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Cruel Unusual FemDom – A Cheerleader’s Kicking Bag. Starring Goddess Nadia White

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Cruel Unusual FemDom – A Cheerleader’s Kicking Bag. Starring Goddess Nadia White




Goddess Nadia White needs to practice her high kicks for her cheerleading squad. Nadia feels she needs more resistance training
though, and pulls out her new kicking post slave bitch to give her a target to kick at. Goddess Nadia White makes him stand with
his legs apart and arms above his head so he can receive her ball busting torture. Goddess Nadia busts his useless swollen balls
with a few kicks before slapping them. Goddess Nadia needs to have the strongest, highest kick in the county for the competition
coming up, so she will need to practice a lot in the coming days.



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Subby Hubby – How To Stroke a Large Cock. Starring Nadia White

Subby Hubby – How To Stroke a Large Cock. Starring Nadia White




Goddess Nadia White knows how much you love sucking big long dicks. Nadia has a huge cock, and she knows you want to suck it. She has you crawl over to her before opening your mouth for her big long strap on cock. You must be a small dicked pathetic loser to enjoy sucking cock this much. No one wants to see or touch that small dicklette of yours. You can sit back and stroke that pathetically small cock with two fingers while you watch Goddess Nadia White show you what stroking a real dick looks like.

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ClubDom – Giving Her Slave a Big Black Present. Starring Nadia White

ClubDom – Giving Her Slave a Big Black Present. Starring Nadia White




Goddess Nadia White has a present for her slave. She walks over to him and forces him to suck her big black cock. Goddess Nadia makes him gag on her thick strap on cock before pistoning it in his slutty slave mouth. Goddess Nadia makes him drool all over her huge cock before bending him over and shoving it up his ass. Goddess Nadia spanks his pale slave ass while thrusting the length of her black strap on dick in his slutty man pussy. Her pussy gets so wet when she’s pegging a slave. Goddess Nadia slaps her slave’s balls while pile driving her thick cock in his wide ass.

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ClubDom – Performing Milking Maintenance. Starring Nadia White

ClubDom – Performing Milking Maintenance. Starring Nadia White




Goddess Nadia White is performing maintenance on her slaves. She pulls slave 044 out of his cage and makes sure he is ready to be rid of his disgusting backed up filth. Goddess Nadia starts milking her pathetic slave. In order for the process to go by faster for everyone, she massages his swollen balls with a few swipes of her hand. Goddess Nadia orders him to not cum until she says so as she doesn’t want to clean up his filthy mess. It’s been 30 days since he was last milked, so Goddess Nadia is expecting a sizeable load, and she better not be disappointed. Goddess Nadia can feel him getting closer, but it isn’t time yet. She tells him about the chastity device she bought him so he can’t masturbate while doing chores. Finally, Goddess Nadia gives him permission to spill his filth, which he does all over the floor. After he’s done eating his cum from her hand, he will have to clean up the floor now too.

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ClubDom – Beating Her Meat With a Cane. Starring Nadia White

ClubDom – Beating Her Meat With a Cane. Starring Nadia White




Goddess Nadia White drags a slave out to the middle of her dungeon where she asks him a very simple question; Does he like to beat his meat? What a coincidence! Goddess Nadia White likes to beat her meat as well. Goddess Nadia bends him over the whipping horse where she starts to tenderize his pale white ass by administrating a caning. Goddess Nadia wants her slave to count each caning stroke she administers. Goddess Nadia gives him 10 loving swats with her cane before having him count them down from 10.

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ClubDom – Dream of their Goddess Cocks. Starring Nadia White and Nyssa Nevers

ClubDom – Dream of their Goddess Cocks. Starring Nadia White and Nyssa Nevers




Goddess Nadia White and Goddess Nyssa Nevers are wearing corsets and strap on black cocks, standing in front of you, stroking their big black cocks, wondering if you want your boy pussy stuffed. The Goddesses start planning on how to fuck your slut hole with their big cocks. They know you want to be DP’d, and want to take turns having you suck their dick while the other fucks your ass, forcing you to suck off your own ass juice.

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ClubDom – Jerk it or Lose It. Starring Nadia White and Nyssa Nevers

ClubDom – Jerk it or Lose It. Starring Nadia White and Nyssa Nevers




Goddess Nadia White and Goddess Nyssa Nevers are standing in front of you dressed in latex dresses and black boots wondering what you could possibly do with that tiny disgusting dick. The Goddesses can only imagine any woman throwing up if that dicklette got near them. They know that you are a virgin, and have never used your little tiny dicklette. Goddess Nyssa Never almost feels bad for you for having such a small worthless prick, but she doesn’t give a shit about you.

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ClubDom – Training Their Bitch. Starring Nadia White and Nyssa Nevers

ClubDom – Training Their Bitch. Starring Nadia White and Nyssa Nevers




Goddess Nadia White and Goddess Nyssa Nevers are taking their pathetic puppy bitch out for a walk so he doesn’t make another mess in the house. They walk him into the yard and wait for him to piss in the yard. No one wants to clean up after a pathetic bitch. Seeing that the extra attention is getting him excited, Goddess Nadia White decides to play with him a bit, throwing a shoe for him to retrieve. They ask him to play dead and tease him by pretending to throw the shoe and watch him running around looking for it. Pathetic bitch boy.

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Subby Hubby – Step-Brother Becomes A Sissy Slut. Starring Nadia White

Subby Hubby – Step-Brother Becomes A Sissy Slut. Starring Nadia White




Description: Goddess Nadia White comes home boasting about winning a recent cheerleading trophy, as her step brother Cameron has never won anything. Nadia goes inside to get ready to go to her friend’s house, when Cameron comes inside and finds her cheerleading outfit. Cameron starts putting on lipstick and a blonde wig and cheering. Nadia sneaks up on him and records him acting like a perverted version of Nadia on her phone. Cameron begs to do anything so that Goddess Nadia won’t share that video with all his friends and family. Goddess Nadia White has her stepbrother on his knees since she has the blackmail video ready to send to everyone to embarrass him. Now, Nadia White is going to get whatever she wants from her step brother. To start with, Goddess Nadia has her step brother suck her toes while wearing gorgeous pink lipstick. She has him lick in between her toes and the bottoms of her feet. Her step brother gets really into it and does a good job worshipping her Goddess feet. He starts fucking Goddess Nadia’s feet with his tiny dick and spills his load on her feet. Goddess Nadia makes her step brother lick it off and swallow it, even though he begs her not to. All this attention from her step brother is getting Goddess Nadia White horny. She isn’t going to let his pathetic tiny dick touch her, so she puts a chindo on his face so he can learn to fuck her right. Goddess Nadia grabs his hair so he doesn’t go too fast and get Nadia’s pussy worked up so she can cum hard. Nadia White loves spreading her legs so her step brother can fill her up with the artificial cock chindo strapped to his chin. If he plays his cards right, Nadia may even let him fuck his step sister again, with the chindo of course. Goddess Nadia White really likes her step brother being under her control, especially in the blonde wig he has. Since he doesn’t want her to share a humiliating video of him, Nadia fills her step brothers mouth with her huge strap on cock. Goddess Nadia White has her step-brother Cameron gagging and drooling all over her cock, which is good so it doesn’t go in his ass dry. Nadia has him doggy style on the couch cheering while he gets his ass pegged by his step-sister. Nadia fucks his ass deep and hard, making him scream out from his step-sister’s cock fucking his pathetic ass.

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ClubDom – Chindo Fucking Reward. Starring Nadia White and Nyssa Nevers

ClubDom – Chindo Fucking Reward. Starring Nadia White and Nyssa Nevers




Description: Goddess Nadia White and Goddess Nyssa Nevers chase their slave into their dungeon to have some fun. The latex wearing Goddesses have electroshock prods they use to direct their pathetic slave where they want until they surround him and use the electroshock prods on his disgusting filth sacks. Goddess Nadia White places her thigh high latex boots on his throat while Goddess Nyssa Nevers shocks his tiny disgusting useless ball sack. After they torture their slave’s balls for a bit, they tease him with their beautiful pink Goddess pussies, but won’t let his unworthy hands near them. Instead, they force him to wear a chindo on his head, demanding him to fuck Goddess Nadia White with the chindo and to make her cum, or they will castrate him.

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