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Riding Women – Three Trick Pony. Starring Miss Jasmine

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Riding Women – Three Trick Pony. Starring Miss Jasmine




It’s a beautiful summer’s day and Miss Jasmine takes her ponyboy out for a ride on the mountain trails. As he carries her on his
shoulders, she makes him stop to do squats, crop in hand to ensure he does things exactly as she requires. She instructs him to
high step and then makes him gallop. “Good pony” she says, cropping him only lightly to reinforce the fact that she’s in charge
and he’s just a dumb . Jasmine looks very royal on her mount and says she could ride all day.

The pony carries her quite a distance down a nice long trail, and when Jasmine wants speed, she simply crops his backside. She
decides she wants to ride on his back now. She makes him squat, flogs him while she counts to ten, then looks directly at you and
asks “Don’t you wish you were my big strong pony?” Of course you do! Finally we see a third trick from the pony to go along with
his shoulder riding and ponyback techniques. The camera only shows a view of the road until suddenly the pony appears on the
horizon, carrying Miss Jasmine with his front legs (arms). He carries her all the way down the trail, back to her vehicle. “What
a smart pony” she says. He’s a three trick pony indeed!

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Club Stiletto FemDom – Mia’s First Pony Ride. Starring Princess Mia and Princess Lily

Club Stiletto FemDom – Mia’s First Pony Ride. Starring Princess Mia and Princess Lily




As Lily welcomes Mia to her home, she mentions that she has just gotten a new pony. “Do you want to try him out?” she asks. Mia has never ridden a human pony so is a bit apprehensive but says she does want to try. Lily looks forward to breaking him in and stands back as the pony lifts Mia. The pony is strong and soon Lily directs him to climb the stairs. Mia takes to riding right away and tells the pony to go faster. Lily follows them up and down the stairs and has the pony carry Mia through the house. Lily remarks how amazing Mia’s ass looks on the pony. and it does!

Lily decides she needs a ride now, too, and the ladies switch places. Lily instructs the pony to go up and down the stairs again. The camera catches Mia’s ass as she watches the pony climb the stairs with Lily. Lily has an amazing ass as well, and it looks unbelievably sexy as she sits on the pony. Two amazing asses make this a clip, so even if pony play isn’t your thing, you’ll enjoy it nevertheless. And pony fans will consider this a classic clip! Lily instructs the pony to do squats, which he manages quite easily, given that he’s well conditioned. Finally, the ladies recline on the couch and raise their feet to the pony’s face. In this household there’s no such thing as a ‘one trick pony.’

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Club Stiletto FemDom – Double The Fun For A Strong Pony. Starring Mistress Kandy and Miss Jasmine

Club Stiletto FemDom – Double The Fun For A Strong Pony. Starring Mistress Kandy and Miss Jasmine




Kandy has mounted her young strong pony and has him climb about 40 steps to the back alley of the property where she is taking him out for a ride, along with Miss Jasmine, both ladies in sexy bikini’s. After a time Kandy has the pony go down to his knees so Jasmine can take him for a ride. As it turns out the trip back is uphill and the asphalt is hot. What to do? They decide they will both ride him at the same time. What a show of endurance by this pony who just wants to please his Mistresses.

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Club Stiletto FemDom – Pony Works His Head Off. Starring Miss Jasmine

Club Stiletto FemDom – Pony Works His Head Off. Starring Miss Jasmine




From a distance we see Miss Jasmine in full riding gear mounting a human pony for some shoulder riding. The pony is forced to climb a steep hill right from the start. As she approaches you can see a riding crop in her hand. “There’s nothing like a comfortable afternoon pony ride” she says, as she flogs him a few times and tells him to keep moving. You get a nice view of Jasmine’s gorgeous ass as the camera comes in underneath her. “I have thousands of acres of forest right in my backyard” she says. As it’s a nice day she removes her jacket while the pony continues to walk. “When I was a little girl I always wanted a pony, now I have a full stable full” she says. She directs the pony to a post and makes him do squats with her on his back. She tells him he has to work hard if he wants to be the strongest pony in the herd. “If you do a good job I’ll even let you eat a carrot from my ass” she laughs. “You do need your nutrition after all”. Then she sends the pony along for more riding until she finally allows him to let her down although she has to tell him a few times before he understands. “Some ponies are so dumb” she says.

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Club Stiletto FemDom – Dream It Be It. Starring Miss Jasmine and Mistress Kandy

Club Stiletto FemDom – Dream It Be It. Starring Miss Jasmine and Mistress Kandy




The scene opens with two unicorns riding a pony. One unicorn uses a hoof to slap the horse’s balls, then hops onto the pony so it can carry both girls around. The pony is told to bounce and the unicorns haven’t had this much fun since they played silly games and missed the Ark. Things get hazy as we hear Mistress Kandy saying that the pony seems to be getting tired, and the next thing you know, Miss Jasmine is trying to wake her up, as Miss Kandy is fast asleep on the couch. Turns out it was all one strange fucked up dream! However, all three characters from the dream really are in the room, and Jasmine has the pony kneeling by the couch and ready to ride. It’s just like the dream minus the heads!

Jasmine mounts the pony and Kandy grabs the crop to get him going. “Can he handle both of us?” Kandy asks, adding that in her dream, he was carrying both of them. She mounts him next and the pony boy does in fact manage both of them quite comfortably, giving them a nice, easy ride. They discuss further training plans for him, including some outdoor instruction. Jasmine hops on next, piggy back style, and he gives her a nice ride, including some squats. It’s Kandy’s turn now, so she climbs onto his shoulders and makes him do even more squats. The pony begins to sweat heavily so Jasmine provides some gentle encouragement with the crop. The pony is ordered back down on all fours and both girls hop onto his back once more. He’s ready to ride outdoors!!

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Riding Women – Muscle Judy Goes For A Ride. Starring Miss Judy

Riding Women – Muscle Judy Goes For A Ride. Starring Miss Judy




Judy spends hours a day pumping iron, and after a workout enjoys sitting her rock-solid body on the shoulders of her pet pony and going for a ride. She is the pony’s gym; she’s all he needs in order to stay fit and strong. The scene opens with Judy standing on the table and flexing her muscles until she calls her ponyboy over with a whistle. She mounts him and has him walk around the house before sending him over to the steps. He has to carry her all the way up, walk the hallways, and then head back down. When he reaches the bottom step she instructs him to turn around and go back up. The pony grunts but does as he’s told. Judy does not speak a lot but is firm with her commands and the pony obeys each one. On the next trip down, she directs him into the Grand Room of the mansion and says she can’t wait for a summer concert so she can be on his back during the entire show. She directs him to the fireplace and he’s required to do some squats for her before he’s told to carry her around the house again before heading back up the steps. As he climbs them once more, she asks if he likes having her sexy, muscular legs wrapped around his neck. She orders him to move faster and he runs up and down the steps. When he reaches the bottom, she orders him back up again and he attempts full speed, stumbling slightly. As he reaches the bottom again it appears he’s done. Judy is not satisfied, however, and sends him up again at full speed. She is literally risking her own safety but knows he needs to be worked hard if she’s going to have a strong pony. At the foot of the steps she says, “This is so much fun I think we might just have to do it all day long.”



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Club Stiletto FemDom – Little Pony Earns A Carrot. Starring Princess Lily

Club Stiletto FemDom – Little Pony Earns A Carrot. Starring Princess Lily




Princess Lily towers over her little pony but that’s no excuse for him to not perform as well as a stallion might. She dresses him down first, saying how disappointed she is that he’s so tiny and when he talks to her she slaps his face hard, “Pony’s don’t talk”, she tells him, “They neigh.” She leads the dumb pony to a wall where he gets down so she can mount him. “Every little girl should have a pony”, she giggles, as he starts to trot around the room. She makes him carry her up the stairs and she looks amazing from the lower camera angle that shows off her world class ass, lean body and perky breasts. What pony would not to be mounted by Lily. The little pony stumbles a bit carrying down the stairs and she tells him he’d better not fall or it’s off to the glue factory for him. Lily is just getting warmed up and she sends the pony up the stairs again. Once there she makes him sprint up and down the hallway. Then it’s back downstairs, the pony is clearly getting winded. Again she warms him not to fall but then does call him a good pony as follows every command. “Good boy, good boy”, she tells him as she makes him do squats for her… but she’s not done yet, yes, it’s back upstairs they go. As he struggles, she tells him he is no good to her if he can’t give her the ride she deserves and with that he sprints up the stairs but his effort to please her leaves him winded and he stumbles into the wall. She admonishes him again but then speaks lovingly as he recovers and carry’s her back down the stairs. So cruel, so kind, this pony wants to please her so badly and she knows exactly how to keep him on his game. As he sets her down she breaks the good news to him, he is to crawl on all fours to the kitchen where she has a carrot waiting for him. So generous!

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Club Stiletto FemDom – Junior is The Perfect Pony. Starring Kandy

Club Stiletto FemDom – Junior is The Perfect Pony. Starring Kandy




Kandy has a rich husband and she loves him. Okay, she loves his money. Otherwise he’s pretty much an old bag of flesh. As for his son however, now that’s a different story. He’s a young fit stud and Kandy has previously seduced him and now to avoid being exposed to pop, and booted out of the company, he has to do as Kandy says. Today she wants a nice pony ride. Junior performs flawlessly as Kandy compliments him for his efforts while talking about her husbands short comings.

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Club Stiletto FemDom – Are You Horse Enough. Starring Lady Bellatrix

Club Stiletto FemDom – Are You Horse Enough. Starring Lady Bellatrix




Forget about being man enough, are you horse enough to give Lady Bellatrix the kind of ride she deserves and demands? Bellatrix has taken her pony to a mountain trail road, and right from the start, he’s instructed to carry her uphill. The hill is so steep that most people would find just walking it difficult, but with 120 added pounds, it’s no easy task! It takes a few minutes before the pony reaches the cameraman, and as soon as Bellatrix’s voice comes into range, you hear her scolding, “Don’t you dare drop me!”. This is not a big pony by any means, and in the summer heat you can already see him laboring. “The struggle is the reward”, she reminds him, adding that if he pleases her, she will go back to London and tell her friends about the obedient Canadian pony she had and how they will all take him for a ride when they visit. She mentions that she knows some very heavy girls so he’d better be ready! Almost five minutes in, they’re nearing the top of the hill and Bellatrix orders him to set her down. The pony has barely had a chance to sit on a nearby rock when she tells him to get back up; she has only been teasing him. So, back up he gets! They head down a side road that Kandy and Airen have previously ridden this pony on before, where he was made to do some humiliating things, including some heavy lifting (Airen and Kandy’s Grueling Ride). “Do you remember the embarrassing things Kandy did to you here, making you lick the filth off her boots?” Eventually, Bellatrix tells him to let her off. She rewards him by giving him a head scissor, resting on his back, and then pushing his head into the grass so he can munch some of it. “Just like a cow”, she says. The pony looks exhausted but Bellatrix isn’t finished with him just yet. It’s time to take her back to the car. She tells him she doesn’t like his heavy breathing and grunting, and that if he’s going to make any noise, it had better be pony sounds. He starts to neigh like a good little horsey. Bellatrix reminds him again that he will need to carry her fat friends, and simply hearing her talk about it seems to sap the last bit of his energy… and then he goes down. Bellatrix stamps her foot on his head, kicks him, then pushes him over. “How pathetic.. now I have to walk back to the car on my own!” She turns about swiftly on her heel, leaving the pony there as road .

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THIS CLIP RAISED #1 POSITION IN PONYPLAY CATEGORY! CUSTOM REQUEST – ”Mistress Gaia and Mistress Luana want to have fun with their slave…, first of all You weigh yourself so as to show your actual weight on the scales, Mistress Gaia order the slave to lie down with his belly up, then She climbs on his stomach and also invites Luana to go up, the exercise lasts very little because he is not able to do this! Then Mistress Gaia orders the slave to lift and carry Her like a real Queen, and take a ride around the room. Then Mistress Gaia gets put down and tells the slave to do the same with Her dear friend Luana. Mistress Luana remains a little stunned, but She adjusts her breasts and gets in position. Finished the exercise Mistress Gaia tells Luana that the last time She she did do pushups to his slave with her and her female slave on his back, but she was a lighter female slave, then with a bit of irony She says: ” let’s see if he can do it even with me and you ”, so You approach the staircase, make squatting the slave and climb both on his back. The slave comes close to a collapse. Mistress Gaia, really wants to have fun, and She seats the slave on a chair and seats Luana on his legs, then She orders him to get up and lift her, then he will repeat the exercise but raising both, Mistress Gaia and Mistress Luana. Then the difficulty increases, with the slave who must run it again but this time sitting down. Finally Mistress Gaia orders the slave to crouch on the ground, She says Luana to sit on his shoulders and starts to make him doing push-ups on the legs, the exercise goes on till you drop the slave. It will come to a point where the slave remains crouching because he is no longer able to do it. Mistress Luana doesn’t stop because Mistress Gaia wants to continue, but despite orders to continue, the slave fails. During the video I’d like to hear phrases about kg and words like ”hernia”, or phrases such as ” I’ll smash your back ” etc … I would like to see in the video a latex or leather clothing (pants or skirts), and leather boots with heels. I would prefer that the slave was rather thin. Thanks. ” Don’t forget to visit my website Mistress Gaia. Also available in 1280 x 720 HD Format QUESTO VIDEO HA RAGGIUNTO LA PRIMA POSIZIONE NELLA CATEGORIA PONYPLAY! VIDEO RICHIESTA – ”Mistress Gaia e Mistress Luana vogliono divertirsi con il loro schiavo…, prima di tutto vi pesate cosi’ da far vedere il vostro peso effettivo sulla bilancia, Mistress Gaia ordina allo schiavo di distendersi a pancia in su, poi sale sulla pancia ed invita anche Luana a salire, l’esercizio dura pochissimo perche’ lo schiavo non regge! Mistress Gaia, ordina allora allo schiavo di sollevarla e trasportarla come una vera Regina, si fa prendere come una sposa e cosi’ fa un giro della stanza. A quel punto Mistress Gaia si fa posare a terra e dice allo schiavo di fare lo stesso con la sua carissima amica Luana. Mistress Luana rimane un po’ perplessa, sgrana gli occhi, si sistema il seno e si mette in posizione per fasi prendere. Finito l’esercizio Mistress Gaia dice a Luana che l’ultima volta ha fatto fare al suo schiavo delle flessioni sulle gambe con lei e la sua schiava sulle schiena, ma era una schiava piu’ leggera, poi con un po’ di ironia dice: ”vediamo se ci riesce anche con me e te”, vi avvicinate alla scala, fate accovacciare lo schiavo e salite entrambe sulla schiena. Lo schiavo si solleva, e piano piano si vedono gli stivali delle Mistresses che si alzano da terra. Lo schiavo arriva quasi al collasso. Mistress Gaia, vuole proprio divertirsi, non contenta fa sedere lo schiavo su una sedia e fa sedere sopra le gambe dello schiavo Luana, poi gli ordina di alzarsi e di sollevarla, successivamente gli fara’ ripetere l’esercizio ma sollevando entrambe, con Mistress Gaia seduta sulle gambe di Mistress Luana. Poi la difficolta’ dell’esercizio aumenta con lo schiavo che deve eseguirlo di nuovo ma questa volta da seduto. Per finire Mistress Gaia fa accovacciare lo schiavo a terra, dice a Luana di sedersi sulle sue spalle e inizia a fargli fare delle flessioni sulle gambe, contando ad alta voce il numero di flessioni che riesce a fare, l’esercizio va avanti fino allo sfinimento dello schiavo. Si arrivera’ ad un punto in cui lo schiavo resta accovacciato perche’ non riesce piu’ a sollevarla. Mistress Luana non scende subito perche’ Mistress Gaia vuole continuare, ma nonostante gli ordini i tentativi di risollevarsi falliscono. Durante il video mi piacerebbe che venissero dette frasi in merito ai kg di peso e frasi che contengano la parola ”ernia”, o frasi come ”gli spacco la schiena” etc… Vorrei vedere nel video un abbigliamento in pelle o latex (pantaloni o minigonne) che facciano vedere le forme delle Mistresses, e stivali in pelle con tacco. Preferirei che lo schiavo fosse piuttosto esile. Grazie.” E non scordarti di visitare il mio sito Mistress Gaia. Disponibile anche in formato HD 1280 x 720

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