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The Wrestling and Domination Room – Karina Gotika Dominates

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The Wrestling and Domination Room – Karina Gotika Dominates




Gothic in her look; a firecracker on the mat: Karina Gotika is tough competition once she steps on the mat. She will leave you as well as her opponent breathless. She uses her long legs to choke her opponent in a headscissors, bends his arm at awkward angles, stretches him and uses her feet to pin his throat to the mat. Steve thought he could control Karina yet when she let loose on him, he stood no chance. A great match.



Keywords: domination, mixed, wrestling, foot fetish, armlock, triangle, brunette, face sitting, armbar, bodyscissors, headscissors, headlock, leglock, karina, gotika

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Savannahs Fetish Fantasies – savannah and jasmine tease and torment little brother

Savannahs Fetish Fantasies – savannah and jasmine tease and torment little brother




Savannah and jasmine just get home from a long sweaty work out at the gym. they notice there little brother watching T.V. and decide to annoy and pester him. they join him on the couch, shoving him from his warm comfy spot. Immediately he is overwhelmed with the pungent stench coming from his sisters. the smell is so strong and raunchy that he cant help but blurt out how fucking smelly and stinky they are. Savannah and Jasmine of course see this as an opportunity. Savannah forcefully takes the remote from her little brother and starts flipping through the channels just to get on his nerves. they start to tease him with the remote, playing monkey in the middle with their little brother as he chokes on their terrible stench and begs them to return it. They taunt him back and forth until he finally ask what they want in return for the remote. Both sisters agree to return the remote if… he smells how stinky they are. He immediately changes his mind and tells them to keep the remote. however, they have other plans. They grab him and quickly pin him down, forcing their little brother to sniff every stinky part on their bodies. Starting with the both of their big smelly asses. Plopping down on his face to where his nose is buried in the deepest part of where the foul smells are lurking. They smother his whole face with there raunchy, sweaty, stinky asses and pussies Forcing him to take deep breaths while pinning him to the floor as he struggles for air. After tormenting their little brother for what seemed to be a life time for him, they decide to take it a step further and force his face deep into their dripping wet armpits. Leaving behind most of their sweat and stench on his face. He begs and cries out for them to stop, his sisters just laugh hysterically while tormenting and humiliating there sad helpless little brother. The bratty bitchy sisters could care less about his mewling protest. After torturing and smothering there little brother with their asses, pussies, tits, and terrible smelling armpits, leaving him permanently coated with their stench. he finally agrees to do all their bitch work, chores and paint their nails, do their laundry, etc. Giggling, the sisters agree but have one last fuck you to the little sibling. Savannah takes the remote and shoves it down her shorts and then rubs it all over her sweaty ass crack, before throwing it to him and leaving with a big smile. Bye little bro… have fun being our little brother bitch.

Category: SMOTHER


Keywords: brother and sister, smell fetish, latina, savannah fox, jasmine mendez, taboo, humiliation, pawg, stinky, forced smothering, forced, tit smothering, bratty, bitches, smother

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Club Stiletto FemDom – Perverted Teacher Honor Student Part 2. Starring Miss XI

Club Stiletto FemDom – Perverted Teacher Honor Student Part 2. Starring Miss XI




This is the second last clip in the series. In Part One, XI has tricked her teacher into coming over to help with her homework. When he arrives, she lures him into the bedroom and is soon sitting on his face. There, she reveals that she has [email protected] him and that hidden cameras are snapping that very second. He has no choice but to agree to her demands for straight As and a spending allowance. In today’s scene, XI has the teacher back for more. In the bedroom, she tells him she’s happy with the money and the marks, but it’s still not enough. She wants him to write letters of recommendation to various colleges to help her get a scholarship. She pushes him up against the wall and slaps his face. He asks if she isn’t worried about what might happen when she actually goes to college and can’t do the work. She laughs and tells him she’ll just do the same thing she’s doing to him now. She doesn’t appreciate his remark either and punches him repeatedly in the stomach. “Who gave you the right to ask me questions?” she asks, and delivers further blows to his face followed by additional punches to the stomach.

Teacher doesn’t enjoy the punishment but there’s nothing he can do about it. XI calls him a pervert and reminds him that she would enjoy showing the pictures to his wife. She throws him on the bed, grabs him by the neck, slaps his face, and knees him in the nuts, before crawling onto his chest and wrapping her legs around his neck. The poor pervert is so close to her pussy but he can’t budge because the breath is being pushed out of him. She reverses position to sit on his face and punches him in the stomach again for good measure. She tells him her favorite thing is to mock him in class in front of the other students, knowing he can’t say anything in his defense for fear she will reveal their little secret. She lies on top of him and wraps her legs around his neck again, reminding him that everything is being videotaped and how surprised people would be to see him in this position. “You’ve got your hands on my legs practically all the way up my skirt. Wouldn’t that get people talking?” She jumps up, sits on his face, and says she’s going to knock him out. As soon as he kicks for air, however, she shifts forward and wraps her legs around his neck. She taunts him by saying “You probably want to kiss my ass cheeks, don’t you?” She gets up and hovers above his face with her amazing ass. She tells him to kiss it because she wants the photos to ruin his life. In a moment of passion, the stupid teacher reaches up and kisses her pussy. Enraged, XI calls him an idiot and slaps his face repeatedly. She sits back on the bed, and this time, shows no mercy when she wraps her legs around his neck and slaps his face again and again. As he goes under, she spits on him and slaps him one more time for good measure.



Keywords: spitting, facesitting, asian, miss xi, scissorhold

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Club Stiletto FemDom – Sniff My Ass While I Stroke You To (Ruined) Orgasm. Starring Miss Jasmine

Club Stiletto FemDom – Sniff My Ass While I Stroke You To (Ruined) Orgasm. Starring Miss Jasmine




Well now, what do we have here? Miss Jasmine’s slave is bound in plastic wrap, with his cock tightly secured by a rope while she sticks a sounds unit into it. The slave squirms and moans, but any sounds he makes are muffled by Jasmine’s gorgeous ass. The slave thinks things seem to be getting easier, but Jasmine senses this and applies some nipple clamps to his cock. The clamps are attached by a rope which she tugs on and this really causes him buck. She removes the clamps, applies some lube to his cock, adds some spit, and starts to stroke his little micro-cock. She soon has him hard and tells him she’s going to give him an orgasm. She works his cock masterfully and gets him very close to the edge, lubing him from time to time with more spit.

Meanwhile, she continues to sit on his face and makes him fight for each breath. The slave is now moaning with pleasure. “Show me how much you love inhaling my ass” Jasmine demands. She tells him this is a reward for taking so much pain and she feels his balls swell in her hand. The slave is ready for the best orgasm of his life, but of course Jasmine knows precisely when he’s going to cum and lets go seconds before he can ejaculate. All the cum glides out of his body and his orgasm is totally ruined. She reaches again for the clamps. “I love t0rturing men right after they cum” she says with a giggle.



Keywords: miss jasmine, sounds, asian, ruined orgasm, facesitting

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House of Sinn – Too eager to last. Starring Queen Lissandra

House of Sinn – Too eager to last. Starring Queen Lissandra




When a male creature is bound like this for Queen Lissandra, hes more than helpless to Her beauty and power, so eager to please, so mindless with pleasure that he cannot last. Wrapped in clean foil, teased with the aroma of his Mistresses pussy, face sat, there is only one outcome.His eager cock is overwhelmed with excitement and is bound to cum but no pleasure in sight for this pathetic male, no real orgasm, just long streams of cum with barely a touch. His Mistress hasnt granted him the right to cum so he will eat his own spunk in preparation for the punishment he’s about to endure soon, very soon…

A House Of Sinn production

This clip is a REPOST from the earliest months of Our store in the spotlight again, enjoy!



Keywords: queen lissandra, house of sinn

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Female Muscle Network – Poor Dante. Starring Coco Crush

Female Muscle Network – Poor Dante. Starring Coco Crush




Dante just can’t seem to catch a break – Mistress CoCo comes home and just decides to DESTROY him! scissor holds, face smothering (with her amazing ebony ass!) and everything in between! Dante must really like punishment because he always comes back for more!

Keywords: Female Domination, Free, Femdom, Muscular Women, Ebony, Wrestling, CoCo Crush, Mixed Wrestling, Ebony Goddess, Scissor, Scissorhold, Ass Smothering, Smother, Facesitting, Facesit, Face Sit, Face Sitting

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Reality Girls Scissors – Bully’s Headscissors Knockout: 1080 HD Knockout. Starring Andi Page

Reality Girls Scissors – Bully’s Headscissors Knockout: 1080 HD Knockout. Starring Andi Page




Superstar Andi Page takes Thin Man to the mat in a headlock takedown, telling him “that’s why you’re not good.” She gets on a more dangerous reverse headlock, telling him “she’ll let him out “if you can get out.” Andi is such a badass. Her powerhouse thighs crank out straight headscissors. He screams and taps in the legs of the girl he fears more than any he faces. A baseball choke — first used here by Electra, one of the brightest stars and most incredible people we’ve ever worked with. Andi makes every hold brutally painful. She drags him by the neck and locks on her infamous rear naked choke. A seated figure four headscissors — then a traditional figure four headscissors. A facesit by one of the best. Maria still talks about the day here Andi facesat her for what seemed forever but not long enough. A violet side headscissors taking the length of a couch, a heel to the balls and turns the move into lunges. But soon, he’s in terror — in Andi’s side/throatscissors and is knocked out with a blast of her incredible legs. She talks for a few precious moments about her life of knockouts. She’s a doll. More straight headscissors — a reverse headlock — violent rear naked chokes. A bow and arrow. He screams. She is “circling you like a shark.” She gets him in a more reptilian hold, the rear naked choke that she refuses to release through his tapping until she decides she’s ready. Time: 18:17



Keywords: scissorhold

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Constances Crazy Cinemas – Mike Sessions is a Scissor_Face Sitting Victim

Constances Crazy Cinemas – Mike Sessions is a Scissor_Face Sitting Victim




Mike Sessions decided he wanted to face Constance’s strong legs and ass. So that is exactly what he did. Constance put Mike in numerous different scissors, making him tap out each time. You see Constance’s long and sexy legs just wrap Mike’s body and head so many times. She also uses that ass of hers to her advantage, but face sitting him a few times and shaking it for you the viewer. He even had to worship and kiss her sexy feet.
XOXO Constance & Mike Sessions Customs/Sessions EML Located on Clip Site.



Keywords: victim, sessions, mike sessions, constance, long legs, tanned body, thong bikini, ass worship

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Club Stiletto FemDom – An Old Fashioned Cum Off. Starring Goddesses Ruby and Skylar

Club Stiletto FemDom – An Old Fashioned Cum Off. Starring Goddesses Ruby and Skylar




The Goddesses Ruby and Skylar have their sluts blindfolded and lying on the bed. Ruby explains that neither has cum in a month, and as a result, they’re going to have a cum-off! Tell an alpha male it’s a contest to ejaculate and he’ll probably blow a load in seconds, just knowing it’s a competition, but with these two limp-dicked losers, you never know what might happen.

The first one to cum gets sexual gratification, while the other slave will be locked back into chastity for another month, but not before he licks up the other one’s mess. The slaves stroke themselves but are thrown off by the distractions the ladies throw at them, such as flogging, nipple pulling, cock and ball slapping, tickling, and ass smothering. The ladies discuss how they enjoy seeing slaves eat cum and how pathetic these slaves are in general. All the distractions make it hard for the poor sexually frustrated slaves to get hard, so the ladies decide to gently play with their balls. The slaves flail away, so anxious to cum but so useless in the presence of such powerful women that they just can’t get the job done. Skylar talks about the way she used a slave last night to clean up after her black lover, and you can see how her words get the poor boy extra hard. Eventually, the Mistresses decide that these low life creatures are not worth their time and that neither will be permitted to cum. better luck next month, boys!



Keywords: princess skylar, tease and denial, domina ruby, facesitting, tickling

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Kinky Mistresses – New Video – FaceSitting

Kinky Mistresses – New Video – FaceSitting




Keywords: Female Domination, Free, Femdom, Mistress, KinkyMistresses, Ass Fetish, Latex, Rubber, Facesitting, Facesit, Face Sit, Face Sitting

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