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Sammy has simply a great pair of strong thighs and she clearly know how to exhibit it. In this clip expecially the series of her rear headscissor appears to be really painful. She makes Golia suffer more than ever. Golia told me that he fears Sammy’s scissors more than any other girl we’ve worked with since now. SPECIAL PRICE for You. I made for you a DISCOUNT of $ 3 (In the first 50 seconds of each clip you can see the preview). (Take a look at the long video preview, it lasts 50 seconds.) High Resolution HD and Great Quality Video mpeg4 1280 x 720p, 8075 Kbit/sec. 25 Fotogrammi/sec. WARNING IMPORTANT NOTICE : (To look all clips of my store, in various formats, go to the categories and click on “” all categories “” …. !!! Thank you for your kind attention, good vision.)



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ScissorVixens – SVDL-1191 – Q&S (Questions and Scissors). Starring Janira Wolfe

ScissorVixens – SVDL-1191 – Q&S (Questions and Scissors). Starring Janira Wolfe




This is our 4th video with Janira Wolfe and the 2nd in our Q&S (Questions n Scissors) series videos.

But make no mistake.this is also as SAVAGE a scissor video you will ever see as Janira’s now ridiculously powerful thighs forces our long-time victim (who has done many scissor videos for us over the years) to announce his retirement saying.”Drew..this is my last video!”.

Like so many before her, we were the 1ST to introduce Janira to the wonderful world of scissors but we can’t take all the credit for how far she has come. Janira has taken what we showed her over a year ago and has turned it up several scissor notches on her own while developing quite a large scissor-fanatic following!

In this video Janira Wolfe absolutely DESTROYS our poor victim who after a few attempts of trying to arrange a session with her (in real life) finally got his wish for free by volunteering for this massacre!

If ever there was a ‘Be careful what you wish for!” moment.this is it as I am sure he did agree as well!

We start out the video asking Janira several questions we know our members want to have answered and at one point, Janira complains that she can’t seem to keep any victims around. When Drew asks her.”And why is that!?”, Janira replies.”Because my legs are too fucking strong.that’s why!”.

Well.she gets no argument from us on that one!

Then we commence with the SAVAGE SCISSORING and pure TORTURE of our victim as he is quickly broken down one CRUSHING scissors after the other until he starts tapping-out within seconds of Janira turning it up and nearly turning his lights out over n over again!

The muscles in Janira’s thighs really EXPLODE in several of her scissors as one could only imagine (for those who have been in this position), and see by his crimson red face, just how much PAIN and AGONY he’s in!

Needless to say.he was never as happy for a video to end as he was in this one.thankfully still alive!

After 20 minutes of SCISSOR HELL, we wrap it up with a short post-video ‘victim impact statement’ and it’s during this short interview he announces his retirement! Of course we all know u can’t just walk away from something you love.even though it may eventually send you to ‘Scissor Heaven’.we are sure he will recover soon enough and be back again!

So check out GORGEOUS Janira Wolfe doing what she genuinely loves to do.DESTROYING another male victim one scissor at a time in ‘Q&S with Janira Wolfe!’.

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Scissorvixens – Q and S With Carmin Sixpack. Starring Carmin Sixpack

Scissorvixens – Q and S With Carmin Sixpack. Starring Carmin Sixpack




Welcome to our new video series we`re calling Q&S (Questions n Scissors). 1st comes questions followed by SCISSORS!

A couple things our fans always seem to enjoy is when we feature new models for the first time on ScissorVixens and when we`ve the opportunity to ask our new models a few questions before the scissors start.

Well.in this update we`ve both!

Welcome dark-haired MUSCLE BABE Carmin Sixpack in our first of a new ScissorVixens series we’ve decided to call Q&S which spelled out stands for ‘Questions and Scissors’.

There`re two parts to this video and we start out asking Carmin the usual and obvious questions like how much she can lift, how she stays in such amazing shape all year, sessions and what her clients like n her athletic background.

And speaking of lifts.she told us during the interview that she did squats for the 1st time in a while and was able to get 20 reps with 225lbs! That’s insane power for that many reps with that kind of weight.something u won’t see too many people, male or female, do at the gym!

Carmin isn’t new to the SQUEEEEEZE GAME and with thighs as big, muscular and powerful as hers.our victim was practically trembling in the corner watching her thigh muscles explode while doing leg extensions during the interview.

After the interview portion of the video, we get to the action..SCISSORS!

Carmin’s thighs expand to huge proportions once she pours on the pressure and has our victim screaming n tapping out from beginning to end which can’t seem to come fast enough for him!

And Carmin is like many of our ScissorVixens in that she LOVES the across-the-throat neck-scissors and after 20 minutes of absolute torture between her thighs she ends it with that very thing!

But in between are insanely tight figure-fours of all kinds with her rock solid calve muscles nearly busting his throat, eye-popping reverse head scissors n reverse figure-4’s, a few vicious scissor chops and ridiculously tight front head scissors that has him seeing stars in seconds!

This is one sexy muscle girl that clearly loves showing men who’s boss and with thighs like hers.that’s not hard to do!

In the end she stands over his beaten body, smiles, flexes her thighs and asks.’I wonder who’s next!?’.

Will that be u!?

Keywords: Female Domination, Free, Femdom, ScissorVixens, Scissor, Scissorhold, Carmin, Figure-4

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ScissorVixens – Princess Natalya’s Kill Fee. Starring Princess Natalya

ScissorVixens – Princess Natalya’s Kill Fee. Starring Princess Natalya




Keywords: Female Domination, Free, Femdom, ScissorVixens, Princess Natalya, Natalya, Princess, Scissor, Scissorhold

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Club Stiletto FemDom – I control Your Every Breath. Starring Miss Judy

Club Stiletto FemDom – I control Your Every Breath. Starring Miss Judy




Miss Judy is pure muscle and when she needs a leg workout she gets no more pleasure than scissoring her slave until he loses the ability to attempt to resist her, turned into nothing more than a rag doll. Repeatedly she wraps her legs around his neck and squeezes for all she is worth. When she has had enough she forces her slave to awake from his stupor and kiss and worship the very legs that have just brutalized him. She then surprises him by telling him to come and sniff her pussy and as he brings his head between her legs she closes her knees around it and attempts to crack it open as if it’s a big giant nut. Slaves can be so gullible at times.


Related Categories: LEGS, MUSCULAR WOMEN

Keywords: muscular, miss judy, scissorhold

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DomNation – JISM OR RENT. Starring Goddess Storm

DomNation – JISM OR RENT. Starring Goddess Storm




Goddess Storm not only manages her slaves, she also manages an apartment complex. She has recently had some problems with a rather fickle male tenant who never seems to have his rent. For the last several months it’s been like a cat and mouse game trying to get the rent from this thoughtless fool.

If her tenant insists on such games, well hell then, why not entertain him. Let’s play some cat and mouse. I believe that cats like to play with their unintelligent prey before ending themvia slow and excruciating oxygen deprivation. So a game of cat and mouse it shall be. Here Mousy mousy!

So prey you shall be you little mouse of a man. How does it feel to be so close to something as beautiful as myself, to be wrapped in the legs that you yourself dream of devouring as they withhold the oxygen from you. I will mercilessly keep depriving you until you submit and play the games of my choosing. Take of your pants looser!
You have 5 minutes to ejaculate, this shouldn’t be problematic for such a perv as yourself being in such close proximity to such a flatteringly beautiful woman as myself. Jack off in less than 5 minutes and you owe me no rent. But fail and you owe me triple the amount! Got It!

Category: BDSM


Keywords: female domination, dominatrix, femdom, slave training, goddess storm, corporal punishment, sadism, choking, extreme domination,, bdsm, masturbation humiliation, cruelty, masturbation instruction, spanking

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Skylar Rene Domination – Skylar Makes Him Her Bitch

Skylar Rene Domination – Skylar Makes Him Her Bitch




An amazing end to the Skylar/Venom rivalry. Venom’s been punished before for talking on Twitter, but Skylar’s had enough. She knocks him out, ties him up, then tortures the out of him! She know’s how ticklish he is and uses it to the nth degree! He so delirious from the tickling he doesn’t even notice his hand comes untied! When he can’t take anymore, Skylar uses armpit, feet and ass worship to cement his new place as her bitch! One of Skylar’s best videos ever!



Keywords: skylar rene, humilation, femdom, domination, ass smothing, ass kissing, tickling, scissorhold, female supremacy, slave training, muscular women, bondage, ass humiliation, foot fetish, foot smelling

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Cybill Troy FemDom Anti-Sex League – Underoo Ass Smother

Cybill Troy FemDom Anti-Sex League – Underoo Ass Smother




Even in a pair of cotton underoos, my ass is a force to be reckoned with and my ass addicted slave will suffer beneath it all the same, so obsessed by my ass that he will endure endless smothering just to be beneath me.



Keywords: panties, ass, scissor, butt, cybil, fetish, shaking, facesitting, ass, worship, teasing, face sitting, smothering, scissorhold, bondage

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We are extremely excited to welcome back Princess XI from Toronto, Canada. She is the perfect addition to our store, and among the cruelest, most sadistic, and most creative Dominas we have ever had the pleasure of shooting. Youll be seeing a lot of Princess XI on our store in the coming months. Slaves wishing to session with this breathtaking Domina should first view her website at

Her new cocky and arrogant boy toy invites the beautiful XI over to his place for an evening of sexy fun and frolic. But what starts out as seductive play time with her long, sexy legs, quickly turns tragic for this egotistical fool, as XI teaches him a thing or two about proper respect and adoration of a true Asian Goddess.

Wrapping her python like legs around his neck, she squeezes the arrogance out of him as he helplessly falls under her captivating spell. Tighter and tighter she clamps down around his carotid artery, cutting off the flow to his brain, until he becomes woozy, weak, and of course more compliant to her wishes. Trapped between her powerful and sexy thighs, XI verbally taunts and teases him as he goes under, deeper and deeper.

This is the way she likes him, weak, obedient, humble. This is the way he will remain from now on. Trying to escape is futile, as she simply squeezes down on him harder and harder, twisting him like a pretzel into more vulnerable positions that expose his neck even more to her powerful thighs.

Features: scissorhold, verbal humiliation, Asian, brat girl, female domination, role play.



Keywords: female domination, feet, boots, ethnic, asia, asian goddess, fetish clothing, xi

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