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Brat Princess 2 – Amadahy and Natalia – Freshman gets an old Fixer Upper slave as Welcome Gift

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1080 HD: September means back to school! Amadahy is introducing freshman, Natalia, to campus living. She’s showing Natalia around the University, including the Brat Princess sorority house. Natalia’s concerned that college is going to be a lot of work, but Amadahy quickly relieves her apprehension by explaining that in this sorority, slaves do all the work. She shows Natalia one of their foot slaves for example. This particular slave’s too stupid to do any class assignments, but he’s kept because he’s still useful for cleaning feet and heels. He’s been placed on post at a cleaning station in the sorority house. Amadahy invites the freshman to try having her shoes polished. Natalia gets her first shoe worshiping, which she is very happy about, but she is not very satisfied with the performance of the shoe cleaner. Her shoes are filthy and he is doing an unsatisfactory job licking off and swallowing all of the dirt. Amadahy explains to Natalia that she actually hates this slave. His brain’s been played around with a lot, and he now seems too dumb to accomplish even simple tasks. Shoe cleaner was the last post they had been trying him out on, but Amadahy has decided that she doesn’t want him anymore. Amadahy offers Natalia the broken slave as a campus welcome gift. He’s really fat and stupid and a bit of a fixer upper, but he might not be a bad starter slave for Natalia. Natalia is really excited to have her very first own slave. She wants the keys to the slave right away! Amadahy displays the gift. She makes the slave present its chastity. The slave is very humiliated to be owned by a girl half his age and be displayed in front of her. Amadahy teases the slave’s stainless steel chastity. She demonstrates that the slave cannot get an erection. It’s a nice showing of the slave’s few good attributes. Amadahy then presents Natalia the keys on a pretty gold and diamond anklet. They do a key transferring. Amadahy wants it to be special because a girl getting her first slave is something she will want to remember forever. Natalia slaps her new slave in the face a few times, just because she can. She walks around the room, making the old man crawl after her and kiss its key. (11:48 long)

Clip contains: Amadahy, Natalia, 18 & 19 years old, Brat Girls, Female Domination, Shoe Worship, Chastity, some spit, some face slapping, chastity key kissing, freshman gets her first slave from sorority sister

Category: 18 & 19 YRS OLD


Keywords: some face slapping, chastity key kissing

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VICIOUS FEMDOM EMPIRE – Sexual Chastity Torment. Starring Mistress Adriana Chechik




Having your cock locked in chastity is a bitch…but having it caged, teased and sexually tormented by the cruel Mistress Adriana Chechik is a complete nightmare! 854 x 480 iPhone/Mobile HDAlso available in 1920 x 1080 HD Format


Related Categories: CHASTITY, TEASE & DENIAL

Keywords: Adriana Chechik

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Brat Princess 2 – Amadahy – Disco Short Chastity Tease




720 HD: Amadahys dummy keeps asking to be let out of chastity. Doesnt he realize, hes supposed to be in there! Just because he asked, Amadahys going to make it worse for him. She waves her beautiful ass in the chastity slaves face. The slave gazes up, longingly, at Amadahys perfect butt. She commands him to kiss it. The slave eagerly kisses Amadahys ass. His chastity gets tighter and tighter. His beta dick throbs in its little tube. He wants to get out really badly now! The pathetic slave can barely stand the teasing. Worship My butt! Amadahy commands. Kiss where my boyfriend fucks Me. The slave kisses as Amadahy holds him by the hair. She grinds her ass against the slaves chastity tube. Then, tells him to kiss from her heels to her butt. She positions the slave on a bench and sits on his face. Amadahy smothers the slave in her ass. She reminds him that even if she did let him out of chastity, it would be pointless. Its not like anyones ever going to want to have sex with the loser. Amadahy pushes her hips into the slave as she reminds him, You can never have me. (9:12 long)

Clip contains: Amadahy, FEMALE DOMINATION, CHASTITY, Ass Smother, Face Sitting, Disco Shorts

Category: CHASTITY


Keywords: Amadahy, Disco Shorts

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Brat Princess 2 – Alexa and Gisele – Sit on Face of Chastity Slave




720 HD: Alexa shows Gisele her slave . Alexa has always had him in chastity. The silly thinks that he might one day be let out, but hes wrong. Gisele sits on the losers little face. She smothers him in her ass. Loser doesnt get to breathe! Alexa feels safe with the in chastity. She can even change in front of him! The girls take turns sitting on the chastity slaves face. They play with his little plastic tube. The little loser struggles to breathe in Alexas great ass. It starts to get hard in its chastity. Both girls straddle the slave and bounce on him together while pretending hes a pony. They plan to strap him to the bench naked next, just to humiliate him. The girls notice the losers dick, struggling to get hard in its cage. If hes enjoying himself, it clearly means he owes them something. Theyll double team his credit cards next. (10:40 long)

Clip contains: Alexa, Gisele, Face Sitting, Ass Smother, Chastity



Keywords: Alexa, Gisele

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Mistress – T – Fetish Fuckery – Chastity Training With Your Slutty Girlfriend




Custom vid, no name mentioned. You’ve been cuckolded by your girlfriend for some time but you’ve come to me to assist her with your chastity training. She & I have been working together & the next step is for you to come to Vancouver for some in-person training with me. You’ve ordered a chastity device & this vid is for you to watch just before you head to the airport to catch your flight to Vancouver. I instruct you to masturbate into the chastity device, then lick your cum out before locking yourself into it for your trip. I talk to you about how delightfully slutty your girlfriend is & how much you love it. You love it when she lets you fuck her after other guys have cum in her. You love licking up the creampies.

Category: CHASTITY


Keywords: CEI

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Brat Princess 2 – Alexa – Smothers Danni while Eating an Apple




720 HD: Alexa sits on dannis face in nylon/spandex tights. She enjoys her apple while the boy lays beneath her. Danni, helpless and in chastity, struggles for breath while Alexa bounces on his face. He starts to squirm. Alexa rides his face as he squirms, still eating her apple. She places the core of the apple on dannis chest and examines her hair. Alexa exits to dispose of the core. When she returns she says, Take a deep breath, youre going to make me cum now. Alexa rides dannis face in her nylons until she cums. She stays on dannis face afterwards, smothering him. (11:00 long)

Clip contains: Alexa, FEMALE DOMINATION, FACE SITTING, Ass Smother, Ass Grinding, Nylon, Eating, Chastity



Keywords: Alexa, Nylon

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Brat Princess 2 – Charlotte and Gwen – Office Worker Put in his Place by Head of Human Resources




1080 HD: Intern, Charlotte, has some concerns that she would like to voice to the head of the sexual harassment prevention team. An undesirable male called Taylor keeps looking at Charlotte and it’s making her feel uncomfortable at work. Also, Charlotte has really had her eye on Mr. Johnson. She wants to start dating him, but feels as though she should clear a sexual relationship with a coworker with human resources first. Gwen, the HR director, assures Charlotte that lots of women see Mr. Johnson. Gwen herself recommends him. Sleeping with an attractive coworker is totally fine, but something must be done about Taylor. Charlotte feels as though Taylor is lurking and might even be obsessed with her. Charlotte thinks Taylor might even be getting an erection while looking at her, but she also can’t really tell because his penis seems like it’s really small. Gwen proposes that they put him in chastity. This will keep the inferior male from ever getting an erection in an attractive female coworker’s presence. Enforced chastity will become part of Taylor’s work agreement with the company. Gwen calls Taylor into the meeting. She explains to Taylor how his behavior is making Charlotte feel. Gwen does not want to have to go into litigation with a sexual harassment suit. Gwen tells Taylor that if he wants to continue to be employed, he will agree to chastity. Charlotte will hold her coworkers key so that she can feel safe at work. Gwen shares with Charlotte that Taylor is very good at giving foot rubs. That is generally what he’s useful for around the office. Charlotte would really like a foot rub, but she wants to make sure that Taylor is in chastity before he goes anywhere near any part of her body. Taylor leaves to go into the bathroom and get into the chastity provided by his employer. He returns, still in his business attire. Gwen explains that no one can tell he’s wearing chastity if he is also clothed. Taylor removes his clothing. The females laugh at his chastity. Once Charlotte is assured that Taylor can’t get an erection in chastity, she’s ready for a foot rub. Taylor rubs the intern’s feet. Charlotte likes the foot rub, but she would be happier to get her feet wet. Charlotte makes her coworker worship her feet. Taylor licks the soles of Charlotte’s feet. Gwen and Charlotte have turned Taylor into the office foot bitch. When Charlotte is finished with her foot rub, they send the office bitch to the coffee shop for lattes. (13:30 long)

Clip contains: Charlotte Cross, Gwen, Female Domination, Office Domination, Foot Worship, Chastity




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Brat Princess 2 – Jenna Ivory – Humiliates Bitch Boy




720 HD: Princess Christina has sent a slave over to Jenna Ivorys hotel room for her use. Jenna inspects the boy. She spits on his face and in his mouth. Jenna scrutinizes his chastity. She appreciates Christinas excellent job locking him up with a pink lock. Jenna loves the gift of her own personal bitch. The slave kneels. Jenna spits on his face and in his mouth again. She tells the boy to kiss her ass. Jenna shoves his face deep onto her ass until he cant breathe. She spits on him some more. Jenna makes him gargle the spit before he swallows. She tells him to kiss her ass again before moving to the bed. Jenna reclines on the bed while the slave kisses her stilettos. She takes her shoes off. Jenna puts her feet in his mouth. She fits all her toes into the bitch. She teases his chastity with her feet. She giggles, You dont deserve pussy. Youre just a bitch boy. Jenna reveals to the boy that he will be her toilet paper all weekend. He will lick Jennas asshole. Especially after her boyfriend fucks her. Jenna needs the slave to start now by cleaning all her shoes so that they are weekend party ready. (10:10 long)

Clip contains: Jenna Ivory, Femdom, Humiliation, Spitting in mouth and on face, foot worship, chastity teased with feet, discussion of cuckolding and human toilet paper

Category: FEMDOM


Keywords: Jenna Ivory

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Brat Princess 2 – Alexa – Bound Breathless and Beaten by Butt




720 HD: Alexa encases a slaves torso in plastic wrap. When she is certain the slave cannot escape, she sits on its face. Alexa plays with the slaves chastity tube as she grinds its face into her ass. She rides and bounces on him. The slave looks up at Alexas ass, terrified by each hard bounce. Alexa presses his nose against her pussy. She grabs it by the hair and rubs his face against her clit. The slaves face gets very red, but Alexa knows he can take more. Alexa allows the slave a big breath, then rides his face again (11:30 long)

Clip contains: Alexa, FEMALE DOMINATION, FACE SITTING, ass grinding, ass smothering, plastic wrap bondage, chastity, pulls hair twice



Keywords: Alexa

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Brat Princess 2 – Alexa – Chastity Slave Owes Princess All but Cock Cage




720 HD: Alexa adjusts her slaves new chastity. It doesnt like the color and objects to wearing pink. It also complains that the new chastity is too tight. Alexa reminds the slave that she likes pink and that it should be tight. The slave asks to be let out. Alexa tells the slave that it already got its time out of chastity when she switched devices. It argues that that time didnt count. Alexa slaps its face. The slave is very sorry for itself. It hasnt cum in six weeks. Alexa is so over listening to it complain. She puts its mouth to better use kissing her toes. The slave kisses all of Alexas toes. Then, it kisses her ass. Alexa points out that the key to the slaves chastity is in her pocket. The slave can see its outline. She tells the slave to follow the key with his eyes as she sways her hips. Alexa paces, the gazing slave at her heels, as she chastises it for not tributing enough of its paycheck. She teases its stupid pink chastity with her perfect ass. Alexa tells the slave to, Kiss her where her boyfriend gets to fuck her. The slave can smell Alexas boyfriend on her as he kisses between her legs. Alexa tells the slave that shes going to go over to his house and sell all of his things, so that his debt to her is paid. The only possession a real slave needs is a cage around his cock. (13:43 long)

Clip contains: Alexa, Female Domination, Chastity, Body Kissing


Related Categories: CHASTITY

Keywords: Alexa

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