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Club Stiletto FemDom – Worship My Body and Cum for Me. Starring Princess Lily

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You are Princess Lily’s slave in this hot POV. She calls you to the bed and tells you that you have pleased her and she is going to give you a reward. She is going to allow you to worship her. She starts with her feet and you get some full screen views of her soles, her spreading her toes, and curling her feet. “I’ve left them just a little dirty for you, just to give you some flavour.”, she tells you. She moves one foot over the leg and across the knee and tells you to work your way up her body. “Kiss me all the way up. I want you to appreciate my beautiful soft flesh.” You should be erect by this point and probably a good idea to start rubbing yourself because this scene ends with Lily counting you down to a release. You get an amazing close up of her butt cheek and then she spreads her legs to show you her pink panties. She encourages you to get up close to smell her. “It smells so good. Say thank you.”, she says in such a seductive manner that you could never not thank her again and again. She rubs her hand over her tummy and tells you to kiss it. “Are you getting excited?”, she asks and then tells you to come up and sniff her armpits. She rubs her hands over them and you’ll want to press your nose and tongue right where her hand has just been. Goddess is so happy with you, you have really pleased her. She tells you she was really sweating earlier and tells you to take a lick. “How does that taste?”, she purrs. She knows your answer. She rolls over and tells you to attend to the other armpit. Then she removes her bra and gives you the biggest shock, “I’m even going to allow you to suck on my tits. Look at those divine nipples. You’ve been such a good boy I’m going to let you lick them.” The she drops the ultimate surprise, “You get to lick my pussy.” She rubs her hand over her panties and then removes them. “Get in closer for a few licks.”, she tells you and you can see how wet she is. She spreads her pussy just for you and again tells you to say ‘thank you’. Now she wants to touch herself and she wants you to rub yourself. She’s going to let you cum on the count of ten. “10, 9, 8, 7.” She starts and stops the count, telling you not to get to excited and then as she counts down to 1 and has an orgasm of her own she hollers at you, “Cum for me bitch.” Then she has one final surprise for you!!!


Keywords: Princess Lily, ass worship, armpits, ass licking, feet, foot worship

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Brat Princess 2 – Cali Carter – Trains Chastity slave to Worship Ass




720 HD: Cali shows off her sexy new bikini to her chastity slave. The slave compliments his Princess. Cali is happy that the slave is in chastity. She wouldnt want it getting hard while admiring her ass. The slave protests. He has been in chastity a long time. Cali cant believe how ungrateful it is. He should be happy the chastity isnt any tighter! Besides, Cali wouldnt keep him around if he wasnt in chastity. He wouldnt get to see her dress or undress at all. Cali tells her slave a story. One of Calis friends has a slave that licks her asshole. Calis slave admits that he has never licked an asshole. Cali thinks it sounds sexy and shed like for him to try it. She pulls down her bikini bottom. Cali tells the slave to stick out its tongue. Cali strokes the slaves tongue with her ass. She doesnt want to do all the work. Cali tells the slave its time for him to lick. The slave obeys. He licks Calis asshole. From now on the slave will lick Calis asshole every day after cheerleading practice. Cali inspects her slaves chastity. She grinds her ass against the little pink tube. Then she teases and tickles the slaves balls. She has to do her homework. Cali wants the slave to stay and lick her ass while she studies. (11:07 long)

Clip contains: Cali Carter, Female Domination, Ass Worship, Ass Licking, Chastity, Ass Grinding, Bikini



Keywords: Cali Carter

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Club Stiletto FemDom – Ex-boyfriend And His Other Dumb Friend Are Our Used Bitches




A Clips4Sale Top 10 – Ass Worship * Kandy is so happy to have her step-daughter home and happy to show her how she now not only controls Jemma’s ex Christian but also his buddy Ray. Kandy mentions that Jemma’s Dad is still on loan to the gay bike gang and provides some nasty details on what he is enduring, but the focus is on the two stupid slaves in front of them. First they start with some foot worship. Jemma spreads Christians mouth wide with her two feet so when he answers her questions he sounds like a total moron. It makes her giggle. Jemma walks on Christian’s face and chest and looks amazing in her new outfit of stockings, garter belt, and bra. Meanwhile, Kandy has the other slave licking her feet until she decides to strip down and set her hot bare ass down on his face. You can see that Ray has had some training as his tongue eagerly attacks Kandy’s butt hole the second she is on him. Jemma removes her panties and moves into the same position on the ex who also knows he had better lick that sweet young ass for all he is worth, or who knows what he will be subjected to. Kandy calls them closet fags, ass lickers, eaters and other foul names. Kandy tells Jemma both slaves will eagerly eat anything that comes from their asses, gobble it up like it was their last meal. Camera angles show both ladies asses side by side and eager tongues licking in near unison. Such ass perfection and these ladies love being in full control. Kandy tells Jemma that in time they will give the slaves some juicy farts and you can see it excites her. Jemma asks m0mmy why this treatment of the slaves makes her so horny. Kandy tells her the power is arousing and the slaves can fortunately service them to satisfy their needs. “How long do they lick your ass, m0mmy?”, Jemma asks. “For hours, dear.”, she replies. Kandy lets Jemma know that when you have fine ass and pussies like theirs, men will do anything they say. The camera comes up close to Kandy and she whispers, “I think I need to .”



Keywords: family fantasy, toilet slavery, mother-daughter, mother, daughter

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Club Stiletto FemDom – AS – We Punish Men. Starring Goddess Samantha and Mistress Kandy




Goddess Samantha walks over and plops her magnificent booty on her human couch. She raises her feet off the floor so she can enjoy knowing he is experiencing every ounce of her perfect body on his chest. Then Mistress Kandy comes over and slams her hot ass down on his face. It was available for sitting upon, so why not? The two Mistresses enjoy using the ‘couch’ and feeling ‘it’ thrash beneath them, as he runs out of air. They laugh and bounce and while he will always crawl back for more, at the moment he might be questioning if this is his true life calling! Both of them make sure he is suffering to their satisfaction. Every now and then, when they decide to give him a breath, they slap his face ferociously before settling their asses back down on him. Naturally, when Mistress Kandy has had enough fun destroying his face, it is Goddess Samantha’s turn… there is no escape. Sam drops her spectacular spandex covered booty on his smashed face and enjoys feeling him squirm beneath her. They continue their merciless attack the entire time… so much fun! You can also see more of the gorgeous Goddess Samantha at her Addicted2Samantha clip store.



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FemmeFataleFilms – Sexual Slavery. Starring Miss Zoe




Miss Zoe lures a man back to her apartment on the promise of sex, but he gets something a little different than what he bargained for. She explains how she likes things a little different and sets about moulding her new sex toy into shape. After some harsh spanking to literally warm him up, she explains how she only gets wet if he suffers for her. Before too long it’s necessary to tie him up, after which she then explains how his life will be from now on… permanently restrained, routinely milked and excessively used purely for her sexual pleasure.

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Brat Princess 2 – Christina – Facesits in Sweaty Gym Shorts before Ass Licked Clean




1080 HD: Christina has had a long sweaty day at the gym. She decides to do a little face sitting in her damp shorts. Christina ignores her human seat. She bounces her butt a little. The slave keeps tapping Christina’s thigh to get her attention for a breath. This gets very annoying to her. Christina starts grinding on the slave’s face while giggling. She decides she wants to have her sweaty ass cleaned. Christina has the slave lick it. The slave licks Christina’s sweaty butt until she has to go number 2. She tells the slave to go into the bathroom and wait for her with its mouth open. (8:26 long)

Clip contains: Christina, Facesitting, Ass Smother, Ass Licking, Sweat




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Club Stiletto FemDom – My Beautiful Sch1t. Starring Mistress Kandy




A Clips4Sale Top 10 – Toilet Slavery * Mistress Kandy has her slave locked in her bondage cage with only his head sticking out. She is there to further address their previous conversations about the slave becoming her full toilet. She asks him “You want to eat my shc1t don’t you?”. The slave sounds a little leery but he does acknowledge that he in fact does want to be her toilet. “And a part of that will be to stimulate my ass she says to the slave. Isn’t that where my beautiful shc1t comes from?”. “Yes.”, the asslicker agrees. Kandy puts her finger in her bum hole and then pulls it out for the slave to smell. After running her gloved hand under his nose she sticks the finger in his mouth. “Taste it. Are you ready? Good.” Kandy gets up on the cage so when she sits back her ass is right on the slaves face. She tells him she could stay there for days and he’d just have to lick and lick and lick. Until that special gift arrived, of course. The slave gets his tongue out and as Kandy sits down it slides right into her sweet hole. “That tongue needs to get wet and deep in there.”, she smiles. She loves making human toilets, she knows men are weak and want to take whatever she demands. “Stimulate every muscle down there so I can take that delicious sch1t right down your throat.” A great camera angle gives you a full screen shot of Kandy’s ass as it slides up and down the slaves tongue. She mentions that an earlier dump was not properly wiped when she was done so the slave is already getting a nice taste of the Goddess. “Tell me how much you love the taste?”, she demands. “Tell me how much you want to eat my sch1t.”, she demands. The aroused pig is now licking for all he is worth and hungry to eat from his owner. “Tell me how hungry you are?”, she adds. The slave replies, “I’m so hungry for your shit, Goddess.” Yes Kandy has trapped him, he will be her full toilet, he is to weak to say no. Kandy points across the room at you and says, “See that guy, he wants to eat my sch1t. Maybe you should change places, he should be down there licking my ass.” The slave replies, “No Goddess, please let me eat your sch1t.” Yes, he is fully committed and Kandy has worked her magic again. Kandy whispers to the camera that her slave is special to her because he has a rich daddy, “Daddy eats my sch1t too.”, she says even lower. Kandy turns around to the camera, exposing her perfect pussy to the slave… and you, her sch1t eater in waiting. “It’s time to move to the next level.”, she tells the slave who must be dying to taste her pussy, but he knows he is only good enough for asshole licking and toilet servitude. She tells the slave to open wide and then to wrap his lips tight around her anus. The slave is getting his treat. “Swallow.”, she tells him and then eventually tells him to again lick her clean. She pulls back to check and you can see her butthole is glistening clean. She looks at you and says, “Could you do as good a job?” Could you?



Keywords: human toilet, toilet talk, Kandy, toilet slavery

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Brat Princess 2 – Harley – Cuck Cleans Ass to Earn Scraps from Dinner Date

1080 HD: Harley is getting ready to go out to dinner with her boyfriend. Harley’s boyfriend is amazing in pretty much every possible way. He’s handsome, he has a great job in finance, and his cock is huge. Harley’s boyfriend is pretty much the exact opposite of her cuck. The cuck works very hard at his underpaid job, he’s middle aged and overweight, and his little pin dick is best kept under lock and key. Harley and her boyfriend have found him useful in paying for things, though. Even though the cuck makes much less than Harley’s boyfriend, they stretch him beyond his financial means to pay for their lavish dates. Tonight, they are going to go to a restaurant that probably wouldn’t even let someone as unattractive and underdressed as the cuck inside. Harley is wearing new lingerie that the cuck has paid for, and also has a sexy new dress and heels for the date. She primps and puts on makeup in front of the bathroom mirror. Harley reminds the cuck that it can’t really afford all of the fine food and expensive wine that she and her boyfriend are about to enjoy with its credit card, but they are going to make him pay for it anyway. She tells the cuck that if is licks her ass good enough now, later she will bring him back scraps from the dinner date. After dinner, Harley will bring her boyfriend back to her place. He’s going to fuck her really good with his huge cock while the cuck sits in its chastity cage in the corner, watching. It will be good for the cuck to watch. Maybe it can learn something. Harley instructs the cuck to get into her ass really deep and clean her really well. The scraps are sure to be really good tonight, so he’s going to want to lick her ass well enough to earn them. When Harley’s ready to head out, she inspects the cuck’s chastity. She teases the cuck with her ass for a few minutes before sending it away to put clean sheets on her bed. (10:22 long)

Clip contains: Harley Jade, Female Domination, Ass Worship, Ass Licking, Cuckold, Chastity, Humiliation, Financial Domination




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Cuckoldress Cameron and Friends – CD – Bikini Bitch Makes Cuck Lick Ass

720 HD: Cameron loves to make Marcello suffer during his chastity. Cameron comes back from the pool and needs Marcello to rub lotion on her amazing body. The cuckold has no choice but to do as she says. Marcello is in great discomfort from the chastity tube. Cameron is tired of all the heavy frustrating sighs coming from him. She slides down her bikini bottoms and has Marcello lick her ass. Marcello is in agony. Cameron is so cruel! (5:18 long)


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Cruel & Unusual FemDom – Paulina’s Pet Husband: Ass licker. Starring Paulina Amore

Paulina is still training her husband to be the most perfect submissive pet. She knows how much her husband loves her perfect pussy. Too bad he only lasts a few seconds in bed. She knows he would do anything to get a taste of her pussy but it’s too bad. Now he is reduced to licking her ass. He must slide his tongue up and down her hole exactly the way she wants him to while she and only she gets to touch her beautiful pussy. With her pussy less than an inch from his face, he can smell it, and see it, but not taste it.



Keywords: Paulina Amore, clubdom, subby hubby, humiliation, ass worship, ass eating, ass licking, cuckolding

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