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THE MEAN GIRLS – Kick Contest 2 Carmela VS Nikkole. Starring Princess Carmela and Goddess Nikkole

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To get this clip for less money click here Kick Contest 2 Carmela VS Nikkole (1080 HD)The first ballbusting contest was with me (Princess Carmela and Goddess Jass) and was a super popular clip. This is the second episode with me and Goddess Nikkole competing for the title! What people may not know is that the first episode was my first ballbusting video EVER! I guess Im a natural and I am eager to retain my title! If you guys want to see this be a real series we can start incorporating a belt and trophy too haha! Lets see your support for this contest. I hope you enjoy the slo-mo replays of the best ball destroying kicks, just like a real sporting event on TV. The kick from behind is especially devastating, haha! Princess Carmela



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THE MEAN GIRLS – Tardy Testical Justice. Starring Goddess Nikkole and Princess Carmela

Get this clip for less here Tardy Testical Justice (1080 HD)For those that love realism, this ballbusting clip is for you. It turns out this slave has flakes on both of us at different times in the past and now that we have him here together we make this one personal! He obviously doesnt give a hoot about our time so why should we care how long his balls take to recover? If the ever recover! This slave is obsessed with Princess Carmela in real life because he knows how hard she kicks and that she really doesnt care about hurting people. The fact that she is the one that he flaked on is just ironic. Goddess Nikkole



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THE MEAN GIRLS – The Deeth Scenes. Starring Princess Beverly

To get this clip for less money click here The Deeth Scenes (1080 HD)****THIS IS A CUSTOM CLIP****Beverly needs important files from the secret agent man sitting acrossfrom her. Her cold heart will stop at nothing to get it, even if she has todo him in. She roughs him up with a few hard face slaps and then gives himtoxic champagne to coerce him into giving up all his secrets. Agent Beverlyis one of the most ruthless and lethal assassins working for theorganization, no man to date has been able to stand in her way, and thisloser looks like he’s no exception. He begs for his life willing to giveany information if she will just allow him to live another day.



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THE MEAN GIRLS – Humiliated Foot-Wipe. Starring Princess Bella

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To get this clip for less money click here Humiliated Foot-Wipe (1080 HD)This was just some “extra” footage of me rewarding a slave after we used it for some of our clips. I decided to let it grovel at my feet and lick the foot-sweat off the bottoms of my feet. Isn’t that < i>nice of me?? After it took a nice beating for us, I felt like it should be rewarded…and what better reward is there for a SLAVE than the sweat from the feet of a beautiful princess like < u>me?? I think it is sooo fucking pathetic though that losers will literally work for me- just to lick the sweat off of my FEET. Haha. This is a short clip cuz like I said, it was just like some “bonus” footage that we didn’t plan on even filming. But what the hell, I figured you should see some “behind the scenes” of what its like to be a GOOD slave for us at Mean Girl Manor… Princess Bella



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THE MEAN GIRLS – Karate Princess 2. Starring Princess Beverly

Alternate video formats available by search of title. To get this clip for less money click here Karate Princess (720 HD)So I have this slave worshipper that has been requesting these karate clips- and I actually SHOOT them for him because he pays what I demand of him! (Take a note, all you slaves that say do this! just cuz i wanna see it! and then I ignore your request LOL.) Anyway, I print out all these karate pictures he sent to me and talk about how I would do them to you. And how much I would LOVE to hurt you like the picture shows. (And I really WOULD btw lol.)Then for each one I also call in the house slave to demo the moves on him in like slo-mo. (Hey, this was the custom viewers request!) So just FYI to all of you- these moves are all done in like slo-mo like when you were play fighting with your brother when you were a kid. Or as if it were a real self-defense video. So its not like a full-force beatdown or anything. Just warning you!But I DO talk about the beatdown in this clip- a lot. And about how much fun it would be for me to kick your ass LOL. There is even a special one that is brutally graphic that I talk about- but its not shown in the preview pictures. And just for the record, if any of you want to come here and pay me a lot of $$$ to kick your ass for real, I will be happy to! LOL*(Not all the pics are shown in the preview image! There were like 7 or 8 of these different “attack moves” that I demonstrated.)-Princess Beverly

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THE MEAN GIRLS – Trample Party

Alternate video formats available by title. To get this clip for less money click here Trample Party (1080 HD) So today I show my new girls how to trample a dumb slave in stiletto high heels! I’m sure my pink Jimmy Choos feel great on this slave all by themselves but this is a party so I want all the girls to get on him, haha! This slave came in from out of town to serve me again so I can just imagine his surprise when I had my friends walk all over him too! I made sure to show Tia and Ariana the fine points of making marks and standing full weight on one foot. That really gets the heel to dig in extra deep, LOL! Oh yea, and lets not forget the part where you ignore the screams while stepping on the head. I am sooo glad that Tia wore the needle thin stiletto black heels, haha! The screams were music to our ears and made a great party. Princess Beverly

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THE MEAN GIRLS – Balls Kicked To Mush. Starring Princess Carmela and Goddess Harley

Alternate video formats available by search of title. To get this clip for less money click here Balls Kicked To Mush (1080 HD) Goddess Harley and I agree, The Mean Girls need a new SLAVE BODY GUARD for the Manor. but regular body guards have BALLS- and balls are weak and distract men. There are just waay to many HOT girls here for a regular slave to do his job right. We Mean Girls need a dedicated, committed, NUTLESS EUNUCH SLAVE to stay focused on its job. So we picked a random slave to be our new eunuch bitch. Of course, there are several ways of castrating a slave but none are as much fun as strapped him into our “Ballbusting Device of Deth” and kicking his ball to utter MUSH. (This thing is BRUTAL- literally ALL of the slaves at The Manor fear being locked into this thing! You might as well just say goodbye to your ballsLOL!) There is no way this loser could get out when the straps are pulled tight, his hands cuffed, legs in straps and of course a hot girl holding on to his leash at all times! We take turns demolishing his testicles with ultra-hard kicks to the slaves nuts until its balls are PULP. Sometimes he get so distressed he foolishly attempts to close his legs but we just crank the wenches some more and pull his legs back into passion as needed. Even if it takes all night to completely destroy its balls, it will be worth it. Besides this is what we do for fun anywayLOL! And just a little background on this clip- we REALLY hurt this slave. Its balls really WERE turned to total much by the end of this! And he was in like total AGONY the whole time! LOL! I just kept looking into his eyes and drinking in his suffering- as he was strapped in and helpless with his balls all vulnerable and exposed to our kicks.Princess Carmela*(VIDEO EDITING SLAVES NOTE: All the best kicks in this video are shown again in a super slo-mo instant replay so you can see the full devastating affect of the best kicks.)



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THE MEAN GIRLS – Trying Trampling. Starring Empress Goddess Harley and Princess Beverly

Alternate video formats available by search of title. To get this clip for les money click hereTrying Trampling (1080 HD) Small talk around the Mean Girl Manor always leads to the most interesting stuff. Just the other day I was venting to Princess Beverly about how I just want a loser to really beat on and hurt. Anyway, it turns out that she has this one that she has been storing for a few days in the “slave pen” out back! OMG I sooo wanna get my turn to hurt it! And in looking through its slave file, we find out that it has NEVER been trampled before! So we go out to its cage to torment it a bit and explain to this piece of meat how much we looove trampling slaves in our stilettos because it causes them sooo much pain- yet is SO easy for US! 🙂 (It truly IS Princess Beverlys fav way to torture slaves.) So we unchain him and drag him inside, then take turns slowly showing him how easy it is for us to hurt him like this! I start with just my Uggs on because this slave is so little and I way a solid 145lbs- more than the slave does! But by the end of the clip we are BOTH standing on him and wearing heels to cause maximum pain- until he is literally BEGGING us for mercy! And we just look down and laugh… This is a true life event- this slave has been whipped and ballbusted, but has never been trampled before and today is his first day. I guess slaves dont realize how much it hurts? Because whenever you step on a slave in heels for the first time you an just see the shock and instant agony in their eyeshaha! But Princess Beverly and I are going to make it really hard for him because he has said how much he wants to prove his worth and devotion to us as a pain slave for us to use in our clips. He went on to say he wants to take more than any other pain slave for us- and that is a bold statement if you know anything about Mean Girl Manor! LOL. To be honest, he was so small and scrawny that he couldnt really take very much. Especially with Beverlys brand new needle-thin metal heels and the way she kept rocking back all her weight onto them, sinking them deep into the slaves chestLOL! Poor little slave. VIDEO EDITING SLAVES NOTE: This clip includes some close-up and some full-body footage. It was probably not the best clip because the slave could not take very much because he was so small. But for the time he was being stepped on it looked like he was in a lot of pain.Goddess Harley



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THE MEAN GIRLS – 9 Minutes On Top. Starring Empress Jennifer and Princess Mya

Alternate video formats available by searching title To get this clip for less money click here 9 Minutes On Top (1080 HD) Ok you complainers You want to know how long at least one of us was actually trampling this slave in this video??? Well the clip is 10 minutes and 40 seconds and for about 9 minutes of that he has high heels on top of him. Not that we care about the time when we are standing on someone and causing extreme agony, LOL! But since you guys want to see me and Mya really spending most of the time in a trampling clip on top here you go! -Empress Jennifer



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THE MEAN GIRLS – Full Weight Ball Crushing. Starring Goddess Nikkole and Princess Carmela

To get this clip for less money click here Full Weight Ball Crushing (1080 HD)Our dumb slave is waiting back there with his balls tied to a cinder block. Take a look at these high heels that are going to be crushing them, haha! The closest to a hug that a slave can get is the full weight pressure of our shoes and boots applying excruciating pressure to his cock and balls. Dont worry about the red stuff that you see in this video, haha! Its all part of the ball abuse fun for me and Princess Carmela. We have sooo much fun that Carmela changes shoes to get rid of the platform heels she had on in the beginning of the clip. The lower the sole of the heel, the more intimate the crush because its sooo close to getting a bare foot on your cock and balls. She can almost feel the grit of the stone scraping the skin of his nut sack as she twists and walks on those nuts. Goddess Nikkole

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