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Raptures Fetish Playground – Rapture vs One Nut

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Raptures Fetish Playground – Rapture vs One Nut




Strong, muscular Rapture is all dressed up in sexy, tight & shiny clothing as she’s sitting around waiting for One Nut to show up. She’s going to practice her ball busting skills, and One Nut is the perfect victim. One Nut shows up wearing a Zentai suit with only his dick & nuts exposed. Rapture wastes no time at all standing up, winding back her leg & kicking him as hard as she can in his junk. One Nut cries out in pain, but Rapture doesn’t care. She just keeps kicking him his nuts, over & over & over again until she tells him it’s time for the final blow. She makes him stand tall in front of her, and she kicks him with all her might, right in his nuts.




Keywords: rapture, spandex, gold

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Club Stiletto FemDom – Brutal Assault On His Balls. Starring Princess Mia

Club Stiletto FemDom – Brutal Assault On His Balls. Starring Princess Mia




Sexy Princess Mia does not hold back as she assaults her slave’s balls and cock. Kicking, pulling, and slapping, this slave is getting the Royal treatment. As the scene opens the slave is already fully erect, causing her to ask whether he’s really looking forward to this”. While the slave answers “yes”, the fear in his voice is palpable. She has him hold up his cock and soon her leg is swinging like a pendulum, slowly at first, then faster and faster as she picks up the pace. She kicks him in the balls 32 times before the first minute has even passed and adds another 36 kicks during the second minute. The camera shows some great angles from behind as well as between the slave’s legs, then manoeuvres behind Mia so you not only get to see the harsh kicks she delivers but her amazing ass as well. When the slave goes down again, she pulls him up by his cock and slaps his balls with her cupped hand a dozen times, asking “Who’s in charge?” The slave starts to stumble only five kicks into Minute Three, and Mia graciously allows him to crawl behind her and kiss her glorious ass cheeks.

“Do you love my ass?” she asks him. “Is it the most beautiful ass you’ve ever seen?”. The slave desperately wants to stay there on his knees, kissing her ass, and the emotion is evident in his reply when he tells her how much he loves it. “I love it, Goddess; I devote my life to it” he says. She asks if he would like to be smothered under it forever and says that at least then he would know his life had meaning. However, Mia isn’t finished with him and tells him to get back up because she still has plans for his balls. He’s fully erect as he stands back up. She delivers another 16 kicks before she looks at the camera and tells you to give her a call so she can torture your balls, too. She delivers 16 more slaps to his nuts before dragging him to his knees, cock in one hand, balls in the other, all the while twisting and pulling on both. She yanks him back up and delivers another half dozen kicks, before asking “Would you like me to invite my girlfriends over to kick you in the balls, too?” Mia giggles throughout the scene. Such a nasty Princess… she loves his pain and devotion. Another six kicks bring the slave back to his knees and Mia orders him to the trample floor where she locks him up, saying “Good, now I have you right where I want you!”.


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Keywords: ball busting, princess mia, kicking, cbt

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Asian Femdom Ballbusting – DESTROYING THE INCOMPETENT LANDLORD PART 2. Starring Empress Jennifer

Asian Femdom Ballbusting – DESTROYING THE INCOMPETENT LANDLORD PART 2. Starring Empress Jennifer




In this follow up clip, Empress Jennifer continues her reign of destruction on her idiot landlord, brutally kicking, stomping and crushing his useless cock and balls with her sexy stilettos. He is powerless to resist as she destroys his testicles so they wont get in the way of him focusing on his new purpose in life serving Empress Jennifer.

Empress Jennifer

Features: Ball busting, Ball abuse, FemDom, Verbal Humiliation, Asian, Asian Goddess, Female Domination..



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GODDESS MAYA LIYER – Cock and Balls Onslaught. Starring Fetish Liza

GODDESS MAYA LIYER – Cock and Balls Onslaught. Starring Fetish Liza




I introduce Fetish Liza to one of My little bitch slaves, so that We can have a little fun, We deserve a little fun don’t you think? I keep lots of slaves around to amuse Me in the activities I enjoy and this particular one squeals like a girl when his cock and balls are punched, slapped, kicked etc. you get the idea. So while he may not be having the time of his life, I really enjoy building fear, inflicting pain and listening to the sounds I create.

Dressed in black leather and lace with long leather boots and leather gloves, Fetish Liza and I are in quite the mood to beat the cock and balls of this pathetic slave. Cuffed to a St Andrews cross this little bitch is going to take all the pain that We wish to serve up to him.

While he writhes in agony and squeals with each sharp kick to the balls, We laugh at him, laughing at the fact this pathetic excuse for a man begs Women like us to kick his balls. It always used to grovel at my feet begging to be used by Me, I decided that the only use I had for it was as a CBT slave, its little face when I told it this was priceless, never-the-less it has remained hooded in my presence ever since, I cant even remember what it looks like, I objectify all My slaves . Existing only as a cock and balls for Me to abuse whenever I feel, then left to whimper at My feet.

Wouldn’t you love it if that was you?

Category: FEMDOM


Keywords: british, goddess maya, maya liyer, asian dominatrix, london, double domination, ball busting, cock torture, gloves, humiliation, slave trainging, boots, thigh high boots, punishment, laughing

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Club Stiletto FemDom – Ball Busted Foot kisser. Starring Lady Bellatrix

Club Stiletto FemDom – Ball Busted Foot kisser. Starring Lady Bellatrix




Lady Bellatrix is in town partying with her friend, Princess Jemma. While Jemma’s outside having a smoke, Bellatrix teaches Jemma’s ex-boyfriend Christian a lesson by giving him a ballbusting he won’t soon forget. He’s being punished because he complained about his earlier ballbusting session. As it turns out, that one was just a warm-up! She takes her stilettos to his nuts, then steps on his foot before removing her shoes so she’ll have better traction to really go at him. She instructs him to get on all fours so she can kick him from behind, and lets go with a volley of well-placed kicks. She makes him kiss her feet which is surely a welcome relief for the slave. Bellatrix is in a serious mood though and has him back on his feet within seconds. She lands kick after kick, like the star kicker on a top football team. The slave is back down on all fours while Bellatrix continues to deliver multiple kicks to his nuts. He starts to cry but she couldn’t care less. She makes him get up to take more, and every time he goes down, he’s told to kiss her feet. She informs him that as a finale she’ll be giving him her three hardest kicks. The slave trembles and as the final kick lands, he falls to his knees and instantly kisses her feet. “Off with you” she says, “Go clean the bathroom.” She mentions that her foot will probably be swollen tomorrow but she obviously had no choice but to teach the slave a lesson. This is all out ball kicking and is one clip you’ll definitely want to add to your collection.



Keywords: ball busting, lady bellatrix, kicking, foot worship

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Cruel Unusual FemDom – Ball Destruction for Incompetent slave. Starring Michelle Lacy and Lydia Supremacy

Cruel Unusual FemDom – Ball Destruction for Incompetent slave. Starring Michelle Lacy and Lydia Supremacy




Lydia and Michelle find their new slave sleeping on the job. They decide to grab him and drag him out of there and throw hm out into the yard for a punishment he won’t forget. The women are angry and he must pay with his balls. They kick off their heels only to be able to run fast to delivery vicious hard kicks. They take turns holding him and delivering non-stop crushing hard kicks to his delicate balls, causing him to yell from the intense pain. The Mistresses are still not satisfied, and they hold him down and use their hands and long fingernails to really drive the point home.



Keywords: cbt, femdom, ballbusting, ball busting, female domination, latex, michelle lacy, lydia supremacy, clubdom, brunettes

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Ballbusting World PPV – Nadman’s Lair. Starring Nikki Whiplash

Ballbusting World PPV – Nadman’s Lair. Starring Nikki Whiplash




Nadman has taken Nikki’s friend hostage and is keeping her in his secret lair. Sexy superheroine Nikki has taken Nadman himself hostage in return and is going to interrogate him until he gives her the location of his secret lair. Nikki soon proves that Nadman’s “super testicles” give him no super powers whatsoever, and she soon points out that actually his balls make him very weak indeed and will be the perfect interrogation tools to help Nikki find out all the information she wants to know! Nikki kicks, punches, slaps, squashes, knees and crushes her chained captive’s balls until he is yelping with agony and forced to tell Nikki everything she wants to know. As all men should know – balls are a weakness and definitely NOT a super power!


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Ballbusting Pleasures – Two Balls are Insufficient. Starring Jacqueline

Ballbusting Pleasures – Two Balls are Insufficient. Starring Jacqueline




Jacqueline tests which of the two losers she found lurking around her home, last longer standing. She takes turns brutally kicking, stomping and crushing each of the boys’ balls to see who is man enough to take it the longest!

Also available in WMV HD Format


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Femmefatalefilms – Leg Fucker – Complete Film. Starring Lady Victoria Valente

Femmefatalefilms – Leg Fucker – Complete Film. Starring Lady Victoria Valente




Lady Valente has a new toy in her inescapable stocks and whilst her slave is immobilised, she teases him with her sweaty feet, enveloped by fully fashioned stockings. She smothers his face with both feet and gives him occasional relief by allowing him to slide his cock between her calves. She mixes up the pleasure and pain by crushing, kicking and slapping his balls, after all… a slave can’t have too much pleasure!

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ClubDom – Leprechaun Slaves Are Good For Something. Starring Dahlia Rain and Goddess Tangent

ClubDom – Leprechaun Slaves Are Good For Something. Starring Dahlia Rain and Goddess Tangent




Goddess Dahlia and Mistress Tangent ask their pathetic leprechaun slaves if they’re ready for their special St. Patrick’s day ball busting. When one of their slaves collapses after just a few kicks, Goddess Dahlia and Mistress Tangent decide that a special punishment is in order. They bend the pathetically unprepared slave over his cage and begin caning his pale Irish ass. Goddess Dahlia and Mistress Tangent take turns swatting his reddening ass with their canes until her learns his lesson. Their slave’s saggy pink ass cheeks ripple with each swat of Mistress Tangent’s cane as she really beats his leprechaun ass until it turns purple. Dahlia Rain, Goddess Tangent

Tags: Ball Busting, Caning, CBT

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