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Brat Princess 2 – Amadahy and Noe – Slave Allowed on bed for a Double Smother

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Brat Princess 2 – Amadahy and Noe – Slave Allowed on bed for a Double Smother




Slaves are only allowed on a bed when they are being useful. Noe’s brought one into her bed to share with Amadahy. Noe loves to smother slaves in her bed until they are gasping for life, and even better to share one with a friend. Amadahy helps herself to Noe’s slave. She settles her perfect ass right over its airways, making a tight complete seal. The Females chit chat while the little male struggles beneath Amadahy’s full weight. Again, and again Amadahy quiets it with her body. The slave gets too excited from being used by Amadahy. It starts to get hard. The Goddesses notice it’s little erection and laugh. Noe starts to stomp on the slave’s rude little erection. Then, she comes around to get a good look at its struggle beneath Amadahy. Amadahy has been denying the little slave air for some time. It’s becoming very desperate. Noe gets so excited; she has to take a turn on its face for herself. Amadahy begins to slap the slave between its legs so that Noe can feel what she has felt. Every slap causes the slave to make pain sounds which send a vibration to Noe. She doesn’t want Amadahy to stop. Amadahy keeps slapping the slave’s erection so that Noe can experience pleasure. They pin the slave down between them with both of their weight. Noe tells Amadahy to keep going, she loves how his screams feel. They punch and slap the slave between its legs over and over. Noe passes the slave back to Amadahy so that she can feel it again. Noe slaps the slave hard with no regard for its pain. Her only concern is Amadahy’s pleasure. (12:34 long)

Clip contains: Amadahy, Noe, Face Sitting, Ass Smother, Female Domination



Keywords: ass smothering

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Brat Princess 2 – Amadahy and Natalya – 18 Year Old Learns to Manage Aggressions by Ballbusting slav…

Brat Princess 2 – Amadahy and Natalya – 18 Year Old Learns to Manage Aggressions by Ballbusting slaves




Life’s stressful. College tests are hard. Boyfriends can be so stupid. Sometimes it can all just be too much. That’s why everyone needs a way to work through the day’s challenges. Some people knit; some meditate; others go for a walk. 18 year old sorority Princesses bust balls. Ballbusting is a great way for a girl to take out all her frustrations. Boyfriend do something stupid? Bust balls. Hairstylist not give you what you wanted at the salon? Bust balls. Stupid driver make you late? Bust balls. All of life’s little annoyances can be remedied once a girl discovers ballbusting. Amadahy shows her freshman little, Natalya, just how it’s done. Amadahy gets in a few kicks to start, but enthusiastic Natalya is just way too excited for her own turn. As soon as the slave drops she makes it stand right back up so that she can get kicking. It’s Natalya’s very first time Ballbusting and she is such a natural solid kicker. She does a great job channeling all her aggressions straight into the slave’s balls, just like her big taught her. It’s a great bonding experience for a big to teach her little how to ballbust. The sorority sisters have a lot of fun with this activity. They have so much fun, the sisters agree to meet up again after class for another round! This clip includes a highlight from Natalya’s first ever clip, Freshman gets an old Fixer Upper slave as a Campus Welcome Gift . (8:54 long)

Clip contains: Amadahy, Natalya, 18 & 19 Years Old, Ballbusting, Female Domination, Brat Girls, Sorority Sisters

Category: 18 & 19 YRS OLD


Keywords: sorority sisters

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Brat Princess 2 – Alexa Devon and Natalya – Sorority Sisters Encourage Fat Pledge to get Fatter

Brat Princess 2 – Alexa Devon and Natalya – Sorority Sisters Encourage Fat Pledge to get Fatter




Natalya has taken on a project for her sorority. She plans to enter freshman pledge, Devon, in the intercollegiate fattest sow contest. The blue ribbon goes to the handler of the fattest sow. Natalya really wants that blue ribbon, and she’s going to feed a pledge until she wins it. But she’s having a problem with her sow. It just isn’t eating enough. Natalya scolds Devon, interrogating her as to what she’s consumed for each meal. Devon eats a hamburger while Natalya questions her. She lists off a tremendous list of fattening foods she has eaten, all in just one day. Devon really wants to be included in the sorority and she is working very hard to meet the weight gain goals that Natalya has set forth for her. Devon doesn’t know this; but there is no ‘Fattest Sow’ contest. Natalya is pretending to enter Devon in a contest just to haze her. Natalya loves seeing Devon gain more and more weight, totally ruining any chance Devon would ever have of being accepted into the group of popular, fit, sorority girls. The other sorority sisters think Natalya’s idea is very funny and they all play along with it, pretending that Devon may be accepted into the group if she makes effort to win the fictitious ‘fat sow’ contest. They simultaneously pick on Devon about her weight and encourage her to gain more. Devon takes all this very seriously. She does not know that the contest is fake and that she has no chance of ever being in the sorority. Natalya measures Devon’s growing waist while she eats her hamburger. She isn’t convinced that Devon is making a real effort to gain. Alexa looks on, silent and amused by Natalya’s ruse. Alexa pokes and shakes Devon’s growing belly. Natalya places a cookie in Devon’s empty hand. Devon double palms a burger in one hand and a cookie in another. Alexa produces a jelly donut from a paper bag. She reaches around and holds the donut to Devon’s lips, filling every moment with chewing. Devon now has three hands feeding her. Devon tells Natalya about her trip to the doctor while her mouth is full of food. While being passively stuffed with donut, Devon tells Natalya that her doctor has advised her to watch her weight. Natalya tells Devon that her doctor is stupid, the sorority knows what’s best for her. Sisters look out for each other, if she really wants to fit into the group she’ll stop taking other people’s advice and trust her sisters. Natalya then notices that Devon is still able to wear one of the shirts she came into the sorority with. That’s not good enough. Devon shouldn’t be able to fit any of her old clothes. This is just more evidence that pledge Devon is not trusting her sisters. You can’t fit into the sisterhood without trust! Devon is desperate to fit in. She eats the jelly donut and a cookie from Natalya’s outstretched hand. Devon complains that she’s starting to feel full. Her sisters tell her to eat faster. If she eats fast enough she should be able to consume more. Then, they pull Devon up to examine her body. Devon is not looking like a first-place sow. Natalya reminds Devon that she’s really has got to help the sorority out by being the fattest. She thinks Devon should limit her activity in addition to consuming more. Devon’s only two activities should be sitting on the sorority’s couch in the common room and eating. If she’s not eating; she’s sleeping. All a good sow should do is eat and sleep and lay about. Natalya produces a second quarter pounder for Devon to consume. Devon greedily takes a bite, but seems depressed when Natalya tells her that she’s going to have to eat the whole thing. Devon’s feeling too full already. The feeding is becoming very uncomfortable, but Alexa and Natalya won’t stop. To the second burger Natalya adds some fries. She stuffs fries into Devon’s mouth for her. Devon does love having friends. Devon thanks her new college friends for all their generosity. (9:54 long)

Clip contains: Alexa, Devon, Natalya, 18 & 19 Years Old, Lesbian Domination, Food Stuffing, Feeder Feedee, Gaining Weight, Eating, Food, Sorority Humiliation



Keywords: brat girls

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Brat Princess 2 – Mia – Bitchy Princess gets Foot Worship in Sexy Lingerie

Brat Princess 2 – Mia – Bitchy Princess gets Foot Worship in Sexy Lingerie




Princess Mia’s feeling crabby. All she wants is some nice relaxing foot worship. This slave is pretty good at worshiping feet, but it’s face is so ugly. It’s not relaxing to have to look at an ugly slave, so Mia turns her back to him. Now she doesn’t have to look at him. The slave continues to worship the moody Princess’ feet. Having the Princess back turned to him makes things worse for him in chastity. Now he is positioned to look at Mia’s perfect butt while he worships her feet. Mia ignores the chastity slave and fiddles on her phone. She knows exactly what she is doing to him. She turns around after a while, then remembers that it’s still the one with the ugly face. She spits in the slave’s face a few times, just because it’s still ugly. (10:22 long)

Clip contains: Mia, Female Domination, Foot Worship, Spitting, Humiliation, Chastity




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Brat Princess 2 – Dominique – Bratty Girl Giggles while Facesitting slave in Bondage

Brat Princess 2 – Dominique – Bratty Girl Giggles while Facesitting slave in Bondage




It’s Dominique’s first time smothering a slave and she’s having so much fun! Dominique smothers some stupid slave with her perfect ass and giggles. The dummy can’t breathe and Dominique thinks that’s really funny. Dominique loves controlling males with her great bubble butt. She smothers lame brain because he doesn’t matter. Princess is the only one who matters to Princess. Bratty Dominique is used to doing whatever she wants. Dominique grinds back and forth on its face. She bounces and giggles. Slaves are just toys to be used and abused! Dominique is a true young brat, totally accustomed to losers who will do anything to make her happy. (8:45 long)

Clip contains: Dominique, Face Sitting, Female Domination, Bondage Male, Ass Smother, Brat Girls



Keywords: BRAT GIRLS

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Brat Princess 2 – Charlotte – Shiny Pants Ass Addict

Brat Princess 2 – Charlotte – Shiny Pants Ass Addict




You can’t help but stare at a great ass. Charlotte knows you can’t take your eyes off hers. Keep watching! Charlotte loves to humiliate losers while they jerk to her perfect ass. She makes you follow it, crawling on your hands and knees behind her. It’s so humiliating, but Charlotte knows you’d do anything for her perfect ass. She gives all the little jerk addicts a full ten seconds to cum while stroking to her curves. (4:42 long)

Clip contains: Charlotte Cross, Femdom POV, Ass Humiliation, Masturbation Humiliation, Cum Countdown

Category: FEMDOM POV



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Brat Princess 2 – Cherry – Uses Cuckolds Face While Boyfriend is Late

Brat Princess 2 – Cherry – Uses Cuckolds Face While Boyfriend is Late




Cherrys boyfriend is late, but shes ready now. She sits on her cuckolds face. He wont mind being used. Cherry grinds her pussy on the cucks face while his little dicklet is in chastity. He flails around and struggles for air as she pleasures herself. He finally breaks away and gasps for air. Cherry is outraged. She was so close to cumming! She tells him that if he does it again, she will punch him in the balls. Cherry proceeds with more face grinding. The cuck gets swollen in his chastity and his balls turn blue. Cherry cums on the cuckolds face as he struggles beneath her. This clip includes a bonus facesitting and ass worship montage. (8:29 long)

Clip contains: Cherry, Cuckoldress cums on cuckolds face while he is in chastity, facesitting, ass smother, grinds ass on face



Keywords: Cherry

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Brat Princess 2 – Alexa and Sasha – Bound slave takes Hard Ball Punching to Earn Orgasm from Dream D…

Brat Princess 2 – Alexa and Sasha – Bound slave takes Hard Ball Punching to Earn Orgasm from Dream Duo




What kind of torment will this slave have to accept to receive release from Alexa and Sasha? Full orgasms are not earned easily. Only when Alexa and Sasha are satisfied by their slave’s suffering will they allow it full release. The two take turns. One strokes while the other strikes. Only slaves able to accept the pain can earn a full release from this dream duo. (7:48 long)

Clip contains: Alexa, Sasha Foxx, Female Domination, Handjobs, Ball Abuse, Ballbusting, Bondage Male



Keywords: HANDJOBS

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Brat Princess 2 – Alexa and Natalya POV – Double Dreamgirl Ass Tease

Brat Princess 2 – Alexa and Natalya POV – Double Dreamgirl Ass Tease




This clip is an ass addicts dream come true. Alexa and Natalya are in their sexy bikini’s, all oiled up and ready to tease you with their perfect asses. But you should know by now, this isn’t about what you want. This is about Princess using her perfect ass against you to get what she wants. You can look, drooling loser, but you can’t touch. Alexa and Natalya oil each other’s asses while reminding you that you would never have that same privilege. You’re a lucky little masturbator, though, to be able to jerk it to two asses as perfect as these. You know the drill; every jerker needs to pay his cum tax. Alexa and Natalya want to collect todays tax in fresh, new bikinis. The dream girl duo generously counts you down with ten full seconds to cum. Go on, cum to their perfect asses. Feed your addiction. It just makes you more and more useful to girls. And everyone knows how much hot girls love using losers. (7:49 long)

Clip contains: Alexa, Natalya, Femdom POV, Ass Tease, Ass Fetish, Humiliation, Oil, bikini, cum countdown

Category: FEMDOM POV


Keywords: ASS FETISH

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Brat Princess 2 – Alexa – Slave Ruined Multiple Times while in Virtual Reality at the Edging Salon

Brat Princess 2 – Alexa – Slave Ruined Multiple Times while in Virtual Reality at the Edging Salon




Clip reached number 1 overall on Clips4Sale! Introducing The Edging Salon! Luscious Lindsey drops off her slave for some brain re-wiring at the Edging Salon. Her slave will be in the hands of Teaser Divina Alexa today. Lindseys instructions are simple, reprogram his mind, edge him, ruin him, make him recycle it, and lock him back up in chastity. She will be going to brunch with her girlfriends while her chastity cuck is rinsed at the Salon.

The chastity slave is strapped in, noise canceling headphones placed on his head, and Virtual Reality (VR) goggles over his eyes. The girls run a program that will begin to wash his brain. The slave has to watch the video and listen while he is edged by the teaser Divina Alexa. The program has subtle brain rewiring to remove self-esteem from the male. The girls plan to remove the contents of its brain and fill it back up with the stuff Lindsey wants. The video the slave watches in VR contains clips from: Amadahy, Luscious Lindsey, Divina Alexa, Goddess Amadahy, Mia, Empress Jennifer, and more. The fetishes are: findom, ass addict, face sitting, milking machine, POV handjob, and POV Femdom.

The chastity slave is edged and forced to 3 ruined orgasms. The ejaculate is captured and then recycled by the chastity slave at the end. He is returned to a cage and will await pick up by his Princess and owner Luscious Lindsey later that afternoon or evening.

Production NOTES: What you are watching is the edging session from the outside. The picture in picture is what the chastity slave was watching during the washing and rewiring of its brain. The sound is a mixture of both. There is music appropriate for brain re-wiring in the picture in picture video. It is meant to relax the male to help the rinsing, edging, and ruining. The viewer is encouraged to watch the picture in picture video to get an understanding of what happens at the Edging Salon. Or you can enjoy the suffering of the slave. It is basically 2 videos at once. (21:02 long)

Clip contains: Divina Alexa, Luscious Lindsey, Lola, Amadahy, Mia, Sasha Foxx, Empress Jennifer, handjob, ruined orgasms, cum eating, chastity, face sitting, ass addict, milking machine, handjobs POV, brain re-wire



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