, BDSM, female domination.



Keywords: female domination, feet, boots, ethnic, asian goddess, fetish clothing, astro kittie, bridezilla, an li

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Club Stiletto FemDom – Jasmine’s Smothered And Beaten Bitch. Starring Miss Jasmine

Club Stiletto FemDom – Jasmine’s Smothered And Beaten Bitch. Starring Miss Jasmine




Jasmine enters the room, as her slave lies sprawled, bound, and naked on her kink bench. She has some cruel plans for him but surprises him by taking his cock into her hands and stroking it. She looks directly into the camera and tells you that this slave often finds himself in compromising positions. She mounts his face and smothers him with her amazing ass. She reaches for his cock again, giving him the added pleasure of her ass and her hand. This can only get worse for the slave though because surprising things happen when Jasmine is in charge. She remarks on how hard he is and that he hasn’t cum in a while. “To earn a release he has to learn to hold his breath,” she says. She grabs his legs and pulls them towards her. You can see that not only is his ass already bruised and red, but a ping pong paddle awaits in view. “I’ve been beating this bitch all day,” she says with a chuckle, and with no further delay, she goes at his ass again. She drops his legs and strokes his cock again. She wants to see whether he’s capable of coming while enduing a significant amount of pain. Up go his legs again while more blows reign down on his ass cheeks. As she drops his legs once more, she paddles his thighs, then rises to pull his legs up for an even harsher beating. She strokes his cock some more and takes the paddle to his thighs again. The slave is clearly on edge so she stokes his cock vigorously. She steps around to his head, and to shut him up, sits on it. Her ass looks truly amazing on his face! The slave is now being denied air by her ass and she switches from stroking his cock to slapping his legs. She tells him she’s going to give him 30 seconds to cum, and if he can’t manage it, she’ll give him 30 hard lashes with her single tail. She strokes vigorously as he fights for air under her ass. She continues to slap his legs, strokes him, and allows a brief breath of air. Can the slave do it? “You have ten seconds” Jasmine says, as she places the paddle onto his stomach and orders him to cum on it. He explodes all over it! As she wipes the cum-laden paddle over his mouth and face, she leaves him with a parting comment: “I’m going to wash my hands and then the beating will begin.”

Category: PADDLING


Keywords: asian, miss jasmine, facesitting, paddling, ass smother

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