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Brat Princess 2 – Mariah – Danni Rejected by His Date (High Heel and Foot Worship)

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Brat Princess 2 – Mariah – Danni Rejected by His Date (High Heel and Foot Worship)




Danni has really been looking forward to his date with Mariah. But Mariah wants to have a talk. Mariah tells Danni that she
doesn’t need a boyfriend, she already has one. Danni must have misunderstood her when they made plans. What Mariah really needs is
a shoe cleaner. Mariah lets Danni know that if he wants to spend time with her, then he has to lick her shoes. After some debate,
Danni reluctantly licks his date’s shoes. Mariah also has some financial requirements for Danni. And, she wants him to call her
“Princess.” She wants her feet worshipped, too. Danni agrees to worship Princess’ feet. Mariah gives Danni a new name, “stupid.”
She wants “stupid” to take her to get her nails done, before she sees her boyfriend. Her boyfriend can’t pick her up, so she wants
Danni to drive her to her boyfriend. That’s going too far! Danni is not going to drive Mariah to her boyfriend’s. Mariah yells at
him. It’s part of the deal. If he wants any involvement in her life, he has to do exactly what she wants. (12:01 long)

Clip Contains: Mariah, Female Domination, Brat Girls, Coercion, Manipulation, Foot Worship, Shoe Worship, Humiliation

Category: BRAT GIRLS


Keywords: female domination

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Femme Fatale Films – Cruel Heels – Part 1. Starring Mistress Vixen

Femme Fatale Films – Cruel Heels – Part 1. Starring Mistress Vixen




Make a mess in Mistress Vixen’s kitchen and she will more than likely mess you up, as this slave found out to his peril. He is
made to eat his dinner off the floor and from her heels, but only after it’s been thoroughly crushed beneath the soles of her
skyscraper heels. After the food has been pulverised, Mistress Vixen then decides to crush him beneath her heels, trampling him
with her full weight n digging those killer heels into his back.

Keywords: Female Domination, Free, Femdom, High Heels, Mistress Vixen, FemmeFataleFilms, Mistress, Vixen, Fetish, Object Crush,
Food Crush, Crushing, Shoe Worship, Shoeslicking

File Name : Femme Fatale Films – Cruel Heels – Part 1. Starring Mistress Vixen.mp4
Runtime: 00:06:51
Video Size: 90.2 MB
Resolution: 1280×720








Despressi, the heels! Oh yes, I totally love these hot shoes with their perfect metal stiletto heel. My slave is such a lucky shoe
bitch. 1st I want his wet tongue on my leather Louboutins before I tease his dick with my red bottoms and crush his cock n balls
underneath the expensive leather soles. I love teasing him with my heels. My despressi shoes look amazing when I grab his dick
with them to give him a shoejob.

Keywords: Female Domination, Free, Femdom, Stockings, Leather, Lingerie, High Heels, Shoe Worship, Shoejob, Fetish Liza, Heels
Worship, Shoeslicking, Louboutin, Liza, Stockings
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The English Mansion – Toying With My Foot Slave – Part 1. Starring Miss Annalisa

The English Mansion – Toying With My Foot Slave – Part 1. Starring Miss Annalisa




Mistress Annalieza has her slave inverted n suspended, so she can use his mouth to lick and worship her shoes at a level that is
much easier for her and more humiliating. He is then put in the bondage chair as she sits in the worship throne, using his tongue
to lick n clean her beautiful small feet, as she rubs and teases his cock with the other one. She continues to verbally berate him
as she edges his throbbing cock over n over until it shoots a big ruined orgasm.

Keywords: Female Domination, Free, Femdom, Bondage Male, Bondage, TheEnglishMansion, Miss Annalieza, Shoeslicking, Shoe Worship,
Annalieza, Mistress, Ruined Orgasms, Humiliation, Degradation

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Young Goddess Kim – Real Life Goddess

Young Goddess Kim – Real Life Goddess




How deep is your desire? To be a slave to a Real Life Goddess. To be trained and reach your full slave potential according to My standards. How far would you go to wear My collar around your neck? Is your ultimate dream to be My 24/7 slave? Kept naked, in a cage when not in use. Kept in chastity for months before your mind is altered and your body accepts that it is owned by Me. Here is a simple day in the life of being My slave, on his knees awaiting My instructions as I relax in the sun. Sure, I could use a table for My drink, or a footstool for My feet – but it is My divine right to use a male slave however I please. And it is far more relaxing resting My platform heels on the bare back or face of a servant, knowing I am giving it purpose and pain is to Me a pleasure. I’ll share with you some examples of a lifestyle slave, and you’ll be begging to take your fantasy to reality. Who knows, someday it may be you here beneath My soles.

Includes: Female Domination, Goddess Worship, Shoe Worship, Humiliation, Objectification, Human Furniture, Female Supremacy, slave Training, Femdom, Crossed Leg Fetish, Stilettos, Mental Domination, Sole Licking



Keywords: real life goddess

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Young Goddess Kim – Kiss the Keys Goodbye

Young Goddess Kim – Kiss the Keys Goodbye




it begged not to be in chastity, but quickly realized how excited and pleased it would make Me and of course a slave’s will and fate is decided by it’s Owner. I am wearing My new latex leotard that another chastity slave had made for Me and just the sight of My provocative figure is enough to cause damage to its desperate locked dick. But there is so much more to My tempting tease. How cruel of Me to dangle the keys on My stiletto ankle strap while I have the chaste slave shine My shoes. So close, yet so far. I am not one to be easily impressed by males, not at all. Even the price to kiss My ass is another week without release..maybe. Making it beg for the honor amuses Me. I got so into playing with the tormented bitch, I let it worship, kiss and lick My sacred soles, My ass, and My divine latex pussy as I gripped its neck between My fishnet thighs. Now there’s no chance of unlocking. It’s forever in that cage. Kiss your keys goodbye!

Includes: Chastity, Female Domination, Tease & Denial, Ass Worship, Stilettos, Shoe Worship, Footstool, Humiliation, Latex Leotard, Femdom, CFNM, Verbal Humiliation, Face Slapping, Goddess Worship

Category: CHASTITY


Keywords: real life goddess, chastity, tease and denial

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FemmeFataleFilms – Training Feet – Part 1. Starring Divine Mistress Heather and Lady Victoria Valente

FemmeFataleFilms – Training Feet – Part 1. Starring Divine Mistress Heather and Lady Victoria Valente




After a long and high intensity workout, the 2 Mistresses have exceptionally hot, clammy n sweaty feet, so it’s only right that their new slave learns to love the taste of their heavenly sweat and inhale their scent deep into his lungs. and to ensure he gets a good nose-full, the sweaty trainers come off and are taped over his nose, while they trample all over his body.

Keywords: Female Domination, Free, Femdom, Spitting, Spit Fetish, Mistress, FemmeFataleFilms, Dual Domination, Divine Mistress Heather, Double Domination, Mistress Heather, Heather, Victoria Valente, Lady Victoria Valente, Trampling, Jumping, Trample, Shoeslicking, Shoe Worship, Shoe Fetish

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Kates Palace – The Exposed Exhibitionist 2. Starring Domina Kate

Kates Palace – The Exposed Exhibitionist 2. Starring Domina Kate




It only takes one lesson for WARDEN KATE to make it clear SHE means business. Nobody’s ever gonna call THIS DISCIPLINARIAN WAITY KATIE! Finding the methods of gentle persuasion rather boring, SHE replaces HER gentle SLAVE paddle with a more cuddly cat-o-nine tails. “Why, look here, this appears 2 be my handwriting,” SHE purrs proudly, clawing the pink and purple welts on his bright red ass, which is soon every bit as swollen as a baboon’s in heat,”and we have only just begun, my Sweet. We really ought to run you through the whole programme, don’t u think?” Roughly translated, that means, ‘Time to amuse myself with some serious caning.’ “These`re my two very best friends in the whole wide world,” crows K-K-K-KIND KATIE and SHE ain’t just a k-k-k-kiddin’. With a cane in each hand, everybody’s favourite PUNISHMENT PRINCESS really gets the air to whistling. With the friendly help of HER beloved percussion instruments, will SHE be able to wring an admission of guilt out of the still unrepentant exhibitionist? One thing’s for certain: a regimen of this five times daily will soon have his mama wondering why he prefers to eat his dinner standing up.

Keywords: Female Domination, Free, Femdom, Domina Kate, Kates-Palace, CBT, Spanking, Femdom Spanking, Spanking F/M, Spank, Smoking, Smoke, Cigarette, Bondage Male, Bondage, Hard, Brutal, Caning, Cane, Canes, Canning, Shoe Fetish, Shoeslicking, Shoe Worship

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GERMAN FEMDOM Lady Victoria Valente – Smoking Lady and the High Heels licker

GERMAN FEMDOM Lady Victoria Valente – Smoking Lady and the High Heels licker




Lady Victoria Valente: Splitscreen Clip: In elegant outfit I relax and smoke a cigarette. Smoking Mistress! My Heelslicker is to me in the time the soles of my mules polish. Of course with his tongue! He should also put my heels deep in the mouth and clean! My Heelslicker is quite excited and shinier like an . He smacks on my soles and gets more and more horny. In between I pinch his cock between my mules, heelsjob. Then continue to polish the soles! Important tasks for my heelslecker down there under my soles! Cigarette, smoking, femdom, female domination, fetish, high heels, leather skirt, hat lady, smoke fetish, brunette, long leather gloves, legs, mules, humiliation, female supremacy- Please do not share my Clips on the Internet! HD Quality WMV Clip, German language.

Splitscreen Clip: Im eleganten Outfit entspanne ich mich und rauche eine Zigarette. Smoking Mistress! Mein Heelslecker soll mir in der Zeit Sohlen meiner Pantoletten polieren. Natuerlich mit seiner Zunge! Auch meine Absaetze soll er sich tief in den Mund stecken und saeubern! Mein Heelslecker ist ganz aufgeregt und haechelt wie ein Tier. Er schmatzt an meinen Sohlen und wird immer geiler. Zwischendurch klemme ich seinen Schwanz zwischen meine Pantoletten, Heelsjob. Dann wird weiter an den Sohlen poliert! Wichtige Aufgaben fuer meinen Heelslecker da unten unter meinen Sohlen! Zigarette, rauchen, femdom, female domination, fetish, high heels, leather skirt, Hut Lady, Rauch Fetisch, brunette, lange Lederhandschuhe, Beine, Pantoletten, humiliation, female supremacy – Bitte stellen Sie meine Filme NICHT ins Internet! Vielen Dank! HD Qualität WMV Clip, Deutsche Sprache.

Category: HIGH HEELS


Keywords: high heels, smoking, cigarette, femdom, shoe worship, shoe fetish, shoejob, brunette, heelslicker, mules, legs, leather skirt, long leather gloves, pantoletten, female domination

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FemDomFilms – Rubette’s Punishment Caning. Starring Miss Velour

FemDomFilms – Rubette’s Punishment Caning. Starring Miss Velour




Miss Velour has bent Rubette over the chair, ass up in the air, cock weights dangling down between the slut’s legs. Mistress brings her whippy cane whistling down full force on Rubette’s bare butt. No one can be strong when faced with a bare ass caning from Miss Velour. “Hold the position for the final one Rubette and then kiss my feet. One more or was I miscounting?” “Whatever you say Mistress”. “OK one more – ten. Rubette kisses Miss Velour’s shoes in a fever of submissive abasement while she jabs his bruises with her long stiletto heels. “Enough now” the cane whistles down on his ass. Kneel and wait for me. You didn’t have an enema today did you Rubette?” “No Mistress”.

Category: CANING


Keywords: miss velour, female domination, bdsm, caning, shoe worship, cock rings, cock weights, bdsm, cbt

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