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Club Stiletto FemDom – Eat The Skin Off My Feet Office Bitch. Starring Mistress Mia

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Club Stiletto FemDom – Eat The Skin Off My Feet Office Bitch. Starring Mistress Mia




Mia has just joined FemCorp as one of their new executives, and has been given the rookie office, which comes with a cage and a live-in slave. Women wear what they like at FemCorp while the slaves are either barely dressed or naked. Mia is wearing a cute skirt today with practically all the buttons of her blouse undone, exposing a sexy bra and a luscious set of breasts. “Most of the time he’s just here to do whatever I’d like him to do” she says, giving the slave a nudge with her foot. “Or, I can just send him off to attend to some of the other women.” She orders the slave out from under the desk to worship her feet. She asks how many feet he has worshiped this week and he replies “43.” She giggles and asks “Does that include the one-legged woman?” You get some great angles Mia’s soles and her sexy toes as they go in and out of the slave’s mouth. She asks if he likes being an employee in an-all female office, then mocks him for never being promoted out of the rookie office. She rubs her feet all over his face, then in and out of his mouth in an aggressive manner, while the slave desperately sucks and licks. “My feet are stinky and sweaty, just the way you like them” she says.

Mia suggests that there might be enough dirty feet around the office for him to actually live off toe jam and foot skin. “The women in the lounge talk about all the nasty stuff they step in because they know you’ll be licking their feet” she tells him. She jams half a foot into his mouth, then makes him answer questions with his mouth full. She extends her other foot and offers it to you, as she wants to see who does a better job. Her foot is so close you could literally reach out and kiss it. She tells you to hold it up for her. “I can only keep one of you” she says “so whoever does the best job gets to stay.” As she tells you to wait, she gives her full attention once more to the other slave. She sets her heel in his mouth and instructs him to chew off the skin. “After all, it is lunch time and I do enjoy spoiling you boys” she says sternly. She looks at her watch and realizes what time it is. “Oh, it’s time for you to go service Kandy’s feet” she tells him, as she makes him crawl away. “Maybe later I’ll have him back to lick my ass” she says looking at you with a knowing smile!



Keywords: feet, foot worship, goddess mia, office domination

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Subby Hubby – Duped Into Domination Part 2: CFNM Party

Subby Hubby – Duped Into Domination Part 2: CFNM Party




Toby is feeling very humiliated. His face covered in cum and “cum dumpster” had been written on his chest. Suddenly his friend Collin comes home, the same friend who gave him the advice to call some hot girls. He sees the predicament of his friend and tries to pretend he is shocked but the girls out him as a little submissive bitch and order him to get undressed and into a collar also.

The women are having a full-on CFNM (clothed female, naked male) femdom party and it looks like the men will have to have a dance-off to amuse them. When they are finished, the women compare their tiny penises to each other and decide things need to get even more humiliation.

Keywords: cfnm, Cum Eating, feet, Foot Fetish, Foot Worship, humiliation, JOI, Reagan Lush, Sasha Foxx, SISSY SLUTS, Small Penis Humiliation

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Subby Hubby – Duped Into Domination Part 1: Foot Bitch. Starring Sasha Foxx and Reagan Lush

Subby Hubby – Duped Into Domination Part 1: Foot Bitch. Starring Sasha Foxx and Reagan Lush




Toby’s friend recommended two women for him to have a real hot time with and sent him a link on the internet. He has been under a lot of stress and he assumes that spending some hot time with two women will be just the thing he needs to feel better. He contacts the women and they come over. In walks Sasha Foxx and Reagan Lush, two Dominant Escorts who enjoy making men their bitch. He has made a mistake but it’s too late now. Or maybe if he does what the women say, he will end up getting some after all. How hard can it be to wear a collar and play their little game anyway? Toby puts on a collar and is shocked at how demanding the women are. They turn him into their little foot slobbering bitch. At least he gets to put his mouth on their sexy feet, this isn’t so bad, is it? Toby lustfully worships their feet as they instruct. They notice he is hard and they immediately want him to jerk off onto their perfect feet and lick off the cum. He does as instructed feeling humiliated.



Keywords: foot fetish, feet, female domination, female domination, foot worship, foot domination, sasha foxx, reagan lush, subby hubby, cum eating, humiliation, joi, cum eating

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Club Stiletto FemDom – Dinner Is Served Off My Feet. Starring Miss Xi

Club Stiletto FemDom – Dinner Is Served Off My Feet. Starring Miss Xi




Miss Xi is eating chips and bean dip and her slave is practically dripping with hunger as he hasn’t eaten in a day. He actually hasn’t as she kept him caged all night to insure the scene is 100% authentic. You could hear his stomach growling during the shoot, poor bitch. She has to reach out and kick him back as he’s ready to dive in head first like a rabid dawg. She holds out a foot and tells him to sniff it so she can eat some more commenting, “I can’t believe I’ve eaten almost this whole thing.”

She jokes that there might be some cheese between her toes and without hesitation the hungry slave sticks his tongue between them to see if he can find something to eat. He then tries to reach into the bowl for a chip, if you can imagine the nerve. She stands and pushes his head to the floor and then accidentally drops a dip covered chip to the floor. The slave brings his mouth to it and she then plays a game with him covering the food with her foot every time he gets close until she finally lets him feed on it. “Beg for it”, she tells him and naturally he does. Xi then spends the next 6 minutes feeding him lunch off her feet and the floor while verbally humiliating him in every way possible. This demonstrates the life of a 24/7 slave at his lowest, so hungry and debased he will accept any verbal or physical abuse she hurls his way.

Category: DIRTY FEET


Keywords: miss xi, feet, foot worship, asian goddess

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Men Are Slaves – Keep Licking. Starring Lady Ella

Men Are Slaves – Keep Licking. Starring Lady Ella




Ella’s feet need cleaning, and this pigs mouth will clean them. After all, walking barefoot outside does tend to make her soles really dirty but that just makes licking them clean a perfect task for her piggy. He greets her as she comes inside and immediately begins to lick, licking fast and furious to get all that hard to remove dirt and grime off Ella’s feet. The heel area in particular needs detailed attention from his tongue as Ella makes him really work on them to get them sparking clean.

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Club Stiletto FemDom – Boy From The Box Part 4. Starring Lady Bellatrix

Club Stiletto FemDom – Boy From The Box Part 4. Starring Lady Bellatrix




Lady Bellatrix has her sissified slave kneeling in front of her, attached by collar and leash. She reminds the slave that they are attending a Rubber event that evening and reminds her/him that she is all about protocols. The slave is ordered to turn her palms up for Mistress so she looks more servile. “I have high standards for my slaves and I expect these standards to be kept at all times” she says sternly. She explains how she loves to dance and that sometimes fluids and other things get dropped on the floor and as a result her beautiful shoes can get messy, something is totally not acceptable. The slave is informed that he must keep her shoes clean at all times without going into specifics. The slave knows this is one of the reasons he has been allowed to keep his tongue. The slave is ordered under the chair and soon Bellatrix has the dirty sole of her shoe running over the slaves tongue. She then addresses other issues as to what her favorite drink is, the need to keep her glass topped up, wearing her collar straight, and so on. She slides the heel of her stiletto into the slaves mouth, a perfect time to talk about the fact that the slave is her slut and that tonight she should expect to be whored out. Bellatrix is expecting to make some money from having her slut in attendance. While the slave should be getting fucked or sucking cock, the rest of the time he should be at his Mistress’s side but not to close to be an annoyance. Bellatrix likes clean latex, and clean shoes but dirty slaves. The slave is then ordered to her knees to lick the top of the shoes. The slut licks them eagerly until they are shining brightly. It’s party time!

Keywords: Barefoot, boot worship, Club stiletto, Clubstiletto, feet, foot comparison, foot licking, FOOT PLAY, footdomination, Footfetish, footplay, Footslave, FootWorship, Lady Bellatrix, licking feet, male feet, male foot, Smelly Feet, sweaty feet

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Club Stiletto FemDom – Life’s A Beach And A Bitch. Starring Miss Jasmine

Club Stiletto FemDom – Life’s A Beach And A Bitch. Starring Miss Jasmine




Miss Jasmine strolls down the beach in her skimpy two piece bikini, looking positively radiant. After a walk through the water and sand, she moves further onto the beach, where we find her good slave boy kneeling by the blanket, head bowed. not good enough to cast even a glance at his owner. She lies down and presents her sand covered feet to her bitch, who starts giving her a massage, as he’s been trained to do. Jasmine remarks on how nice the sand is, and as the camera moves around to catch the soles of her feet, you can see how dirty they are.

The slave continues to massage them while Jasmine soaks up the sun. “My slave loves to serve me in public” she says “so he can show his submission to the world.” Jasmine explains that she doesn’t really like letting her slaves out of the house, which is why this slave is so pasty white in the middle of summer. But naturally she needs someone to attend to her needs when she goes to the beach, and today this is the lucky slave she’s chosen. Although it’s a reward to serve her at the beach, will he lie in the sand or take a dip in the water? Of course not! Jasmine asks the slave if he’s ready to start licking her dirty toes, and when he answers yes, she says “Of course he is.”



Keywords: asian, feet, foot worship, miss jasmine

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Russian-Mistress – Mistress Gianna – Foot Worship

Russian-Mistress – Mistress Gianna – Foot Worship




Beautiful Mistress Gianna is training her foot slave. Recently, he is completing his duties not well and Mistress Gianna decided to give him a lesson. She is tramples his petite body with her feet shod in high leather boots. The flesh of a poor slave is being harmed by sharp heels of her boots. He begs for mercy. But it is not enough for Gianna, she punishes him with a whip. At the end she shoves her feet deep in him. The slave will remember this lesson for a long time.

Keywords: Barefoot, feet, foot comparison, foot licking, FOOT PLAY, footdomination, Footfetish, footplay, Footslave, FootWorship, licking feet, male feet, male foot, Mistress Gianna, Russian Mistress, RussianMistress, Smelly Feet, sweaty feet

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Subby Hubby: Sexy Stockings On Goddess Jamie. Starring Goddess Jamie Valentine

Subby Hubby: Sexy Stockings On Goddess Jamie. Starring Goddess Jamie Valentine




Goddess Jamie Valentine is lounging outside in her sexy black stockings. You know you want to be near her sexy legs and feet wrapped in those stockings. You know exactly how they will feel pressed against your face, her warmth coming through the silky nylon fabric. Get closer and worship her and her sexy perfect feet and do as your Goddess tells you.

Keywords: BDSM, clubdom, feet, Female Domination, Femdom, Femdom POV, Foot Fetish, Foot Jobs, Foot Worship, HIGHLY ARCHED FEET, Jamie Valentine, Pantyhose/Stockings, POV, stocking feet, stockings, subbyhubby

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ASIAN MEAN GIRLS – JERK OFF FOR ME AND MY HOT NEW GIRLFRIEND. Starring Goddess Angelina and Goddess Mena

ASIAN MEAN GIRLS – JERK OFF FOR ME AND MY HOT NEW GIRLFRIEND. Starring Goddess Angelina and Goddess Mena




Angelinas X is a pathetic loser and a BIG ZERO in the bedroom. She absolutely loves teasing and tormenting his sorry ass, and he deserves everything he gets. He will do just about anything for the opportunity to still hang around her, so Angelina runs him around like a little errand boy, makes him do all the housework, and of course takes him for every nickel and dime he makes, which isnt much.

To really rub his futile situation in his face, Angelina brought home her smoking hot new girlfriend and together Angelina and Mena make out and fondle each other and make him watch to drive him insane with desire and frustration. But theres absolutely nothing he can do about it. That is except get on his fucking knees in front of them and play with his tiny useless dick like he is told to, while the two of them have their girly fun.

He can play with himself until the cows come home, but he knows damned well that he is never allowed to cum anymore. He is lucky just to be allowed in the same room with these two beautiful, superior Asian Goddesses.

Features: tease & denial, double domination, verbal humiliation, Asian, brat girl, female domination.

Category: TEASE & DENIAL


Keywords: female domination, feet, boots, ethnic, asian goddess, fetish clothing, angelina

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