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THE MEAN GIRLS – Amazon Boot Trampling. Starring Goddess Randi

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THE MEAN GIRLS – Amazon Boot Trampling. Starring Goddess Randi




This poor slave…it was given by Goddess Randi – as nothing more than human property – to Amazon Goddess Jasmine Mendez to “do anything she wanted to” and challenged to “completely break it”, because the slave thought of itself as a “tough slave”.

Jasmine has already beaten it with canes and whips, and kicked its balls in. Now she is about to do the most painful thing she can possibly do to it- TRAMPLE IT IN HER STILETTO-HEELED BOOTS. Ironically, this is ALSO the EASIEST thing for her to do to it! LOL. Funny how that works with trampling. Jasmine simply steps up onto the slave’s body like it is nothing, and the slave is suddenly in instant agony- as she casually rocks back all of the weight of her 5’11” frame onto her stiletto heels…

She even hops up and down on it and uses its CROTCH as a stepping stone up onto its body each time she steps up onto its flesh. It is not long before the slave is literally BEGGING for her mercy and pleading with the Amazon Jasmine to please spare him! Then the rest of the video is spent with Amazon Goddess seated comfortably upon the pink Mean Girls Throne and the slave gratefully worships the boots that she just used to trample him and kick his balls in with…LOL. Such is the life of a pain slave around Mean Girl Manor!

Do you want to see this clip from the slave’s perspective like YOU were the one kneeling before Amazon Goddess Jasmine with your legs spread, offering your precious balls up to her kick as hard as she wants? Go to Our POV store to see what was captured on the “slave cam” strapped to the slave’s head The Popular Girlz POV Clip Store



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THE MEAN GIRLS – Mean Mind-Control Schoolgirls. Starring Princess Bella and Goddess Rodea

THE MEAN GIRLS – Mean Mind-Control Schoolgirls. Starring Princess Bella and Goddess Rodea




Bella and Rodea come in to talk with their mean teacher Mr. Smith who has been threatening to flunk them in science class because he has discovered that they actually have several of the less popular boys in class doing all of their homework for them. The girls ask if they can try out a scientific experiment on him that they SWEAR they have been working on all by themselves- and if it works, he needs to agree that he will give them an A in the class. Mr. Smith reluctantly agreesbut assures the girls that whatever it is probably wont do what they are intending because they just arent smart enough and have no science aptitude whatsoever.

The girls just overlook Mr. Smiths insults and fasten a weird helmet to his head, and turn it on. (Mr. Smith doesnt know it, but it is their Mind Control Helmet Of Obedience!) Then they start asking him questions. (Like are we going to pass this class? What grade are we gonna get? who is your favorite student in class? etc) Mr. Smith feels weird but is able to still answer the questions normally. So Rodea instructs Bella to turns up the juice and they repeat the questions. NOW they start getting the answers they want to hear! Once they can tell that Mr. Smith is COMPLETELY under their control, they even laugh in his face that of COURSE they didn’t build this stupid thing themselves! They made some other smart nerd loser in the class build it for them! But its too late now. He is powerless to do anything about it. They could command him to go jump off a ledge for their amusement at this point if they wanted to! They have proven their point that they are HOT- and that trumps everything. So they dont need to know about all this stupid science stuff anyway. They are so hot that if they want some stupid scientific stuff done for them, they just need to snap their fingers at some nerd loser and they will literally BEG to do it FOR them!

Then the girls decide to really have some fun and crank the helmet all the way up to the TOP level and remove it- leaving Mr. Smith in the highest level of complete submission and obedience to their every command! Soon the girls are having fun with their teacher like he is nothing more than a new toy for them to play with. They make him literally get down on all fours and bark like a for their amusement. They make him do tricks for them- while they laugh in his face. They even make him strip naked to see what Mr. Smith looks like naked and take pictures of him with their iPhones! They make him literally grovel at their feet and tell them how he will leave his wife for them- just to be nothing more than their 24/7 their SLAVE. They test his obedience by making him lick their spit up off the floor and THANK them for it!

By the end of the video the girls are getting foot worship from their mind-fucked teacher. One girl is getting her feet worshiped, while the other one casually rests her feet on top of his head and films it on her phone! They have absolutely no respect for Mr. Smith anymore. (And they ALWAYS hated him, so this should be fun!) And if he ever manages to come out of their spell or overcome their mind control over him- these iPhone videos should make for some Very powerful blackmail to keep him in line!

Princess Bella’s own clip store is here:Mean Girl Bella’s Clip Store



Keywords: Princess Bella, Goddess Rodea, School Girl, Blackmail, Humiliation, Shiny Leggings, Latex leggings, Teacher

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THE MEAN GIRLS – Kitchen Matt. Starring Goddess Rodea

THE MEAN GIRLS – Kitchen Matt. Starring Goddess Rodea




This slave had to endure part of his day as a kitchen sink floor matt, haha! Of course it also means he has to get stepped on and trampled while I use the sink! Too bad I wore my stiletto high heels. He probably cant even see how pretty my toes are as they are crushing him. I mean it is real shame that my beautiful feet are an eighth of an inch from and he cant even enjoy it. I think this must be a huge form of the ultimate rejection. I mean here I am on my phone, completely oblivious to the marks, scrapes and internal damage I am causing and he cant even have my feet. He is lower than the low. He does not even deserve to have my feet touch him! He is just a worthless, disposable mat that I stand on and throw away when I am done with him. I literally have slaves lined up to be used up and disposed of like this for me. I think after they see me trample this slave in my gown and heels I will have my email blow up with more offers as well.

– Goddess Rodea

Categories: Female Domination, Trampling, Human Furniture, Femdom, Foot Fetish, Shoe and Boot Worship, Shoe Fetish

Category: FEMDOM


Keywords: Rodea

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THE MEAN GIRLS – Cry Baby. Starring Randy Moore

THE MEAN GIRLS – Cry Baby. Starring Randy Moore




I want to see a slave come crying to Randy Moore in hopes of her removing its chastity that She locked 20 years ago! What could be more humiliating than a slave who literally weeps for sex? Of course Ms. Moore laughs in its tear-stricken face. Randy lets the slave know it will never please a girl and will a virgin loser slave!

Editing slave’s note: Princess Jennifer comes into the clip about halfway through and just kicks the slave in its balls a few times for no reason- just because she can and because its fun for her. It wasn’t really part of the “script” but that’s how things are around Mean Girl Manor and she can do pretty much whatever she wants…



Keywords: humiliation, femdom, ballbusting, verbal, chastity, heels, fetish, worship, slave, female domination, abuse

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THE MEAN GIRLS – Handy Human Stepper. Starring Princess Tiffani and Miss Veronica

THE MEAN GIRLS – Handy Human Stepper. Starring Princess Tiffani and Miss Veronica




To get this clip cheaper in HD click here: Handy Human Stepper (HD)
We are wanting to get a great workout in the back yard, but the brick wall is just too high. So We call over one of the slaves that is kept 24/7 at Mean Girl Manor and order it to lay down so We have something to use as an extra step for Our workout! It works out great! 🙂 And it is so much fun that we eventually are JUMPING off the wall to land on the slave’s soft belly! And to reward the slave for making our workout so much more fun, we take our sweaty socks off and stuff them into its mouth! Isn’t that nice of Us???

FEATURING: Princess Tiffani, Miss Veronica



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THE MEAN GIRLS – 24 HOURS OF HELL. Starring Superior Goddess Brooke, Princess Bella and Princess Bev…

THE MEAN GIRLS – 24 HOURS OF HELL. Starring Superior Goddess Brooke, Princess Bella and Princess Beverly




This is a compilation of ALL SEVEN of the clips documenting one VERY long, 24-hour period in the life one of Our houseslaves at Mean Girl Manor. Poor slave was abused by the beautiful and arrogant Superior Goddess Brooke, then left chained to a toilet overnight, then Princess Beverly abused him the entire next day, and THEN Princess Bella got ahold of him to add the “cherry on top” of his degrading, humiliating, painful, de-humanizing day. (This clip is over 2 HOURS long!!)

If you guys like longer clips like this, let us know by buying this one and we will make more of them!! 😉

This Clip includes:

“A Day In The Houseslaves Life: Toilet-Bread Boy”

“A Day In The Life of The MGM Houseslave: Clean That Toilet AGAIN, Bitch!”

“A Day In The Life of The MGM Houseslave: Clean That Floor Bitch”

“A Day In The Life of The MGM Houseslave: Cocksucking Humiliation”

“A Day In The Life of The MGM Houseslave: House Pet”

“A Day In The Life of The MGM Houseslave: Dragged Through The Mud”

“A Day In The Life of The MGM Houseslave: Ashtray Fail”

This is the longest clip in Mean Girl history at 2 hours long also take note it’s not even a ripoff or ignore clip, just continuous Mean Girl action all the way!



Keywords: Superior Goddess Brooke, Princess Bella, Princess Beverly

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THE MEAN GIRLS – Paddled Laughingstock. Starring Empress Jennifer and Princess Carmela

THE MEAN GIRLS – Paddled Laughingstock. Starring Empress Jennifer and Princess Carmela




Empress Jennifer and I are two of the most truly sadistic girls here at Mean Girl Manor. Only by watching this video can you appreciate how fucking funny we think whipping a man till he cries. We spend a good deal of him actually laughing at him as we inflict pain on this slave. There is just something hilarious about two sadistic girls repeatedly and loudly whacking a slave from every direction.

We Actually broke him at about the 7 minute mark and told him we would stop but really we just made him worship our feet for a few minutes… and then we snuck up on him with paddles again for a few more minutes of fresh whacks on his red sore spots! LOL! That encore was not planned, it is just how organically sadistic we really are! In the end he is just completely mentally broken on the floor with his ass in the air… resigned to the fact that saying “stop” and “no,no,no more” has no effect on us.

-Princess Carmela

Categories: Flogging, Whipping, Female Domination, CFNM, Femdom, Laughing, Corporal Punishment, Foot Worship, Foot Fetish

Category: WHIPPING


Keywords: Jenn, Carmela

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THE MEAN GIRLS – A Day In The Houseslaves Life Part 2 of 7 – Toilet Bread Boy. Starring Superior God…

THE MEAN GIRLS – A Day In The Houseslaves Life Part 2 of 7 – Toilet Bread Boy. Starring Superior Goddess Brooke




A naked slave is locked up in a cage. You let him out and he immediately licks your boots and soles with greatest passion. Then you lead him on all 4s with a leash into the toilet. There you cuff his hands be-hind the back and tell him to clean the toilet bowl with his tongue, with a special attention on the toilet rim and the inside of the bowl. While he cleans, you chastise him with face slaps and spit at him and shock his balls and do other mean things to make it much harder for him to clean the toilet thoroughly. At the end you inspect his work, as it is unsatisfactory, you dunk his head into the toilet and hold it there with your boot on his head and flush several times. Afterwards you chain him to the toilet with a short chain, his head is still in the bowl and tell him to continue the cleaning.

FEATURING: Princess Beverly

This is part 2 of a 7 part series see part 1 here: A Day In The Houseslaves Life Part 1 of 7 – Toilet Bread Boy (1080 HD)
See the Full version here 24 HOURS OF HELL (HD)



Keywords: Princess Beverly

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THE MEAN GIRLS – MORE, MORE, MORE. Starring Princess Carmela

THE MEAN GIRLS – MORE, MORE, MORE. Starring Princess Carmela




Princess Carmela finds out that one of her slaves has a genius IQ meaning the sperm bank will pay $2,000 dollars for every deposit. Princess Carmela owns the slave so of course all the money will go to her! Because she makes money every time the slave cums Princess Carmela is forcing the slave to cum over and over again all day long.

The slave is on his knees stroking his cock while Princess Carmela supervises with whip ready in hand. Princess Carmela tells the slave she is going to become rich off selling his sperm. There are already four containers filled with sperm but that’s not near enough to please Princess Carmela. Princess Carmela shouts at the slave to stroke his fucking cock as she whips him. Stroke it now! Don’t stop stroking! Princess Carmela says she will beat the jizz right out of him if she has to. He has to stroke day and night to the point of torture. If he stops even just for a moment he gets whipped by Princess Carmela. Eventually the slave simply can’t anymore cum as he has been completely drained of every last drop but Princess Carmela doesn’t want to hear any excuses! The slave is severely whipped for failing to cum. Continue reading “THE MEAN GIRLS – MORE, MORE, MORE. Starring Princess Carmela”

THE MEAN GIRLS – Battle Of The Ballbusting Lightweights. Starring Superior Goddess Brooke and Prince…

THE MEAN GIRLS – Battle Of The Ballbusting Lightweights. Starring Superior Goddess Brooke and Princess Beverly




Ok, so we had 2 fairly new slaves over to Mean Girl Manor. (For the one loser it was his first time EVER being invited to serve us!) They are both just SOOO desperate to please us- LOL. We love that. Take notes, all you other slaves. These slaves didn’t say “I want”- they said “What do YOU want, Princess”!! 🙂

So me n Brooke decided to ballbust them. (Even though neither of them is “into” ballbusting- we don’t care!!) This is about OUR entertainment, not what they “want”! And a true slave only want to SERVE and PLEASE its MASTERS!) So these losers obediently stand their with their legs spread for us! Haha!

Now, for full disclosure- this clip is NOT very long because these slaves could NOT take very much at ALL. (Like seriously, it is probably only like 5 or 6 kicks in total, and the rest of the time these pathetic losers are rolling around on the floor at our feet in agony.) Those few kicks were really GOOD- but these losers just can’t take it. For both of them it was their first time EVER being used as ball-kicking slaves. Oh, and the fucking legspreaders we were using broke too. (Ugh!) SO we kinda think this clip totally sucks, but maybe you guys will want to see what its like for first-timers that can’t take it? Like seriously, ONE kick to the nuts on the one loser like totally floors him for almost the entire clip LOL.
But like any other slave- these ones just need more “training”. (And we need new leg-spreader bars!) :/

Do NOT buy this clip if you wanna see slaves that take a lot of kicks! It is almost an “outtake” type video, honestly. Because most of the time we are just mocking them and talking to Cindi and Bella behind the camera just laughing about how pathetic these losers are.*

Princess Beverly



Keywords: Superior Goddess Brooke, Princess Beverly

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