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The Queendom – Finished With The Furniture Slave. Starring Mistress Kawaii

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The Queendom – Finished With The Furniture Slave. Starring Mistress Kawaii




This is the same clip so if you have purchased it on her store already don’t buy it again here… unless you really want to 🙂 ****

“So I have some bad news for you,” Mistress Kawaii say, taking a seat on her furniture slave’s face. “I’m kind of getting sick of having you around.” She’s decided to give her furniture slave one last, intense ass smothering before shrinking him down to use in a new way! The only question now is what to do with the slave once he’s shrunk? “Something that would be more fun for me and worse for you!” The slave tries to beg for mercy, to stay her full size furniture slave, but its no use. Mistress Kawaii quickly shoves her ass back down on the slave’s face to stop him from speaking. No amount of begging will change her mind, this slave will be shrunk and swallowed up. She pulls her tight leggings down and buries the slave’s face between her soft, luscious ass cheeks while she decides his fate. Would she rather put the tiny slave in her mouth and swallow him alive or stuff his tiny body between her cheeks and let her ass swallow him up? “Maybe you secretly want to be eaten by my big, beautiful, juicy ass,” she laughs as she turns around for forward facesitting. Mistress Kawaii’s strong thighs hold the slave’s head in place while her big butt absorbs his face. She contemplates what his life would be like if she ate him, being alive in her digestive tract as she slowly turns him into waste. However Kawaii decides to swallow the tiny slave, his shrunken journey will end in her amazing ass! “Are you ready? Are you on board?” She asks while sitting on the slave’s face. She smiles, deciding the slave’s muffled, desperate cries are really just excitement about being shrunk. With a snap of her finger light fills the room as the slave becomes tiny…

Mistress Kawaii, Facesitting, Ass Smother, Ass Squishing, Giantess Theme, Vore/Digestion Talk, Sleepsack.

Category: SMOTHER


Keywords: queendom, mistress kawaii, facesitting, big butt, ass fetish, ass squishing, giantess fetish, bound slave, trapped, helpless, leggings, thong, femdom, female domination, femme fatale

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ClubDom – Worship My Asshole You Slut. Starring Mistress Mena Li and Mistress R…

ClubDom – Worship My Asshole You Slut. Starring Mistress Mena Li and Mistress Rachael




Miss Rachael Madori n Dominatrix Mena Li are relaxing enjoying a smoke talking just how much they love owning men, As Slave boy Toby just stares n drools at their feet, they tease and torment him blowing smoke in his face and using him as an ashtray. Mena lets him smell her boot, the ladies laugh at how pathetic he is Then they let him smell their Goddess Pussies and finally Rachael says she has a task for the bitch n instructs Toby boy to worship her beautiful ass, but makes sure to tell him he better get her off, she is ruthless and uses his face as her fuck toy violently grinding her asshole into his face until she reaches orgasm.

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Club Stiletto FemDom – School Girl Big Ass Smother. Starring Princess Skylar

Club Stiletto FemDom – School Girl Big Ass Smother. Starring Princess Skylar




This is a kinky family fantasy clip in which young and horny Skylar has turned step-daddy into her slave. The perv was caught masturbating to her photos and she caught it all on her hidden camera. Now he has to do everything Skylar says. Just home from school, she calls him into the bedroom to subject him to some ass smothering. She loves to watch daddy kicking his legs in the air while trying to breath, and tells him if he wasn’t such a perv, he wouldn’t be in this position. Looking directly into the camera, she talks about how she loves to use daddy for her amusement. She tells him she will be bringing her boyfriend home from school to fuck her, and when she asks if he’s ok with this, he has no choice but to agree. “Not only will mom see the video of your masturbating to my pics but I’ll tell her all the things I do to you as well.” She briefly lifts up off his face so he can reply “yes” to each of her questions. She slaps daddy’s nuts several times and tells him he will be expected to fluff her boyfriends as well, which mortifies daddy to no end, given that he’s 100% straight. “You’re going to suck his cock and get him ready” she says. He protests a bit at first but then realizes he will just have to do it. She says that after she gets fucked, she’ll stand over his face and let her boyfriend’s cum drip down onto him. She wants to make sure all the cum comes out so she doesn’t turn daddy into a grandpa. Skylar does a lot of bouncing and full-on ass smothering, and really makes daddy squirm and kick. She tells him she needs an increase in her allowance of $100 a week. Every time she orders him to put his knees down he knows it’s because she’s going to slap his nuts. He jumps each time, which brings her great delight. She makes him stroke his cock and think about her boyfriends fucking her. She wants that thought to arouse him. “Imagine what mom would say if she knew” she says. She reminds him that the most important thing is for him to do whatever she says and he promises he will. He is now her property to use in any vile way she so chooses.



Keywords: princess skylar, ass worship, ass smother, family fantasy, school girl

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Kinky Mistresses – Slave with Big Balls gets it up the ass. Starring Goddess Ezada Sinn

Kinky Mistresses – Slave with Big Balls gets it up the ass. Starring Goddess Ezada Sinn




This poor loser has the biggest most sensitive balls verty. Goddess Ezada Sinn puts it right up his ass with her black dildo.

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Brat Princess 2 – Isabella – I am Wearing Your Chastity Key on my Belly Ring

Brat Princess 2 – Isabella – I am Wearing Your Chastity Key on my Belly Ring




Classic Brat Princess. Previously released! “Come on my friends are waiting!” Princess Isabella is having a pool party. Her cuck daddy has to rub lotion on his step daughter’s beautiful 18 year old body while in chastity. Isabella loves teasing it. She thinks her mom is too nice and lets him cum too much. He has been in 9 days. “I bet you just love it with my girl friends running around in their bathing suits and their tight hot bodies. Ha ha ha ha!” She looks so bratty with his chastity key on her belly ring. The cuck daddy looks at the key and wishes she would let him out. She even tortures by turning around and haves him rub her buttocks. Pure Torture for a chastity slave. The Brat Princess Isabella really starts teasing him. Rubbing her VS Bikini bottoms on his chastity tube. She grips his package and taps her manicured fingernails on his tube and giggles. She wants him in chastity for a month! Princess wants her ass licked. Isabella loves getting her ass licked. The step daddy is on his knees licking his brat princess step daughters ass as she goes on and on about her day. The ass worship at the end is very intense. “Stick your tongue out!” She fucks his tongue with her ass. Princess Isabella pulls her bikini bottoms up in one of the most amazing Brat Princess shots ever captured. She tells cuck daddy all of her friends are going to come in and he has to lick all of their sweaty asses clean. Absolute torture for cuck daddy. This is a must buy! Teasing, ass worship, and some spitting and slapping. The tone is playful in this clip. (14:53 Long)


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Club Stiletto FemDom – I Need Someone to Lick That Out Cucky

Club Stiletto FemDom – I Need Someone to Lick That Out Cucky




Skylar’s husband is a total and complete cuck! He feels a bit jealous knowing he has to be locked up while she’s out getting fucked. He can’t deny his feelings of arousal though, and it’s that power Skylar wields over him, in order to be constantly on the lookout for hung studs to fuck. Hubby no longer has any say in the matter; she fucks whomever she wants and he just has to accept it. After waiting for hours, the slave finally hears Skylar enter the room. She’s in a cheerful mood so he knows she’s probably filled with multiple loads of cum which he will be required to suck out of her pussy, while she goes on about all the nasty things she’s been up to for the past few hours. Once she’s comfortably seated on the cage, Skylar sticks her fingers into her pussy and makes hubby lick each finger clean. As a result, more cum drips out and hubby is ordered to lick it all up. She mentions that it seems black men shoot bigger loads than other men because there sure is a lot of cum in there! “Your wife has been a dirty girl” she purrs. “It turns me on, knowing you have to eat my lovers’ cum”. She makes him lick her pussy again, and by the time she reaches orgasm hubby has a tummy full of cum!



Keywords: cuckolding, ass worship, ass licking

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Ball Busting Chicks – She Hurt His Genitals Like Hell. Starring Isabella

Ball Busting Chicks – She Hurt His Genitals Like Hell. Starring Isabella




His genitals are strictly tied up while she pours lot of hot wax from her self made (hurts more!) candle. She tease him just a little with the view of her thong ass before she canes his waxed genitals very hard. Then she takes a riding crop from the stable to beat his cock and balls even further.
Length 9 minutes. ballbustingchicks.com

Category: CBT


Keywords: isabella

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Girls Next Door: TEAM BALLBUSTER – Aphrodite the Ball Trampling Goddess

Girls Next Door: TEAM BALLBUSTER – Aphrodite the Ball Trampling Goddess




Do we ever have a YUMMY clip for you today! The gorgeous, Muscle Diva, Aphrodite returns to Team BALLBUSTER and today she’s going to Trample all Over Your Balls! We say “Your Balls” because we’ve got a bunch of great POV footage which really gets you a first hand view of what it’s like to be Squashed beneath this Powerful Woman. Aphrodite (also known as Melina) is dressed in skin tight, shiny leggings which really show off her incredible Booty! This Vixen torments the video victim by stepping on his Nuts and applying her full weight as she walks over him.Repeatedly. But it doesn’t end there, she drops her Knee deep into his crotch, and then adds the other and bounces her weight once again, all down into his Groin! LOL! Clearly, we only target the Testicles at Girls Next Door, LOL! Next, Aphrodite kneels between “Your” legs, spreads them, and grasps your Nads between her fingers and CRUSHES you in her powerful Grasp. She continues to Grind her down into your crotch as she looks up to see the tears in your eyes. Still not convinced your sufficiently broken, Aphrodite stands on your chest, and shows off her Ass as she Squats up and down on your body. She then figures out that if she Straddles your body, she can also drop her into your Balls as her Buns of Steel drop on your chest..this look amazingly HOT in the POV camera.hope your balls can take the pain! She has even more tricks.next, she begins to Jump on your Balls, Stand on your Balls, and when she starts to feel them weaken, she STOMPS them until they POP! HAHAHA! Hope you didn’t need those!



Keywords: cbt, ball abuse, crotch abuse, beatdown, body busting, mixed wrestling, mixed fighting, femdom, female domination, muscle domination, muscle worship, ass worship, latex, wet look, ass worship

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Girls Next Door: TEAM BALLBUSTER – Nut Squasher 1

Girls Next Door: TEAM BALLBUSTER – Nut Squasher 1



Hey, it



Keywords: ass smothering, trampling, ass worship, wet look, thongs, fishnets, shiny, leather, vinyl, mixed wrestling, beatdowns, brat girls, sensual domination, cbt, ball abuse

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Girls Next Door: TEAM BALLBUSTER – Ball Boxing Babe. Starring Goddess Lady Shayne

Girls Next Door: TEAM BALLBUSTER – Ball Boxing Babe. Starring Goddess Lady Shayne




A lot of my fans know me for my love of Ballbusting. Others know me for having the sexiest little Booty on the net. So when a fan begged, and pleaded (and tributed quite a bit) for the privilege of having my ASS Sit on his Face, I needed more than just money from him, I needed him to pay with his Balls! My Buns look AMAZING in my tight, wet look leggings. I force him to worship my Ass, and suffer from my Ass Smothering, then I begin to work in his Nuts as I slam my Boxing Glove covered into his Groin, and Grab and Squeeze his Nads in my powerful grasp. Of course I reward him for letting me abuse his testicles, as I shake my buns above him, and strip down from my wet look legging to an even hotter wet look thong bikini! I sit on his face reverse style, and grind my Ass into his face and I verbally humiliate him and continue my assault on his Nuts! I grind my knees into him junk, I take away his breath with my Ass Smothering, and I test how high his voice can go when I Grab, Twist, and Crush his Balls! I finish him off with a fury of Nut pounding punches until he’s on the ground crying. Worship your Goddess, Lady



Keywords: female domination, femdom, ball abuse, crotch abuse, beatdown, ass worship, wet look, leather, shiny, latex, punching, grabbing, ass grinding, breath play, asian goddess

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