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VICIOUS FEMDOM EMPIRE – Agonizing Cock Stock Milking Starring Mistress Tina Kay

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Mistress Tina Kay has taken her slave out of chastity and locked his blue balls into a cock stock. Tina rarely rewards her slaves and almost never lets them cum, but she decides that this one has earned it.

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Brat Princess 2 – Amadahy – The Domestic Cuckold Saga Part 2

Amadahys domestic cuckold has been tasked with changing her bedsheets. Amadahy puts on her makeup in preparation for her boyfriends arrival while her cuckold does its housework. As usual, Amadahys cuck requires more supervision from her than she would like to bestow it. The cuck is very prone to minor infractions. That is why Amadahy has taken to always wearing a paddle at her side, near its chastity key. Amadahy approaches the cuck and points out all the marks on the sheets from the last time she and her boyfriend made love. She makes the cuckold smell where the sheet has been soiled. The cuck returns to its work, but Amadahy notices its been carelessly crawling on her bed as its been working to remove the soiled sheets. Cucks are never allowed on a Princess bed! Only real men are allowed on the bed! Amadahy draws her paddle from its holster and mercilessly beats the cuck. On its knees, it is eye level with the key hanging from her belt. Amadahy makes the cuck look at the key dangling just above Her cunt. Smell it. She tells the cuck. The cuck smells her. That is for boyfriends only, she reminds the cuck. Amadahy tells the cuck to finish its work. The cuck begins to fit the bed with fresh, clean sheets. Amadahy prattles about her boyfriend while the cuck makes the bed. Amadahy notices that the cuck has not put the fitted sheet on the bed properly. The corners need to be pulled all the way down, or the sheet might come off. When Amadahy is fucking with her boyfriend, she gets very impassioned and grabs at everything. If the fitted sheet is not properly secured, it will come off very easily. Amadahy needs for her fitted sheet to stay in place on the bed, no matter how hard her boyfriend fucks her. She demonstrates for the cuck, the positions her boyfriend will fuck her in, so it will understand how critical the proper application of this fitted sheet is. When Amadahy is satisfied that the fitted sheet is secure, she tells the cuck to add the flat sheet. She stands over it with her paddle at the ready. The cuck is terrible at pretty much everything he tries, which is surprising, because only men are supposed to be bad at housework. He puts the flat sheet on the wrong way, with the seams facing out instead of in. Amadahy beats the cuck very hard with the paddle. She just cant seem to beat any sense into its tiny, stupid brain. Of course she wants her bed to be perfect. Her boyfriend deserves no less than a perfect bed in which to make her perfect body scream and moan and cum. Its a cucks duty to provide this for them. Amadahys boyfriend texts, saying he is going to be another ten minutes late. Amadahy stamps her foot in frustration. She looks up from the text to see that the cuck has put wrinkles in the sheet. She beats the cuck as it cowers and tries to run for cover. Suddenly she stops the beating. Very sweetly she says, I need you to help me try on the outfits for my boyfriend before he comes over. Amadahy admires the beautiful new lingerie shes acquired at the cucks expense as it fluffs her pillows. Suddenly, her mood changes again. You are an absolute fucktard. She says, approaching the cuck. Look, she says as she points with the paddle. Amadahy points to where a tag is sticking out from the end of the pillowcase. The tag goes on the inside. Amadahy demonstrates with the pillow how her boyfriend will be fucking her from behind. She does not want to be face down staring at a tag waging back and forth as her boyfriend is pounding her from behind! Amadahy realizes what is happening. The cuck is clearly jealous of her boyfriend. He is trying to sabotage things to prevent their night from being perfect. Amadahy explains that just because he has nothing to enjoy doesnt mean he should ruin her pleasure. Amadahy tells the cuck to kiss its chastity key to reinforce its place as a beta male. (12:40 long)

Clip contains: Amadahy, Female Domination, Cuckolding, Chastity, Corporal Punishment, Domestic Servitude



Keywords: Domestic Servitude

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Brat Princess 2 – Gia Steel – My Sister Gave you to me for my Pregnancy

Alexis Grace has given Gia Steel her cuckold to take care of her during her pregnancy. Gia knows that this cuck has a foot fetish. In this clip she uses her smelly socks and feet to introduce herself to the cuck. The cuck is disappointed to find out that Gia believes in a much longer chastity period than Alexis. Gia teases the cuck with her feet and then teases him with her hand. She strokes his balls and lets him know that she has to be kept happy. She is pregnant and the cuck will make sure she has no stress during her pregnancy. Gia is so mean the way she tease his locked up cock and balls. She then takes off her socks and allows the cuck to worship her feet. She wants the cuck properly motivated to spoil and serve her, and her boyfriend. Her boyfriend will continue to want to have sex so the cuck will need to buy her lingerie as her body changes to keep them happy. Gia plans to give this cuck a good rinse during her pregnancy. (13:30 long)

Clip contains: Gia Steel, pregnant, cuckold, chastity, CB3000, foot worship, thigh high socks, emotional humiliation, extreme chastity teasing, financial domination.

Category: PREGNANT

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Brat Princess 2 – Amadahy Cali and Kenzie – Kenzie Tries Out for the Ballbusting Team

In their candy colored pastel lingerie sets, Amadahy Cali and Kenzie are feeling especially mean. They invite a chastity beta over to the Brat Princess loft. Even though its little beta dick is all locked up in chastity, its slutty asshole is totally ready for use. Amadahy Cali and Kenzie stand in line, each waiting their turn to run train on the chastity beta. The beta is super stupid, most are, but this one is especially lacking in wits. It thought it was going to come over and actually party with a bunch of hot girls. Stop having dreams, loser! The only way a little beta dicked loser could be even remotely entertaining to a group of hot girls is by making agonized sounds as a humiliating big, big, big dick wielded by a superhot Princess pounds its slut ass. This slut has never taken a dick as big as Amadahys cock, and She dives right in. No warm up, just straight into all 9. Cali Carter teases the betas chastity as Amadahys cock violates its rear. Cali, next in line, comes around to fuck the little locked up beta from behind. Amadahy makes it do ass to mouth. She pulls the big 9 cock right from its ass and shoves it straight down its throat. Cali really, really, rails it from behind. Kenzie wants a turn getting her cock sucked next. Kenzie spits on the sluts face while it is sucking her cock. Fuck him so hard its chastity jingles! Amadahy tells Cali, and they all laugh and laugh. Kenzie snaps some bubbles with her pink bubble gum as Cali continues to go to town on the tight asshole. When Cali pulls out, she makes the slut immediately go to its knees and suck the taste of its own asshole from the cock. Cali thrusts so deep, the huge cock disappears into the beta sluts throat. Amadahy gets super excited and forces her big cock back in next. She makes the slut get back up on the kitchen counter and spread its legs for her. This is what happens when you have the smallest dick in the room, she tells it as her cock again transgresses the threshold of its body. Im going to fuck it really hard now, Amadahy tells her girlfriends. Amadahy and Cali pass the bitch back and forth, tagging each other in to fuck its ass. It is relentless because between the two they never get tired of assaulting it. Cali aims to make the bitch airtight. Airtight means all holes sealed. On both ends Princess cocks are balls deep in the airtight beta. They make it say its a cum dumpster and a slut and beg. Its totally debasing. They completely fuck all the ego and whatever masculinity it may have had right out of it. And they make it thank them after. The Princesses discuss plans to tie the stupid beta up to a bench for the rest of the weekend. Bound and completely helpless, they will make this pegging slut their toilet for their weekend long Princess potty party. Its going to flush down into itself whatever is deposited by the toilet team. This clip also includes a behind the scenes bonus! (18:54 long)

Clip contains: Goddess Amadahy, Cali Carter, Kenzie Taylor, Female Domination, Brat Girls, Pegging, Fucking, Gangbang, Chastity, Anal, Strap-On, Ass to Mouth



Keywords: Chastity, Anal, Brat Girls

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Brat Princess 2 – Cherry – Chastity Slave Licks Princess Ass

Cherry makes her little chastity slave kiss her beautiful ass. She pulls down her pink spandex pants and tells the slave to lick. The slave licks Cherrys ass. Cherry spreads her ass cheeks. She bounces her booty on the slaves tongue. Cherry shoves the slaves face deeper and deeper into her ass. She tells it how she wants it to lick. Cherry makes the slave stand. She examines its chastity. Cherry is happy to see that the slave is swelling in its tube. She wants licking her ass to hurt him. Cherry squeezes the slaves balls and teases its chastity. She tells the slave to go back to licking her ass. The slave licks Cherrys ass some more. Cherry pulls up her spandex and reveals that the slave will be toilet paper, next time. (8:08 long)

Clip contains: Cherry, Female Domination, Ass Kissing, Ass Spreading, Ass Bouncing, Ass Licking, Ass Worship, spandex, Chastity



Keywords: Cherry, Ass Kissing, Ass Bouncing, Spandex

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VICIOUS FEMDOM EMPIRE – Chloe’s Foot Slave Starring Mistress Chloe

Mistress Chloe knows that her slave is completely submissive to her feet and enjoys making him grovel for the privilege of serving them. Chloe sits majestically on her throne as her slave worships her feet, licking her toes and soles through her nylons. Chloe sadistically rubs her feet against his cock and balls just to get him excited, teasing him with the idea of kissing him. But then she spits in his face instead, amused at the thought she would actually kiss a lowly slave. Chloe then stands up to make her slave gag on her feet some more, smacking him in the face with her riding crop whenever he fails to properly suffer for her.



Keywords: Chloe Armour

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VICIOUS FEMDOM EMPIRE – Lick Your Owner’s Ass Starring Mistress Jessa

Mistress Jessa has taken total control of this slave, intending to drain his bank accounts and take over all his property. But first she wants to dehumanize and objectify him even further, and what better way than to make him her ass licking bitch?Bound under her throne and locked in chastity, the slave has been reduced to nothing but a mouth and tongue to please Mistress Jessa. And if he doesn’t make her happy with his efforts, his chastised balls earn the punishment of her riding crop. Jessa masturbates herself to an orgasm while making her slave tell her how wonderful her ass tastes and thank her for the privilege.



Keywords: Jessa Rhodes

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VICIOUS FEMDOM EMPIRE – Mia’s Chastity Gimp Starring Mistress Mia Malkova

Mistress Mia loves to tease and deny her slaves of pleasure while she uses them for her own needs. Encased in latex and strapped down helplessly, her gimp slave can only suffer as Mia mocks his chastised cock, asking the slave how much he wishes his cock could be in her tight, warm pussy, then laughing at his pleas for release.Instead, Mia puts him to work worshipping her ass, as she grinds and drops it on his face again and again as he licks and kisses it. His only reward for his efforts are harsh face slaps; once Mia has had her fun, she locks her gimp back up in his cage to suffer in chastity even longer. 854 x 480 iPhone/Mobile HDAlso available in 1920 x 1080 HD Format



Keywords: Mia Malkova

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VICIOUS FEMDOM EMPIRE – You Will Never Fuck Me Starring Mistress Jojo

Mistress Jojo loves keeping male bitches in chastity, teasing them with her sexy body while denying them release. Jojo makes her slave confess how much he wants to fuck her, how much he would love for her to put his cock in her mouth – just to laugh at how pathetic he is. Jojo tells her bitch in no uncertain terms that he is nothing but a pet for her amusement and he will never be good enough to fuck her pussy. She enjoys arousing her pet with her teasing and denial, reminding him that she is his keyholder and could release him at anytime – but that is only to make him suffer his chastity even more. 854 x 480 iPhone/Mobile HDAlso available in 1920 x 1080 HD Format

Category: TEASE & DENIAL


Keywords: Jojo Kiss

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Mistress – T – Fetish Fuckery – Chastity Slave Denial

Too much cumming isn’t good for your submissive brain. You need to be kept horny to increase your focus. Keeping you locked up in chastity keeps you compliant, obedient and focused on MY needs.

Category: CHASTITY


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