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Deutsche Dominas – Stock und Peitsche am Kreuz. Starring Madame Afsana

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Deutsche Dominas – Stock und Peitsche am Kreuz. Starring Madame Afsana




Hatte der Sklave doch wieder einmal Madame Afsana veraergert, also musste Madame ihn auf den Boden der Tatsachen zurueck holen und
ihm verstaendlich machen, wer hier das Sagen hat, als geeignete Massnahmen zur Zuechtigung eigneten sich ihr Rohrstock und ihre
Peitschen (auch kleine fiese mit Metallkugeln) besonders gut. Für den Sklaven eine Lektion er nicht so schnell vergessen wird.
Aufloesung:1280x720mp4 XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Had the slave but again Madame Afsana upset, so had Madame bring him to the bottom of
the facts and make him understand who’s boss, as appropriate measures for punishment her cane and whips her suitable (the little
nasty with metal balls) as well. For the slaves a lesson he will not soon forget. Resolution: 1280x720mp4



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Deutsche Dominas

Deutsche Dominas – Whipped from naked Mistress. Starring Miss Strange



Gefesselt und Miss Strange so voellig ausgeliefert wird ihr Sklave nun von ihr ausgepeitscht. Dabei reizt sie nackt natuerlich und geizt nicht mit ihren Reizen, doch gefesselt kann ihr Sklave nur traeumen sie zu beruehren und hofft dabei dass ihre Schlaege nicht zu hart werden… Aufloesung:1920×1080 mp4 ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..Tied up and Miss Strange so completely delivered her slave will be whipped by her. She irritates naked natural and not stingy with her charms, but can tied her slave only they dream to touch and hopes thereby that their blows not be too hard

Category: WHIPPING

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SADO LADIES Femdom Clips – Caning In Leather. Starring Madame Charlotte

SADO LADIES Femdom Clips – Caning In Leather. Starring Madame Charlotte



Madame Charlotte is a sadist in leather! She has chained a slave to a punishment bench and she tries out different canes on the poor man’s ass. Because she is bored by his moaning and screaming she forces him to hold all the canes in his mouth.

Lovers of female domination will see the cruel smile on her face everytime she grabs a new cane. Then she lays into his ass and very soon his bottom becomes more and more red. Slowly, the leather clad Mistress walks around him but then she starts the big final and beats him very hard and crashes a full cane on his ass!

Category: CANING


Keywords: madame charlotte, sadomaso, mistress, herrin, slave, sklave, femdom, leather, leder, boots, heels, stiefel, absätze, gloves, handschuhe

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SADO LADIES Femdom Clips – Punishing The Innocent. Starring Mistress Akella

SADO LADIES Femdom Clips – Punishing The Innocent. Starring Mistress Akella




As Mistress Akella enters her dungeon she finds the room not cleaned properly by her slaves. So she calls for both slaves and ask them who is responsible for the mess. One of the slaves says that he is responsible because he forgot to clean the room.

Mistress Akella is really angry about that and so she decides to punish the other, the innocent slave. He is ordered to kneel in front of the leather clad goddess and what follows is a nightmare for the slave.

With her leather gloved fingers Mistress Akella sends salvos of her face slaps to the innocent boy while the other slave is not able to help him… Mistress Akella slaps him harder and harder. Later she sits down and starts torturing his nipples with her sharp stiletto heels… then, the face slapping continues.



Keywords: mistress akella, blond, boots, leather, stiefel, leder, gloves, handschuhe, herrin, sklave, ohrfeigen, face slaps

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SADO LADIES Femdom Clips – Not Allowed To Cum. Starring Lady Lilith

SADO LADIES Femdom Clips – Not Allowed To Cum. Starring Lady Lilith




This afternoon will become very frustrating for the poor slave! Lady Lilith arrives in a breathtaking style, skin tight jodhpurs, a tight blouse and stiletto heeled boots to contrast her blond hair.

The slave is ordered to put his cuck on a small chair and the cruel lady starts trampling it with her shiny boots for a while. She also digs her pointy heels into his cuck until the first juice drops out.

To make him much more horny she paints her lips with a deep red color in fron of him. She makes him holding the mirror while she applies the lipstick. The slave can’t take off his eyes from her. So she also applies the lipstick to his mouth, she knows, that is driving this bitch crazy.

And now his is allowed to fuck her shiny boots. He kneels behind her and rubs his cuck between her stunning legs. Her becomes more and more horny because Lady Lilith whispers all the dirty thing in his ear a bitch like to hear… BUT, shorty before he reaches his orgasm he stops him and tells him that she has changed her mind.

What a cruel game by this blond beauty. He is not allowed to cum, instead she slaps his face and leaves him alone, frustrated and humiliated…



Keywords: lady lilith, bdsm, boots, stiefel, reitherrin, mistress, slave, herrin, sklave, high heels, ohrfeigen

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SADO LADIES Femdom Clips – Long And Sharp Nails. Starring Lady Pascal

SADO LADIES Femdom Clips – Long And Sharp Nails. Starring Lady Pascal




Lady Pascal shows the power of her long and sharp nails in this clip. The spoiled Mistress scratches all over the slave’s body with her magnificent red polished and very sharp nails. These nails look so amazing but are so dangerous.

Her victim hangs down from the sailing and Lady Pascal can mark his body with thin red strips. Later he is bound to a cross and the cruel lady trains his tongue to work well for her. Like nails, she digs her sharp nails into his tongue and pulls it out more and more.

This slave will learn how to serve a woman with elegant nails. Everytime he fails he will feel the pain from her nails again…



Keywords: lady pascal, red nails, sharp nails, mistress, herrin, slave, sklave

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SADO LADIES Femdom Clips – Breaking The Bodybuilder. Starring Lady Pascal

SADO LADIES Femdom Clips – Breaking The Bodybuilder. Starring Lady Pascal




Even the strongest man should be broken into a submissive slave and there is only one way: The WHIP!

Lady Pascal has bound a bodybuilder to her torture cross. His chest, belly, inner side of the legs and of course his balls are presented to her whip. And the cruel Mistress makes a heavy use of it.

With full force she brings the whip down on the inner side of his legs. The strong man screams in pain but Lady Pascal just laughts at him. She lays into his well trained chest and also marks his belly with her cruel whipping. Sometimes, he seems to give up and his head sinks lower but with a hard kick from her expensive stiletto boots Lady Pascal wakes him up again. It’s to exciting to whip such a strong man into submission!

Lower your speakers! Extreme loud screaming!



Keywords: lady pascal, mistress, slave, herrin, sklave, peitsche, grausam, sadomaso, bdsm, whipping, boots, high heels, leather, gloves, stiefel

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SADO LADIES Femdom Clips – Cookies – The Vicious Lady Next Door. Starring Miss Leni

SADO LADIES Femdom Clips – Cookies – The Vicious Lady Next Door. Starring Miss Leni




As you may know Miss Leni has a new appartement where she can lives out her dark passion. The bell rings and as she opens the door her neighbor is visiting her with a can of cookies. Miss Leni asks him to come in.

Miss Leni looks breath taking. She wears a skin tight black suit, black leather gloves and expensive italian designer boots. Her long hair open, dark red lips… The neighbor tells her that he wants to introduce himself. Miss Leni leads him around and he is very impressed by all the BDSM- and torture devices in the appartement.

With a sweet voice Miss Leni invites him to check some things out and so he agrees to try the andrews cross in the corridor. The mean lady attaches the chains around his hands and opens his trousers. Very soon he finds himself in a helpless position with his naked ass presented to the young Mistress…

That’s just the beginning of a painful afternoon for the neighbor. Miss Leni uses all her canes and single tail whips on him. She leads him through all her rooms and she always finds a way to chain her victim down in a position where she can lash him again…

For detailed information read the descriptions below.

This is the last but cruellest part of this movie. Miss Leni beats the soul out of her neighbor!

The young devil with the beautiful face prepares his ass with a blakc leather paddle before she uses a rubber flogger. The rubber tails bits hard into his skin and Miss Leni really starts a work out for herself. Without a break she lashes him again and again…

The great final is another workout with the cane. She poor man struggles in pain on his chains but there is no chance to escape. The cane brutally bits into his ass and the young Mistress doesn’t allow herself a break. Faster and faster she beats her victim. He must learn that she wants better cookies than these he bought…

Category: CANING


Keywords: fräulein, leni, young femdom, mistress, herrin, slave, sklave, torture, cane, high heels, gloves, long hair, femdom, humiliation, domina

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SADO LADIES Femdom Clips – Sadistic Fashion Model. Starring Miss Leni

SADO LADIES Femdom Clips – Sadistic Fashion Model. Starring Miss Leni




Miss Leni as the spoiled and nasty fashion model she is in real life dominates and canes a plumber.

Miss Leni’s private house slave is ill and not able to work for her. Se she needs to wash her outfits for the next shooting but somehow washing machine seems to be out of order. So she calls a plumber who arrives some minutes later. With a soft smile Miss Leni asks him to check the machine again from inside and as he bends down she kicks his ass with her stiletto boots so he is tucked now into the machine. Miss Leni grabs her cane and a painful lesson starts…

Because he forgot his toolbox the young but sadistic model calls him again on the phone and with a soft voice she to apologize for the caning. When he arrives, hi finds a hos dressed Miss Leni, wearing skin tight hot pants and expensive designer boots. She looks so sexy and with a sweet smile she opens his trousers. “Last time, things were going wrong. I am going to righted it now, Darling!”

The plumber starts to enjoy what she seems to do now but as he relaxes Miss Leni kicks her knee into his balls very hard. He breaks down and the mean model laughts about him. “Do you really think I would touch you?”, she asks and grabs her cane. Miss Leni looks so amazing in her skin tight outfit and her expensive stiletto boots. The stunning Mistress stands up then and lays into his ass with full force. She tells him what a stupid he is because he forgot his toolbox and a stupid needs to be punished. Again and again the cane bits into his ass and his bottom becomes more and more red now.

Category: CANING


Keywords: miss leni, mistress, slave, herrin, sklave, rohstock, cane, boots, stiefel, high heels, leather, leder, gloves, handschuhe

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SADO LADIES Femdom Clips – No Need For A Reason. Starring Mistress Akella

SADO LADIES Femdom Clips – No Need For A Reason. Starring Mistress Akella




This clip introduces Mistress Akella, a stunning lifestyle Mistress from London. Mistress Akella sits comfortable on her slave’s back and tells another slave that this is the day for a good beating.

The fool really dares to ask for what reason he will be punished, so Mistress Akella makes sure, that she NEVER EVER needs a reason. “It is simply because I want it! Do you understand?”, she teaches him and commands him into position.

The leather beauty prepares several canes and whips on the other slave’s back and then she starts the beating with some caning. The well trained slave can take the first strokes without any movement but the cruel goddess changes to her thin riding switch and now the action really starts.

In the second part the slave has to suffer a lot. Mistress Akella shows him who is in control and that there will be no mercy when she is in the mood to whip. With her black bullwhip she lays into the slave’s ass with full force. The slave screams like crazy but the stunning Mistress just laughts at him. This day she will not stop until her sadistic desires are satisfied.

Needles to say that this long-legged lady looks breath taking in her skin tight leather trousers, combined with expensive designer boots from italy!

Attention: Very hard whipping scenes. Extreme Screaming!

Category: WHIPPING


Keywords: mistress akella, caning, femdom, lady, mistress, herrin, sklave, slave, boots, leder

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