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Cruel City – Mistress Olivia Brutally Strikes Her Slave with Two Whips. Starring Mistress Olivia

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Cruel City – Mistress Olivia Brutally Strikes Her Slave with Two Whips. Starring Mistress Olivia




When Mistress Olivia summons her slave, he crawls to her side with a tiny whip in his mouth that she`s completely unimpressed by. She makes him worship her leather boots with his mouth while she examines the pathetic excuse for a whip he`s brought her, determining that it`s too flimsy to actually use. It`s more of a cheap plastic rod than an actual whip, and she knows it`s not capable of delivering the abuse she likes. She leads him into the next room where she shackles him to the wall, then reaches for two of her favorite whips. She mocks him for daring to present her with such a laughably small and ridiculously cheap whipping rod, then begins to strike his naked body with her two leather whips. She strikes him with each one individually, then both in unison as the sound of the brutal lashes fills the room. She holds nothing back, hitting him with full force until his entire back is bright red and cut open! She laughs at the pain he`s in, his obvious agony fueling her cruel rage as she continues to deliver more lashes to his swollen flesh. This is whipping at its most extreme!

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Cruel City – Nicole Punishes Her Slave with Farts to His Face. Starring Mistress Nicole

Cruel City – Nicole Punishes Her Slave with Farts to His Face. Starring Mistress Nicole




“Get me something to eat!” Mistress Nicole demands of her slave, and he wastes no time crawling to the kitchen to find her some food. He brings it to her side and she scolds him for being so slow before eating the snack he`s prepared her. Wearing sexy black lingerie that showcases her incredible tits and pretty little pussy, she casually flips through her planner as she continues to munch away on the food. While she eats, her slave obediently waits on his hands and knees by her side, eagerly awaiting her next command. “Is this fresh?” she asks, unimpressed with the snack he`s brought her. He tells her it is, but she`s not fooled and punishes him for lying. She shoves his head into her bare ass and begins farting directly in his face! He`s completely unable to breathe as she farts into his mouth and nose while reprimanding him for his lies. “Smell my farts!” she demands as she repeatedly farts on his face. All he can breathe is her stinky farts, but she`s not done yet! The spoiled food he`s fed her has really upset her stomach and she`s brimming with gross, smelly gas. She makes him inhale every foul toot, threatening to him if he ever brings her spoiled food again!



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Cruel City – Mistress Olivia Tortures Her Slave with Hot Wax. Starring Mistress Olivia

Cruel City – Mistress Olivia Tortures Her Slave with Hot Wax. Starring Mistress Olivia




After brutally caning her slave`s bare ass, Mistress Olivia assesses the damage she caused and is quite proud of her work. She`s left his bottom so torn up he won`t be sitting right for a week! She`s not done with him yet and makes him lay face down on the floor where she proceeds to shackle his wrists together. His heart is likely pounding in fear, worrying what she has planned for him next as she secures his ankles together and hums in demented delight as she does it. Now that he`s unable to move, she begins to drip scalding hot candle wax all over his nude body while he squirms beneath her in pain! As the wax cools and dries she picks up her whipping rod and strikes his bare feet, smiling at the sight of his misery. She pours more blisteringly hot wax on his sore ass while he begs her to stop, and she finally shows a hint of mercy by unlocking his cock cage, freeing his dick, and allowing him to touch himself. She laughs at what a pathetic loser he is as he strokes himself until he cums! Even after being burned with hot wax, he`s still eager to cum for his gorgeous mistress.
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Cruel City – Cuckolded Slave Licks Sperm out of Summer`s Pussy. Starring Mistress Summer

Cruel City – Cuckolded Slave Licks Sperm out of Summer`s Pussy. Starring Mistress Summer




When mistress Summer wakes her slave, he complains that he`s still tired but she could clearly care less how much sleep he gets. “Help me undress,” she commands, and he quickly does as instructed by starting with her shoes. He licks her bare feet while she relaxes on the bed and watches, pleased by his obedience. She has him finish undressing her and he quickly strips off her pretty pink dress to reveal her stunning body. He`s awed by her beauty, but can`t help but notice that her panties are dirty. When he asks what the stains are, she answers that they`re cum and describes how she just got fucked by a real man, unlike him. She cuckolds him with details of her torrid night of sex, and how a stud with a huge cock pumped her full of cum. The man`s sperm is still oozing out of her pussy, and she delights in making this loser lick it out! He`s so desperate and pathetic that his cock gets hard while cleaning another man`s jizz out of her. He begins to stroke himself while he continues to clean the stud`s spent load out of her pussy, but she`s not going to let him cum!



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Cruel City – Repeatedly Bringing You to the Edge

Cruel City – Repeatedly Bringing You to the Edge




Since you were such a good boy today, Anne might just let you cum. It`s not going to be easy for you, though! Laying between your legs, she takes your shaft in her delicate hand and gently lubes up your cock. She slowly begins stroking your dick, and you`re rock hard within seconds. She`s not surprised, considering how sexy she looks with her big, blue eyes gazing up at you. You can feel her warm breath on your dick as she continues giving you an amazing handjob. She repeatedly brings you to the edge of orgasm, driving you wild as your balls ache to cum. She picks up the pace, jerking you harder and faster but continuing to deny your orgasm. She takes you to the verge of cumming only to torment you by refusing to let you blow your load. When Anne finally lets you cum, she laughs maniacally as she ruins your orgasm by refusing to touch your cock! You shoot your mess all over your stomach while she watches and giggles uncontrollably. She`s so cruel!

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Cruel City – Mistress Olivia and Mistress Nicole Whip a Slave Together

Cruel City – Mistress Olivia and Mistress Nicole Whip a Slave Together




After Mistress Olivia teaches Mistress Nicole how to use a whip to keep a slave in line, it`s time for them to review the lesson together on a living subject. Mistress Olivia summons a slave and he quickly crawls to their side, immediately noting the whips the two mistresses are holding and dreading what`s to come. He lays naked before them, and it`s obvious by the scars on his bare ass that he`s no stranger to being whipped. Olivia goes first, using her whip to deliver a series of painful lashes to the slave`s bottom while Nicole watches and takes mental notes. It`s time for her student to try now, so Olivia steps back to let Nicole give it a shot. Soon the two mistresses are whipping the slave`s ass in tandem, holding nothing back as they both strike his bare flesh together. Side by side they continue to whip him while he lays there and takes their demented abuse. Nicole proves to be a fast learner, each strike of her whip more aggressive than the next. Mistress Olivia pauses to let her friend have all the fun, supervising as Nicole unleashes another barrage of painful lashes on the slave`s naked ass. The two beautiful mistresses show no mercy as they relentlessly whip this slave until his ass is swollen and red!

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Cruel City – June Teaches Anne the Art of Ball-Busting. Starring June and Anne

Cruel City – June Teaches Anne the Art of Ball-Busting. Starring June and Anne




When Anne confesses to her friend June that she`s never tried ball-busting, June insists that she absolutely must experience it. She summons a slave, and after he comes crawling to them she makes him take off his underwear. With him naked on all fours beneath them, June delights in teaching Anne the proper way to kick his sensitive testicles in. He cries out in pain, falling to the floor as Anne delivers painful blows to his balls with her high-heeled boots. They laugh at his agony, but show no mercy as the two relentlessly abuse his nuts while making him count each brutal kick. June`s a great teacher, and it seems Anne`s a fast learner! It doesn`t take her long to get used to this ball-busting thing, and she loves seeing this loser`s misery. How much torment can this slave`s poor testicles take? Find out!

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Cruel City – Brutal Ball Kicking and Cock Teasing

Cruel City – Brutal Ball Kicking and Cock Teasing




In a skimpy outfit that shows off her tight, young body, the beautiful mistress Anne makes this naked loser turn around and proceeds to kick him directly in the balls with her bare feet. He cries out in pain as she delivers blow after painful blow, then confuses his senses by gently stroking his cock. One minute he`s groaning in agony and the next he`s dying to fuck her as she continues to tease him. Will she let him cum, or will she just keep kicking the out of his tender, swollen balls? Find out in this brutal video that mixes pain with pleasure!

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Cruel City – Tina`s Human Ashtray Swallows Her Cigarette Ash. Starring Tina Win…

Cruel City – Tina`s Human Ashtray Swallows Her Cigarette Ash. Starring Tina Winter




Tina`s slave knows that when she calls, her better come quick! In this video she summons him and he`s at her side within seconds, fearing punishment should he be too slow. He lights up her cigarette like a good boy, and she has him kneel before her as her human ashtray. As she sits and enjoys the delicious puffs of smoke, she pauses to tap the cigarette in his open mouth. “Swallow it,” she demands, and he does as told like a good little bitch. Tina gets her much-needed nicotine fix as her slave obediently sits and waits to take her disgusting ashes. “Thank you, Mistress,” he says after swallowing even more of the gross ash. When she`s decided she`s had enough smoke, she puts the cigarette out on his tongue and makes him eat the butt! He chokes it down, eager to please his mistress and not wanting to disappoint. He`ll do anything for his goddess, even reducing himself to nothing more than her ashtray!



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Cruel City – Ella Her Cute Young Friend! (Anne Love and Ella Kross)

Cruel City – Ella Her Cute Young Friend! (Anne Love and Ella Kross)




“Have you ever tried lesbian sex?” Ella asks her adorable friend Anne as they sit on Ella`s sofa together. Anne confesses that she hasn`t, and Ella tells her what she`s been missing out on. “It`s such an amazing feeling,” Ella explains as she begins to hit on her. Anne tries to resist Ella`s advances, but let`s be honest-who can resist the incredible Ella Kross? This cruel mistress will have whoever she wants one way or another, and in Anne`s case it takes a rag soaked with . Anne`s not expecting it, and within seconds she`s completely . After checking to make sure the cute brunette is truly, it`s time for Ella to have some fun with her limp body! What does Ella have in store for her? Watch to find out!



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