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THE MEAN GIRLS – Whos Ass Is Deddliest. Starring Goddess Harley

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THE MEAN GIRLS – Whos Ass Is Deddliest. Starring Goddess Harley



This slave gets me n Goddess Harley’s big asses In his face in this fluffy king size bed. If you want to see how he does without air you should watch this video. This may be the price you pay for “going to bed” with a couple of Mean Girls! haha! We decide to see who’s ass and who’s outfit can restrict its airflow the best…any guesses on who wins?? Oh and at the end the “winner” sits on its passd-out face one last time and forces out a little puff of “air” out of her butt into the slave’s face just to disrespect it a little more! LOL

But you will need to watch the clip to see which Goddess has the deddliest ass…! 😉

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THE MEAN GIRLS – One Night Under Paris. Starring Princess Paris

THE MEAN GIRLS – One Night Under Paris. Starring Princess Paris




Oh my god. This loser was lying in My chair, so I pretended like it wasn’t even there and sat right on its ugly face while I texted my friends. The pathetic idiot couldn’t hold his breath long enough for Me to send even one text. How sad is that? I had to keep popping up so it could breath. Like, why should it be allowed any of MY oxygen? I shouldn’t have to be disturbed. So I texted My friend about how I smothered it with my ass. OMG. it squirmed so much I had to let it up. I turned around and shoved its nose in my sweaty crotch. The subhuman seat still couldn’t hold its breath! Can you believe it actually started complaining? So I slammed My ass down on it HARD to it shut up and put all My weight on it until it had to gasp for air between My cheeks. LOL Whatever. it deserved it. Learn how to breath, moron. Oh my gaaaawwd!

Featuring: Princess Paris

Fetishes: Face sitting, Female Domination, Humiliation



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THE MEAN GIRLS – Cuckold Ass Cushion. Starring Princess Carmela

THE MEAN GIRLS – Cuckold Ass Cushion. Starring Princess Carmela



Nina whispers something in Carmela’s ear to give her an idea of how to further humiliate this loser and put him in his place. He needs to have it driven into his pathetic little brain that he beneath her AND her boyfriend! So Carmela tells he stud boyfriend to sit in the throne. Then she orders her LOSER BITCH CUCK to lay his face on the counch so she has something to SIT on while she makes out with her stud “man”! (Could anything be more humiliating??) Princess Carmela laughs that the loser has to “kiss her ass” which she kisses her boyfriend that she actually LOVES.

Carmela’s ass is amazing and totally sufocates the loser cuck underneath her. She practically forgets about him underneath her because she is so into her man and their hot make-out session… And the loser is so desperate and hopes that by holding his breath and letting her treat him like absolute dirt- that he will at least be allowed around her. He doesn’t care how badly he is treated, as long as he gets to be around his Princess!

Category: FEMDOM


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THE MEAN GIRLS – Learn To Fear Us Slave. Starring Princess Beverly and Princess Bella

THE MEAN GIRLS – Learn To Fear Us Slave. Starring Princess Beverly and Princess Bella




This new piece of slave-meat needs to be tenderized. 🙂 (It is his first trip to Mean Girl Manor!) And he doesn’t want to be whipped but he said in his email to us that he “wanted to suffer” for us as much as possible HOWEVER we wanted- and me n Bella were happy to oblige! We decided to use him to “practice our whipping” because we have heard that some of the slaves don’t think we are as “brutal” as Cindi, Empress Jenn and Carmela, so the slaves don’t fear us as much. Well, we WANT slaves to quiver with fear when WE walk down the halls of Mean Girl Manor too!

So this slave has to take our whips- and boy does he SCREAM! LOL! And yeah, we totally BREAK him by the end of this clip as we are BOTH whipping him at the same time! (And laughing our ASSES off at his suffering while we do it btw! LOL!) He starts like literally BEGGING us for “mercy” through his penis-gag toward the end! (Of course we couldn’t even hear it for awhile over the cracks of the whips and our own laughter!)
We were actually surprised he broke so easily. Especially when he was allowed to look at how beautiful we are while he was being whipped by the other girl! We even let it kiss the bottom of our shoes as “motivation” while it was being whipped…wasn’t that nice of us??

-Princess Beverly



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THE MEAN GIRLS – Foot Shaving Sandwich. Starring Princess Cindi

THE MEAN GIRLS – Foot Shaving Sandwich. Starring Princess Cindi




I am all about making dreams come true for my slaves. So when this slave bought a pedi egg for me I knew exactly how to use it to get the slave to show his true DEVOTION to ME. After he shaved the skin cells off my foot with the scraper, I put the filings on his sandwich and made him EAT it! Haha! How FUNNY! OMFG! He literally eats the dedd skin off the bottom of my FEET as his SANDWICH TOPPING- LOL! Now THAT is true DEVOTION to me as his SUPERIOR!! 🙂 (How far would YOU go for me, loser??) – Princess Cindi



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THE MEAN GIRLS – Shoving His Face In It. Starring Goddess Broke

THE MEAN GIRLS – Shoving His Face In It. Starring Goddess Broke




Goddess Broke is a new mean girl at the Manor and is still getting used to the idea of having slaves. I mean from birth she has always been mean and bossy and treated men like the garbage they are. Now she has found the right home for her. Brooke sits on throne and starts her new “job” (being a “Princess”). This is the perfect place for her thought out her life she has always been about treating guys like and they still buy her stuff, etc. The first loser guy she meet automatically becomes her slave and begs to lick here $2000 Louboutins. Of course she is all for the idea and actually forces him to inhale her foot odor to mezmorized him like a love potion. Goddess Broke takes to being a princess with a “hell, YEAH!” attitude and goes off pushing and forcing her foot into the slave face like a natural. this is how losers SHOULD be treated! and Commands the slave to “lick my Louboutins!



Keywords: superior goddess brooke

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THE MEAN GIRLS – Homework Slave Punishment. Starring Princess Cindi

THE MEAN GIRLS – Homework Slave Punishment. Starring Princess Cindi




Princess Cindi has turned one of her many “admirers” from school literally into a slave for her. She thinks he is pathetic and would never date him, but she knows he will literally do anything for her- so now she just keeps him as her personal homework slave so she never has to do any work again. She keeps him locked away in a cupboard 24/7 so her momm doesn’t even knows he is there. (His parentts think he just ran away from home.) Cindi pulls her slave out of its cupboard by his leash. She treats him like he is less than human now. He is truly like a possession to her now. He was in there working on one of Cindi’s homework papers.
Cindi is PISSED because she just got a text from her boyfriend and the idiot homework slave got her boyfriend a “B” on one of the papers that she made her slave write for him! The slave gets verbally berated by Cindi. And he has a ballshocker permanently attached to his balls now to help “motivate” him to do her homework for Cindi, all her friends, her boyfriend, or even people that pay HER to make her homework slave do THEIR papers for them! (It is getting quite lucrative for Cindi- which is why she attached the ballshocker to make him work harder for her.) She shocks the sh11tt out of the slave for getting her boyfirend a “B”! (How can her and her BF get into an Ivy League school together if their slave isn’t writing all “A” papers for them!!)
Cindi explains to the slave that his life is over. THIS is his life now! Living in her cupboard, doing her homework and writing her papers! And She will be using him throughout college too. AND she wants BOTH her AND her BF to get PHDs using him- without doing ANY of the work! They will just party the whole time. To make sure he “gets it”, she makes him grovel at her feet and shower them with kisses, expressing that she is his SUPERIOR and OWNER and she can use him for WHATEVER SHE WANTS. He is lucky to even be around her and especially to actually LIVE with her like this!
Cindi even thinks it might be funny to figure out a way to connect the idiot’s ballshocker to the internet so it could by controlled by her and her man via their smartphones! Then they could shock it from wherever they might be.even while they relax on the beach! The shocks are getting higher and higher- approaching “15” now because Cindi wants to make sure this loser completely fears her- so Cindi takes her shoes off and shoves her gorgeous, sweaty feet DEEP into her slave’s throat to muffle his screams because his balls are being fried now.and she doesnt want her momm to hear!
Eventually, once Cindi feels this pathetic piece of sh11tt has learned its place in life and will get her and her BF all “A”s from now on- she just casually Cindi throws him back “into his hole” and tells him to “get back to work!” Then she goes off to have a romantic date with her stud boyfriend while the loser works!



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THE MEAN GIRLS – Nut Destruction. Starring Princess Bella and Princess Cindi

THE MEAN GIRLS – Nut Destruction. Starring Princess Bella and Princess Cindi




Princess Cindi Invited me on my first SPIKED-shoe ballbusting video. It was for a slave that sent us an email and said he wanted us to literally “destroy his nuts” LOL! What he didn’t know was that it was Princess Cindi that was answering the emails that day! So she booked this slave to come over for a ball busting and also invited me to try out a full assortment of spiked shoes on his balls- shoes that are guaranteed to cause some “nut destruction”! And to make sure he didn’t change his mind, we hung him from a bar in the ceiling out back, handcuffed him to keep his hands out of the way, and put a LEGSPREADER on him so his legs were WIIIDE open, leaving his nuts nice and VULNERABLE to our most vicious kicks! haha. (We even got a RUNNING START on some of our kicks- WITH our SPIKED shoes on! OMG the slave was SOOO scared! Haha.) One of us would hold his rope and give it a good TUG, so he would stand up nice n tall with his legs spread while the other one could get a nice shot in on his nuts!

Wanna see how this “big talker” got treated??? Let’s just say there was some damage done and the clip had to be stopped short! LOL. 😉 SO much fun! And with these shoes, you don’t even have to kick super hard or hurt your foot to do some serious damage- the spikes do all the work! LOL. I want another ballbusting slave to play with!

– Princess Bella



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THE MEAN GIRLS – Kick The Furniture. Starring Goddess Suvana, Princess Cindi an…

THE MEAN GIRLS – Kick The Furniture. Starring Goddess Suvana, Princess Cindi and Goddess Rodea




We decide to have more fun by putting the ball kicking slave on its hands n knees and playing a game with it. 2 girls sit on its back and use it as furniture and the 3rd girl gets to run up from behind and give it some “snap kicks” between its legs to try to get the slave to “DROP” the 2 girls! Human furniture needs to be TRAINED, you know! Haha. After all, REAL furniture would NEVER drop its owners no matter how hard it was kicked! lol…

To make it even MORE fun for us – and emotionally cruel for the slave – we make the slave turn over a card before each “round”- and the number that comes up is the number of kicks it needs to take in its balls while holding 2 of us up for that round! Poor slave is eventually trembling as it turns a card over, just HOPING that it gets a low number! LOL

-FEATURING: Goddess Suvana, Princess Cindi, Goddess Rodea



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THE MEAN GIRLS – Your Last Orgasm. Starring Princess Carmela

THE MEAN GIRLS – Your Last Orgasm. Starring Princess Carmela




Princess Carmela walks over to the house slave sitting in its cage and teases it. She asks it if it would like to be let out of its cage. (It has been left in there for days by one of the other Mean Girls) She offers to let it out, but first it needs to put its ass up to the edge of the cage so she can inject the slave with a special serum. She just laughs as she does it but she doesn’t tell the slave what it is.

Then after administration of the mystery serum, she drags the slave out of its cage by its leash over to the new “slave milking machine”. She makes the slave insert its cock into the machine and laughs about how this is the closest thing a stupid slave will ever get to having sex with her. Because only her BF gets HER pussy! Oh, and that serum that she injected it with? Once the slave is good and “warmed up” by the machine, Carmela gets in its face and seductively lets it know that it was a “last orgasm” serum! Basically, the next orgasm he has will be his LAST. He will collapse and DYE within 3 minutes of his next orgasm! After telling him this and laughing in his face, the slave spends the rest of video BEGGING Princess Carmela not to make him cum!!! (While Princess Carmela just laughs and uses the remote control to toy with the speed of the machine..)

After awhile the slave cant take it anymore and screams out that he is cumming!! Princess pulls the machine away as the slave is cumming (RUINING his last orgasm EVER- so he can’t even ENJOY it!) and then gets even MORE sadistic pleasure by telling it that the only “antidote” for the injection is to humiliate himself further by LICKING UP HIS OWN CUM! (Which will just entertain her even further…) She then laughs while he laps away at the floor at her feet by filling him in on one more little surprise…



Keywords: princess carmela

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