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Club Stiletto FemDom – Ruby’s PVC Ass Smother. Starring Domina Ruby

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Club Stiletto FemDom – Ruby’s PVC Ass Smother. Starring Domina Ruby




Domina Ruby has one slave blindfolded on the floor and another in the stocks. Today she’s working them both over big time. She starts by plunking herself down on the first slave’s chest, knocking the wind out of his lungs. She bounces up and down, causing him to grunt and groan until she silences him beneath her PVC covered ass. “Let’s see how long you can hold your breath” she tells him. The slave does quite well at first, but eventually he’s past his breaking point. When Ruby finally gets up, he frantically fights to catch a breath for an instant before she’s back down on him again. As she sits on him, she makes things even more difficult by pulling on his nipples.

Ruby is not in a generous mood today, and at the moment, she sees no reason to let her slave breathe. You can see and hear how frantic he becomes before she eventually sits up, again, only for a second. This time she sits for an even longer period of time before getting up to give her other slave a second of attention, making sure he’s watching, because he’s going to be next. She returns to sit on the first slave’s face again, this time in the forward position. She really tests his limits and when she gets up he’s almost frantic. She tells him to relax but then sits right down again. The slave’s cock starts to grow as his limits are pushed, and this time Ruby gets a nice long sit from him. She gives him a short breath before she sits down, and this time she just lets him kick and kick and kick, while you listen to his muffled screams coming from under her ass.

Category: PVC-VINYL


Keywords: facesitting, ass smother, pvc

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Club Stiletto FemDom – Tag Team Ballbusting. Starring Domina Ruby and Goddess Mia

Club Stiletto FemDom – Tag Team Ballbusting. Starring Domina Ruby and Goddess Mia




Domina Ruby and Goddess Mia enjoy nothing more than busting a slave’s balls. I mean, that’s sort of what balls are for, right? Ruby gives Mia the first shot at her slave as she’s already worked him over pretty well. Mia gets the slave onto his feet and has him hold his worthless cock out of the way. She administers a round of solid kicks until he drops to the ground, which presents the ideal time for Ruby to take over. The slave holds his stupid stick out of the way again, while Ruby kicks him solidly with the toe of her stiletto. Some of the kicks land on the slave’s legs – poor thing; he seems to be in real pain. Mia is delighted with the results though and can’t help but giggle. When the slave drops to all fours, Mia takes it as her signal to step in. As the slave starts to move his dick out of the way, Mia lands a kick right on his hand, causing him to really whimper. “Let’s not count that” Ruby says. Mia tells him to move his hand and her kicks land squarely on his cock and balls. The camera pans across the room and you see another slave locked in a cage. Meanwhile, the punished slave reaches for his ball sack, acting all wimpy like it burst or something, but Mia doesn’t care and just resumes kicking.

When the slave finally collapses, Ruby takes over again. She makes him get up and starts kicking him from behind. When the slave drops, Ruby tells him to crawl over and lick Mia’s feet. He might think this is a lucky break, but not for long, because Ruby steps behind him and starts kicking his nuts again, followed by some slaps as she squats down to get a better vantage point. You get some wonderfully clear views of ball busting in this scene but also some great foot and ass angles of the Ladies. The slave sucks Mia’s toes while Ruby verbally humiliates him, and switches from slapping his balls to kicking them. Mia resumes disciplining his balls so the slave can lick Ruby’s stilettos. She squeezes and twists the slave’s cock and balls, literally lifting him up off the ground. The slave struggles to get his mouth to Ruby’s shoes and is ball-spanked when he fails. The Ladies decide the punishment for his dismal effort will be. more ballbusting!



Keywords: domina ruby, kicking, goddess mia, ballbusting, punching

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Club Stiletto FemDom – I Trust That You Are Hungry. Starring Domina Ruby

Club Stiletto FemDom – I Trust That You Are Hungry. Starring Domina Ruby




Domina Ruby calls her slave over and informs him it’s almost time for his toilet servitude. She tells him to kiss her ass cheeks because she likes to have them kissed before she fills his mouth. “I haven’t fed you in 24 hours; I trust you’re hungry?” she says, rhetorically. The camera pans over to reveal that she has a friend over, the beautiful Goddess Mia. “I have a special treat for you today, slave; you get to eat twice” she says, before sending him over to kiss Mia’s ass cheeks. Ruby says she has purposely left him hungry because she knows he’s going to have a huge meal today.

Mia asks Ruby if her slave enjoys being farted on, and Ruby poses the question to her slave. “Yes” he whimpers, knowing how pathetic and depraved he is, which causes Mia to laugh out loud. “Some days he just reeks of farts” Ruby adds, before directing him back to her ass. She lets him know that she could easily add a second slave, so he’d better work hard at attending to both of them. She sends him back and forth from one ass to the other, taunting and tormenting him the entire time. Ruby makes the slave tell Mia how much he loves eating $h1t, which again makes Mia laugh. Ruby and Mia get into a conversation about what type of $h1t the slave likes. The talk gets quite graphic and will really turn you on if you’re a true toilet slave. The slave puts his head between Mia’s ass cheeks and Ruby tells her to go ahead and give the slave his first feeding. “Here it comes” says Mia.



Keywords: princess mia, domina ruby, ass worship, toilet slavery

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Club Stiletto FemDom – Massage Our Feet You Human Toilets. Starring Goddess Mia and Domina Ruby

Club Stiletto FemDom – Massage Our Feet You Human Toilets. Starring Goddess Mia and Domina Ruby




The scene opens with Goddess Mia and Domina Ruby getting their feet massaged by their slaves. Mia sniffs the air and asks “Is it just me or does their breath smell like sch1t?” Ruby replies “there’s a reason for that, I took a sch1t in their mouth’s earlier today.” Mia giggles. Ruby describes to Mia how she likes to start her days with a foot rub and for her slaves to consume what comes from her. While the slaves dutifully massage their toes and feet she says that she likes a slave that will be her full toilet. “With the proper training they don’t even gag they just eat it up eagerly, good fucking toilets.” She then acknowledges the slaves for the first time asking them if they love everything that comes from their Goddesses bodies. The slaves quickly reply that they do. Mia then speaks up and says everything that comes from them is beautiful including their sch1t.

Ruby then asks Mia if she ever washes the sch1t down with her p1ss. Mia replies that she does sometimes. They then have a conversation on how they like to give their nectar to their slaves sometimes to help them consume the waste sometimes as a reward. While the slaves breath is horrible all day the Mistresses love the fact that the slaves have the taste in their mouth from morning until night. Ruby again asks them if they like the taste of their waste and both agree that they do. Ruby compares their waste to the finest chocolate available on the market. “It’s healthy for them” she adds. A lot of nasty verbal humiliation, talking about farting and toilet duties in this clip, all while the slaves give their feet tender loving care… that special taste in their mouths.



Keywords: princess mia, toilet slavery, domina ruby, feet, foot worship

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Club Stiletto FemDom – We Maxed Out Your Cards, Time To Suffer. Starring Princess Skylar and Domina Ruby

Club Stiletto FemDom – We Maxed Out Your Cards, Time To Suffer. Starring Princess Skylar and Domina Ruby




Skylar and Ruby come home early to find their slaves nodding off. They’ve both been locked up by the wrist so that lying down wouldn’t be an option. The Ladies wake their slaves and announce that they’re home early because they’ve already maxed out their credit cards. “Once we let you go, you’re going to have to make arrangements to get those cards paid off again” Ruby scolds. The lack of available credit annoys the Ladies so they decide to inflict some pain. The older slave is locked up fully in the stockade while the younger one is forced to his knees and ordered to sniff the other one’s ass. How incredibly humiliating this is for him! “Get a good whiff” Ruby instructs him, then says to Skylar “It is nice to see the slaves bonding”, which gets both her and Skylar laughing. Skylar sits down and mentions that her feet hurt. She orders her slave to come lick her shoes clean while Ruby begins to flog her slave with her long tailed whip. She lands a series of controlled blows on his ass-cheeks and legs, which immediately causes her slave to squeal. Nice lines begin to form on him as the slave cries out in pain. Meanwhile, Skylar’s slave glances over to see what’s happening with the other slave, which only causes the Ladies to mock him for wanting to go over and suck the slave’s cock. Humiliated, he quickly turns his attention back to Skylar and resumes his shoe licking duties, while the flogging of the other slave continues just behind his back.

Category: WHIPPING


Keywords: princess skylar, humiliation, domina ruby, flogging, bondage

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Club Stiletto FemDom – Ball Bashing Fun. Starring Miss Jasmine

Club Stiletto FemDom – Ball Bashing Fun. Starring Miss Jasmine and Domina Ruby




Our slave finds himself alone, naked and in the presence of two true sadists, Domina Ruby and Miss Jasmine. Jasmine asks him, “Are you ok, would you like a warmup, to be coddled?” “Yes”, he foolishly replies. Jasmine gives his balls a few gentle slaps and then squeezes them as hard as she can which make Ruby laugh with pleasure. Coddle, my ass. Less than a minute into the scene Jasmine is already delivering round after round of knees to the balls and then she holds his arms behind his back so Ruby can deliver kick after kick to his already swelling nuts. Then a surprise attack from behind as Jasmine has taken hold of a giant black dildo and she starts swatting his cock and balls with that as well. The reaction from the slave is such that they decide to really take that solid rubber cock to his mid-section. The slave is practically leaving his feet as Jasmine swings the tool at his cock, balls and even his stomach. Over the next five minutes it’s a non-stop assault on the slave with him standing and kneeling on all fours. When two sadists get together the action never really stops until the slave is destroyed. They are brutal!



Keywords: ball busting, kneeing, dick slapping, asian, miss jasmine, domina ruby

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Club Stiletto FemDom – Dirty Deeds For Dirty Slaves. Starring Domina Ruby and P…

Club Stiletto FemDom – Dirty Deeds For Dirty Slaves. Starring Domina Ruby and Princess Skylar




Domina Ruby and Princess Skylar have been working their slaves over all day and have decided it’s time to play a game. The gorgeous Ladies instruct their bitches to remove their stilettos and to suck their sexy toes. There’s going to be a race! The slaves must crawl across the floor to their Mistress to see who can get a toe into his Goddess’s mouth first. Back and forth the slaves crawl, like two dawgs in heat, as the Ladies bark out commands and laugh at their pathetic slaves. The poor boys struggle to determine which side they should pass each other on, until eventually they figure it out. The Ladies are easily bored so they decide to make the slaves fight to get past each other. Ruby says “For a second there, I thought it was going to turn into a love-making session” to which Skylar replies “Yeah, they are both pretty gay” which makes them laugh out loud again. “Maybe we’ll make them suck each others’ cocks later” Ruby adds.

Meanwhile, the slaves are clearly lost in the foot worship, probably with no idea of the wicked plans being hatched right in front of them. It’s clear that these slaves love feet. To keep the poor wretches off balance, the Girls decide on a whim to ride them as ponies to really tire them out. in anticipation of the final showdown. They decide there will be no winners’ prize but the loser has to lick the other slave’s ass. Who will win?? Note: no assholes are actually licked in this video.


Related Categories: DIRTY FEET, PONYPLAY, CFNM

Keywords: domina ruby, princess skylar, foot worship, feet

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Club Stiletto FemDom – Right Where I Want Them Part 2. Starring Domina Ruby

Club Stiletto FemDom – Right Where I Want Them Part 2. Starring Domina Ruby




In scene one of this two part series, Domina Ruby has just finished flogging slave one, while slave two waits nervously in his cage. In scene two, the second slave waits in front of her, while it’s slave one’s turn to wait in the cage. She struts over and stands above him while he cowers on his knees. She kicks his nuts a few times in her amazing stud-covered stilettos before instructing him to remove them. She wastes no time delivering repeated kicks with her foot, and when he gets erect, she stomps right on his cock. She bends over to remove his blindfold and slaps him repeatedly in the face before resuming non-stop kicks to his cock and balls. She kneels down and grabs him by the neck before mocking him, saying “You only get erect when you’re getting kicked, don’t you?” The slave answers “Yes” because he knows that’s what she wants to hear… and because it’s the truth. “That’s the way I like it” she says.

Her leg acts as a pivot while she pummels his balls. Kick after kick after kick. She wraps one hand around the base of his cock and slaps it with the other. She is merciless! The slave moans and groans but Ruby just laughs in his face. She looks directly into the camera and tells you to start slapping your own cock in rhythm with her. “Give your balls a few slaps, too”, she adds as she delivers a few backhand slaps to the poor slave’s balls. He’s clearly suffering, but as a true sadist, Ruby only takes this as a sign to slap harder; she’s thrilled with his discomfort.

Again she looks at you and says you should follow her lead and slap yourself in the same manner. “If it helps, you can find a friend to assist you” she suggests. “I’m sure your buddies won’t find it strange” she laughs. “Maybe you can even take turns slapping each others’ cocks.” She assures you it isn’t gay in the least, and after all, your wife certainly isn’t going to do it! She says she might start a club where men meet up to slap each others’ nuts while watching her videos, and when she sees her slave leaking, she scoops the cum up with her fingertips and makes him eat it.

There’s no denying that her punishment and talk has this slave as hard as a rock, so she gets him back onto his feet and kicks him again repeatedly. When she takes a break it’s only to pinch his nipples. While she does this, she makes him stroke himself, and then in a flash she’s back to kicking him before she enjoys some more nipple-pulling. She grabs him by the throat and makes him stroke some more. “Let me know when you’re close to coming” she tells him, squeezing his neck and pinching his nipples. Just as he’s about to cum, she moves his hand and slaps his nuts repeatedly. Finally, after an untold number of kicks and slaps to the poor wretch’s cock and balls, she makes him get on his knees so he can kiss her feet. She announces to both slaves that she’s going out for lunch and they’ll be locked in the cage together while she’s out. Domina Ruby understands that slaves need severe punishment and she loves to dish it out. Ladies, do you find your sub can be rude or mouthy at times? Then watch this video and Ruby will demonstrate exactly how you can get this pesky issue completely under control for good.



Keywords: domina ruby, ballbusting, face slapping, kicking

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Club Stiletto FemDom – Blond Bombshells Face Crush. Starring Domina Ruby and Princess Mia

Club Stiletto FemDom – Blond Bombshells Face Crush. Starring Domina Ruby and Princess Mia




This is just good old fashioned face-sitting, as Domina Ruby and Princess Mia see which slave can hold his breath the longest, while under their asses. Imagine being face-sat by these two hotties and not getting hard… unfortunately, that happens to be the case with these limp bitches. The Ladies slap the slaves’ balls to show their disgust and then have them rub themselves. Ruby is very serious about her ass-smothering and pushes her slave to the brink again and again. Mia, however, enjoys bouncing on her slave’s face, so you’ll see him catching a lot of breath, although the breaks are short and he must use his air wisely in the event she decides to stay down for a prolonged period of time. Mia giggles, seeing Ruby’s pet gasp and kick. “Such a drama queen,” Ruby laughs. Both slaves do finally manage to get some wood, although protracted periods without air have resulted in some shrinkage, lol. Ruby sternly says that slave Number Three will be brought out of the closet if either of them are not up to the task. Until recently, Ruby’s slave was a big time CEO, but was fired from the company and is now forced to be a slave to the women in the office, and you can see the transition has been difficult for him; he’s not used to being used. The Ladies turn and sit on the slaves’ chests so they can slap their balls while encouraging them to stroke themselves. They decide to see who can cum first, but with a short countdown of only ten seconds, both slaves fail miserably. “Another month without coming” Ruby says, at which point they both plunk back down on their slaves’ faces for a full-on ass smother.


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Keywords: ass smother, facesitting, princess mia, domina ruby

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Club Stiletto FemDom – Right Where I Want Them. Starring Domina Ruby

Club Stiletto FemDom – Right Where I Want Them. Starring Domina Ruby




The scene opens with Domina Ruby sitting on her throne, considering what she will do with the two slaves before her. One is locked in a head stock, the other in a cage. She laughs, knowing they’re at her mercy, and says “Something is going to get hurt around here, and I’m not referring to my feelings.” Ruby has earned a bit of a reputation for breaking crops across slaves’ backsides, and the first crop flies to pieces with a mere flick of her wrist, before she’s had a chance to inflict much pain on Slave One. Good thing the dungeon is well-stocked with implements! As she goes to retrieve a new weapon, she looks in on Slave Two and warns him he’s next. She pulls the blindfold down on his hood. It’s an unlucky break for Slave One because Ruby chooses the harshest crop in her entire collection. It’s solid resin and has no give at all. Soon she’s tenderizing the slave’s fat ass and thick thighs. He moans in pain but that only arouses Ruby. She calls him a good boy and throws him off by petting his back like a good house dawg before delivering another solid stroke with the crop.

She focuses her attention back on Slave Two just to keep him on edge. She reaches in to squeeze his cock and balls in her hands and gives his nuts a couple of solid hand-slaps before turning her attention back to Slave One. She has chosen a wire crop covered in leather this time, and the blows are sharp and painful. The slave’s ass and legs are starting to show solid tram lines and he begins to shake and whimper like a frightened little girl. She comforts him and calls him a good boy, saying “You know how to please me, don’t you?” As he replies “Yes, Mistress” she unleashes a volley of strokes across his ass and legs and you can see how her positive reinforcement has inspired the slave to take even more for her. Ruby swaps this crop for a flexible solid rubber crop which looks somewhat innocent until she goes to town on his ass, and he bounces around, crying out in pain. She admires her handiwork but is she finished? Of course not! It’s time for the bull whip. She starts out easy, almost massaging his ass, but the intensity soon grows and not only does she target his ass but his back as well. The slave is clearly suffering, as lines begin to appear on his body, and Ruby finally reveals why she is punishing him. The reason is rather shocking and any slave or Mistress would agree that the slave got what he deserved. Locked up in an uncomfortable position, flogged and whipped hard, surely he will have learned from his mistake. Ruby still isn’t finished though and she whips him again while reminding him that his goal is never to fuck up. The poor slave is sweating like a motherfucker. Ruby approaches the other slave and tells him she might have to make him lick the sweat off Slave One’s back. “It’s not all fun and games around here, after all.”

Category: FLOGGING


Keywords: bdsm, domina ruby, flogging, cropping

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