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Club Stiletto FemDom – Dream It Be It. Starring Miss Jasmine and Mistress Kandy

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Club Stiletto FemDom – Dream It Be It. Starring Miss Jasmine and Mistress Kandy




The scene opens with two unicorns riding a pony. One unicorn uses a hoof to slap the horse’s balls, then hops onto the pony so it can carry both girls around. The pony is told to bounce and the unicorns haven’t had this much fun since they played silly games and missed the Ark. Things get hazy as we hear Mistress Kandy saying that the pony seems to be getting tired, and the next thing you know, Miss Jasmine is trying to wake her up, as Miss Kandy is fast asleep on the couch. Turns out it was all one strange fucked up dream! However, all three characters from the dream really are in the room, and Jasmine has the pony kneeling by the couch and ready to ride. It’s just like the dream minus the heads!

Jasmine mounts the pony and Kandy grabs the crop to get him going. “Can he handle both of us?” Kandy asks, adding that in her dream, he was carrying both of them. She mounts him next and the pony boy does in fact manage both of them quite comfortably, giving them a nice, easy ride. They discuss further training plans for him, including some outdoor instruction. Jasmine hops on next, piggy back style, and he gives her a nice ride, including some squats. It’s Kandy’s turn now, so she climbs onto his shoulders and makes him do even more squats. The pony begins to sweat heavily so Jasmine provides some gentle encouragement with the crop. The pony is ordered back down on all fours and both girls hop onto his back once more. He’s ready to ride outdoors!!

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Keywords: pony play, miss jasmine, mistress kandy

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Club Stiletto FemDom – Cum While Eating My Boyfriends Cum From My Ass. Starring Mistress Kandy

Club Stiletto FemDom – Cum While Eating My Boyfriends Cum From My Ass. Starring Mistress Kandy




MASSIVE FARTING IN THIS ONE! Mistress Kandy enters the room and asks her slave if he heard her boyfriend fucking her in the ass. She reminds him that before her boyfriend came over, she had promised him some farts; the only difference is that the farts are now going to be cum farts, as she blows out all her boyfriend’s man juices while filling the poor slave’s face with her pungent gas. She sits on his face and asks if he’s ready. As he starts to tongue fuck her ass, the first fart explodes right into his face. A little cum drips out and he licks it up. As he tastes it, her anus opens to let out a series of farts and allow the cum to flow freely. He’s getting a pretty big dose of cum and licks it up, as he’s expected to. She mocks him and calls him gross. “Black man’s cum and my farts – what could be better?” she asks.

She lets out some super juicy farts and the cum makes them nice and wet. She tells him to stroke his cock because she wants him to cum while eating her boyfriend’s cum and wallowing in her ass gas. “I want to see just what a disgusting pig you are, coming while eating another man’s cum from my ass and sniffing my juicy farts, too”, she says, mockingly. The slave is rock hard and Kandy knows that making a slave cum to this specific kink will ensure that he gets aroused for more cum farts in the future. She lets off some more farts as the slave is ordered to keep licking and sniffing. She tells him that a big black cock makes her fart a lot, and because her boyfriend came inside her three times, there will be a lot of cum to eat. The slave continues to stroke and she tells him he will eat his own cum as well, when he cums. “My cum belching whore” she calls him. Kandy’s ass looks amazing as always, and you get some really good views of the farts leaving her ass and the slave licking up cum. She bounces on his face and the slave gets close to coming but has to wait until she allows it; she wants to make sure all the cum is out of her ass first. She tells him there could be more than just farts in his future and that he will be her full toilet. Finally she says she has more lovers coming over and he’s to blow his load before they arrive. “You’re hungry for more cum” she tells him, which means he’ll be eating cum farts all day long. She holds out her hand and the slave releases a big load of his own cum, which she brings up to his mouth and instructs him to eat. “Don’t ever say I don’t spoil you!” she says.

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Keywords: farting, face sitting, mistress kandy, forced cum eating, cum shot

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Club Stiletto FemDom – Sweating My Ass Off. Starring Mistress Kandy

Club Stiletto FemDom – Sweating My Ass Off. Starring Mistress Kandy




Mistress Kandy is working out on her old-school stationary bike. She has a client coming over who is really into sweat, especially the sweat on her lush, full ass. She tells you she enjoys working out and that it’s like taking out two birds with one stone. As the camera pans over to her backside, you can see she’s covered in moisture and pumping hard to ensure the sweat continues to pour off her. “Wouldn’t you love to be licking all that sweat off my ass?” she asks you, adding, “You would, wouldn’t you?” She already knows you want to lick up every single drop. Her ass looks amazing as she peddles. There’s no need to feel any shame, so bring your tongue right up to the screen and imagine you’re the lucky bitch who gets to lick up all that delectable fluid. Now she really cranks up the speed because it’s almost time for her boy to arrive. She pulls her panties to the side to display her moist anus. She tells you to get in there and lick it; her client doesn’t need to know. She imagines that an entire cup of sweat will probably form in her ass crack alone – the lucky slave will certainly be well-hydrated when he’s finished, that’s for sure. Kandy stands up to find the seat dripping wet. “I’ll bet you wish you were my bicycle seat” she says. She decides that when the client gets there, she’ll lower the seat so he can set his head on it, and his face will become her new bike seat. Once he arrives and is in place, she moves her panties to the side and permits the slave to lick her crack while he strokes his dick. She makes him fight for air before removing her panties altogether. She peddles some more before stopping to let him enjoy some long, slow licks of her sweaty crack, and she asks whether he likes it. He enthusiastically replies “yes” and continues to lick for all he’s worth. Kandy remarks that one of the nice things about having a slave like this is that she doesn’t even have to stop working out when she needs to pee; she just goes in his mouth. “He loves everything that comes from my body. He’s a pervert just like you” she says, laughingly. She wiggles her ass so he can get his nose deeper into the crack, and you get some amazing ass angles, not to mention some enthusiastic ass licking. Finally, she stands straight up on the bike so both you and the slave get treated to an amazing view of her dripping butt, before she decides the session is over and sits on the slave’s face until he kicks for air. Goodnight, bitch!



Keywords: mistress kandy, ass worship, ass licking, facesitting

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Vancouver Kinky Dominatrix – Duo Facesitting Jerkoff. Starring Mistress Kandy

Vancouver Kinky Dominatrix – Duo Facesitting Jerkoff. Starring Mistress Kandy




Mistress Kandy and I have a brand new subbie tied up in our bed. In this playful and unscripted video we taunt and tease him with our hands, feet and juicy asses. We quickly notice that everytime his face is deeply pressed in between our cheeks his cock gets harder. Our slave has previously bragged about being able to cum on command. We decide that we will edge him while simultaneously teaching him about breathcontrol. I jokingly tell Kandy that I’m aiming to shoot his load at the little pink bow on her bra. Lots of stroking and stopping and spitting on his cock before I smear his cum all over her yummy cleavage. Good thing we have another slave to lick it all up:-)



Keywords: eurasianpersuasion.com, @vancouverdomina

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Club Stiletto FemDom – Seven Bean Dip Fart-Fest. Starring Mistress Kandy

Club Stiletto FemDom – Seven Bean Dip Fart-Fest. Starring Mistress Kandy



Kandy has recently discovered seven bean dip and is enjoying some as the scene opens. “I love this stuff but I find it really makes me fart” she says. She directs you behind to her big beautiful ass, and lets out her first big ripper. It’s majorly explosive and her anus clearly vibrates. She eats more chips and tells you to get your nose between her ass because she doesn’t want to smell her own farts; the odor should completely be inhaled by your pathetic slave nostrils. She loves knowing you’re so pathetic that you get an erection just sniffing her gas. She lets out a series of five shorter farts but the fourth one is super juicy and she just might need you in there to do some licking. She mocks you by saying she knows you wish a log had come out. She continues to eat the dip and opens her mouth to show you the chewed-up food. “Maybe after you smell all my farts I’ll spit some of this delicious food right down your faggot throat” she tells you. She sends you back to her ass for a high pitched stinker before farting on another chip, which she holds out for you to eat. As she consumes even more, she says that all those beans are really starting to go through her; she’s excited to feel the gas build, knowing you’re eagerly waiting to smell the odor that pours from her asshole. Again, you move behind her cheeks and this time she releases her most powerful fart ever. “I just feel like I have to take a dump any second” she proclaims. “First I eat, then you eat” she says as she grins. Imagine how it would feel to eat the same chips and dip she ate only moments ago. What an intimate moment between you and your Mistress. Cherish it! She calls you a filthy pig and orders you back between her cheeks for a harsh hat trick of farts. She eats even more chips and then a final unexpected blast escapes, which makes her giggle. She knows you love every single fart she gives you and that you long to be her full toilet.

Category: FARTING


Keywords: farting, toilet slavery, mistress kandy, pov

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Club Stiletto FemDom – Tag Team Ass Smother. Starring Lady Bellatrix, Mistress Kandy and Princess Jemma

Club Stiletto FemDom – Tag Team Ass Smother. Starring Lady Bellatrix, Mistress Kandy and Princess Jemma




This scene opens with Lady Bellatrix sitting on her slave’s face while Mistress Kandy prepares to do the same with her boy. Bellatrix tells her bitch that she wants him to think about his misdemeanors earlier in the day while he fights for air under her ass. “That beautiful, beautiful ass of mine is smothering the life out of you” she says. The slave kicks but Bellatrix only increases the pressure on his face as she reaches behind to pull on his nipples. She laughs and tells him to breathe her ass air, and he literally has to suck the air from her asshole in order to breathe. Bellatrix is in a very cruel mood today! Meanwhile, Kandy relaxes casually on her slave, who seems to have unlimited staying power. Just as she starts to wonder whether he has expired, he starts to struggle and kick. She stretches him to the limit until he becomes frantic and she mercifully stands up to let him gasp for air. Just then, Princess Jemma enters the room, pulling up her sexy panties, having just used the bathroom. Bellatrix taunts her slave (who happens to be Jemma’s ex-boyfriend) for being an out of work actor, because he’s so dramatic compared to Kandy’s large-lung-capacity lad. Bellatrix steps aside so Jemma can plant her sexy little ass on the slave’s face. All three of these Ladies’ asses look amazing as they sit on their slaves’ faces. What a dream it would be for any man to be in this situation! Jemma and Kandy decide to have a head-to-head competition to see which slave can hold his breath the longest. To throw the slaves off, Bellatrix runs her long, sharp nails over one slave’s berries, then the other, before she repeatedly slaps her slave directly in the nuts in order to make him jump. Surprisingly, Kandy’s slave taps out first, although it’s questionable as Jemma’s bitch probably snuck a breath along the way while she moved about. Throughout this entire scene, the girls make sure to sit on both slaves’ faces while they all do their part to make things difficult for the poor slobs by pressing on their diaphragms, pulling their nipples, and slapping their cocks and balls. This is a classic ass-smothering/facesitting clip with three utterly amazing asses, which ends with a spirited stroke-off between the two slaves, the loser having been threatened with castration.



Keywords: jemma, ass smother, mistress kandy, lady bellatrix, facesitting

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Club Stiletto FemDom – FB – Deep in His Ass (Forced Bi). Starring Mistress Kandy, Mistress Jasmine, Mistress Sasha Mizaree and TS Domme Stacie

Club Stiletto FemDom – FB – Deep in His Ass (Forced Bi). Starring Mistress Kandy, Mistress Jasmine, Mistress Sasha Mizaree and TS Domme Stacie





Under the threat of blackmail and revealing everything about his perverted experiences to his sister, Mistress Kandy leads slave dougie into the cage under the bed. There he is handcuffed where he can see everything that is going on in the mirror on the wall. There is certainly lots to see! Mistress Kandy, Mistress Jasmine, Mistress Sasha Mizaree and TS Domme Stacie are all on the bed and making out with each other as the action heats up into a girl-girl makeout frenzy. They taunt dougie in the cage below and they laugh at him. Such a loser. After the steamy hot makeout session gets the girls super horny, they pull dougie out from the cage and prepare him to get royally fucked up the ass by TS Stacie’s big beautiful cock. She slams her cock deep in his asscunt as the Mistresses hold back his legs. Mistress Stacie fucks the living daylights out of the slave. You don’t want to miss this one and now it’s yours for a special reduced price!

Category: FORCED BI


Keywords: kandy kink, jasmine, high heels, cocksucking, sucking, bondage equipment, prison box, cock sucking, sasha mizaree, office, interview, asian, ts dommes stacie

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Club Stiletto FemDom – Kandy’s Sweaty Booty Ball Workout Cum countdown. Starring Mistress Kandy

Club Stiletto FemDom – Kandy’s Sweaty Booty Ball Workout Cum countdown. Starring Mistress Kandy




This hot and sweaty Ass POV opens with Kandy sitting on her workout ball, talking about how busy she is with sessions, shooting, and so on, and that sometimes she just has to exercise right there in her dungeon. You can see she’s already sweaty with moisture covering her entire body. She tells you that since you’re there to session with her, you can just sit and watch her work out. You’ll likely have to lick all the sweat from her before your session begins though. As she bounces on the ball, giving you amazing ass views, she works her arms with the medicine ball to make sure she really perspires. “I can literally feel the water running down my ass crack” she says. She has her panties on to begin with because she wants them nice and wet to use as a mouth gag for you later. “Maybe when I’m finished, I’ll make you lick all the sweat off my ass before I give you a proper beating” she says. Meanwhile, she continues to bounce up and down with her lovely, full ass and she’s bouncing so hard that it would probably knock you out or give you a black eye. What a badge of honor that would be! After a lot more bouncing, Kandy rolls back and forth on the ball, and you get a tremendous upward view as her ass hangs over the ball. You’ll ache to bury your head between her sweaty cheeks and lick like the dirty dawg you are. “I hope the ball doesn’t blow up, but if it does, I’ll just use your face instead” she says. Less than four minutes in, Kandy removes her panties and holds them up for you to sniff before sitting down again to resume her workout. She describes how her whole body is wet, including her magnificent tits. “No tits for you though” she says, as she directs you back to her ass and you see how wet she really is. Is there a greater honor than to lick up your Mistress’ body excretions? I think not! As the bouncing builds up again, a ripe fart escapes Kandy’s ass; all the more flavour for you to enjoy later. She laughs, having blown gas right in your face and switches to a rolling-bouncing technique that gives you an amazing view of her asshole and pussy. She says she can see you getting hard and knows how her ass, asshole, and farts turn you on. She tells you to start stroking your dicklette; to get it nice and hard, but no coming until she says so. “I want you thinking about my ass 24/7.” She says she might turn you into her full-time ass slave. Whether in private or public, you will crawl behind her to sniff her ass. She starts her countdown, “ten, nine, eight,”, slowly but then stalling, encouraging you but making you wait until she hits “one” before she orders you to cum on her feet. You glance up at her ass but she says, “Not my ass; get down there and lick the cum off my feet!”. So do it properly and all that sweat will be yours!



Keywords: ass worship, sweat, mistress kandy, pov

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Club Stiletto FemDom – Fuck Yes, We’re Going To Fuck. Starring Mistress Kandy

Club Stiletto FemDom – Fuck Yes, We’re Going To Fuck. Starring Mistress Kandy




Kandy is a personal trainer and has invited one of her male clients back to her place to taste her famous protein shake. She steps out to slip into something more comfortable while the client grins at the camera and says “I’m so going to be fucking that.” As fate would have it, Kandy also has fucking in mind… she has a giant new strap-on she’s just dying to break in. The young lad is far from worldly though, so Kandy decides to feel him out to see what sort of experience he has and what he might be into. When she steps back in wearing nothing but a bra and panties, the young man’s eyes bug out of his head. It’s evident he’s flustered, which is right where she wants him. Slowly, Kandy manipulates him, gives him the impression they might fuck, then suddenly snatches all his dreams away. “After all, you are a client” she says. She gets him onto his knees, massaging her feet, and says “Although… a good foot massage does tend to get me horny…” She asks if he’s ever tried bondage, and when he says no, she tells him she’s more into kinky guys… suddenly the idea of being locked up in cuffs and chains doesn’t seem so bad! “We are still going to fuck, right?” he asks. “Yes, we are definitely going to fuck” she answers. She smiles and tells him to sit tight until she returns. Tightly bound in place, he’s about to experience the surprise of his life. There’s no actual strap-on fucking in this clip although you do see Kandy in her strap-on at the end. Loads of foot worship, ass licking and pussy worship make this a memorable clip that’s sure to become a Kandy classic.



Keywords: mistress kandy, strapon, bondage

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Club Stiletto FemDom – I Promised You Some Big Juicy Farts. Starring Mistress Kandy

Club Stiletto FemDom – I Promised You Some Big Juicy Farts. Starring Mistress Kandy




All of Mistress Kandy’s farts are 100% authentic and today she has promised her ass slave some big juicy ones. She sits on his face and only gets up when she has to blow gas. Face sitting, ass smothering, ass licking and big wet juicy farts. Kandy is wicked as she makes the slave put his nose inches from her ass so you can see her anus expand as the gas explodes from it and then she shoves her ass into his face to insure the odor is ground right up his nostrils. Another fart classic from Kandy.

Category: FARTING


Keywords: mistress kandy, farting, ass worship, ass licking, ass smother

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