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OMG, you have got to see this idiot HAHA. I give My slave the afternoon off and he uses it to make a total fuckin fool of himself. he goes into total fag-mode and teaches himself to do this lame Jazzhands dance! ROLF I just can’t stop! I even shot this footage just to embarrass him to the world. I caught him red-handed, then given him a beatdown showing him what jazzhands are REALLY all about. With the most fucked up faceslaps to his ugly face, kick him a few times in the nuts and trample him just so I can do a little dance of My own on his fatbody! I decide to just jump on his fingers over and over again till his bones brake (its beautiful music). Then I see how well his jazzhands are doing. A must see clip in this off Broadway production! LMAO



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DomNation – CRUSHED UNDER HER SIZE 18 BIKER BOOTS! Starring lady Towers

DomNation – CRUSHED UNDER HER SIZE 18 BIKER BOOTS! Starring lady Towers




At 64 in her bare feet and weighing 220+ lbs, Lady Towers is a true Amazon Goddess. Not so surprisingly, her feet are just as gorgeous, massive and powerful as the rest of her. So when she decides to use her size 18 (yes 18!) motorcycle boots to stomp and crush her puny slaves body, hes in for a lot of hurt.

Laid out and helpless, Lady Towers pins him down effortlessly and drops one spine jarring butt bomb after another with her voluptuous ass landing full weight on his solar plexus forcing the air from his lings. A little full weight facesitting drains and weakens him even further. But what a way to go.

For the coup de gras, the Cruel Colossus crushes his tiny lil head beneath her heavy, steel toe leather biker boots, and then stomps his chest while pinning him to the table, thus greatly magnifying the force and impact. Stomp after demoralizing stomp, her slave is powerless to move a muscle and can do nothing but lie there and take Lady Towers abuse. Lady Towers gives a new meaning to the phrase these boots were made for walking.



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DomNation – TRAMPLED AND CANED, MY LITTLE PAIN WHORE. Starring Mistress Lynn Pops

DomNation – TRAMPLED AND CANED, MY LITTLE PAIN WHORE. Starring Mistress Lynn Pops




Mistress Lynn Pops needs no particular reason to torment a slave! It’s just what she does, she’s passionate when it comes to the suffering that “ALL MEN” deserve and does her best to do her part!

Today she has her little whore nicely laid out on his back ready to be trampled and perforated by her nail sharp stilettos. It only seems natural to use such a low life as the ground of which a divine mistress walks. Kind of her personal Red carpet. Lynn quickly dismisses the deep toned grunts and groans of her trampling and goes for a little more whiny and painful. For these are the sounds in which she finds the most delight. She has moved her slutty little pain whore to a spanking horse, he is bound his ass helpless and at the ready as she assaults his buttocks with her wicked and vicious rattan cane. The tone in his voice has changed drastically. He now wiggles and throws his body around trying to avoid being painfully struck in the same area more than once but Mistress Lynn has a dead eye and a quick hand. Her Pain slut is getting more than he bargained for and the Lynn is getting just what she wants!


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DomNation – CRUSHED NUTS. Starring Lady Towers

DomNation – CRUSHED NUTS. Starring Lady Towers




In this follow up to Lady Towers’ best selling clip HERE COMES THE BOOM, the Cruel Colossus of Domination focuses all of her 220 lbs on stomping her puny slave’s testicles. Wearing steel toe leather biker boots, this Amazon Goddess tramples her pet’s family jewels relentlessly and without a shred of remorse. Whether she is standing over and on top of him, or sitting on his belly after a direct hit from one of her hard core butt bombs, Lady Towers is intent on stomping, kicking, trampling and crushing his cock and ball sack. By the time she is thru with him, his nutsack will be as flat as a pancake.

Category: AMAZONS
Keywords: female domination, face sitting, wrestling, lady towers, smothering, face slapping, giantess, butt bomb, amazon, trampling, ass sniffing, trampling, boot stomping

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Brat Princess 2 – Athena and Chloe – Lick my Friends Boots Too (Part 1)

Brat Princess 2 – Athena and Chloe – Lick my Friends Boots Too (Part 1)




Athena and Chloe have a pathetic old man wrapped around their little fingers. Chloe makes the old man to beg to lick her shoes. He does. The girls laugh at the pathetic old man as he cleans off all the dirt. Chloe wants him to lick the dirt from Athena’s boots, too. The old man does not do a good enough job cleaning Athena’s boots. The girls take the old man’s wallet. They want to get new shoes. The old man holds out its tongue and Athena wipes her boot off onto it. The hot young girls can get the pathetic old man to do anything they want. The girls trample his chest in heels, while he licks their shoes. He grunts while Chloe dances on his chest. According to the girls, he’s done a terrible job cleaning their shoes. They want to see if he does any better cleaning their feet. This is the shoe and boot worship segment of the clip. (9:43 long)

Clip Contains: Athena, Chloe, Shoe and Boot Worship, Brat Girls, Female Domination, Humiliation, Financial Domination, some brief Trampling

Keywords: brat girls

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DomNation – YOUR BALLS UNDERFOOT. Starring Madam Paulina

DomNation – YOUR BALLS UNDERFOOT. Starring Madam Paulina




Madam Paulina`s Slave has been kind of irritating lately. Reminding her of a nasty little chihuahua that she had as a, it was always underfoot and nipping at her heels, for some strange reason her slave reminds her of this irritating little pest.

Madam Pauline always avoided stepping on the awnry little . She always felt so sorry for the shivering little . But the Madam feels no need to avoid stepping on that, that irritates her now!

The madam makes a point of it to painfully step on and trample that of which is underfoot, she realizes great joy and ecstasy as she digs her heels in and becomes the instrument of her slaves immense suffering. She takes great joy in defiling his very manhood as she buries her heels in his testicles as he flounders around in agony. Oh yes the Madam is now more than willing to step on any pathetic creature that ends up under her feet!!

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DomNation – YOULL LEARN TO HEEL. Starring Domina Ilsa

DomNation – YOULL LEARN TO HEEL. Starring Domina Ilsa




Domina Ilsa has lost her patience with her twit brained slave. It shouldn’t be difficult to train a slave to heel. As a matter of fact it was easier to train her Guinea pig. If this moronic fool cant learn to Heel. well then maybe she should give him some Heel training.

Ilsa places him below her, where all slaves belong then she just starts digging her heels in, and slapping him around, She digs her heels in, and gets to work (lol) she doesn’t let up on him one bit, leaving scratch marks as she drags her heels along his sensitive flesh and watches him squirm in agony!

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DomNation – I CAN SQUEEZE MY RENT OUT OF YOU. Starring Goddess Domina Next

DomNation – I CAN SQUEEZE MY RENT OUT OF YOU. Starring Goddess Domina Next




Goddess Nikki Next has an agreement with her little Fin Slave, He is financially responsible for her rent, yet once again he is late in paying it and the Goddess plans on setting things straight. She may not have a gold medal but her tenacity and Gold Costume more than make up for what the petite Goddess may be missing in Physical Stature.

The Goddess Nikki wants him underfoot, exactly where this worthless slave belongs, so Nikki forces him to the floor and literally uses him as a rug, letting the heels of her stilettos dig into him assuring that he gets the POINT! Of course his misery is only laughable to the Goddess, he deserves to suffer for being late with the rent.

Nikki next demonstrates her physical dominance over him by placing him in a series of painful wrestling holds as her pitiful slave just lays there and takes the pain, as though he’s to terrified (for Good reason) to attempt saving or protecting himself. I doubt that this feeble minded drudge will ever be late with her rent again.

Keywords: goddess nikki next, female domination, humiliation, brat princess, female superiority, domination, scissor hold, domestic servitude, corporal punishment, tease and denial, wrestling, slave training, trampling, choking, ball busting

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Elegant femdom – efcl542 cbt. Starring Princess Lucy

Elegant femdom – efcl542 cbt. Starring Princess Lucy




The young stunning dominant Princess Lucy torments the penis of the slave in sexy black high heels. She stand on a table and steps on the poor male’s cock and also dig her sharp heels in his it.

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Keywords: lucy

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DomNation – YOUR A SICK FUCK! Starring Mistress Bella Blackheart

DomNation – YOUR A SICK FUCK! Starring Mistress Bella Blackheart




In This Video Mistress Bella Blackheart Slaps her slave silly simply for having a shoe fetish! Which in her mind makes him a sick fuck. Hopefully she can slap it right out of him! If that doesn’t work then maybe sniffing her smelling leather shoes will dissuade him, Nope Ok, So Bella just decides to press the perv out of him in the form of a painful stiletto trampling

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