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Mistress – T – Fetish Fuckery – Small Penis Humiliation In Latex

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Mistress – T – Fetish Fuckery – Small Penis Humiliation In Latex




Custom vid, no name mentioned. Do you have a small penis? How about an under-performing, worthless small penis? Erectile dysfunction? Do you compare yourself to big black cocks & know that you’ll never measure up? Perfect, this is the vid for you! Bonus if you also like me in latex & love my ass.



Keywords: humiliation

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ClubDom – Jerk That Tiny Dicklette. Starring Goddesses Bella Ink and Nikki Brooks

ClubDom – Jerk That Tiny Dicklette. Starring Goddesses Bella Ink and Nikki Brooks




Goddesses Bella Ink and Nikki Brooks dragged you into the dungeon so they can watch you jerk your pathetic tiny little cock. The Goddesses are wearing latex dresses and thigh high boots, but can’t help but chuckle at your laughably small penis, they just feel sorry for you. Goddess Nikki Brooks and Bella Ink give you masturbation instructions since no other person alive would want to touch that pathetic disgusting little dicklette.

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Subby Hubby – Rikki Rumor’s Cuckold 3: Cock Comparison. Starring Rikki Rumor

Subby Hubby – Rikki Rumor’s Cuckold 3: Cock Comparison. Starring Rikki Rumor




Rikki Rumor unlocks her husband’s chastity device for the first time in 2 days, only to show her stud how small and pathetic his cock is. She compares it to her stud’s huge black penis. Her stud laughs as she makes the size comparison to his huge cock. Rikki laughs as she tells her stud how her husband cannot satisfy her and is pathetic. She shows her husband that this big black cock is the better choice and if he loves her and wants to save this marriage at all, he is going to let her fuck the bigger, better cock.

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Subby Hubby – Rikki Rumor’s Cuckold: Cuck’s New Life. Starring Rikki Rumor

Subby Hubby – Rikki Rumor’s Cuckold: Cuck’s New Life. Starring Rikki Rumor




Rikki Rumor is masturbating in her room while her boyfriend is in the shower. He catches her and he gets upset that she is masturbating with her vibrator and she isn’t having sex with him. She tells him it’s because he lasts 20 seconds. They attempt sex anyway and he can’t get his tiny pecker hard for her. She sarcastically tells him how satisfied she was. Before he leaves for work, he tells her that a man named Jack he knows is coming over to fix the A/C. She goes back to masturbating. A few hours later, Jack comes by and Rikki seems to take a liking to him. He is a very sexy black man with a very large cock. Rikki has him in her bedroom within minutes and she is sucking him off. She decides to make a video of it to send it to her husband while he is at work. She decides to show her husband what is satisfying her. Toby gets the video of her blowing Jack and is very angry and decides to head right home. When Toby gets home, Rikki decides to stand up to her pathetic husband and tells him she wants a divorce. He begs her to please not get a divorce, and she decides to take advantage of this and turns him into a cuckold. She shows him the maid outfit she wants to put on him, with the high heels and everything. This is what he is going to have to go through if he wants to be with her. He cries like a bitch and she doesn’t care and makes him go and clean the house. The most important part, is that Rikki will now be allowed to fuck whoever she wants. Toby is now cleaning and sobbing while Rikki threatens him. The house is to be spotless as they have guests coming over.

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Subby Hubby – Lets You Stroke It. Starring Goddess Tangent

Subby Hubby – Lets You Stroke It. Starring Goddess Tangent




Goddess Tangent is standing before you knowing that it has been a long time since you have unloaded all that filth in your full balls. Goddess Tangent is going to be extra nice today and let you entertain her by touching your pathetically tiny worm dick. She shows off her hot body while letting you stroke your teeny tiny clit dick. She wants you to stroke that little cock harder and give it friction burn. Goddess Tangent gives you directions to stroke your small penis and a countdown to cum for her.

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OV FemDom Humiliation INeedaBitch – Daughter Alessandra Noir SPH tries riding your lil cock

POV FemDom Humiliation INeedaBitch – Daughter Alessandra Noir SPH tries riding your lil cock




Daddy are you awake?? Your girl wanted to remind you that she just got her drivers licence and you had offered to buy her a car. YOu had MEANT a used Corolla or something like that but she has her eyes on a bigger prize… a Mercedes!! So she’s going to do what it takes to get daddy dearest on her side…. she mounts you and starts rubbing your cock over your PJ’s…. but why aren’t you hard? You should be hard, looking at your pretty girl, who looks just like mommy did when she was younger… and slimmer… She pulls down your pants and she finally sees your shameful secret!! You have a SMALL PENIS! What!?! is that it daddy? Wow, this is going to be the smallest cock she’s ever fucked… OOOPS!!! THe secret is out, your girl isn’t a virgin anymore…. don’t get mad daddy. well you can’t because before you know it, she’s mounted you and is riding you. Is it in yet? It’s hard for her to feel if you’re inside her… and she’s only 105lbs…. she’s pretty small…. oops! It fell out. Let’s try again…. is it in this time?? Can you feel her? she can barely feel you… oops… dang it it fell out again!! OMG did you just cum inside her!?! are you done!?! Well you better get what she wants because she can tell mom at any time. with pornstar Alessandra Noir

Keywords: small penis humiliation, pornstar

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Mandy Flores – Teacher’s widdle secret : Blackmail fantasy. Starring Mandy Flores

Mandy Flores – Teacher’s widdle secret : Blackmail fantasy. Starring Mandy Flores




You are a student in my class and are failing. You show up to my office to seduce me for a better grade.You have a pouty attitude trying to convince me to help you out of failing while sauntering around my desk.You start to undo your shirt exposing a hot pink bra covering your wonderful tits. You remove your shirt and bend over squishing your tits together in front of me. Then you turn around and lift up your skirt to flash me your ass in which you have a tiny hot pink g-string on. You remove your skirt and stand before me in my chair playing with your tits for me. Then you look down and notice a little bulge in my pants and giggle. You had intended to fuck me for a passing grade but you change your mind now. You tell me to take my pants off because you can’t wait to suck on my cock. As soon as my pants and underwear come down you looked shocked and start laughing at me. You see I am hard but very small and tell me so. You come up to my left side and grab my cock in your left hand and notice that only my little head is sticking out and laugh some more. Then you get back in front of me and giggle pointing at it and tell me how tiny it is. You want to measure it just to see how small it is so you grab a ruler off of my desk and measure it. It’s only 5.5 inches you laugh! Then you tell me to hold the ruler next to my cock while you take pictures with your cell phone because you want to send them to all of your girlfriends. After sending the pictures you put your phone down on my desk and start to strip off your panties teasing me while you do it. Saying stuff in a baby voice like “is your wittle baby penis getting harder seeing my ass”. You also notice I have small balls too and want to see how much cum I can shoot. You get on your knees and tell me you’ve never sucked on a such a little dick before and are curious. So you take it all in your mouth with ease and of course laugh and giggle after. Then while on your knees still you tell me you want me to cum all over your tits. So you tell me to jerk my little dick off for you. While I’m doing this your still teasing me of course. Then after I cum you tell me you are suprised at the amount and take a finger and wipe it off your tit and taste it.You tell me the only way you will keep it a secret is if I pass you and I have to meet you at your house later than night. You tell me some of the other girls are also failing my class and will want the same arrangement.Featuring: Mandy Flores


Keywords: masturbation, encouragement, humiliation, domination, control, worship, ass, goddess, strip, tease, hd, mandy flores, mymandygirl, control, cumshot

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DomNation – TO CUM OR NOT TO CUM FULL VERSION.Starring Mistress Seva

DomNation – TO CUM OR NOT TO CUM FULL VERSION.Starring Mistress Seva




Get this full version video today and enjoy the best of both worlds with the full footage of TO CUM OR NOT TO CUM and TO COME OR NOT TO CUM PART 2. This is great video of Princess Seva emotionally taunting her Chastised slave! Get this 8+ minutes of footage at the great price of $7.99 2day and join in the funnnnnnn!!!!

After having her loser slave`s cock incarcerated in an inescapable chastity cage for six weeks, Princess Seva has decided to set her slave free to jerk himself off for her amusement. As he furiously strokes his useless cock, Princess stands over him stroking her own bigger and better strap on cock to humiliate him even more. Seva instructs him to mimic her every movement and stroke and each time he comes close to reaching an orgasm Princess denies him and starts the process all over again.

In this sequel, Princess Seva teases him relentlessly until she finally allows him the supreme privilege of releasing himself while on his knees before her. But there is a price to pay for this lucky slave. After he has cum an enormous wad of jism all over the floor, Seva orders him to write his name LOSER in his worship puddle WITH HIS TONGUE! After which he is instructed to lap up the remainder of his cum as a sign of appreciation to his Mistress.

Keywords: princess seva, humiliation, submissive slave training, female domination, masturbation games, verbal humiliation, female superiority, orgasm control and denial, domestic servitude, jerk off instruction, slave training, masturbation humiliation, brat girls, small penis humiliation, bdsm

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Club Stiletto FemDom – When I Close My Eyes I Forget You Are Here. Starring Goddess Mia

Club Stiletto FemDom – When I Close My Eyes I Forget You Are Here. Starring Goddess Mia




This scene opens with Mia on her phone, checking out hot men online. “Looking at these studs is making me so hot” she says, as she reaches into her panties to touch herself. She remarks on how massive one particular guy’s cock is, and you can tell by the look in her eyes how turned on she is. “My slave is so little compared to him” she says, adding that she loves the feel of a mouth on her toes while she checks out hunks. The camera pans over to give you a view of her humiliated small-dicked slave, kneeling in the corner. She calls him over and he obediently crawls to her feet. “Mistress wants to masturbate, so you know what that means.” The slave takes her big toe into his mouth and she says “Suck my toe like it’s a cock while I look at real big cocks.”

She shows the phone to him and asks how that cock makes him feel. “Pathetic” he replies. This pleases Mia so she continues to verbally humiliate him while she fingers herself and scrolls through the photos. She tells the slave he’s lucky to spend this intimate time with her. You get some great angles of Mia’s feet in this video, as she curls and wiggles them at the camera while the slave attends to them with his mouth. “Wouldn’t it be nice if I could have one of these guys over to fuck me?” she asks the slave. Naturally, he agrees. She orders him to lick the entire surface of each sole, places her phone on the couch, closes her eyes, and really gets into touching her tits and pussy. It finally all ends with a satisfying orgasm, at which point Mia kicks the slave in the face and sends him back to the corner. She rolls over to have a nap, and as a special bonus, you get a great view of her amazing ass.



Keywords: sph, goddess mia, foot worship, feet

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DomNation – PEEP HOLE PERV. (Full version) Starring Nikki Next

DomNation – PEEP HOLE PERV. (Full version) Starring Nikki Next




Nikki Next has found some strategically placed peep holes in her apartment. The logical culprit, is the lecherous building Manager, who ogles her as she walks through the building. And so, she invites him to her apartment, and proceeds to interrogate him about the peep holes. Caught to rights, he has no choice but to confess, and then the real fun begins.

Nikki immediately threatens to call the police, and the Manager goes into panic mode for fear of being arrested. Knowing she has the upper hand, Nikki strips him naked and viciously slaps him repeatedly for his gross behavior. To add insult to injury, she rains a spit downpour all over his ugly pathetic face.

the humiliation and degradation are brought to a feverish pitch, as Nikki continues to slap the bejeezus out of the pervy loser, and adds insult to injury by him in a bucket load of her hot salty saliva.

She relentlessly spits in his pathetic face, over and over, as it slowly runs down his cheeks and mouth. GROSS BUT HILLARIOUS! Nikki continues her verbal humiliation, laughing at him as her hot spit runs down his useless face and naked body.

Since the perverted maintenance man has apparently been wanking himself off while watching Nikki through the peep holes he strategically placed in her apartment walls, Nikki turns the tables on him, strips him naked and orders him to play with himself while she watches on in amusement. Its no surprise that his cock is soooo tiny, that he only needs two fingers to stroke himself. HOW HUMILIATING!

Completely amused by his shriveled manhood, Nikki demands that he gets hard for her, but of course he fails miserably. :Whats the matter loser? You can only jerk off watching me from behind a peep hole? Should I make you go stand in the other room and watch me through one of your peep holes? HA HA! Come on old man, jerk that useless cock for me. Nikki is relentless in humiliating and degrading this pathetic loser.



Keywords: nikki next, face spitting, spitting, small penis humiliation, mistress, humiliation, verbal humiliation, masturbation humiliation, bdsm, face slapping, female domination, cfnm, joi, slapping, verbal abuse

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