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THE MEAN GIRLS – Foot Worship For A Bad Slave. Starring Princess Bella, Princess Beverly and Princess Carmela

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THE MEAN GIRLS – Foot Worship For A Bad Slave. Starring Princess Bella, Princess Beverly and Princess Carmela




After its whipping this disrespectful slave needs to learn who is in charge. Oh my god, look at the way he’s kissing her feet! Now open your mouth and shove her foot in your mouth like it’s a dick. Good boy. That’s how you learn who’s really in charge. This isn’t just foot worship, this is punishment, and the degradation is just beginning.

That’s right, work it bitch! It love Princess Beverly’s feet? Princess Bella has got a great idea. Foot worship is just the beginning. In this clip we really take things to the next level, and all I’m going to say is it include a funnel, I’ll just say this is one of the more EXTREME clips we have ever shot LOL.

-The Mean Girls

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THE MEAN GIRLS – Sissy Walk Of Shame. Starring Princess Bella and Princess Carmela

THE MEAN GIRLS – Sissy Walk Of Shame. Starring Princess Bella and Princess Carmela




Princess Bella and Princess Carmela are training the sissy slave to be pimped out. He will be a street walking whore for The Mean
Girls. They start by helping the sissy get dressed in a slutty lacy red dress. Princess Bella even helps the sissy put his bra on.
Once the sissy is properly dressed they inform him it’s time to start his anal training. The sissy will be fitted with his first
butt plug so he can get used to having dick up his ass. Princess Bella tells the sissy they will start with a small plug and work
their way up to larger and larger sizes. Princess Carmela bends the slave over and inserts the butt plug into the sissy’s ass.
With the plug inserted the sissy is made to practice walking with the plug in him so he can learn how to walk like a slutty street
whore so men will know he is a good sissy fuck.

I really like the tone of this sissy training clip. It is supportive and encouraging yet firm at the same time. For example, when
they finish dressing up the sissy Princess Bella tells the slave how cute he looks and claps her hands together in genuine
excitement with a huge smile on her face. But when the sissy complains about the butt plug hurting they are absolutely firm in
their resolve and Princess Carmela forces the plug in over the sissy’s complaints. When the sissy practices walking with the plug
in they are very strict barking out orders to sway his hips more and they make him do it over and over again until he gets it
right. All the while never letting the sissy forget that the reason he must practicing walking like this is so he can attract men
who will want to fuck his ass.



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THE MEAN GIRLS – The Smelly Turk Gets A Second Chance. Starring Superior Goddess Brooke and Princess Carmela

THE MEAN GIRLS – The Smelly Turk Gets A Second Chance. Starring Superior Goddess Brooke and Princess Carmela




This slave did such a bad job at his first “slave tryout” that he was kicked out of Mean Girl Manor and sent home in the middle of us filming our abuse of him. Ever since then he has been literally begging and pleading with us over the phone and email and text to let him come back for a second chance. So now that he knows what he is in for, We took a vote and decided to finally give him another round of pain and suffering- so he can at least try to earn his redemption as a decent pain slave for us.

Princess Carmela and Superior Goddess Brooke start off with some ballbusting to see if he has changed his ways. (The first time he was here he quit after just a few measly kicks to his groin.) They start out soft and give him harder and harder kicks based on Princess Bellas instructions from behind the camera. But the slave keeps anticipating the kick and jumping back to try to lessen the blow! He also has to be told over and over to keep his legs spread nice and wide for us! Princess Carmela and Superior Goddess Brooke do everything they can to help the wannabe slave “succeed” in letting its balls be demolished. But the pathetic slave can’t let its balls be destroyed for us and ends up begging us to stop! Ugh! This is the last straw causing Princess Bella to come out from behind the camera screaming at the slave to get the fuck out of her house- right now! If the slave can’t even take a few kicks to its balls, then he is of absolutely no use to us and can’t stay at Mean Girl Manor for even one second longer! (Yes, this is totally real and Bella was PIIIISSSED!!!!!!!!)

Despite the lack of hardcore action due to the pathetic slave quitting this is still a really good clip for people that like to see weak slaves “broken” and the reality of how we treat slaves here. It provides a fascinating glimpse of some real behind the scenes drama as the slave is literally kicked out the door of Mean Girl Manor- for REAL. (He is literally tossed out the front door of Mean Girl Manor in broad daylight while he is still naked! This is NOT some “scripted” clip! LOL! This is totally real and Bella was PISSED!) You can tell Princess Bella is seriously pissed off at the time wasting slave for real! As the camera follows the slave around you can even see other naked male slaves cowering in the background that were not even part of the shoot. It shows how the Mean Girls really are in charge of things at MGM and how the Manor really is filled with kneeling naked male slaves that have proven themselves as dedicated, obedient bitches for Mean Girls to use however they want. Slaves are kicked in the balls around Mean Girl Manor not to fulfill the slaves “fantasy”- but because it makes money for the Mean Girls! And now you know why we don’t want most of you losers coming here that say they want to “give it a try”. We do not have time to have our entire day wasted for you to “try” something. Unconditional obedience is a simple choice. And if you can’t (or WON’T) make it- then we don’t want you! This is also why we require ID be sent in advance, along with a hefty deposit, and even make losers PAY to be in our clips now. Can’t handle it? Too bad. Blame The Smelly Turk.

“If you can’t take the kicks on camera then get the fuck out!”

To see his this pathetic Turkish loser’s first appearance

Click here:Whipped For Being Stupid

here:New Slave Needs A Shower

and here:Slave Wannabe- A Real Turkey



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THE MEAN GIRLS – Count The Kicks. Starring Mistress Tangent

THE MEAN GIRLS – Count The Kicks. Starring Mistress Tangent




Mistress Tangent and I bring the slave in and get him ready for us to destroy his balls. The slave is positioned on its back, hands cuffed to couch, spreader bar on ankles. He sees the Plinko stand next to him, of course. We take turns dropping plinko chips and wherever they land tells us how many kicks to the slave’s BALLS we get to deliver! Each kick is delivered “foot-slap style” in rapid succession while looking down and taunting the slave. When one of us is kicking, the other is covering slave’s mouth with our foot to muffle its screams. LOL. SUCH a fun game to play! (For US, anyway!)

This is a great clip for those of you that wanna hear our foot realy SLAP against the slave’s balls and if you like seeing repeated kicks rapid-fire no matter how much pain the stupid slave is in. We love when Mistress Tangent visits the Manor…

-Princess Carmela

*To go check out Our friend Mistress Tangent’s store go here!–> Mistress Tangent’s Store*



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THE MEAN GIRLS – Cinder Block Blues. Starring Princess Carmela and Princess Beverly

THE MEAN GIRLS – Cinder Block Blues. Starring Princess Carmela and Princess Beverly




Princess Carmela and Princess Beverly tell the slave they are going to play a little game. He may not like the game but they sure will. The slave is on his hands and knees with a cinderblock tied to his balls! The slave has to crawl toward Princess Carmela as fast as he possibly can while pulling the cinderblock behind him with his balls. There is no way for the slave to win the game as the slave is told the sooner you get there the faster you get kicked in the balls. Is that really a reward? I think the Mean Girls just wanted to see what would happen if they made a slave drag a cinderblock around by his balls so they came up with this “game”.

Princess Beverly is standing behind the slave with a flogger to see how fast she can force him to move forward. As the slave begins to move forward slowly dragging the block a few inches at a time Princess Beverly flogs him from behind commanding him to move faster! The slave can’t see behind him and several times without the slaves knowledge Princess Beverly steps on the cinderblock with her boot making it impossible for the slave to drag it forward. The clueless slave pulls with all his might until his balls are about to fall off while the Mean Girls just laugh. If you are a slave at Mean Girl Manor and they ask you if you want to play a game be careful. Somehow around Mean Girl Manor all the games seem to involve abusing a slaves balls for their entertainment.

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THE MEAN GIRLS – Grovel in the Gravel. Starring Princess Carmela

THE MEAN GIRLS – Grovel in the Gravel. Starring Princess Carmela




This slave has been left chained to a rock out in the harsh desert environment for 3 days and 3 nights without food and water. When Princess Carmela comes out to check on him (and LAUGH at him!) the slave breaks down and cannot help but throw himself at Carmela’s feet, begging and groveling for mercy at her cruel boots. He begins to sob and is literally begging to be brought back to the punishment camp after being left out in the wilderness for 3 days without food or water.

Princess Carmela decides to “test” him and see how desperate and humble he is. She requires him to lick the dirt and sand off the soles of her boots while she listens to him BEG… He even tells her about how the coyotes come around at night, eyeing him up as their next meal…he is so scared that he may not have the strength to be able to fight them off if he goes another night without food or water!

Will Carmela release the slave and drag him back to the indoor facilities and the Mean Girl Desert Correctional Compound? Or will she simply laugh at his predicament and allow her sadistic tenancies to get the better of her and intentionally leave him out here to perish?? Or will she come up with something even MORE cruel and heartless?? Watch the clip to find out, slave… (Although We think that those of you that are familiar with Princess Carmela probably already know the answer to that last question! And she shows just how cruel and heartless she is at the end of this clip…!)



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THE MEAN GIRLS – Beaten and Kicked. Starring Princess Bella, Princess Beverly and Princess Carmela

THE MEAN GIRLS – Beaten and Kicked. Starring Princess Bella, Princess Beverly and Princess Carmela




The Mean Girls are having a pool party, so of course they have slaves at their beck and call ready to be abused by them simply for their entertainment. Princess Bella, Princess Beverly, and Princess Carmela, are all at the pool party and look amazing in their bikinis. Party music is playing and all the Princesses are dancing around and having a great time. They grab one of the slaves and just start beating and kicking him purely for their own fun and entertainment.

They drag the slave to the middle of the backyard and force him to stand with his legs spread far apart so they can have “easy access” to his balls. Then all the girls take turns kicking him the balls, as they continue to dance around in their bikinis cheering each other on! They have even more fun abusing the slave because every time he goes down from a kick to his balls he THEN gets WHIPPED until he stands back up!!! When he stands back up he is kicked in the balls again! Beaten then kicked, kicked then beaten, it’s a never ending circle of pain! SOOoo much fun!! A solid HARD kick to the balls when standing, and then whipped to shreds when on the ground so the slave gets NO rest! Absolutely ENDLESS torture for the slave! Exactly as it should be!!

Its so much fun that we get start to get running starts on a lot of these kicks and then jump up and down and then we ALL cheer as the slave collapses to the ground. Princess Lilly (off camera) even comments on how loud the “slapping” sound of foot-to-balls is after some of the kicks, saying “god I love that sound of a Princess’s bare foot kicking a loser slave’s balls so much!”



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THE MEAN GIRLS – Chastity Beatings Forever. Starring Princess Carmela

THE MEAN GIRLS – Chastity Beatings Forever. Starring Princess Carmela




So I told this new loser house slave we got at Mean Girl Manor that he could get let out of chastity if he takes a nice, full caning session Princess Carmela style. But if he DARES to ask me to stop before its over, then he has to stay in chastity for another month- or until the next time I decide to beat him. (but probably sometime next month.) Its so funny because I have already done this to him a few times. So he has been locked in that sh*t for like 3 months now I think?) And I make it a point to NEVER tell him how long the beating is going to go on, so he has NO idea when Im going to stop.

But what he doesnt know is that I will NEVER stop beating him until he begs for mercy! Haha! Hes so stupid that each time I break him and whisper in his ear that if he had just taken it a liiiittle bit longer for me that I would have given him a release, he actually believes it! HAHAHA. I wonder how far I can push him each month? After all, he will just get more and more desperate to cum as the months go on- and then the beatings will get more & more entertaining for ME! Im having so much fun with this little game that I dont think I will EVER let him out

Princess Carmela

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THE MEAN GIRLS – Sex For Losers. Starring Goddess Rodea and Princess Carmela

THE MEAN GIRLS – Sex For Losers. Starring Goddess Rodea and Princess Carmela




so after we beat the CRAPP out of this slave and he is quivering on the floor at Our feet (see the clip Beatn Black-n-Blue) We introduce our newly beaten & broken slave to the only “girlfriend” he is good enough for- a plastic one! LOL! We make him name her and kiss her while we laugh. (He needs to “romance” her, dammit! haha!) Then we make him hump her on the floor at our feet for our entertainment…LOL! OMFG this is so entertaining…we love owning other “human beings” and being able to make them “perform” for us like the an1malz that they really are…(because losers like this are NOT even at the same evolutionary level as US!)

We tell the loser that if he can’t perform well enough for us – AND please his new girlfriend sexually – that we will destroy his nuts! After all, if his cock n balls aren’t even good enough to please a PLASTIC girl, why does he need them anyway? We will use them for target practice for our kicks!

Spoiler alert- this male chattel was so broken from our beating that he couldn’t perform well enough even to please his plastic girl girlfriend- so eventually we pull him off of her and we put him (and HER!) out of their misery by DESTROYING his nuts! Haha. (This has one of the best kicks in it that we have ever delivered toward the end- as the slave just stumbles and goes down like a boxer that his just been knocked out! LOL!)

-Goddess Rodea and Princess Carmela



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THE MEAN GIRLS – Mindfucked to Hate Butts. Starring Princess Bella and Princess Carmela

THE MEAN GIRLS – Mindfucked to Hate Butts. Starring Princess Bella and Princess Carmela




Princess Bella is always looking for ways to increase her control over the house slaves. She recently mastered the skill of and is now using it to brainwash the slaves. This slave was caught staring at the Mean Girls assess without permission so Princess Bella has brainwashed him into hating butts. Now even the thought of a girl shaking her butt at him is enough to cause the slave mental anguish and pain. Princess Carmela wants to test out how well the brainwashing has worked. She thinks its great that she can torture the slave all she wants just by sitting on his face and cant wait to make him suffer. Despite the fact that he is now terrified of girls butts, with his head strapped to the bench face up, there is nothing he can do to prevent Princess Carmela from sitting on his face!

Princess Carmela sits on the slaves face and she can tell right away that the brainwashing is clearly working! The slave is begging and trying to buck Princess Carmela off his face but there is nothing he can do as she continues using his face as her seat cushion. Princess Beverly is watching the demonstration and is amazed at the powerful skills of Princess Bella. She knows that any other man not brainwashed would be loving this as Princess Carmela has such a great ass! Princess Beverly enjoys watching the slave gasp for air as he is smothered under the full weight of Princess Carmelas butt. She kicks the slave and spits on him and wonders if he has stopped breathing? Uh oh! I dont see his chest moving anymore! Do we need to bury another slave in the back yard?



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