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THE MEAN GIRLS – Dancing Your Balls Off. Starring Princess Carmela

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THE MEAN GIRLS – Dancing Your Balls Off. Starring Princess Carmela




This Idiot slave thinks that his Mistress sent him to dance class to be a better slave at social functions, fetish parties and bondage balls. But little does he know- his Mistress has totally set him up. (She had caught him jerking off to a picture of another Dom!) So she gets one of the most sadistic Mean Girls – Princess Carmela – to settle the score by posing as his fake dance instructor. The only thing she is going to teach this loser is how to get kicked in the balls- HARD! She doesnt want to have him leave this dance class with any ability to jerk off ever again. Most likely he probably wont even be able to walk out of the class on his own two feet. Princess Carmela pounds his balls up into his stomach with devastating knee kicks to his nuts. Carmela then follows up with kicks his wounded balls repeatedly as she continues the lesson. Only afterwards does Carmela disclose that its a total set up and that his old Mistress is dumping him! And all she wants now is to see him get his nuts permanently removed from all the damage from this “lesson”…lesson learned!

Princess Carmela

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THE MEAN GIRLS – Crushed Cock Servitude. Starring Princess Bella

THE MEAN GIRLS – Crushed Cock Servitude. Starring Princess Bella




I REALLY enjoy being a Mean Girl- and ruling over pathetic losers like YOU that are so obviously beneath me. Look at you. Youre PATHETIC. You know what? I want to SHOW you how worthless you are. Place your cock and balls on the pedestal in front of my throne. Then put your hands behind your back. Thats right- you are going to basically just present your balls at my FEET for me to STOMP on as much as I want!! Just because it AMUSES me to do so!

Haha my favorite part is in the second half of this video when I command the camera-slave to literally put its cock under one leg of my throne- then I sit down full weight on the throne like its nothing and LAUGH at him and take selfies while his balls are being crushed underneath me! (Haha he wasnt expecting THAT! But I dont care. I even made him look down and film his cock under my throne so u losers can pretend its YOUR cock underneath my throne being crushed) 🙂

-Princess Bella

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THE MEAN GIRLS – Chastity Slave Pass Around. Starring Princess Carmela

THE MEAN GIRLS – Chastity Slave Pass Around. Starring Princess Carmela




I am taking ownership of Cindi’s chastity slave. I make this slave count out his cash on his knees as he begs me to be his new owner. He wrote me emails begging me for this for weeks, haha! He sent me tributes and booked a slave ownership ceremony to be filmed here at Mean Girl Manor. I put the key to his chastity device around the chain on my ankle and make him kiss it to begin his new life. You can use the email in this video to apply to be my new chastity slave too!

Princess Carmela



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THE MEAN GIRLS – Ballbusting Leg Workout. Starring Princess Carmela

THE MEAN GIRLS – Ballbusting Leg Workout. Starring Princess Carmela




So I was at the gym and because I’m so hot basically all the guys were staring at me and wouldn’t leave me alone. I was so pissed that I left the gym to go back to Mean Girl Manor and not only finish my leg workout, but also take out some of my “men frustrations” on a stupid slave at the same time!

When I come walking in- there is my slave where I commanded him to be- laying face up in front of the couch. I chain him to the legs of the couch and strap his legs into the legspreader so he is COMPLETELY HELPLESS- and also in perfect position for me to use his BALLS as a workout tool for my legs! 🙂 I stand between his legs and slowly raise my leg up behind me, really fleeexing that hamstring…and then SLAM my foot down into his exposed balls to work my incredibly strong quads! (How do you think I got these massive, sexy thighs??) 😉 The poor slave is in such pain after just one “rep”! But he is absolutely distrought when I casually announce to him that I plan on doing 3 sets of 10 reps- for each leg! Haha.

Toward the end I even through in some nice BALL STOMPS to work my glutes! LOL. Poor slave is in absolute agony as I slam the soles of my tennis shoes down onto his vulnerable, exposed balls. But I LOVE it! It makes for SUCH an amazing – and FUN – workout! (For ME anyways…I don’t really care if its fun for the stupid slave. It was made to suffer, so it’s basically just serving its purpose, in my opinion. And the best part is, no guys ogling me or making comments except “thank you, Princess Carmela!”
BTW, this loser came to Mean Girl Manor and paid me $200 to be in this clip. All of you that want to send us “ideas” for clips should take a lesson from him! Come here, pay me, and be in the clip yourself! Don’t just write in and think we will do whatever you say just coz you “suggest” it to us!

-Princess Carmela

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THE MEAN GIRLS – Cindi’s First Whipping

THE MEAN GIRLS – Cindi’s First Whipping




So I just HAD to show my new 18yr old girlfriend Princess Cindi how We REALLY discipline slaves around here at Mean Girl Manor! With BULLWHIPS! LOL. She can’t believe that we can just do this to them whenever we feel like it. I just yank a slave out of its cage by its leash and command it to stand agains the wall- so We can whip and abuse it just for Cindi’s entertainment!

And boy is she entertained! Cindi literally gets down in front of the subhuman piece of ‘s face so she can look into its eyes and drink in all it’s suffering and pain that it is enduring just for her amusement…
-Empress Jennifer

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THE MEAN GIRLS – Human Door Mat Degredation. Starring Goddess Harley and Princess Chanel

THE MEAN GIRLS – Human Door Mat Degredation. Starring Goddess Harley and Princess Chanel





Slaves are so lucky we walk around in bikinis and use slave as a dirty foot wipe upon entering the kitchen at Mean Girl Manor. Goddess Harley and I walk around back yard for a while we talk about how dirty our feet are getting. We enter the kitchen and wipe their feet on the slaves tongue as he deserves. He is nothing but a human door mat. Oh and we dont want slave germs so we make him wash our feet in a bowl of clean soap and water and he dries our feet.I actually think he does a bad job and should enjoy washing and serving us better so if you watch this clip and think you could do better you can apply to be a slave at Mean Girl Manor and lay there by that same kitchen door all day and some of us girls are bound to wander in and give you the opportunity to be a better door mat.

Goddess Chanel

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THE MEAN GIRLS – Bawling From a Ballbusting. Starring Superior Goddess Brooke and Princess Bella

THE MEAN GIRLS – Bawling From a Ballbusting. Starring Superior Goddess Brooke and Princess Bella




So me and Princess Bella are PISSED that this slave survived its last ballbusting session with us. We have have decided that we are going to kick our slave so hard in the balls we want to literally make him < i>cry. And to make SURE we make SOLID contact with its balls and its tiny little dick this time, Bella has this loser all handcuffed, LEGcuffed, and on its knees where it < i>belongs! So its balls are completely exposed to us and at the PERFECT height for MAXIMUM impact!

And we can guarantee you that this is one of the BEST ballbusting clips we have ever shot! This loser is literally SO broken by the end he is TRULY crying down on the floor at our feet BEGGING us to stop! Hahaha!!! And we keep making him get up over and over by yanking on his chain as hard as we can and MAKING him take more and more kicks waaay after that!! We want to DESTROY his nuts!!

Superior Goddess Brooke



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THE MEAN GIRLS – $2500 Cash Point Meet. Starring Princess Cindi

THE MEAN GIRLS – $2500 Cash Point Meet. Starring Princess Cindi




My real financial slave came crawling back to me after flaking and being a dummy, haha. So I had him meet me during my filming at Mean Girl Manor. I made him send me a $500 Amazon gift card ahead of time (not in the video- in real life) just to as a penalty to be invited back to the Manor so he could even be allowed the PRIVILEGE of kneeling before MY beauty and giving me MORE $$$! LOL! So he gave me $2800 plus the $500 gift card I made him send as proof that he was really going to show up. Oh plus another $200 because I wasnt going to let a financial slave that begged to be wallet ra-ped go with any cash left in his wallet. What kind of service would I be doing him if I actually let him keep any money?? haha! After that I made him realize that this is only the down payment on the amount he will be paying me for the rest of his life, I sent him on his way. Poor little guy rode his bicycle all the way here to drop off all his cash for 15 minutes then I just laughed in his face and sent him on his way back home. Pathetic. And totally OWNED by ME.

-Princess Cindi

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THE MEAN GIRLS – The Real Deal At Mean Girl Manor. Starring Princess Beverly and Goddess Charlotte

THE MEAN GIRLS – The Real Deal At Mean Girl Manor. Starring Princess Beverly and Goddess Charlotte




At the end of this video, our slave said it was his favorite ballbusting session ever because it was so simple, haha! We were kicking him because last week his car broke down and he cancelled. We had to wait a whole week to kick his balls in, LOL! There is not a lot of space between kicks in this clip because we just kept kicking him in the balls repeatedly. I think we damaged some nerve endings because he managed to stay standing to take them for about 8 minutes until I dropped him and then walked off laughing with Goddess Charlotte.

Princess Beverly



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THE MEAN GIRLS – Assume The Position. Starring Princess Adriana and Princess Kendall

THE MEAN GIRLS – Assume The Position. Starring Princess Adriana and Princess Kendall




So we decide to have fun with our new toy that we borrowed from Rodea, and try different “positions” to see which is most FUN for US to kick the slave in its balls! We put it (the slave) into different positions, then get a running start and KICK as hard as possible! Haha! Kendall even puts it into like “yoga” positions and stuff- and it HAS to hold that position- while we run up and KICK it as hard as we want! Kendall also reminds slave that she may be starting her OWN store soon and since she lives in LV and can use this local slave whenever she WANTS…so she may be kicking its balls in on a regular basis soon- for HER profit! She makes slave literally beg her and thank her for this opportunity! (Just to be her personal ballkicking slave!)

Princess Adrianna



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