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Kelsey Obsession Fetish – Ass Domination – Verta Interrogates Male Hacker

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Kelsey Obsession Fetish – Ass Domination – Verta Interrogates Male Hacker




Verta has her hands full with a horrid hacker who has a password she needs. He will not give up the code, and Verta will not give up the hardcore interrogation she is subjecting him to, while he is bound to a bed. She has made him sniff her ass and lick her farts, but what she does next is a total tear to his masculinity. She farts on his dick! Then, she says she is prepared to let more than farts escape her butt if he does not utter the password. Good luck, Verta, this is a tough case to crack, but your filthy ass might be the key!




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Club Stiletto FemDom – The Only Thing That Should Matter To You Is My Ass. Starring Goddess Samantha

Club Stiletto FemDom – The Only Thing That Should Matter To You Is My Ass. Starring Goddess Samantha




Samantha is breaking in a new slave to service her ass while she sits on his face, as she finds it enhances her masturbation play. The slave is very eager and Samantha treats him well. She knows this one mainly needs encouragement as his devotion is quite evident. She does, however, make it clear that as her ass slave, the only thing that should matter to him is her ass. She sits forward, bouncing lightly to let him get used to her amazingly full ass, while his head practically disappears beneath it. She settles in and tells him she’s going to take his breath away. She briefly shifts up and down after about 20 seconds to help him get comfortable and tells him how good his stubble feels on her ass. “Do you love it?” she asks. He smiles and says he does. She gives him more, this time asking the cameraman to let her know when a minute is up. When the cameraman says 40 seconds, the slave is already tapping out. Samantha just laughs and says she knows he can do better. She tells the cameraman to give her the time again, but this time she plays with her pussy… clearly she’s getting aroused. This time at 45 seconds the slave isn’t even kicking and gives a thumbs up. At the one minute mark, Samantha lets him breathe and he gasps deeply. While she’s pleased and strokes his face, telling him he did well, she says his training will get him to two minutes and eventually even three minutes, since the average girl needs about that long to have an orgasm (not that Samantha is your average girl or anything, lol). She hops back onto him in the forward position and gives you a great view of her ass, asshole, and pussy, before settling back down on his head. She tells the slave to pull out his cock and stroke it, to show how much he enjoys being under her ass. The slave quickly gets fully erect, and who can blame him as she bounces up and down on his face, her huge tits moving in unison. She comments on his hard dick, bends over, and lets it slap between her tits. That’s when things really get hot. Samantha is getting off on his face, and he’s fighting to breathe while rubbing a stiff cock that looks ready to blow any second. “Oh my gawd, I’m going to cum right in your face” she moans, rocking wildly on his head, totally forgetting he hasn’t had any air in quite some time. And based on the slave’s erection, it’s likely he’s forgotten, too! Finally, Samantha shudders as she reaches orgasm and the slave sneaks some air. She tells him to take one more breath and then sits back down, the scene ending with the slave hard and stroking, legs kicking in the air, desperate to breathe, and Samantha laughing out loud with glee.



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Subby Hubby – Creating A Subby Hubby. Starring Nina Dolci

Subby Hubby – Creating A Subby Hubby. Starring Nina Dolci




Miss Nina Dolci’s pathetic husband just lost his job, and that is the last straw. He has a little dick, and Miss Nina Dolci is sick and tired of this shit. He begs and pleads to do anything to make it work, and Nina takes him up on his offer when she pulls out a chastity device. Nina Dolci sits on his chest with her spread pussy just inches in front of his face, but it may as well be miles away as he is too pathetic and weak to get it. Nina Dolci dangles the key to his chastity device in his face as she fucks her married pussy with a pink vibrator, and forces him to smell and taste the pussy he will never be able to play with again. Miss Nina Dolci has her pathetic jobless husband locked in a chastity device. She is sick of his tiny itty bitty little prick. All Nina Dolci wants is for him to keep his tiny dick hard for more than two minutes so maybe she can ride him, but he can’t keep his pathetic dicklette up for her. Nina Dolci straddles his chastity device and rubs her wet horny pussy on the hardest his dick has ever been. She taps her finger on his locked up cock, teasing it with her fingernails. She rubs her pussy against it while rubbing her hard clit. Her pathetic husband is powerless to do anything. Miss Nina Dolci wants to feel full with cock, but she only has her tiny dicked husband to service her. Instead of using his pathetic dick, Nina fits his head with a chindo so she can fuck. Nina pulls his head into her wet pussy trying to give him a concussion and for the first time in their marriage Nina Dolci feels like she’s being fucked. As long as her pussy is wet and there is something hard and long going in and out of her pussy, that’s all that matters. Miss Nina Dolci is in charge of everything now; the bank account, the credit cards and her subby hubby’s little pecker. Miss Nina Dolci is hungry after cumming for the first time with her subby hubby. She orders a pizza with extra sausage to quench her desires. The pizza boy comes in with his extra sausage ready to be used. Nina wastes no time and climbs on top of that big cock and impales her married pussy with his extra sausage while her subby hubby bitch looks on humiliated. Nina bounces on his hard cock with her subby bitch between her legs seeing his wife get fucked for the first time. When the pizza boy cums all over Miss Nina Dolci’s married pussy, Nina forces her pathetic subby slut to clean her up with his tongue. He better get used to the taste since this is the only way he will stay married now. After getting her order of extra sausage from the pizza boy, he makes a silly mistake and assumes only her subby hubby is bossed around by Miss Nina Dolci. Nina quickly slaps him and puts him in his place letting him know that every guy is her little bitch. Nina Dolci forces him on his knees to start licking her pussy. Nina quickly grows tired with his pathetic attempt to eat her out, and instead has him lick her ass like all the bottom bitches. Now that Nina Dolci is sexually satisfied, she decides to teach her subby hubby how to really fuck. She has her pathetic subby kneel down and start sucking on her big strap on cock, letting him know that if he doesn’t get it wet, it’s going to go in his ass dry. Nina Dolci likes the view of her subby bitch bobbing his head on her cock. Nina then bends her pathetic subby hubby over the bed and starts pegging his tight inexperienced ass. Nina tells him to give her his ass as she strokes her hot beef injection in and out of his tight man pussy.

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Club Stiletto FemDom – Suffer Under Lily’s Ass. Starring Princess Lily

Club Stiletto FemDom – Suffer Under Lily’s Ass. Starring Princess Lily




The scene opens with Lily running the crop over her slave’s body while his cock twitches in anticipation. She calls him her little bitch and asks if he likes being addressed this way. “Yes, Mistress” he replies. “Good, because today you’re going to suffer for me, but not from my crop” she says, and informs him he will be suffering under her ass. “It’s important for you to understand that I control every breath you take” she explains to the eager slave. She moves into forward position above his head and instructs him to sniff her big beautiful ass. She sits down and tells him he is her lowliest slave, but if he demonstrates that he can last longer under her ass than any other slave has, she’ll let him work his way to the top. “I’m your Goddess and I control everything you do, including everything you do for me. What you want doesn’t matter. I’ll expect to sit on your face for an entire movie one evening.” She tells him that being her Number Two slave is not as exciting, because it means he’ll just be getting his cock and balls t0hrtured all day long, while Number One enjoys the pleasure of her plump ass on his face for hours at a time. As she moves into reverse position, she says “Most of my slaves aren’t permitted to get this close and many will be asking what my ass smells like. Maybe they can smell your nose” she laughs! Finally, she decides to take him for a full test ride, to see what his potential actually is. Eventually, the slave starts to squirm and thrash about, but Lily remains comfortably planted on his face. After all, she did tell him he was going to suffer!

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VICIOUS FEMDOM EMPIRE – Denial. Starring Alexis Monroe

VICIOUS FEMDOM EMPIRE – Denial. Starring Alexis Monroe




Alexis Monroe is a stunning beauty that can have any man she desires… instead she likes to play cruel chastity games with men seeing how far they will go to please her. She has this pet locked in a clear acrylic chastity tube so that she may watch his cock grow and ache as she teases him with her divine ass & pussy. She orders he lick her asshole ensuring a hard & uncomfortable situation for his penis.


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FemmeFataleFilms – House Rules – Part 2. Starring Miss Zoe

FemmeFataleFilms – House Rules – Part 2. Starring Miss Zoe




On returning home from a day out, the boyfriend stupidly forgets the house rules… Once home, his ego is emasculated, something which he needs reminding of with a sharp face slap and a few choice words. Once slapped into shape, he adopts the only position allowed in his Mistress’s presence, on his knees, worshipping at her heels. Miss Zoe teases and torments him, all the while making sure he knows who’s always in control behind closed doors.

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DomNation – YOUR AIR AND COCK BELONG TO ME! Starring Domina Helena

DomNation – YOUR AIR AND COCK BELONG TO ME! Starring Domina Helena




Domina Helena uses her magnificent, voluptuous ass to pin down her helpless slave beneath her, while she drains him of precious oxygen and abuses his throbbing cock. Helena is relentless as she consumes her pet with her inescapable derriere, allowing him to breathe only when it suits her, and then just as quickly pounces full weight on his face and denies him of his life force.

Growing weaker by the second, Helenas slave can only lie there beneath her as shehis tightly bound manhood, twisting, slapping, and squeezing as it turns from pink to bright purple. Her long, razor like finger nails gouge, rake and claw his cock, until he is crying out for mercy. But there shall be none. Domina Helena has much more pain and suffering in store for this pet.

Category: BONDAGE


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Club Stiletto FemDom – AW – Ass Licking Bitch – That’s All You Are Good For. Starring Mistress Juicy

Club Stiletto FemDom – AW – Ass Licking Bitch – That’s All You Are Good For. Starring Mistress Juicy




One lucky man gets to lick Mistress Juicy’s ass. He does such a good job; she gets quite turned on. However, she does not permit him to forget his place. He is not a man, but a bitch, and will never be anything more than a bitch. Which means he will never get the chance to lick her pussy, only her ass. In fact, he must also clean her asshole after she takes a dump. Mistress Juicy takes a special delight in making her slaves perform such lowly chores. She readies herself to use him as her toilet, and he opens his mouth like the good little bitch he is.



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FemmeFataleFilms – Chastity Milking. Starring Mistress Akella

FemmeFataleFilms – Chastity Milking. Starring Mistress Akella




Mistress Akella has granted one of her chastity slaves a release from his cock cage, but there are certain conditions associated with his temporary freedom… If he is permitted to cum, he must be firmly face-sat by Mistress Akella’s leather clad and perfectly formed ass. He must also have his balls crushed, with the intensity of the testicular clamp increased as he gets closer to orgasm. He is also made aware that he must consume his own ejaculate, mixed with a healthy dose of his Mistress’s saliva.

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