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Mistress – T – Fetish Fuckery – Wedding Night Cuckold Reveal

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Mistress – T – Fetish Fuckery – Wedding Night Cuckold Reveal




This isn’t what you expected on our honeymoon but instead of consummating our marriage I tell you that you’re going to serve me as my cuckold instead. I explain what your new life is going to be like. I stroke you to get you to cum, getting you into the idea of it…while also making it easier to get the chastity device on after…



Keywords: chastity

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DomNation – BURNING MISERY. Starring Mistress Kayla

DomNation – BURNING MISERY. Starring Mistress Kayla




While her slave is helplessly restrained, its time for Mistress Kayla to enjoy a cigarette break. But there will be no enjoyment for her unfortunate slave, because where there is smoke, there is burning misery. Kayla can find countless diabolical ways of punishing her slave while indulging herself.

She blister his nipples, and scorches his cock and ball sack relentlessly with the glowing tip of her cigarette while his moans and screams fill the air. It is all too obvious that the smell of his burning flesh satisfies the sadist in Mistress Kayla. When I grow tired of his annoying whimpering, Kayla shuts him up by blowing her second hand smoke into his lungs. He is helpless to resist and can only breath in the air that she allows him. The only sounds he makes now are those as he coughs, chokes and gasps.

Category: BDSM


Keywords: mistress kayla, high heels, dominatrix, smoking, slave training, humiliation, corporal punishment, human ashtray, femdom, female superioriy, latex, submissive slave training, cigarette torment, bondage, bdsm

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DomNation – I WANT TO HEAR YOU SCREAM (Full Version) Starring Bossy Delilah

DomNation – I WANT TO HEAR YOU SCREAM (Full Version) Starring Bossy Delilah




Bossy Delilah loves to hear her slaves scream out I pain. And she is well adept at achieving her desired goal. In this clip, Delilah has her slave bound, gagged and completely vulnerable to her sadistic whims. Her weapon of choice on this occasion is the rattan cane. Unimposing at first glance, the cane is easily one of the most effective instruments of pain and torment, as her slave soon finds out.

Strike after agonizing strike, her cane finds its mark. On his thighs, on his ass, on his nipples. Even on his shoulder blades. Completely helpless, her slave can do nothing but kneel below her and accept the agony she bestows upon him. Oh, and he can scream. He must scream. Or else Bossy Delilah will push him to his pain tolerance and beyond. And then you had better believe he will scream.

Delilah must continue. She`s just enjoying herself too much! So she pulls out an extremely painful leather bullwhip to thrash her helpless slave into complete submission. Strike after agonizing strike, she pulverizes her pain slut, until his back is raw and crimson red. With this whip, it takes little time to leave his back and ass bruised, welted and lacerated.

The more he whimpers, the harder she strikes. The more he tries to dodge her blows, the more deliberate and precise she becomes. There is virtually no escape for this pet, as Delilah has every intention of tormenting him for hours on end. He may as well settle in and accept his fate.

Category: WHIPPING


Keywords: caning, face slapping, bondage, bossy delilah, bdsm, slave training, corporal punishment, beatdowns, discipline, verbal abuse, female domination, bondage, humiliation, whipping, bullwhip

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SANDM STUDIO – Earn To Be My Ass Slave By RQM. Starring Goddess RQM

SANDM STUDIO – Earn To Be My Ass Slave By RQM. Starring Goddess RQM




I Will Train You How To Be A Dedicated Slave To My Divine Ass. You Will Have To Go Through Steps To Earn The Privilege Of Having My Ass On Your Face.

Category: ASS FETISH


Keywords: ass, ass worship, ass domination, feet, femdom

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SANDM STUDIO – Latex Ass And Pussy Worship By RQM. Starring Goddess RQM

SANDM STUDIO – Latex Ass And Pussy Worship By RQM. Starring Goddess RQM




This little Latex Bitch sent me 2 tributes in advance, bought multiple clips off my clip stores and brought me 6 pairs of hot latex panties as a gift, right along with my most desirable ca$h tribute! He served me well and I allowed him to shine and worship my hot latex panties he brought for me! Watch him do it very carefully under my strict supervision and leave me tributes as an appreciation for sharing with you my real time Femdom sessions with my real subs! You will never be this lucky unless you serve, pay and obey Goddess RQM!

Category: LATEX


Keywords: latex, ass worship, pussy worship, tribute, body worship

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SANDM STUDIO – Ballbusting Fantasy By RQM & Princess Mindy

SANDM STUDIO – Ballbusting Fantasy By RQM & Princess Mindy




Get On Your Knees And Fantasize About Princess Mindy And I Busting Your Balls While Humiliating Your Pathetic Existence.



Keywords: ball busting, ball stomping, ball crushing, ball fetish, female domination

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Brat Princess 2 – BP – Dannis Little Sister Given Authority Over Him Part 2

Brat Princess 2 – BP – Dannis Little Sister Given Authority Over Him Part 2




Putting a boy into chastity for the first time is a very exciting time in a young woman’s life. Brianna and family counselor, Lola, have gathered Brianna’s daughter, Natalya, and her friend, Chloe, for the girls’ first talk about chastity devices. Brianna and Lola are excited to introduce the girls to the world of Keyholding. Natalya has had some experience seeing her father in chastity, but is just now ready to start holding keys of her own. It will be great to start her off with her disobedient brother, danni, as the first boy she locks into chastity. Both Chloe and Natalya are very excited to start Keyholding. Both young ladies are so lovely, they will soon have many, many boys in chastity. Lola introduces the girls to a state of the art chastity called The Vice. It’s a product she highly recommends to the families who come in for counseling. Lola explains some special design features that make The Vice a good choice. After hearing about the unique anti-erection, anti-pull out mechanism, Brianna is enthusiastic to get her husband into a The Vice as well! Danni is then called into the room. Natalya reveals to her brother that she is ready to start Keyholding, and he is going to be her first boy in chastity. Danni does not want to go into chastity, and he does not want his little sister to hold his key. He’s rushed off into the bathroom anyway, and told to get into The Vice. When Danni re-emerges from the bathroom, wearing his new chastity in the color his sister has chosen, the women all gather round and gush. Everyone is very excited to see Natalya close her first lock and collect her first key! As Natalya collects her brother’s key, the women applaud. Danni looks hopeless. Danni is once again sent out to bring the car around. Once danni is out of the room, Lola recommends that danni be castrated. Chastity is a good start, but it’s just a start. Step one is getting danni into chastity. Step two is adding the locking mechanism of The Vice to punish unwanted erections with physical discomfort. Step three is removing the testicles altogether. Danni’s mother and sister start to plan his castration. Chloe can’t wait to attend, and Natalya wants to cut the cord herself. Brianna and Lola are all smiles at the girls’ enthusiasm. The clinic is booked up far in advance for castrations, but in the meantime, the women can start doing some family pegging training at home with danni. It will help get him used to his new life as a gelding and a sissy. Brianna plans a weekly schedule for her son’s peggings. Natalya is excited to help her mom train her brother, and Chloe can’t wait to humiliate him by coming over to watch. (10:58 long)

Clip Contains: Brianna, Chloe, Danni, Lola, Natalya, Female Domination, Taboo, Chastity, Gelding, Sissy Training, Female Supremacy

Category: CHASTITY


Keywords: taboo

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DomNation – NO MORE NIPPLES FOR YOU! Starring Lady Towers

DomNation – NO MORE NIPPLES FOR YOU! Starring Lady Towers




In this video, The Cruel Colossus of Domination truly manhandles her slave effortlessly, from the comfort of her throne. Controlling his every movement by his collar and leash, Lady Towers is hell bent on ripping her slaves nipples from his body, using nothing more than her powerful hands and razor sharp finger nails.

The more her slave attempts to get away, the more she rag dolls him like a mere insect, overpowering him with her brute strength. A few hard slaps from the 220 lb amazon serves to his face serve to reinforce her position of absolute authority. The smile on her face is priceless as she makes her pet scream in agony.

When the towering 64 rises from her throne, you can truly appreciate the size differential as she stomps him to his knees and drags him by his collar. An awesome display of true Amazon power!

Category: BONDAGE


Keywords: slapping, beatdowns, bdsm, femdom, corporal punishment, female superiority, humiliation, slapping, lady towers, amazon, female domination, giantess, nipple torment, bondage

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DomNation – TRAMPLED AND CANED, MY LITTLE PAIN WHORE. Starring Mistress Lynn Pops

DomNation – TRAMPLED AND CANED, MY LITTLE PAIN WHORE. Starring Mistress Lynn Pops




Mistress Lynn Pops needs no particular reason to torment a slave! It’s just what she does, she’s passionate when it comes to the suffering that “ALL MEN” deserve and does her best to do her part!

Today she has her little whore nicely laid out on his back ready to be trampled and perforated by her nail sharp stilettos. It only seems natural to use such a low life as the ground of which a divine mistress walks. Kind of her personal Red carpet. Lynn quickly dismisses the deep toned grunts and groans of her trampling and goes for a little more whiny and painful. For these are the sounds in which she finds the most delight. She has moved her slutty little pain whore to a spanking horse, he is bound his ass helpless and at the ready as she assaults his buttocks with her wicked and vicious rattan cane. The tone in his voice has changed drastically. He now wiggles and throws his body around trying to avoid being painfully struck in the same area more than once but Mistress Lynn has a dead eye and a quick hand. Her Pain slut is getting more than he bargained for and the Lynn is getting just what she wants!


Related Categories: CANING, CORPORAL PUNISHMENT, BEATDOWNS, HUMILIATION, TRAMPLING Keywords: Dominatrix, lynn pops, Trampling, domination, caning, beatdowns, Whipping, under her shoe, female supremacy, female domination, female superiority, whipping, corporal punishment, slave training, verbal humiliation

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DomNation – SCREAM YOUR PAIN AWAY! Starring Goddess Maxine

DomNation – SCREAM YOUR PAIN AWAY! Starring Goddess Maxine




Goddess Maxine has had had it with her disobedient slave! She has him tethered helplessly to a heavy steel metal web and she will exert no mercy! The first throes of her sinister crop land directly on his penis! It’s just an example of what’s to become of this poor slave.

You can hear the individual swat’s of her crop land on his delicate flesh so concentrates on specific areas and pelts them relentlessly over and over again each blow more painful than the one before it.
She laughs the time away as her poor slave suffers the torment of her relentless barrage. He can go nowhere he cannot defend himself! He can only try to scream the pain away!


Related Categories: CORPORAL PUNISHMENT, PADDLING, BEATDOWNS, WHIPPING, SUBMISSIVE / SLAVE TRAINING Keywords: beat downs, nipple torment, Cropping, Dick slapping, whipping, paddling, corporal punishment, slave training, nipple play, torment, BDSM, Kink, female supremacy, female superiority, humiliation

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