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DomNation – A HARD CORE PUNISHMENT CANING. Starring Princess Seva

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DomNation – A HARD CORE PUNISHMENT CANING. Starring Princess Seva




This clip demonstrates Sevas true sadistic nature as she beats down her pathetic worm of a slave with a myriad of bamboo canes. This is a serious display of real, hard core BDSM action, as Seva punishes her disobedient slave for his wrong doings.

There is no mercy, no let up. Just a relentless beating that leaves her pets ass and legs severely bruised, welted and lacerated. Strie after agonizing strike, the Leather Clad Goddess hits her mark with her lethal canes. Despite the agony, Sevas slave takes his punishment silently, with surprisingly few cries for mercy. This slave knows he deserves his punishment and willingly suffers to remain in his Goddess stable.

Category: BDSM


Keywords: princess seva, high heels, bdsm, caning, slave training, submissive slave training, corporal punishment, femdom, female superiority, degradation, humiliation, beat downs, leather, bondage

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ClubDom – School Girls From Hell 2: Fuck Machine. Starring Evelin Stone and Kenzie Reeves

ClubDom – School Girls From Hell 2: Fuck Machine. Starring Evelin Stone and Kenzie Reeves




Evelin Stone and Kenzie Reeves are the two toughest girls in their school. They love using their gorgeous looks to get whatever they want. When approached by Toby and Steve, they decide to show them just how they are getting straight A’s this year. They pull the boys into their dungeon. One boy escapes, but Steve is over powered and thrown into a cage. On top of the cage, the girls have their teacher bound and afraid. They have an injection which they give in straight into his balls. If is to fuck the girls, and if he cums, his balls will shrivel up and wither away to nothing. He fucks Evelin good and hard after Kenzie rubs her tight young pussy all over his big cock. Unfortunately for the teacher, he cums.

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DomNation – BALL BROKEN LOSER JOHN. Starring Lady Cecelie

DomNation – BALL BROKEN LOSER JOHN. Starring Lady Cecelie




As Lady Celcelie puts it. Why Break Hearts when it’s so fun to break a mans Balls . I mean after all it’s much more effective. And secondly there seems to be a direct correlation a man’s heart and his testicles. So once I break his balls then his heart literally follows. Its kind of a ywo for one special, in more ways than one.

Lady Cecelie, is tried of one of her employees insistent staring and drooling all over himself at her expense, she knows that the way to alter this behavior is to squish his balls and his sex drive.

Lady Cecelie. Gives the corporate inbred no asylum. She verbally defiles him as in the same way that she assaults his flesh. She not only beats his Balls into the next life but also his face as she trains him to stare at anything but her.

Category: BDSM
Keywords: lady cecelie, slapping, dominatrix, slave training, humiliation, corporal punishment, verbal humiliation, degradation, ball busting, leather, face slapping, tease an denial, ball abuse, female superiority, bdsm

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After a long day, I am enjoying my hot bath, soaking my tired feet and legs in the warm water. My house slave brings me Champagne and some cherries, as he knows what I enjoy best. He is a good boy, though I always mentor him, he can always be better. My divine feet need pampering and I use his tongue to massage my feet. He is very fortunate to get my entire foot in his mouth.

Tags: foot worship, feet, femdom

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FemmeFataleFilms – Slave In Waiting – Part 2. Starring Lady Mephista

FemmeFataleFilms – Slave In Waiting – Part 2. Starring Lady Mephista




When the guy turned up for a job interview, he could never have imagined the elite position he was really being interviewed for! He thought he was applying to be a waiter, but Lady Mephista was working from a very different agenda… She decided he may be useful as a new slave object for her and so began his training. Firstly he was made to wear a hood, to become a faceless being for her, then she roped him up to ensure absolute compliance. Testing for his suitabilty included heavy face slapping, spitting, foot and shoe worship… his new life and a more meaningful existence had begun…

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FemmeFataleFilms – Equal Measures – Complete Film. Starring Miss Zoe

FemmeFataleFilms – Equal Measures – Complete Film. Starring Miss Zoe




See Miss Zoe in incredibly erotic femdom action with her personal slave, as never seen before! When a highly sexual and beautiful Domme sits on a man’s face and then starts using a vibrator on herself, this can only mean one thing to most men… intense pleasure, especially as she threatens to soak his face in her pussy juice. However, for every moment of intense pleasure, Miss Zoe decides to dish out an equal measure of intense pain. Sensual, erotic, brutal, invasive and intense is the sum of Miss Zoe’s incredible actions in this, a real session for the true femdom enthusiast…

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DomNation – TRAINED TO SAY THANK YOU. Starring Mistress Eva Cruz

DomNation – TRAINED TO SAY THANK YOU. Starring Mistress Eva Cruz




Mistress Eva Cruz likes obedient slaves but more over she likes manners. So when her new slave seems to be forgetting to properly thank her, she decides that it’s time to train her slave in proper manners.

The Mistress finds some diabolical and humiliating ways to make her point and teach her foolish little minion some manners. She pulls out his chest hair and very considerately creates a toupee of sorts for his bald head, when this buffoon fails to come up with the appropriate response, she treats him like a small chyld and further demeans him!



Keywords: mistress eva cruz, hair pulling, face slapping, humiliation, verbal humiliation, cfnm, bdsm, degradation, female superiority, degradation, female supremacy, forced stripping, slave training, boots, female domination

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DomNation – THANK YOU MISTRESS Starring Mistress Eva Cruz

DomNation – THANK YOU MISTRESS Starring Mistress Eva Cruz




Mistress Eva has been attempting to teach this incompetent slave to simply say “Thank You Mistress”. This slave seems befuddled as to why he can never come up with the appropriate response. Of course it’s not really his fault. His stupidity really plays no role here. Any response he comes up with is going to be the wrong response, simply because the mistress wishes it to be so.

This slave has a long way to go to reach Mistress Eva’s strict requirements, and she’s not going to make it easy for him. Not at all.
She refers to him as “It”, and has her way with him in a demeaning and humiliating fashion. She menacingly corrects him for his every mistake, by spitting gobs of her warm saliva down his face and slapping him relentlessly until his teeth are chattering. She wraps her long leather whip tightly around his scrawny neck and leaves him gasping for air until he finally gets it right.



Keywords: mistress eva cruz, hair pulling, face slapping, humiliation, verbal humiliation, cfnm, bdsm, degradation, female superiority, degradation, female supremacy, forced stripping, slave training, boots, female domination

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DomNation – YOUR PAIN! WE’VE ONLY JUST BEGUN (FULL VERSION) Starring Mistress Eva Cruz

DomNation – YOUR PAIN! WE’VE ONLY JUST BEGUN (FULL VERSION) Starring Mistress Eva Cruz




Mistress Eva Cruz has a dark side, a Sadistic man tormenting side, a firm belief that men are only good for two things, To serve and to suffer for her pleasure. She also believes that a man’s sexual organs are more useless than the man himself, she would castrate all men if she could, and force them to eat their own uselessness.

However, being the wise mistress that she is, she always recognizes that keeping them intact can be valuable to her simply because they can be used to invoke terror and tremendous pain!

Eva has been looking for a new pain slut! And thinks that she may have found him, but only time and trial by pain will tell her for sure. She has her prospect stripped naked, he stands bound, scared and vulnerable as the Mistress closes and locks the massive dungeon door behind her and moves in on her prey.

She taunts and teases him with her majestic body, she is magnificently wrapped in Leather and shiny latex and speak in a sultry sexy tone. But her pathetic minion will not enjoy her beauty for long as she digs her freshly sharpened talons into his flesh carving her initials into his back! She beats his Ass while blasting him in the balls with her knee and then twists his nipples until he screams.. She selects a set of harsh galley whips and starts slaughtering his man meat while ordering him to keep his tiny pathetic man meat out in the open.

The Mistress Eva Cruz has just started get warmed up the last time around, she need test this slave thoroughly, run him through a battery of painful tests and make him jump through hoops of humiliating circumstance. But for the minute she will just settle in and hit him with things.

She has already been hacking at his tiny and useless little man bits with her horrid galley whips, she will proceed on this course for a few more minutes and then switches to her flesh pulverizing beaded flogger on his chest and more tender parts as he yelps in agony!

Oh but the Pain has just begun! And there will be so very much more in this slave’s future if Mistress Eva has anything to say about it. He`s already trembling as she pulls out her skin lacerating bullwhip and cuts into his back with it, then she continually and excruciatingly wraps him with it, between his legs and around his sides. Yet this trial has just begun!!!!



Keywords: mistress eva cruz, scratching, bondage, humiliation, verbal humiliation, beat downs, bdsm, degradation, female superiority, ball busting, cock abuse, nipple torment, ball crushing, bullwhip, female domination

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Miss Kitty Bliss – Cock Sandwich. Starring Mistress Maya Liyer

Miss Kitty Bliss – Cock Sandwich. Starring Mistress Maya Liyer




slave is humiliated by 2 gorgeous, cruel women as they laugh at and degrade him.

Ordered to eat crushed crisps from the floor before he is made to lie down on them and wank his pin dick with a sandwich before having to eat it, they ridicule him and use him as their footstool with their beautiful high heels.

Laughing at his small penis and how he brings a whole new meaning to the term ‘tossed salad’.

They use their long finger nails to crush up a banana and cover him in it making his cock into a garbage pile.

They depart to clean off their food covered hands whilst he is left to wank in the dirty mess they have created.

Category: FEMDOM


Keywords: redhead, asian, goddess, laughing, degradation, hooded, wanking, sph, foodplay, maya liyer, kitty bliss, amusement, fetish

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