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OMG! I just got this boy toy like 10 minutes ago and already hes totally boring Me! I grab a seat and look at his scrawny little body and I just feel like kicking the life out of him. So yeah, thats what I do, I kick him with My new sexy silver boots making sure the heel STRIKES DEEP INTO HIS SKIN turning it as pink as My new outfit. I also make sure to scrape My heels all over his weak little back, arms, and legs. you know, he is My toy now and I can do whatever I want to him and he cant say squat about it. All I can say is he better last longer than My last toy or My rich daddy is going to be in as much trouble as this pathetic loser. Some people think Im a little mean but I cant help it this is just how I get My kicks, HAHA!


Includes: Kicking – Legs – Slave Training – Brat Girl – Boot Domination – Female Domination

Category: KICKING


Keywords: jennifer, empress


DomNation – BURNING MISERY. Starring Mistress Kayla

DomNation – BURNING MISERY. Starring Mistress Kayla




While her slave is helplessly restrained, its time for Mistress Kayla to enjoy a cigarette break. But there will be no enjoyment for her unfortunate slave, because where there is smoke, there is burning misery. Kayla can find countless diabolical ways of punishing her slave while indulging herself.

She blister his nipples, and scorches his cock and ball sack relentlessly with the glowing tip of her cigarette while his moans and screams fill the air. It is all too obvious that the smell of his burning flesh satisfies the sadist in Mistress Kayla. When I grow tired of his annoying whimpering, Kayla shuts him up by blowing her second hand smoke into his lungs. He is helpless to resist and can only breath in the air that she allows him. The only sounds he makes now are those as he coughs, chokes and gasps.

Category: BDSM


Keywords: mistress kayla, high heels, dominatrix, smoking, slave training, humiliation, corporal punishment, human ashtray, femdom, female superioriy, latex, submissive slave training, cigarette torment, bondage, bdsm

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DomNation – I WANT TO HEAR YOU SCREAM (Full Version) Starring Bossy Delilah

DomNation – I WANT TO HEAR YOU SCREAM (Full Version) Starring Bossy Delilah




Bossy Delilah loves to hear her slaves scream out I pain. And she is well adept at achieving her desired goal. In this clip, Delilah has her slave bound, gagged and completely vulnerable to her sadistic whims. Her weapon of choice on this occasion is the rattan cane. Unimposing at first glance, the cane is easily one of the most effective instruments of pain and torment, as her slave soon finds out.

Strike after agonizing strike, her cane finds its mark. On his thighs, on his ass, on his nipples. Even on his shoulder blades. Completely helpless, her slave can do nothing but kneel below her and accept the agony she bestows upon him. Oh, and he can scream. He must scream. Or else Bossy Delilah will push him to his pain tolerance and beyond. And then you had better believe he will scream.

Delilah must continue. She`s just enjoying herself too much! So she pulls out an extremely painful leather bullwhip to thrash her helpless slave into complete submission. Strike after agonizing strike, she pulverizes her pain slut, until his back is raw and crimson red. With this whip, it takes little time to leave his back and ass bruised, welted and lacerated.

The more he whimpers, the harder she strikes. The more he tries to dodge her blows, the more deliberate and precise she becomes. There is virtually no escape for this pet, as Delilah has every intention of tormenting him for hours on end. He may as well settle in and accept his fate.

Category: WHIPPING


Keywords: caning, face slapping, bondage, bossy delilah, bdsm, slave training, corporal punishment, beatdowns, discipline, verbal abuse, female domination, bondage, humiliation, whipping, bullwhip

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DomNation – WEIGHTS AND SEVERE MEASURES. Starring Bossy Delilah

DomNation – WEIGHTS AND SEVERE MEASURES. Starring Bossy Delilah




After binding his cock and ball sack so tightly that it looks like it might burst, Delilah adds several heavy steel weights to his already stretched ball sack. One after another after another, she adds more weight to his stretched out scrotum.

Fully engorged, his cock and balls are ripe for the picking, and hyper sensitive to the touch. So Goddess takes full advantage of the opportunity to torment his throbbing prunes. For starters, her dagger like long finger nails provide the right degree of discomfort. The heels of her thigh high boots even more.

A slap here and a pinch there, and her slave is screaming in agony. Delilah breaks out one of her favorite single tail whips and strikes the tip of his cock again and again with precision accuracy.

Panic stricken, he dare not move a muscle so as to not disrupt the temporary stillness of the dangling weights. But Delilah has other intentions.



Keywords: cbt, whipping, bondage, bossy delilah, bdsm, slave training, corporal punishment, beatdowns, discipline, verbal abuse, female domination, humiliation, ball abuse

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DomNation – TRAMPLED AND CANED, MY LITTLE PAIN WHORE. Starring Mistress Lynn Pops

DomNation – TRAMPLED AND CANED, MY LITTLE PAIN WHORE. Starring Mistress Lynn Pops




Mistress Lynn Pops needs no particular reason to torment a slave! It’s just what she does, she’s passionate when it comes to the suffering that “ALL MEN” deserve and does her best to do her part!

Today she has her little whore nicely laid out on his back ready to be trampled and perforated by her nail sharp stilettos. It only seems natural to use such a low life as the ground of which a divine mistress walks. Kind of her personal Red carpet. Lynn quickly dismisses the deep toned grunts and groans of her trampling and goes for a little more whiny and painful. For these are the sounds in which she finds the most delight. She has moved her slutty little pain whore to a spanking horse, he is bound his ass helpless and at the ready as she assaults his buttocks with her wicked and vicious rattan cane. The tone in his voice has changed drastically. He now wiggles and throws his body around trying to avoid being painfully struck in the same area more than once but Mistress Lynn has a dead eye and a quick hand. Her Pain slut is getting more than he bargained for and the Lynn is getting just what she wants!


Related Categories: CANING, CORPORAL PUNISHMENT, BEATDOWNS, HUMILIATION, TRAMPLING Keywords: Dominatrix, lynn pops, Trampling, domination, caning, beatdowns, Whipping, under her shoe, female supremacy, female domination, female superiority, whipping, corporal punishment, slave training, verbal humiliation

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DomNation – SCREAM YOUR PAIN AWAY! Starring Goddess Maxine

DomNation – SCREAM YOUR PAIN AWAY! Starring Goddess Maxine




Goddess Maxine has had had it with her disobedient slave! She has him tethered helplessly to a heavy steel metal web and she will exert no mercy! The first throes of her sinister crop land directly on his penis! It’s just an example of what’s to become of this poor slave.

You can hear the individual swat’s of her crop land on his delicate flesh so concentrates on specific areas and pelts them relentlessly over and over again each blow more painful than the one before it.
She laughs the time away as her poor slave suffers the torment of her relentless barrage. He can go nowhere he cannot defend himself! He can only try to scream the pain away!


Related Categories: CORPORAL PUNISHMENT, PADDLING, BEATDOWNS, WHIPPING, SUBMISSIVE / SLAVE TRAINING Keywords: beat downs, nipple torment, Cropping, Dick slapping, whipping, paddling, corporal punishment, slave training, nipple play, torment, BDSM, Kink, female supremacy, female superiority, humiliation

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DomNation – DICK WHIPPED AND COCK CROPPED. Starring Mistress Cybill Troy

DomNation – DICK WHIPPED AND COCK CROPPED. Starring Mistress Cybill Troy




Mistress Cybill Troy shows no mercy on her bound and helpless slave, as she ruthlessly whips his dick with an agonizing leather galley whip. For good measure, she puts a severe beating to his cock and nut sack with an intense riding crop. Relentlessly, she beats his cock until he is writhing in pain and begging his Goddess for a reprieve.

But his pleas fall on deaf ears. Mistress has no intention of letting up on her captive, as she revels in metering out the punishment to her pain pet. To make matters worse, Cybill has attached a 30 pound steel ball and chain to his testicles to give him something to take his mind of of the intense dick whipping. Just a little bit.

Category: WHIPPING


Keywords: lashing, slave training, dominatrix, femdom, corporal punishment, beatdowns, goddess, bondage, sadism, cbt, cybill troy, extreme domination, female domination, cock abuse, dick whipping

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DomNation – A SWEET GIFT OF AGONY! Starring Goddess Midnight

DomNation – A SWEET GIFT OF AGONY! Starring Goddess Midnight




Goddess Midnight has had a rough day dealing with her male boss at work. And has a yearning to get even, she may not be able to get even with her boss. But who cares, really! Any pathetic man will do at this point! The Goddess just wants to impart pain upon a useless male. That would make her evening!

She is so happy to see that one of her friends so happens to have a slave who’s really bad with names (or maybe obedience) Her friend tire’s of dealing with him and has decided to let Goddess Midnight have a Whack (or a few hundred) at him!The Goddess finds her friends slave gift wrapped for her! Hes already naked and already bound. Vulnerably poised, sitting atop a spanking bench with his ass high in the air. This is just to good to be true the Goddess thinks as she readies her cane before welting his flesh.

The Goddess feels a great sense of vindication as her cane whistles through the air, slicing its way downward before crashing into her victim’s sensitive buttocks. She grabs and pulls at his collar, Jerking him around, feeling absolute salvation in the control she has over this meager man. She envisions her boss and salivates as she seeks her vengeance. Ever cry and painful breath that escapes him brings the Goddess closer to peace. Every strike a blow at the man that she detests and hates. Every throw a small victory for the time being and a breath of relief that will ensure the Goddess a joyous evening and a peaceful slumber for the night!


Related Categories: CANING, CORPORAL PUNISHMENT, EXTREME DOMINATION, FEMDOM, VERBAL HUMILIATION Keywords: Goddess Midnight, BDSM, Caning, whipping, beatdowns, Corporal caning, ass beatings, Spanking, Slave Training, corporal punishment, humiliation, verbal humiliation, female supremacy, female superiority, female domination

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DomNation – BURNED, BEATEN AND BROKEN. Starring Mistress Kayla

DomNation – BURNED, BEATEN AND BROKEN. Starring Mistress Kayla




Mistress Kayla is perhaps the most extreme and polite sadist we have ever had the pleasure of shooting. Her Dominant style is extremely physical and hard core, but she demands that her slaves always Thank Her for their torment, to which she replies You Are Welcome.

In this video, Kayla takes her cigarette abuse to a new level, concentrating the red hot tip of her cigarette on her slaves cock and balls. Relentlessly, she holds on to his nutsack as she digs her cigarette into his flesh, japing him over and over again. Even the head of his cock is awarded the privilege of her painful attention.

After a brief break, Mistress Kayla returns with a painful leather paddle to beat his ass and thighs. Fully blindfolded with his hands secured tightly over his head, her poor slave doesnt know where he will be hit next. Grabbing him by the throat and hair, Mistress Kayla rag dolls her much smaller victim as she wails on his soft, tender flesh.



Keywords: mistress kayla, high heels, dominatrix, smoking, slave training, humiliation, corporal punishment, human ashtray, femdom, female superioriy, latex, submissive slave training, cigarette torment, corporal punishment, whipping

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DomNation – BOUND AND GAGGED WITH HER SMOKE. Starring Mistress Cybill Troy

DomNation – BOUND AND GAGGED WITH HER SMOKE. Starring Mistress Cybill Troy




With her slave hooded and helplessly restrained to her medical examination table, Mistress Cybill places his genitals in tight, restrictive bondage and then attaches the ends of the rope to two extreme nipple clamps and then attaches all of that to a collar locked tightly around his neck. Suffice to say if he moves a muscles both his cock and his nipples will be in severe agony.

Once she has her victim exactly where she wants him, Mistress lights up a cigarette and uses the red hot tip of her cigarette to torment his already burning nipples. When he screams out in pain, Cybill simply spits in his mouth and turns him into her human ashtray, flicking her ashes in his mouth to silence him. The pain will stop only when Mistress is done smoking her cigarette. But perhaps she will light up another?

Category: BDSM


Keywords: female domination, slave training, dominatrix, femdom, corporal punishment, smoking fetish, goddess, bondage, sadism, cbt, cybill troy, latex, nipple torment, cock abuse, human ashtray

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