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GERMAN FEMDOM Lady Victoria Valente – Extremely fast orgasm between my platform peep toes High Heels! And after orgasm: Tail torture

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GERMAN FEMDOM Lady Victoria Valente – Extremely fast orgasm between my platform peep toes High Heels! And after orgasm: Tail torture




Lady Victoria Valente: Parts of the film are shown in Splitscreen: This is a short but very hot clip! I am just about to watch my horny cock a bit more closely, he is between my high heels peeptoes pinched. He is really swollen! And I say still, well tell me your tail is exactly as long as my high heels heels and lift my heel next to the tail. Exactly because at this moment the horny cock just splashes off! The proximity of my high heels has made him so horny that he could not hold his juices anymore. And how he cums! White thick sperm squirts out of the tail hole! What a mess! Luckily I have my riding equipment in my hand! With that the penis is punished! Tail bite with the riding gear after the orgasm! You horny cock now get the stakes! And then I put my high heels sole on the tail off! This is your place, there you belong to him you quick-blow! Keywords: Cumshots, ruined orgasm, humiliation, high heels, peep toes platform heels, legs, pantyhose, leather top outfit, riding grop, gloves, lace panty, tail torture, femdom, female domination, brunette, female supremacy – Please do not share my Clips on the Internet! HD Quality MP4 Clip, German language.

Teile des Films werden in Splitscreen gezeigt: Das ist ein kurzer aber sehr geiler Clip! Ich bin gerade dabei mir meinen geilen Schwanz mal etwas genauer an zu sehen, er soll sich zwischen meinen High Heels Peeptoes eingeklemmt praesentieren. Er ist richtig angeschwollen! Und ich sage noch, na sag mal Dein Schwanz ist ja genau so lang wie meine High Heels Absaetze und hebe meinen Absatz neben den Schwanz. Genau da in diesem Moment spritzt der geile Schwanz einfach ab! Diese Naehe meiner High Heels das hat ihn jetzt so geil gemacht, dass er seine Saefte nicht mehr halten konnte. Und wie er abspritzt! Weisses dickes Sperma spritzt aus dem Schwanzloch! So eine Sauerei! Zum Glueck habe ich meine Reitgerte in der Hand! Mit der wird Eichel abgestraft! Schwanzfolter mit der Reitgerte nach dem Orgasmus! Du geiles Schwanzstueck bekommst jetzt Stafe! Und danach stelle ich meinen High Heels Sohle auf dem Schwanz ab! Das ist Dein Platz, da gehoerst Du hin Du Schnellabspritzer! Cumshots, ruined orgasm, humiliation, Schwanzfolter mit Gerte nach Orgasmus, High heels, peep toes platform heels, legs, pantyhose, leather top outfit, riding grop, gloves, Spitzenhoeschen, femdom, female domination, brunette, female supremacy – Bitte stellen Sie meine Filme NICHT ins Internet! Vielen Dank! HD Qualität MP4 Clip, Deutsche Sprache.

Category: HIGH HEELS


Keywords: high heels, cumshots, stilettos, femdom, female domination, pantyhose, legs, cfnm, brunette, leather top, shoe fetish, ruined orgasm, humiliation, tail torture, platform peep toes

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THE MEAN GIRLS – Jerk It In A Cup. Starring Empress Jennifer and Princess Bella

THE MEAN GIRLS – Jerk It In A Cup. Starring Empress Jennifer and Princess Bella




So as its final reward for coming to Our slave tryout, we allow this loser to jerk off. Only catch? He has to do it ON HIS KNEES, while being DEGRADED by US as we stand over him- and he has to jerk his worthless “slave-seed” into a cup on the floor LOL. And he just keeps going and going and going…..he is like the energizer bunny! Haha.

In fact, you know what? For all you slaves that download this clip- you are NOT allowed to cum while watching this clip until the slave in the clip cums!! UNDERSTAND???

FEATURING: Empress Jennifer, Princess Bella


Category: SPITTING


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Brat Princess 2 – Sasha – 15 Minutes on the Edge with Huge Ruined Cumshot

Brat Princess 2 – Sasha – 15 Minutes on the Edge with Huge Ruined Cumshot




Sasha’s slave has been strapped very tightly and locked into a metal stockade, and also blindfolded. She is going to let him out of chastity, but for a very slow, agonizing tease before finally ruining his orgasm. The slave is very eager to get out of chastity. He has no idea what is in store for him. It proves challenging to remove the chastity device, as the slave has already swelled so much inside it. Sasha has half a mind just to leave the desperate slave in. The device is eventually removed, and the slave is oozing precum. When Sasha sees the slave dripping precum, she knows right away that she wants to edge him for as long as possible. She wants to see just how long he can last before ruining him. Sasha touches the slave minimally. She wants to tease it as much as possible. The chastity slave lasts on edge for a remarkable 15 minutes before Sasha finally allows it to have a ruined orgasm. The clip is incredible. Sasha is so skilled at keeping the slave right on edge and prolonging the tease for as long as possible. The slave’s orgasm is unbelievable. A truly epic ruin. (16:13 long)

Clip Contains: Sasha Foxxx, Handjobs, Female Domination, Ruined Orgasm, Bondage, Edging, Teasing, Orgasm Control, Chastity



Keywords: handjobs

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The English Mansion – Dungeon Footjob – Part 1. Starring Miss Zara

The English Mansion – Dungeon Footjob – Part 1. Starring Miss Zara




Miss Zara du Rose teases her chastity clad slave with her beautiful body and feet, enjoying the way the cock strains against the metal. After lubing and rubbing the cage, she releases him, it shoots up to full hardness, Zara then gives an amazing footjob until he begs to cum over her feet and clear up the

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Kinky Mistresses – The Transsexual Mistress. Starring Mistress Eva Paradis

Kinky Mistresses – The Transsexual Mistress. Starring Mistress Eva Paradis




Transexual Mistress Eva Paradis is ready to play with her favorite toy, Your Cock. And boy, does she love cock…

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Brat Princess 2 – Sasha – Restrained Handjob with Remote Controlled Device

Brat Princess 2 – Sasha – Restrained Handjob with Remote Controlled Device




A slave has been strapped into a bondage chair. Sasha, and a second woman, want to try an experiment. They have placed a remote-controlled vibrating plug inside the slave. They want the slave to learn to cum passively. The slave isn’t a man, so it shouldn’t cum like a real man. No thrusting; they want to sexually emasculate him with a passive orgasm. Sasha stimulates the slave with her hands, while the second woman controls the speed and intensity of the vibration. The women want his orgasm to be a helpless act; something involuntary that he cannot control. With the stimulation of being stroked and filled, the slave passively cums. It is completely helpless as an orgasm is forced from its body, then ruined. He leaks a pathetic mess onto the floor. The women think that their experiment went well. The slave came very passively, not like a real man at all. They lock the slave in chastity and put it back into its cage. It will stay in the cage until it’s time for the next experiment. (11:49 long)

Production note: This scene was shot with two cameras. The two different angles are displayed picture in picture throughout most of the clip. The ruined cum shot is shown consecutively from two different angles, and also shown a third-time in a picture in picture view.

Clip Contains: Sasha Foxxx, Handjobs, bondage male, vibrating butt plug, ruined orgasm, Female Domination, forced male orgasm



Keywords: female domination

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MADAME CATARINA – CRUELEST BEAUTY – Jailhouse: Matriarchy Prison-Special Guest Mistress Rouge

MADAME CATARINA – CRUELEST BEAUTY – Jailhouse: Matriarchy Prison-Special Guest Mistress Rouge




Story: In a world ruled by a matriarchy Madame Catarina has taken control of an old jailhouse in order to break and train more male slaves. A new batch of prisoners has arrived tor receive punishment for their crimes of disrespect and being extremely horny, so Madame Catarina has invited her good friend Mistress Roug’e to help.The prisoners are unloaded from the prison van and led to the cells before being processed individually by the Ladies. The punishments vary from severe and caning and corporal punishment to forced wanking, cum eating and humiliation.but whatever the punishment Madame Catarina and Mistress Roug’e enjoy themselves torturing the male prisoners.

ENTIRE MOVIE: Dressed in stunning boots and leather Madame Catarina and Mistress Rouge escort their chain gang of prisoners from the prison van, through the prison and to their cells. Once the prisoners are locked securely away the Ladies decide to have some fun. One prisoner is dragged out of his cell and forced to prepare a makeshift whipping bench and fetch an assortment of cruel whips and canes before being locked back in his cell. The second prisoner does not get off so lightly as he is placed on the makeshift whipping bench and the Ladies take it in turns to warm his butt, first with a flogger, then a paddle and only then can the caning begin. But, one slave between two Mistresses is not enough and a slave is removed from a cell. The Mistresses take great delight in torturing their prisoners taking it in turns to severely cane the red raw butt of one slave whilst humiliating the other. Eventually the two Ladies reduce the caning slave’s ass to a lump of bloodied meat fit only for the butchers block and he is returned to his cell to wait further punishment. The Ladies then turn their attention to the other slave who is forced to wank on the floor and lick up his cum before he is returned to his cell.

Keywords: Matriarchy, Jailhouse, Madame Catarina, Mistress Rouge, Male Milking, Caning, Double Dom, Corporal punishment, ruined orgasm, Matriarchy prison



Keywords: madame catarina, prison guards, forced wanking, chastity belt, mistress roug’e, leather, jail house, double dom, ruined orgasm, female supremacy, male prisoners, two leather mistresses, femdom, female domination, humiliation

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Brat Princess 2 – Alexa – Slave Strapped to Table Forced and Ruined

Brat Princess 2 – Alexa – Slave Strapped to Table Forced and Ruined




At the Edging Salon, slave is strapped in a standing position to a bondage table. He is in virtual reality and unaware of what is fully going on around him. Alexa toys with the slave, edging him. His balls are stretched with rope. Alexa pulls on the rope as she teases the slave. The slave is aching to cum. He hasn’t in a long time, but Alexa wants to keep him on the edge. Finally, she forces an orgasm out of the bound slave. Alexa makes sure that the slave’s orgasm is completely ruined. Once the slave has been milked and ruined, Alexa puts him right back into chastity. (9:06 long)

Clip Contains: Alexa, Female Domination, Handjob, Ruined Orgasm, Lingerie, Bondage Male, The Edging Salon



Keywords: ruined orgasms

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Glove Mansion – Cum on My leather gloves bolero

Glove Mansion – Cum on My leather gloves bolero




How hot is this buttersoft and ultrashiny gloves bolero? It is out of this world and a real treat for leather gloves lovers! Let me show you how sexy this is and I am sure you won’t be able to resist being stroked until you cum.

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FemmeFataleFilms – Pain To Cum – Part 3. Starring Lady Mephista

FemmeFataleFilms – Pain To Cum – Part 3. Starring Lady Mephista




The esteemed Lady Mephista makes her tantalising debut for FemmeFataleFilms with a tormented face sitting and milking scene that will blow your mind! Watch how she revels in the slave’s suffering, how seductively she encourages him to take extreme levels of pain and see how she totally destroys his orgasm!

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