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Club Stiletto FemDom – Shrunken To Snack Size. Starring Mistress Kandy

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Club Stiletto FemDom – Shrunken To Snack Size. Starring Mistress Kandy




As Kandy’s husband, despite your best efforts, you’re just a natural fuck-up. You can’t do anything right, so when you finally show up with the snack she’s been expecting for over half an hour, you disappoint her yet again. She opens the bag and finds ten pretzels. No sushi, no pizza, not even a lousy sandwich; just some dry fucking pretzels. She’s had it with you! Before reacting to your paltry offering, she proffers a drink, then tells you she has just given you a special potion that will shrink you to the size of a small chicken. You find yourself getting smaller and smaller until suddenly your wife towers over you as if she’s 100 feet tall.

Prepare yourself – Kandy is going to eat you; you’re about to become her snack. She brings her giant mouth towards you and you clearly see her teeth and tongue, then right to the very back of her throat. Look at the saliva on her tongue and lips; she’s positively ravenous. First, she takes a big chunk out of your ass. It’s full of meat and muscle and she loves the taste. In fact, she’s feeling better already! “Look how pathetic you look” she says, as she mocks you before returning to eat some more of you. She runs her tongue over her teeth because a tiny part of you has become stuck in her teeth. She eats both of your legs and is impressed at how tasty they are. At least you’re good for something! She keeps coming back for more; fingers, hands, then arms. She decides to put some hot sauce on what’s left of you. She decides to tease you by waiting a while to finish you off, then starts on your torso until only your head is left. She shows you how she has swallowed everything, then tosses your head down her throat! When she’s finished with you, she eyes up the cameraman, who she has also shrunk, and finishes him off in one bite. LENGTH: 4:25

Category: GIANTESS

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Keywords: vore, giantess, mistress kandy

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DomNation – AMAZON CRUSH. Starring Lady Towers

DomNation – AMAZON CRUSH. Starring Lady Towers




The one and only Lady Towers needs no restraints to render her slave helpless. She uses her massive six foot four frame and all 220 pounds to pin her weakling slave to a bondage table and then crushes and smothers his puny face so hard that she literally bends his nose to one side.

When the cruel colossus drops her 220 pounds of ass full weight on your face, you are done for. Theres simply no air to breath, and no escape. Her massive ass cheeks simply envelope you, draining every ounce of air out of your lungs. Breating simply isnt an option when this true Amazon Goddess allows you the divine privilege of being beneath her.



Keywords: female domination, face sitting, dominatrix, lady towers, smothering, goddess, giantess, butt bomb, femdom, amazon, ass humiliation, humiliation, ass sniffing

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DomNation – TOWER OF POWER! Starring Lady Towers

DomNation – TOWER OF POWER! Starring Lady Towers




The cruel colossus of domination, Lady Towers literally rag dolls her puny insect of a slave with ease, as she pins him under her massive 220+ lb body. From there she overwhelms the weakling with face slaps, face sitting, and bone crushing butt bombs directly onto his pudgy belly. Over and over Lady Towers bombs away relentlessly, forcing the air out of his lungs making him even weaker and more malleable to her power.

She then wraps her massive thighs around his head, and severely cranks his neck upwards as she crushes him with her anaconda like legs. Tighter and tighter she squeezes until it looks like his head will expose. When he tries to get away, she simply slaps his face with her huge hands. There is simply no escape for this loser.

Category: GIANTESS


Keywords: female domination, face sitting, wrestling, lady towers, smothering, face slapping, giantess, butt bomb, amazon, ass humiliation, ass sniffing, leg scissoring

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DomNation – ASS TO MOUTH. Starring Alex Amazonia

DomNation – ASS TO MOUTH. Starring Alex Amazonia




Six foot tall sorority giantess Alex Amazonia towers over her prey, as she teaches the aspiring frat house hopeful how to properly worship a true Goddess ass. Holding him firmly by his hair, Alex instructs him to work his mouth up and down her gorgeous long legs, until he reaches the promised land, Alexs magnificent ass.

If he makes even one small mistake, Alex immediately slaps his face with her large, powerful hands. Alex is a sight to behold in her revealing school girl outfit, as she forces the tiny frat boy to kiss her ass, as all men should.



Keywords: female domination, mistress alex amazonia, humiliation, domestic discipline, spanking, brat girls, ass worship, corporal punishment, over the knee spanking, school girl fantasies, ass humilation, amazon, ass fetish, giantess

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Cruel Punishments – New Slave’s Hard Test. Starring Lady Anette

Cruel Punishments – New Slave’s Hard Test. Starring Lady Anette




This clip contains all parts from the “New slaves hard test” series:

1. Lady Anette starts to use her new slave. She wants to throw him into it deep, so she stars it with a merciless slapping, the kneeling slave enjoys the treatment really much. After a few minutes Anette gets even harder, she gives larger smack to the slave, who bears them without a single cry.
Features: hard face slapping, corporal punishment, female domination

2. The new slave gets his second test, a second punishment from Mistress Anette. She ties him down to a spanking bench, tight and uses her two different canes to destroy his ass with it. If the slave passes the test, he can stay with her.
Features: hard caning, spanking, corporal punishment, female domination

3. This is the last test of the new slave. Lady Anette ties his legs at the ankles tight, then she pulls them up and attaches them to buck, so she can see and reach his sensitive soles perfectly. This bastinado arouses Anette very hard, so she strokes his soles with her cane mercilessly.
Features: hard bastinado, falaka, foot torture, corporal punishment, female domination

Category: BDSM


Keywords: lady anette, domina amazon, elegant femdom, mistresses slave, domination, cruel bdsm, unusual, hard bastinado falaka, hard caning spanking, face slapping

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DomNation – NO MORE NIPPLES FOR YOU! Starring Lady Towers

DomNation – NO MORE NIPPLES FOR YOU! Starring Lady Towers




In this video, The Cruel Colossus of Domination truly manhandles her slave effortlessly, from the comfort of her throne. Controlling his every movement by his collar and leash, Lady Towers is hell bent on ripping her slaves nipples from his body, using nothing more than her powerful hands and razor sharp finger nails.

The more her slave attempts to get away, the more she rag dolls him like a mere insect, overpowering him with her brute strength. A few hard slaps from the 220 lb amazon serves to his face serve to reinforce her position of absolute authority. The smile on her face is priceless as she makes her pet scream in agony.

When the towering 64 rises from her throne, you can truly appreciate the size differential as she stomps him to his knees and drags him by his collar. An awesome display of true Amazon power!

Category: BONDAGE


Keywords: slapping, beatdowns, bdsm, femdom, corporal punishment, female superiority, humiliation, slapping, lady towers, amazon, female domination, giantess, nipple torment, bondage

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DomNation – CRUSHED UNDER HER SIZE 18 BIKER BOOTS! Starring lady Towers

DomNation – CRUSHED UNDER HER SIZE 18 BIKER BOOTS! Starring lady Towers




At 64 in her bare feet and weighing 220+ lbs, Lady Towers is a true Amazon Goddess. Not so surprisingly, her feet are just as gorgeous, massive and powerful as the rest of her. So when she decides to use her size 18 (yes 18!) motorcycle boots to stomp and crush her puny slaves body, hes in for a lot of hurt.

Laid out and helpless, Lady Towers pins him down effortlessly and drops one spine jarring butt bomb after another with her voluptuous ass landing full weight on his solar plexus forcing the air from his lings. A little full weight facesitting drains and weakens him even further. But what a way to go.

For the coup de gras, the Cruel Colossus crushes his tiny lil head beneath her heavy, steel toe leather biker boots, and then stomps his chest while pinning him to the table, thus greatly magnifying the force and impact. Stomp after demoralizing stomp, her slave is powerless to move a muscle and can do nothing but lie there and take Lady Towers abuse. Lady Towers gives a new meaning to the phrase these boots were made for walking.



Keywords: female domination, face sitting, wrestling, lady towers, smothering, face slapping, giantess, butt bomb, amazon, ass humiliation, ass sniffing, trampling, boot stomping

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DomNation – LICK MY BOOTS, BREATH MY SMOKE, SWALLOW MY ASH. Starring Alex Amazonia

DomNation – LICK MY BOOTS, BREATH MY SMOKE, SWALLOW MY ASH. Starring Alex Amazonia




Goddess Alex Amazonia is both stunning and sadistic as she takes complete control of her slave and forces him to lick her boots clean with his tongue. His every move is directed and controlled by this Amazon Goddess as she literally drags him by his hair, running his outstretched tongue up and down the shaft of her boot until she is satisfied with the results.

Bored with his efforts, Alex demands that he bring her a cigarette, and she transforms her pet into her human ashtray. Forcing him to open his mouth, she blows billows of second hand smoke deep into his lungs, until he is coughing and choking at her feet. She instructs him to keep his mouth open wide, as she flicks her hot ash into his mouth and orders him to swallow every bit of it. If he drops een the smallest bit of ash, she slaps his face again and again and again, until he gets it right.

Category: SMOKING


Keywords: female domination, boot worship, human ashtray, mistress alex amazonia, humiliation, amazons, bdsm, nail fetish, giantess, corporal punishment, face slapping, bondage, boot domination, smoking fetish, human furniture

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DomNation – CRUSHED NUTS. Starring Lady Towers

DomNation – CRUSHED NUTS. Starring Lady Towers




In this follow up to Lady Towers’ best selling clip HERE COMES THE BOOM, the Cruel Colossus of Domination focuses all of her 220 lbs on stomping her puny slave’s testicles. Wearing steel toe leather biker boots, this Amazon Goddess tramples her pet’s family jewels relentlessly and without a shred of remorse. Whether she is standing over and on top of him, or sitting on his belly after a direct hit from one of her hard core butt bombs, Lady Towers is intent on stomping, kicking, trampling and crushing his cock and ball sack. By the time she is thru with him, his nutsack will be as flat as a pancake.

Category: AMAZONS
Keywords: female domination, face sitting, wrestling, lady towers, smothering, face slapping, giantess, butt bomb, amazon, trampling, ass sniffing, trampling, boot stomping

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DomNation – BOOTBLACK LOSER. Starring Lady Towers

DomNation – BOOTBLACK LOSER. Starring Lady Towers




Humm how do you deal with a Bootblack who does an inferior job, yet has no problem asking for a hefty tip? Well watch this video and find out.

As usual, it’s easy enough to lure a moronic male back to my dungeon. They are always intrigued and somehow think that they are special. Men assume that “Take off your clothes. Now!” is leading to sex rather than punishment. Men are ignorant fools!

I will take my time in expressing my opinion to this lagard. He will feel the full weight of the lacking impression of which he has left me. And I’m sure that I will be leaving a few impressions of my own. It’s fine if you put no pride in your work, leave my boots looking unkept and dull. Just know that there is a price to pay. And that my boots will leave an impression of their own!

Keywords: female domination, boot trampling, humiliation, lady towers, bdsm, face slapping, giantess, butt bomb, amazon, trampling, verbal humiliaton, crushing, boot stomping, cbt, ball crushing

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