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Club Stiletto FemDom – Every Day Every Night Armpit Bitch. Starring Mistress Kandy and Amazon Goddess Airen

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Club Stiletto FemDom – Every Day Every Night Armpit Bitch. Starring Mistress Kandy and Amazon Goddess Airen




Mistress Kandy and Amazon Goddess Airen have sent their slave to the shower as he was stinking to high heaven after being brutally trampled. As they await his return they realize they have worked up quite a sweat themselves. A quick sniff of each others pits reveals that they are pretty rank. This lucky slave is not finished yet, as he returns, on all fours of course, they call him over and tell them they want every drop licked up. Armpit sweat leaves a unique taste on the mouth, we recommend every slave try it, and when this slave is done he will be able to savor the sweetness for the rest of the day and maybe even the night. Naturally the ladies scold the bitch while he licks, telling him to ease up on the sucking as they don’t need hickeys down there, but as he does his task you are blessed with some great up close shots of both ladies sexy armpits. Kandy even mentions they really need a second slave with 4 armpits to be serviced, go ahead and imagine it’s you. Can’t you just taste it!

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Keywords: armpits, femdom, armpit worship, amazon, slave

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Club Stiletto FemDom – Trampled By MY Husband’s Shoes. Starring Mistress Kandy

Club Stiletto FemDom – Trampled By MY Husband’s Shoes. Starring Mistress Kandy




Kandy has married into money but while the old fucker is off making another million she is having fun at home. Today she has a guy on the floor as her floor mat. Now this guys loves to be trampled and her stiletto’s get him totally aroused but she has a surprise for him. First she teases him with the high heels, stepping on him a bit before removing the shoes and then sticking her toes in his mouth, then he licks her feet. He couldn’t be happier… then she drops the bombshell… today she is going to trample him while wearing her husbands yard shoes, the very ones he wore yesterday while spreading cow in the yard and mowing the lawn. OMG, the humiliation! And oh, not just trampling, sorry bitch but the bottom of those shoes need a good licking too. Every inch. There is some great chest jumping in this video, face standing, and ball squishing along with the stiletto and foot action earlier in the clip. Definitely a great clip if you are into trampling and humiliation. You can see that Kandy loves talking to this bitch in a humiliating manner and even suggests that he is so pathetic he would probably like to be dominated by her and her husband. “What would hubby think if he walked in and saw what was going on?”, she asks him and then the front door of the house opens, “Is that you, honey?”



Keywords: trampling, mistress kandy, stilettos, feet, foot worship

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Club Stiletto FemDom – No Handjob For You. Starring Mistress Kandy

Club Stiletto FemDom – No Handjob For You. Starring Mistress Kandy




Kandy returns to her kneeling slave, having just examined his work in the kitchen, where he had been ordered to tidy up after her wild weekend party. “Do you remember that I promised you a hand-job if you did your chores properly?” she asks. Of course he remembers; slaves are usually thinking about their cocks. It’s then that she chooses to break the news to him: she has found a breadcrumb on the floor! The slave’s stomach sinks, knowing just what this means – no hand-job and likely some serious pain. She orders him to stand up, and as he walks over to her, she reaches out and gently rubs his balls. Just as he lets his guard down, thinking she was only joking and his stroke job is about to begin, she squeezes his balls. The squeeze gets harder and then she slaps his cock! It’s quite understandable for Kandy to be outraged. After all, her slave was careless with his cleaning tasks, so naturally he doesn’t deserve to be pleasured. “There will be no hand-job for you; only a ball torturing job,” she laughs. She takes his cock and balls in one hand and begins to squeeze and twist. She pulls him up onto his toes by yanking up on his cock and admonishes him for being hard. “Look at you. Are you still expecting a hand-job?” she asks. She reaches under his balls with her other hand and rains blows onto his nuts. It’s evident he likes the abuse and Kandy asks if he left the breadcrumb there on purpose, while she slaps his hard cock again and again. Suddenly, like a light switch has gone off, she starts gently stroking his cock, ever so lovingly. “Don’t you want a nice hand-job?”. But before he can answer, she angrily continues, “Well, it’s not going to happen,” and she pummels his balls some more. As Kandy twists and slaps, she tells the slave, “I was even going to let you cum on my tits.” She twists his cock one way and his balls the other, then gives him a big red lipsticked kiss right on his nuts. The squeezing, twisting, and slapping continues, and when she switches to underhand slaps, his balls literally jump out of their sack and vanish into his body. Once they fall back into place, the assault continues. Kandy pulls him to his knees by the cock and says, “Before I came back out here I emptied a 20 pound bag of flour across the kitchen, and I’m going to give you another chance to tidy up…and if you do a good job this time, I’ll let you cum on my tits.”


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Club Stiletto FemDom – Bruised Balls and an Orgasm. Starring Lady Bellatrix, Princess Jemma, and Mis…

Club Stiletto FemDom – Bruised Balls and an Orgasm. Starring Lady Bellatrix, Princess Jemma, and Mistress Kandy




Lady Bellatrix, Princess Jemma, and Mistress Kandy have just supervised a piss drinking contest between two slaves. The loser, Jemma’s ex-boyfriend Christian, now finds himself locked into a trample box with his cock and balls exposed for the ladies to abuse, while the winning slave gets to lick Kandy’s pussy. Talk about pain or pleasure! Jemma and Bellatrix berate the losing slave and start to work him over. Jemma rams her sexy feet into his mouth while Bellatrix pokes one of her 7″ stilettos at his cock and balls. She steps down with both heels and uses her full weight to stand on his nuts. She has the slave remove her shoes with his teeth while Jemma moves over and rubs his cock and balls with her feet. Meanwhile, the other slave is oblivious to everything but the tasty pussy he is eagerly licking. Slaves rarely get pussy so they had better do a good job when the opportunity comes their way. The camera moves back and forth between the two scenes and gives you a great sense of what a house of Dominant ladies looks like. Pain, pleasure, and kink. While all three ladies are clearly having fun, you can see that Kandy has an extra big smile on her face. Jemma and Bellatrix soon have all four feet on the slave’s junk and you get some great up close views of sexy toes and feet inflicting pain on their slave. Then it’s time for some up close pussy licking action, as Christian’s buddy clearly has no concern for his predicament. The ladies make sure he knows he could find himself in the same position as Christian in a heartbeat, should he fail as their pussy licker. I’m not sure how many scenes we have ever shot of foot worship, ball busting, and pussy worship together, so this one is definitely unique… and really hot. While Bellatrix and Jemma leave to get some toys from the other room, Kandy decides to stay for a while (she wants an orgasm), and she orders her slave to bear down on her clit. Poor Christian just lays there with swollen nuts, ignored, while Kandy directs her slave until she has a mind-blowing orgasm. At that moment, the other ladies return and Kandy decides that the three of them should leave to scheme about what they will do next to these two next.



Keywords: lady bellatrix, pussy licking, princess jemma, pussy worship, mistress kandy, cbt

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Club Stiletto FemDom – We Won’t Tell Hubby – Armpit Worship. Starring Mistress Kandy

Club Stiletto FemDom – We Won’t Tell Hubby – Armpit Worship. Starring Mistress Kandy




Kandy is a confident trophy wife of an old rich fucker but a hot MILF is not about to sit around when yard boys and pool boys are just outside the windows of her fabulous new house and hubby is off somewhere trying to make another million. As the scene starts Kandy is talking to the yard boy and tells him that seeing him in the yard all hot and sweaty made her realise that she was a bit hot and sweaty herself and has therefore called him in to lick her armpits. She tells him he is ugly and throws him a mask to wear, it has no eye holes because she doesnt want him eyeing up her tits and hot body but rather focusing on his task at hand. As the slave starts to lick her first pit she tells him this will be a secret and that should her husband find out hed be sure to him. She tells him she doesnt wear deodorant, shes to good for that, and reminds him they wont be having sex, she saves that for the well hung pool boy. The slave licks eagerly as if his life depends on. Kandy then lays back and has him move to the second pit, which he has to smell first. She tells him the Indian food from last night is just boring out of her pores including her pits. She directs him to every corner and dip of her armpit and tells him to lick until she has had enough. Maybe my ass will get sweaty and Ill need that licked to., she tells him, laughing. She loves being attended to as a true Goddess, knowing these young boys are desperate for a pay check. Now reach over and lick the other pit., she demands, and dont you dare touch my breasts or body., she appears ready to enjoy a nap.

Category: ARMPITS


Keywords: armpits, body worship, sweat

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Club Stiletto FemDom – That’s Coming out of your Pay. Starring Mistress Kandy




Kandy has been having fun with her yard boy but decides she has been a bit too nice to him and thinks he should suffer as well. What better way than to kick the out of his balls? Kandy tells the boi she wants to build up his tolerance and then while kicking him notices that the pre-cum dripping from his dick has just splashed all over him. She wipes it up with her fingers and sticks it in his mouth. She can’t believe how rock hard the bitch is from being kicked. Solid kick to the nuts after solid kick to the nuts rain down on the yard boy. Kandy then grabs onto his dick and while doing so kicks some more. In light of his stiff cock Kandy tells him, “Forget the ass and armpit worship, I know what I’m going to do with you from now on.” She tells him that if she is ever stressed out she will just call him in and take it out on his balls. Kandy continues to kick and kick and she is amazed how rock hard he is. Eventually he falls to his knees but Kandy orders him back up and then makes him eat more pre-cum dripping from his cock. Kandy tells the boi her husband is annoying her so much, just a rich old fucker, and this ball kicking stuff is really helping her relax. Last night Kandy asked hubby for $50,000 and then wakes up this morning to find he has written a check for only $45,000. “That $5000 will come out of your pay.”, she tells him. After 100 kicks, or so, the boi drops to his knees, in a show of compassion Kandy make him lick her boots which are also covered in his cum. The break is brief though and soon the kicks continue to his balls until he finally falls again. Kandy makes him lick up some more cum and then says the abuse is making her horny, “Where’s my pool boy.”, she smiles!



Keywords: Mistress Kandy, Stilettos, Ball Busting, Kicking

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Club Stiletto FemDom – Pungent Odors For Fart Face. Starring Mistress Kandy




Kandy outdoes herself in this fantastic fart scene. Fart after juicy fart bombard her slave through the full three minutes… no filler here. First fart face has to spread her ass cheeks so she can blow gas directly into his face as he kneels. She then has him lay down on the bench and squats over him, just inches from his nose so you can see every fart is authentic, and so the slave gets the full impact of her rank farts. She then has him move to the other side of the bench where she again squats on his face and lets out a massive fart that she says almost makes her sick to smell. The slave though, he is conditioned to love it, so Kandy makes sure the smell is ground into his face by sitting on it, but only after she has expelled enough gas to bring tears to most peoples eyes. “All in a days work.”, she giggles. If you love a beautiful hot Domme that truly enjoys farting on her slaves, you will love this one.

Category: FARTING


Keywords: farting, Kandy

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Club Stiletto FemDom – My ex is Now M0mmys Slave. Starring Mistress Kandy and Princess Jemma




Our best selling clips this past year have featured Mistress Kandy and Princess Jemma and now they are together again. Jemma returns from her trip to Europe wearing an outfit that would have sent her daddy into a rage at one time, but not anymore as daddy is now a slave to both ladies, as first revealed in How I Treat Your Father. None the less, Jemma is curious where daddy is and Kandy tells her that she has lent him out to a gay bike gang for the weekend revealing some of the nasty things they are doing to him. “They’ve really taken a shining to him and his ass and you might not see him for a long time.”, she laughs. She then tells her that she has her ex boyfriend Christian there however, locked up in a cage. Her ex was first introduced in M0mmy Makes My BF Eat Sch1t. “He has to come over everyday and do dishes, laundry, whatever I need done.” Jemma is so happy to see him in this position because he was such an asshole when they dated and now is getting the treatment he deserves. “He can hand wash my panties.”, Jemma tells mommy. “Yes, and lick your dirty feet too.”, Kandy replies. Jemma removes her shoe and sticks a nylon clad foot through the bars where the now well trained slave wastes no time in kissing and licking her feet and toes. The ladies talk a bit and Kandy mentions that Christian has a friend Ray who will be coming over so there is a slave for each of them. They take turns feeding the slave their heels, feet and toes and the slave slobbers eagerly on everything they give him with no concern for where they have been or how dirty they might be. Check out all our great Family Fantasy Clips (Mother, daughter, sister, Aunt)

Category: TABOO


Keywords: Jemma, family fantasy, Kandy, feet, foot worship

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Club Stiletto FemDom – AS – We Punish Men. Starring Goddess Samantha and Mistress Kandy




Goddess Samantha walks over and plops her magnificent booty on her human couch. She raises her feet off the floor so she can enjoy knowing he is experiencing every ounce of her perfect body on his chest. Then Mistress Kandy comes over and slams her hot ass down on his face. It was available for sitting upon, so why not? The two Mistresses enjoy using the ‘couch’ and feeling ‘it’ thrash beneath them, as he runs out of air. They laugh and bounce and while he will always crawl back for more, at the moment he might be questioning if this is his true life calling! Both of them make sure he is suffering to their satisfaction. Every now and then, when they decide to give him a breath, they slap his face ferociously before settling their asses back down on him. Naturally, when Mistress Kandy has had enough fun destroying his face, it is Goddess Samantha’s turn… there is no escape. Sam drops her spectacular spandex covered booty on his smashed face and enjoys feeling him squirm beneath her. They continue their merciless attack the entire time… so much fun! You can also see more of the gorgeous Goddess Samantha at her Addicted2Samantha clip store.



Keywords: Samantha, smothering, ass sniffing, objectification, Face Crusher, ass sniffing, spandex, stockings, smothering, Kandy, human furniture, pantyhose, chest sitting, face crusher, stockings

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Club Stiletto FemDom – Ass Sniffing Afternoon. Starring Mistress Kandy and TS Domina Staci




Mistress Kandy and TS Domina Staci wile away the afternoon with a couple of their slaves. One slave is caged, ordered to worship Kandy’s shoe, while the other serves as a seat cushion for Staci. The ladies are waiting to see how long it will take him to run out of air and start squirming. In the meantime, Kandy shoves her ass into the caged slave’s face and makes him sniff it. Staci finally allows her seat a breath, only to shove her dick in his mouth. Clearly, the ladies have little respect for their charges, and they fall into an amusing discussion about their bitches’s diets. Both charges are on the cum diet; a regimen based solely on the consumption of Staci’s cum and the golden nectar of either Mistress. Kandy sticks her foot in the caged guy’s mouth and tells him to clean the toe jam off- lucky bastard, he gets a little supplement to his otherwise limited diet! The slaves are kept lean and hungry; any nourishment they receive depends solely on their ability to ingest whatever piss or cum they are doled out.



Keywords: Mistress Staci, Mistress Kandy

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