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GERMAN FEMDOM Lady Victoria Valente – Splitscreen: Horny cock ruined orgasm – Under my soles

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GERMAN FEMDOM Lady Victoria Valente – Splitscreen: Horny cock ruined orgasm – Under my soles




Lady Victoria Valente: Splitscreen Clip: In the elegant outfit I am busy again today with the hot cock. I remove the sole of my black leather peeptoes on the tail and rub something on the tail, shoejob. This makes the hot cock completely crazy. He swells more and more. Then he is to present himself, I grab him by a piece of skin and set him up. He likes that more and he starts to twitch. Yes, I like it! Anyone can see it! With 2 fingers I massaged then the hot cock. He can feel my black satin gloves finger. And I tell him that he has today is spraying ban, hold his cock tight and there comes already the sperm. My cock is so horny he just can not hold it anymore and squirts eagerly! Ruined orgasm! Spermafontains he squirts off. After that, I just put my high heel sole on the tail, because that is his place! Under my soles! Ruined orgasm, shoejob, fetish, hat lady, satin gloves, silk scarf, brunette, femdom, female domination, legs, pantyhose, handjobs, stilettos, 6 inch heels – Please do not share my Clips on the Internet! WMV Clip, German language.

Splitscreen Clip: Im eleganten Outfit beschäftige ich mich heute mal wieder mit dem geilen Schwanz. Ich stelle Sohle meiner schwarzen Lederpeeptoes auf dem Schwanz ab und reibe etwas auf dem Schwanz, Shoejob. Das macht den geilen Schwanz ganz verrückt. Er schwillt immer mehr an. Dann soll er sich präsentieren, ich packe ihn an einem Hautstück und richte ihn auf. Das gefällt ihm noch mehr und er fängt an zu zucken. Ja meine Aufmerksamkeit gefällt ihm gut! Das kann ja jeder sehen! Mit 2 Fingern massiere ich dann kurz den geilen Schwanz. Er darf meine schwarzen Satinhandschuhe Finger spüren. Und ich sage ihm noch dass er heute Abspritzverbot hat, halte den Schwanz fest und da kommt es schon das Sperma. Mein Schwanz ist so geil er kann es einfach nicht mehr halten und spritzt eifrig ab! Ruinierter Orgasmus! Spermafontänen spritzt er ab. Danach stelle ich einfach wieder meine High Heels Sohle auf dem Schwanz ab, denn das ist sein Platz! Unter meinen Sohlen! Ruined Orgasm, Shoejob, High Heels, Peeptoes, Stilettos, extrem hohe Absätze, Lederheels, fetish, hat lady, satin gloves, silk scarf, brunette, femdom, female domination, legs, pantyhose, handjobs, Strumpfhose, Hutlady, sexy Beine, Nylons, Strümpfe – Bitte stellen Sie meine Filme NICHT ins Internet! Vielen Dank! WMV Clip, Deutsche Sprache.

Category: HIGH HEELS


Keywords: high heels, ruined orgasm, pantyhose, peeptoes, stilettos, femdom, fetish, female domination, female supremacy, satin gloves, big hat, silk scarf, legs, handjobs, brunette

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VICIOUS FEMDOM EMPIRE – Chastity Milking Eruption. Starring Mistress Angela

VICIOUS FEMDOM EMPIRE – Chastity Milking Eruption. Starring Mistress Angela



For Mistress Angela the most enjoyable aspect of owning her slave is keeping him locked in chastity at all times. He will never be out of his cock cage again. It is so much fun to tease him constantly with what he is not allowed, to know his slave dick is painfully swelling inside its little prison. She loves to torment him about his shameful status as a failed male chastity slave, and keeps him always aware of that fact. In turn, his constantly hopeless arousal keeps him very submissive to her, and eager to serve her every whim. It is so much fun to deny him any relief from his aching blue balls that she rarely ever even milks him of his useless seed. Of course when she does decide to drain away his slave cum he still remains locked in chastity. He will never again feel a manly erection, the pleasures of a woman, or even be allowed to jerk off. The only way her slave can cum now is to be slowly and torturously vibed closer and closer to the edge. Angela takes great satisfaction in knowing that even as his orgasm is building so is his pain. For the slave it is a desperate unpleasant ordeal as he tries to cum inside the tight confines of his chastity. For her it is a hilariously satisfying game to see him finally blast out his huge load of backed up cum with no pleasure at all.



Keywords: angela white

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CRUEL PUNISHMENTS – SEVERE FEMDOM – Ruined orgasm. Starring Lady Zita

CRUEL PUNISHMENTS – SEVERE FEMDOM – Ruined orgasm. Starring Lady Zita




The slave is laying on the caning bench on his back, he is tied there tightly. Lady Zita pours some oil to his cock and starts to slowly massage his balls and the sensitive skin on his member. She is very erotic, she arouses him until he finally comes, but Zita can ruin everything by squeeze his cock further more.

Features: handjob, ruined orgasm, forced orgasm, female domination

Category: HANDJOBS


Keywords: lady zita, domina amazon, elegant femdom, mistresses slave, domination, unusual, cruel bdsm, ruined orgasm, handjob

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Goddess Alexandra Snow – Pleasureless Machine

Goddess Alexandra Snow – Pleasureless Machine




I have my slave bound in a chair so that his cock is exposed to my torment. I decide that I want to play with the milking machine, but I don’t really want to have him cum. I just want it to stimulate him continuously without any real pleasure.. So I fiddle with the controls for a while until I’m satisfied with the intensity and stroke, then torment his cock until I’m entertained. The machine keeps him hard but it isn’t enough to give him an orgasm.. pefect!



Keywords: milking machine

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Cruel City – Foot Worship and Ruined Orgasm Featuring Mistress June

Cruel City – Foot Worship and Ruined Orgasm Featuring Mistress June




As this slave lays naked on the floor, Anne lubes up his cock while her friend Mistress June has him clean her sweaty bare feet with his mouth. Anne positions herself between his legs and gently strokes his dick as June runs her feet all over his tongue, and before long he`s hard as a rock! “I want to cum!” he pleads. Anne begins stroking his big cock harder and faster while June instructs her how to do it. “Keep going,” she tells her friend as Anne tugs away at this loser`s cock, but just as he`s about to cum she ruins his orgasm by taking her hands off of his dick. He dribbles cum onto his stomach, and June laughs at the pathetic amount that came out. What a hopeless idiot he is!



Keywords: ruined orgasms

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GERMAN FEMDOM Lady Victoria Valente – Ruined orgasm and small penis humiliation, very horny game

GERMAN FEMDOM Lady Victoria Valente – Ruined orgasm and small penis humiliation, very horny game




Lady Victoria Valente: Today I wear again my strap-on rubber cock around bound, my rubber cock is very horny today! I jerk him something and enjoy the feeling horny. At the testicles canvas I have a new slave today. Then I look now times a little more closely and what I see? He has a small penis! I put on my glasses and realize that I have seen really, so I have a slave with little dick in front of me! Den I can just jerk so with 2 fingers! Say with the little thing you can indeed satisfy any woman! I show my slave my mules. Because look, because my stilettos are indeed longer than your little tail! I jerk him with 2 fingers. That excites him very! You are not even be a quick squirts! That would be super embarrassing! He gets some lube on his mini tail, I rub the gel slightly and see there the tail twitches already so hot. He can not hold back his juice and injected between my mules feet in fishnet stockings simply pinched off! Ah, so but also a rapid-injector! I laugh at the slave and watch me on how much sperm he sprayed! Then came indeed quite a lot of sperm from the small penis! Big sperm fountain!!! Femdom, High Heels, big loads, cumshots, Domination, female domination, legs, mules, fishnets, fishnet stockings, female supremacy, small penis humiliation, humiliation, laugh, corset, stilettos, 6 inch stilettos, ruined orgasm – Please do not share my Clips on the Internet! WMV Clip, German language.

Heute trage ich wieder meinen Strap-On Gummischwanz herum gebunden, mein Gummischwanz ist schon den ganzen Tag Dauergeil! Ich wichse ihn mir etwas und geniesse das geile Gefuehl. An der Hodenleine habe ich heute einen neuen Sklaven. Den schaue ich mir jetzt mal etwas genauer an und was sehe ich? Er hat einen Minipimmel! Ich setze meine Brille auf und stelle fest, dass ich schon richtig gesehen habe, ja ich habe einen Sklaven mit Minischwanz vor mir! Den kann ich ja gerade so mit 2 Fingern wichsen! Sag mal mit dem kleinen Ding kannst Du ja keine Frau befriedigen! Ich zeige meinem Sklaven meine Pantoletten. Da schau mal, da sind ja meine Absaetze laenger als Dein kleiner Schwanz! Ich wichse ihn mit 2 Fingern. Das erregt ihn schon sehr! Du wirst doch nicht auch noch ein Schnell Abspritzer sein! Das waere ja super peinlich! Er bekommt etwas Gleitgel auf seine Mini Schwanzspitze, ich verreibe das Gel etwas und siehe da der Schwanz zuckt schon wieder so geil. Er kann seinen Saft nicht mehr zurueck halten und spritzt zwischen meinen Pantolettenfuessen eingeklemmt einfach ab! Ah, also doch auch noch ein Schnellabspritzer! Ich lache den Sklaven aus und schaue mir an wie viel Sperma er abgespritzt hat! Da kam ja ganz schoen viel Sperma aus dem Minipimmel, grosse dicke Spermafontaene! Femdom, High Heels, Domina, female domination, legs, Beine, Pantoletten, mules, fishnets, Netzstruempfe, female supremacy, small penis humiliation, demuetigung, auslachen, Korsett, Strap-On, Stilettos, 6 inch Absaetze, Ruinierter Orgasmus clip. – Bitte stellen Sie meine Filme NICHT ins Internet! Vielen Dank! WMV Clip, Deutsche Sprache.

Category: SHOEJOB


Keywords: ruined orgasm, small penis humiliation, femdom, big loads, high heels, corset, mules, fishnets, strap-on, female domination, female supremacy, humiliation, pantoletten, legs, domination

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Brat Princess 2 – Alexa and Harley – Edged and Ruined Over and Over (Four Ruined Cumshots)

Brat Princess 2 – Alexa and Harley – Edged and Ruined Over and Over (Four Ruined Cumshots)




Today in the Edging Salon, Alexa and Harley want to see how many times they can ruin their patron’s orgasm. He’s been dropped off on his lunch break by his Keyholder for a routine quarterly release. They want to ruin him as many times as they can, as efficiently as they can, so they can put him in chastity and send him right back to the office to earn for his Keyholder. Harley bounces her perfect ass on the patron’s face to speed up his ruins. Alexa gets him to the edge, then passes the cock off to Harley. Then, Alexa sits full-weight on the patron’s face while Harley edges him. Alexa implements the four ruined orgasms. She takes care to squeeze every drop from the patron, ensuring he receives as little pleasure as possible. This release isn’t about him getting off like a perverted male! It’s about keeping him dutiful to his Keyholder and motivated to serve Womankind. He makes such a big fuss every time he is ruined. Crybaby. You’d think he’d be more grateful his Keyholder lets him get out of chastity at all! He wants a full orgasm, and is vocal about it, but of course he’s not going to get it. Not here at the Edging Salon! He gets really whiny at the end, begging the girls to stop. They do not care at all about what the patron wants. This is about the training and conditioning his Keyholder has requested he receive. They clear out his pipes, lock him in chastity, and send him right back to the office. (22:22 long)

Clip contains: Alexa, Harley Jade, Handjobs, Ruined Orgasms, Female Domination, Face Sitting, Edging, Bondage Male

Category: HANDJOBS


Keywords: ruined orgasms

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Ball Busting Chicks – Jerked Off after Brutal Whipping

Ball Busting Chicks – Jerked Off after Brutal Whipping




A young girl in hot and sexy lingerie whips a pervert molester, not only careless about hitting his exposed, tied up bollocks accidently, she does it with full intention. Then she force him to jerk off in front of her, watching his cum and destroying his orgasm by beating up his cock at cumming.
Length 7:54 minutes. © ballbustingchicks.com



Keywords: pip

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Mistress Ezada Sinn – Cow milking, FemDom style

Mistress Ezada Sinn – Cow milking, FemDom style




As you all know, My personal slave is locked in chastity all the time. Since the last time I unlocked him, he’s continually reminding Me that he needs (but I think mostly wants) a release. “Mistress, it has been a week since my last release; Mistress, ihas been 10 days since my milking” and so on. Just like an mindless pet, begging all the time. Well, ok, if he needs a release, he will get a release. I will milk him just like a cow. I even restrained him to he whipping horse on his all fours, so he can feel exactly how it is to be milked. His balls are trapped in a humbler, I don’t want them dangling around in My way. To make My pet look prettier while being milked, I shove a shiny gewel up his ass, it will also stimulate the prostate and hopefully result in more milk extracted. I see all this preparation has made My slave’s cock really hard, he is ready to be milked as soon as I start rubbing it, but to make sure the “milk” is good quality, you don’t extract it from the first try, you bring him close to orgasm and stop, letting the tension accumulate. When I finally start the milking process, ruining every orgasm of course, the result is very satisfying for Me. Five ruined orgasms in a row, one of them lasting for almost 20 seconds, resulted in a nice puddle of “milk” on the floor and on the whipping horse. I should have brought a bucket…

Video quality: HD 1280*720.

#1 clip in category “ORGASM CONTROL”



Keywords: ezada

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Brat Princess 2 – Edyn – Edged Ruined and Force Fed Cum with Syringe

Brat Princess 2 – Edyn – Edged Ruined and Force Fed Cum with Syringe




A male is restrained to a chair and placed into a virtual reality headset. The chastity has been removed. Its balls are tied off. The only thing the male can see and hear are carefully selected images. Edyn pulls on the rope and giggles. Even just the sensation of being out of chastity has made the male erect. How pathetic. Edyn teases the head of the cock with her finger tips. Shea€™s very amused by its eagerness. The male would probably be less eager to cum if it were at all aware of what is about to happen to it today. While completely immersed in virtual reality, this slave will be brought to the height of sexual pleasure, then ruined just before release. It will experience no pleasure from the orgasm. Then, ita€™s mess will be collected into a syringe. The male will be force fed its emission; the syringe will aid in ensuring a complete collection. Every bit of the malea€™s own ejaculate will reenter its body. The male will be kept unaware in virtual reality the whole time. Later, we will tell it of what it was forced to do while experiencing virtual reality, and it will certainly be disgusted with itself. This male has a huge cum eating aversion, but it is in training to become a good slave. Cum swallowing is a necessary skill for all good slaves. This type of training bypasses the heterosexual malea€™s natural repulsion and forces him to just do what we want him to anyway, as he is completely unaware of what is really happening while in the virtual gear. If it tries to complain about being disgusted by eating its own cum or the cum of other males, now we can make the logical argument: But cum swallowing is something you have done for us before. Edyn edges the slave for a while before ruining its orgasm. Edging is not something specifically part of this training, but it is something that Edyn loves to do. She likes toying with eager males, and shea€™s so good at it. This male appears to be especially enjoying the images we have selected for it to view. It maintains arousal for quite a long time before its ruin. It even starts begging a€?please.a€? Although, Ia€™m not entirely sure if the intended meaning of a€?pleasea€? is a€?please stop and untie mea€? or a€?please let me cum.a€? Either meaning is interesting, yet regarded by both of us with utter indifference. Slaves do not tell us what to do. Edyn and I had a lot of fun making this video. We documented this slavea€™s training session, as per the request of its Mistress. Her goal is to have this slave (Her husband) swallowing the cum of her younger male lover with no resistance or complaining within a period of three months. This is a pretty typical example of the type of work we do here at the edging salon. The equipment we have really shortens the training process, so that the behavior of the slave (or husband, as the case may be) can be adjusted to Your specific desires with greater efficiency. (14:49 long)

Clip contains: Edyn Blair, Handjobs, Female Domination, Ruined Orgasm, male cum swallowers, mind fuck



Keywords: handjobs

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