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[Femdom 2018] Utopia’s Sexy Mixed Wrestling – Nikki’s Special Massage Knockout [Muscular Thighs, Mixed Fighting, Muscular Women]

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[Femdom 2018] Utopia’s Sexy Mixed Wrestling – Nikki’s Special Massage Knockout [Muscular Thighs, Mixed Fighting, Muscular Women]




Muscular NPC Physique Competitor Nikki J Now comes to Utopia Entertainment and knocks Derrick out in Nikki’s Special Massage Knockout! Beautiful Nikki is 6’0″ tall in bare feet and has the longest legs we have ever filmed! The leverage and pressure she can bring to bear in her scissorhold is astonishing. She is prepping for a contest and showed up nicely cut up at 175lbs. Derrick shows up late to our shoot and he is complaining about his neck. Before I could get my camera out, Nikki is sitting behind him in a chair and giving him a neck massage. I guess she was a little miffed by him telling her he didn’t know if he should get scissored, because as soon as I said I was ready she pulls him back between her lean, muscular thighs and starts to scissor his head. Nikki has the kind of legs that bite right into the sides of your neck and Derrick starts to weaken immediately. Nikki taunts him to get free, but no way he pries those long, thoroughbred thighs apart. Nikki transitions to a reverse side scissor and has almost her full weight on Derricks shoulders in her scissors. He’s already dizzy when Nikki pulls him into her reverse scissors. This is where you can tell how massive her 24.5″ thighs are as she nearly engulfs his head. He’s all but out when Nikki maneuvers to her front scissor. She loves to look into their eyes as she flexes her mighty 14″ biceps while cutting off the supply to their head. A brutal grapevine follows, as Nikki really stretches him out. She’s 2 inches taller than him, so she literally mashes him underneath her. Lastly Nikki switches to her devastating body scissor and traps him in a choke. Her forearm is right up under his jaw and across his jugular. I don’t think she really meant to put him out (or maybe she did,) but alas Derrick goes to sleep in less than a minute in this hold. Nikki and I were a little surprised, confused and worried at the end because Derrick’s such a strong guy, that I cut the camera. I apologize, we don’t get to see him wake up. However Nikki J Now being a consummate professional smiles sexily for the camera and flexes a perfect bicep. It’s awesome! Check out sexy female bodybuilder Nikki J Now at Utopia today!



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Skilled female fighters – Lubka grappling fight vs. Gernot [Mixed Fighting, Jui Jitsu, Grappling]

Skilled female fighters – Lubka grappling fight vs. Gernot [Mixed Fighting, Jui Jitsu, Grappling]




From: Skilled female fighters

Grappling fight in casual (10:51) and in gi (6:55) including various nice techniques and combinations


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Keywords: grappling

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[Femdom 2018] Utopia’s Sexy Mixed Wrestling – Miss Monrow Scissors Steve [Amazons, Muscular Women, Giantess]

[Femdom 2018] Utopia’s Sexy Mixed Wrestling – Miss Monrow Scissors Steve [Amazons, Muscular Women, Giantess]




Strapping Dutch amazon Miss Monrow (6’1″ and 210lbs.) comes to Utopia and scissors our lucky victim Steve. She lets her hair down for us literally and figuratively in a one-of-a-kind clip that she admittedly said she had never produced before. Lucky us! So we brought our measuring tape and Squeeze-O-Meter along to get the legit stats on this awesome giantess. And even though Miss Monrow is in her off-season condition, she was kind enough to wear a super tiny bikini so you could see all of her! We talk with her a little while measuring and she puts on a mini posing video for us. Miss Monrow’s biceps are a legit 16″, her thighs are a massive 26.5″ and her calves an enormous 17″. Then she hit the Squeeze-O-Meter for 308 mind-erasing pounds of pressure. Next it’s on to Steve. Before the match, Steve was proud to tell Miss Monrow how he trains in crossfit blah, blah, and how much he squats, etc… but that proves to be a big mistake because she uses that against him throughout. Miss Monrow starts slow because Steve is nervous, and when you see how small his head is in between her massive slabs of granite you’ll understand why! The squeezing portion is 10 minutes as Miss Monrow scissors Steve in classic straight-leg scissors, figure fours, then a jaw-crushing reverse head scissor and panic-inducing reverse figure 4. She sexily taunts him to escape, as his nervousness turns to terror, and she has him tapping his desperate submission many times. In the end Miss Monrow lets Steve worship her muscles a little as she stands over him flexing in a classic victory pose. Check out all the fun we had as Miss Monrow Gets Measured and Scissors Steve! Miss Monrow is THE most awesome female bodybuilding-wrestling amazon in the world today!



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[Nikki Whiplash, Blonde, Blond Hair] Mixed Oil Wrestling – One Fight Only. Starring Nikki Whiplash

[Nikki Whiplash, Blonde, Blond Hair] Mixed Oil Wrestling – One Fight Only. Starring Nikki Whiplash




Nikki couldn’t resist coming out of retirement to give Ryan the oil wrestling thrashing of his career. It’s obvious that he just wasn’t expecting her to be so quick or powerful and he is soon submitting over n over to her wrestling holds – and clearly finding losing to such a skilled opponent rather a horny experience! Ryan told us he could barely move the following day and it’s easy to see why – Nikki uses her super powerful thighs to squeeze the life out of him over n over!

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The Wrestling and Domination Room – Karina Gotika Dominates

The Wrestling and Domination Room – Karina Gotika Dominates




Gothic in her look; a firecracker on the mat: Karina Gotika is tough competition once she steps on the mat. She will leave you as well as her opponent breathless. She uses her long legs to choke her opponent in a headscissors, bends his arm at awkward angles, stretches him and uses her feet to pin his throat to the mat. Steve thought he could control Karina yet when she let loose on him, he stood no chance. A great match.



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Her Bodies – Brittni vs Rocco in Mixed Grappling (Wrestling Femdom)

Her Bodies – Brittni vs Rocco in Mixed Grappling (Wrestling Femdom)




Well u asked for this one. Brittni who is solid n strong learning how to grapple. She hates losing and is a tough grappler. She
takes on Rocco who was showing her some moves. The video starts out with them stretching for this match. She takes him on in all
out grappling. Can she make him tap? Check it out. Brittni is ripped in this video and is strong. She does not like to lose and
goes hard in trying to get Rocco to submit. Check this out.

Keywords: Female Domination, Free, Femdom, Mixed Wrestling, Wrestling, Brittni, Rocco, Grappling

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Sammy has simply a great pair of strong thighs and she clearly know how to exhibit it. In this clip expecially the series of her rear headscissor appears to be really painful. She makes Golia suffer more than ever. Golia told me that he fears Sammy’s scissors more than any other girl we’ve worked with since now. SPECIAL PRICE for You. I made for you a DISCOUNT of $ 3 (In the first 50 seconds of each clip you can see the preview). (Take a look at the long video preview, it lasts 50 seconds.) High Resolution HD and Great Quality Video mpeg4 1280 x 720p, 8075 Kbit/sec. 25 Fotogrammi/sec. WARNING IMPORTANT NOTICE : (To look all clips of my store, in various formats, go to the categories and click on “” all categories “” …. !!! Thank you for your kind attention, good vision.)



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GRAPPLING BABES CLIPS – Jennifer Thomas vs Chad

GRAPPLING BABES CLIPS – Jennifer Thomas vs Chad




Jennifer Thomas takes on Chad in a his first ever match with her. Now Chad has taken some decent beatings in his time but never has she faced Jen Thomas who has super strength in everything she pulls on him. He had withstand her headlock for a good amount of time but eventually succumb to the pain and the same happen when she locked him in her headscissors. She also used her wrestling experience to pin him down many times and control him. She even manage to smother a bit with her ass as he was pinned down completely. It wasn’t long before Jen just simply overwhelmed with her power and skill and she just displayed her superiority over him with mounted pose of her biceps.



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Fetishlands FemDoms – Mixed Triangle Chokeout. Starring Hannah Perez

Fetishlands FemDoms – Mixed Triangle Chokeout. Starring Hannah Perez



This female fighter is facing off with a dude in a grappling match. He is arguing that he’ll win simply because he’s a boy, and she’s a girl. Little does he know that she’s trained in BJJ and plans to take him out by surprise! She doesn’t have to pull any fast moves because he walks right into her triangle choke! She gets him in it and keeps him there until he can manage to escape. Only, he doesn’t. She has him trapped in her leg choke for several minutes. She watches him change color, try to tap out, beg for mercy, lose his breath as she gradually tightens her grip, and eventually pass out from this move. She gloats, of course. Her message to this guy and all the rest? Don’t underestimate the power of a very effective move by a skilled grappler because she’s a girl! Custom 2017



Keywords: hannah perez, headscissors, triangle choke, choke hold, female dominates male, bjj, mixed martial arts, mma, grappling, mixed grappling

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IRON BELLES MUSCLE ADDICTION STORE – Brazilian Queen Grappling Abuse. Starring …

IRON BELLES MUSCLE ADDICTION STORE – Brazilian Queen Grappling Abuse. Starring Queen Maria




Meet Sexxy and Very Spunky Brazilian Queen Maria. They say great things come in small packages? Well this one you really don’t want to get mad at you. She is extremely skilled in Brazilian Jui Jitsu and loves to dominate men, tie them up in themselves so they can’t even move! And she is strong too! Watch her in action in this action-packed video where she performs firemans carry and throws to the mats, then some incredible wrestling moves and holds all the while toying with her unsuspecting opponent. This sexxy Latino’s scissors are powerful and very painful. Her figure 4’s are impossible to break.Her Brazilian jui jitsu skills are endless and then she belly punches to boot! Then she rewards you with kisses to your head. And when she reverse head scissors you . . .her ass is in your face and amazing!!!More Brazilian abuse from this Queen of Jui Jitsu. She adds in some head kisses, tease and denial, ass worshipping, belly punching, a surprise sequence of throwing her victim into a head stand and then face sitting him. Plus this small package is strong. She picks him up in a cradle and does some bicep curls with him too!! Loaded with non stop action and fun!!!



Keywords: ironbelles, maria queen

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