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SADO LADIES Femdom Clips – 6 Canings In 24 Hours. Starring Domina Charlize

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SADO LADIES Femdom Clips – 6 Canings In 24 Hours. Starring Domina Charlize




we are very very glad to present a new stunning mistress here! lets welcome german pro dom from hamburg domina charlize! as we got
in contact with her she told us that she was sadistic as long as she knows, now beeing active as a professional mistress for a few

and her words will be clearly proofed in this first clip we present with her. the story is quite simple, the effect is enormous.
just for her amusement she decides that her slave gets a lot of canings today. to be exact he gets 6 canings in the period of 24
hours. with every caning he will recieve 24 sharp strokes. in between the canings he have to remain on the punishment bench, not
to allowed for an inch.

domina charlize applies the canings from the beginning with sharp and very accourate strongs on his ass.

to due celebrate the canings over a full day she appears with different outfits, staring with a casual outfit, then a superhot
catsuit, next a shiny pvc robe, a wonderful riding outfit, another leather look and at least with corset and a fisnet body.

all canings are very hard, but in the end she brings her slave over his limits! the last sequence is ultra severe and the slave
cries and moans out loud. and he doesnt get away with 24 this time.

NOTE: this is a loooooooong clip, a lil unusual for us, but trust us: this is one of the best, if not the best caning clip we ever
taped! and it contains also a FREE bonus of warming up! if you are into strong caning, this one is a MUSTBUY! german language!

Category: CANING


Keywords: stunning mistress, charlize, domina, domina charlize, hard caning, cane, hard strokes, punishment, catsuit, leather,
corset, strafe, prügel, rohrstock, herrin

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DomNation – PUNISHMENT FOR A DIRTY SLAVE Starring Kinky Gaga

DomNation – PUNISHMENT FOR A DIRTY SLAVE Starring Kinky Gaga




Mistress Kinky Gaga has hygienic requirements for her slaves but it looks like this slave didn’t get the memo. When she sees that
his bottom is dirty along with his dirty feet, she is repulsed and riled. How dare he show up to her pristine dungeon in such
filthy conditions?

Mistress Kinky Gaga knows just how to school her slaves and thats with a grid iron grip and a heavy leather belt. There is no
mercy for this slave or any others. She will conduct the level of punishment that she sees necessary and poor hygiene is a serious
offense to our Mistress Kinky Gaga. Whacking away at him like a piece of meat, the slave cringes and cries.

When he’s sitting on his welted ass he’ll be wishing he had just taken a proper shower.

Kinky Gaga

Features: Belt Whipping, Spanking, Punishment, Slave Training, Mistress, FemDom, Female Domination,



Keywords: kinky gaga, mistress, fetish, female domination, slave, femdom, leather, punishment, spanking, belt

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Porcelain Beauty – Finale spanking

Porcelain Beauty – Finale spanking




I decide that because he arrived late he deserved punishment in the form of some hand spanking to make his bottom nice and red and also a good flogging.

Category: SPANKING F/M


Keywords: humiliation, punishment, spanking, impact play

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Lady Karame – Who says you can cum, on my sexy Hunter Boots

Lady Karame – Who says you can cum, on my sexy Hunter Boots




Equipped with 40 braces, you whine and moan in front of me. It is already much too quiet for me,
so I slowly start to free your body from the nasty clamps. Oh, I slipped off one and you start screaming like a miserable failure! With each piece I take off, your whine gets louder and I am delighted by your pain. You are fidgeting like a fish and the cross
does its best to hold you tight so you will not be able to escape me and my play. Your nipples are
sore and I press my fingers deep into the now very sensitive chest area. You whine and tremble
with your whole body, while the pain flinching through you. A little vulgarity is still ahead of you. I free your
right hand and order you to wank while I present my sexy Hunter Boots and my tight, sexy leggings
in front of you. When you are finally about to cum, I pull you arm from your cock and almost get
your load onto my boots. However, I can still jump back in time. Now I am amused to see how your cum,
completely ruined, runs out of your cock and you are almost crying, because you wanted to cum so badly.
I laugh at you! You are not able to cum like a real man. You’re only there for my amusement!



Keywords: hunter boots, hunter boot, wellings, hunter, whorshipping, slave torture, lady karame, punishment, leggins, german, naked slave, gothic, slave task, arrogant woman, blonde

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SADO LADIES Femdom Clips – The Lousy Buttler. Starring Lady Sofia And Mistress Nemesis

SADO LADIES Femdom Clips – The Lousy Buttler. Starring Lady Sofia And Mistress Nemesis




the house buttler is cleaning. cleaning in the smoking room. mistress nemesis and lady sofia appear, dressed in superhot corsets, leather skirts and leather gloves.

the buttler has to kneel down and for bad cleaning he gets for sure a punishment. this time the ladies are in the mood to slap his old pathetic slave.

lady sofia starts with some sharp and hard strokes, then its up to mistress nemesis. he has to count the strokes.

the poor buttler really feels the pain of the hard slaps but the ladies just laugh about him and that he starts to moan even just on the beginning of the punishment.

well, when they are through with him, after having more fun and play some cruel games of slapping with him, his head shines brightly red! perfect. maybe he will dlean better now. and if not, he will get more punishment for sure from the ladies!

clip duration: 07.06 mins. WMV9 HD 720p format in good quality



Keywords: house buttler, buttler, smoking room, mistress, mistress nemesis, nemesis, lady, lady sofia, sofia, leathergloves, slapping, punishment, faceslap, backpfeifen, ohrfeigen

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SADO LADIES Femdom Clips – The Caning Therapy. Starring Empress Victoria

SADO LADIES Femdom Clips – The Caning Therapy. Starring Empress Victoria




we are again in the dungeon today with empress victoria and her 2 slaves. she starts speaking with one of them who is already prepared on the punishment bench with a straightjacket on: “well i heard about how hard it was for you earlier to give in that you are a spy. thats why you are here. we want to have more informations and even if medicine didnt help so far, i have some special methods to get all the informations i want. so tell me: who is your partner here in this prison? which who do you cooperate?” every question is followed by a hard vicios strokes of her rattan cane.

empress victoria also has another cane here, a black rubber cane that is very very painful and with this instrument she will surely beat the truth out of the spy.

“tell me names slave! now!

but our stupid slave here still thinks, he can get through the punishment with the cane. but this clip needs exactly 08.16 mins to proove the opposite.

in fact at least empress victoria gets out a sharp stingy plastic cane, very swishy, very flexible and very very painful.

and she gets all informations she wants at least.

WMV9 HD 720p format in good quality

Category: CANING


Keywords: german, empress, empress victoria, victoria, dungeon, punishment, cane therapy, therapy, interrogation, cane interrogation, rubber cane, rattan cane, special interrogation, spy punishment, story clip

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SADO LADIES Femdom Clips – Sadistic Whipping. Starring Mademoiselle de S

SADO LADIES Femdom Clips – Sadistic Whipping. Starring Mademoiselle de S




this one is a bonus clip! former owner of sadoladies already uploaded some clips to the store, but never published it so far, so we do now! quality is as known from earlier upload – perfect and hd mp4 quality!

we are in the interrogation room today with classic mistress mademoiselle de s. her slave is already bound tight as she appears and she -dressed in beautiful leather- is already armed with a single tail whip.

this whip is a heavy single tail that is very effective when raised down on a naked ass. the pain is very hard as we can soon hear from the moanings of the pathetic slave.

but the cruel goddess doesnt care if he moans or beg for mercy or to stop. she whips him as long as she likes to. but to give him a rest he is maybe sometimes allowed to kiss the whip of his cruel lady.

when the mistress is ready with him his ass is covered with welts all over!

clip duration: 06.29 mins.

Category: WHIPPING


Keywords: mistress, mademoiselle, mademoiselle de s, classic mistress, leather, single tail, single tail whip, whip, heavy single tail, effective, naked ass, punishment, pain, moanings, slave

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SADO LADIES Femdom Clips – Punished For Blasphemy 2. Starring Lady Pascal

SADO LADIES Femdom Clips – Punished For Blasphemy 2. Starring Lady Pascal




today we have the continuation from punished for blasphemy 1 starring beautiful experienced german pro dom lady pascal. just to remember the story of this: the stupid slave was talking about lady pascals girlfriend in an absolute unacceptable manner and he already gets his back whipped without mercy in part 1. now in the second part she takes down his pants and goes on with the whipping on his bare ass. she also pulls his nipples and ordering to stand straight and to recieve the punishment without moaning. she whips him really hart with a tight short whip and she really wants to get sure, that the slave never talks in that way. he recieves also hard strokes with the do.whip and now he really struggles under the hard strokes while his ass gets redder and redder. in the end end he gets 20 very hard lashes and we all can be very sure he will never talk bad about any friend of lady pascal in the future! clip duration: 08.45 mins. german language!

MPEG4 FULL HD 1920 x 1080 px size! 4000 kBit/s. Super Great Quality!

Category: WHIPPING


Keywords: blasphemy, continuation, part2, part 2, german, german pro dom, pro dom, lady, lady pascal, pascal, punishment, hard whipping, hard strokes, moaning, peitschen

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SADO LADIES Femdom Clips – Flogged On The Pillar. Starring Empress Victoria

SADO LADIES Femdom Clips – Flogged On The Pillar. Starring Empress Victoria




today we have a wonderful new clip starring empress victoria. she looks absolutely superstunning with a leather skirt, a wonderful corset, leather gloves and leather boots. on the pillar her personal toy is already bound to.

she is just in the mood to dish out some punishment today with floggers. she using different floggers and whip him all over his body. no part is beeing spared. beeing a natural sadist she loves to whip his cock also ghrough his wide open legs.

but she is also very sensual with the slave. empress victoria always loves the mixture of pain and pleasure so she enjoys to dish out pain but she also enjoys it to tease her slave with her body and her gloved hands.

clip duration: 07.02 mins. german language!

Category: WHIPPING


Keywords: german mistress, german, empress victoria, empress, victoria, punishment, floggers, whip, full body whipping, pain and pleasure, pain, tease, leather gloves, gloved hands, auspeitschen

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SADO LADIES Femdom Clips – 2 Slaves Punished And Tortured. Starring Lady Sofia And Mistress Nemesis

SADO LADIES Femdom Clips – 2 Slaves Punished And Tortured. Starring Lady Sofia And Mistress Nemesis




here we have another phantastic clip with beautiful mistresses lady sofia and mistress nemesis. the bitches are in the mood to have some fun today with their house slaves. the best space for this is to use the big entry hall of their mansion.

they attach clothespins to the bodies of the slaves first. lots of clothespins. all over. on their nipples, their faces, their arms, their legs, to make it short – wherever they find a suitable place to attach one. also the old slave gets nipple clamps.

this is already very painful and the slave sink their heads down to this humiliation, but this is just the start.

out come some riding crops with a slapper on the end and now the ladies start to whip of the clamps. some of the clamps are very tight and dont want to get off with the first stroke, but the more the ladies try the more perfect they get. and even when they fail with the first stroke it doesnt matter cuz then they whip the clamps off with very hard strokes.

in the end tons of clamps lie around and the slaves body look pretty nicely marked from the clamps and the whips. of course the slaves has to clean the floor and collect all fallen clamps.

clip duration: 07.19 mins. german language! MPEG4 FULL HD 1920 x 1080 px size! 4000 kBit/s. Super Great Quality!



Keywords: mistresses, 2 mistresses, mistress nemesis, nemesis, lady, lady sofia, sofia, special treatment, nipple clamps, clothespins, crops, riding crop, clamps, torture, punishment

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