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DomNation – I DELIGHT IN YOUR AGONY! Starring Mistress Thorn Kelly

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DomNation – I DELIGHT IN YOUR AGONY! Starring Mistress Thorn Kelly




Mistress Thorn Kelly has been working on a slave that has upset her.
She has left his man parts in tatters as she smiled and laughed at his horrendous agony! She has beaten him with a steel paddle
and hasn’t quite finished with him yet!

Thorns slave is dangling naked and vulnerable. He has already been tormented to the extreme. His penis and testicles still burn as
testament to her anger. But this mistress is going to make her point! Her riding crop is in hand and pummeling his flesh. Every
inch of him will be screaming for forgiveness by the time that Thorn has finished with him..

Category: BDSM


Keywords: mistress thorn kelly, beatings, spankings, cfnm, humiliation, verbal humiliation, beat downs, cropping, bdsm, female
superiority, sensual play, female supremacy, corporal punishment, ass beating, paddling
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DomNation – A SWEET GIFT OF AGONY! Starring Goddess Midnight

DomNation – A SWEET GIFT OF AGONY! Starring Goddess Midnight




Goddess Midnight has had a rough day dealing with her male boss at work. And has a yearning to get even, she may not be able to
get even with her boss. But who cares, really! Any pathetic man will do at this point! The Goddess just wants to impart pain upon
a useless male. That would make her evening!

She is so happy to see that one of her friends so happens to have a slave who’s really bad with names (or maybe obedience) Her
friend tire’s of dealing with him and has decided to let Goddess Midnight have a Whack (or a few hundred) at him!The Goddess finds
her friends slave gift wrapped for her! Hes already naked and already bound. Vulnerably poised, sitting atop a spanking bench with
his ass high in the air. This is just to good to be true the Goddess thinks as she readies her cane before welting his flesh.

The Goddess feels a great sense of vindication as her cane whistles through the air, slicing its way downward before crashing into
her victim’s sensitive buttocks. She grabs and pulls at his collar, Jerking him around, feeling absolute salvation in the control
she has over this meager man. She envisions her boss and salivates as she seeks her vengeance. Ever cry and painful breath that
escapes him brings the Goddess closer to peace. Every strike a blow at the man that she detests and hates. Every throw a small
victory for the time being and a breath of relief that will ensure the Goddess a joyous evening and a peaceful slumber for the



Keywords: goddess midnight, bdsm, caning, whipping, beatdowns, corporal caning, ass beatings, spanking, slave training, corporal
punishment, humiliation, verbal humiliation, female supremacy, female superiority, female domination
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Young Goddess Kim – Kiss the Keys Goodbye

Young Goddess Kim – Kiss the Keys Goodbye




it begged not to be in chastity, but quickly realized how excited and pleased it would make Me and of course a slave’s will and fate is decided by it’s Owner. I am wearing My new latex leotard that another chastity slave had made for Me and just the sight of My provocative figure is enough to cause damage to its desperate locked dick. But there is so much more to My tempting tease. How cruel of Me to dangle the keys on My stiletto ankle strap while I have the chaste slave shine My shoes. So close, yet so far. I am not one to be easily impressed by males, not at all. Even the price to kiss My ass is another week without release..maybe. Making it beg for the honor amuses Me. I got so into playing with the tormented bitch, I let it worship, kiss and lick My sacred soles, My ass, and My divine latex pussy as I gripped its neck between My fishnet thighs. Now there’s no chance of unlocking. It’s forever in that cage. Kiss your keys goodbye!

Includes: Chastity, Female Domination, Tease & Denial, Ass Worship, Stilettos, Shoe Worship, Footstool, Humiliation, Latex Leotard, Femdom, CFNM, Verbal Humiliation, Face Slapping, Goddess Worship

Category: CHASTITY


Keywords: real life goddess, chastity, tease and denial

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Young Goddess Kim – Ass Kissing Make-up Chair

Young Goddess Kim – Ass Kissing Make-up Chair




The object is so fortunate to be used by Me today as My make up chair. It’s unworthy back bares My full weight as I apply My red lipstick in the mirror, warning it not to move a muscle as I apply mascara, any mistakes will be paid for! My leather ass sits firmly on the human chair, I remind it that it is a worthless object and if it doesn’t please Me I will simply throw it out and get a new one. I have a list of chores for it to complete while I am out, it listens to My instructions as I allow it to kiss My leather ass, reveal what’s underneath and smother its pathetic face with My shiny tight ass. After cruelly teasing the object, I know it will be working very hard at all its chores while I am out.

Includes: Female Domination, Human Furniture, Ass Smothering, Face Sitting, Humiliation, Goddess Worship, Ass Worship, Make Up, Lipstick Fetish, Female Supremacy, Objectification, Leather Fetish, Pantyhose/Stockings, Femdom, Verbal Humiliaton

Category: FEMDOM


Keywords: real life goddess, human furniture, ass worship

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DomNation – WHIPPED FOR HIS TRANSGRESSIONS. Starring Mistress Miranda Mayfair

DomNation – WHIPPED FOR HIS TRANSGRESSIONS. Starring Mistress Miranda Mayfair




Mistress Miranda Mayfair has her slave bound to the ceiling; her slave need a serious attitude adjustment and her single tail whip is the perfect remedy for his problem. She ruthlessly whips his backside over and over again, turning it welted and red. One can see the hundreds of whip marks on his back and ass; he has been worked over very well.

His screams for mercy fall on deaf ears as she continues to give him without pity. Her bitter whipping pushes him far beyond his limits. The slave is screaming uncontrollably from the pain. She orders him to quiet down, but her whipping grows more intense with every stroke. To Mistress Miranda her slave is nothing more then a piece of meat to beat on to fulfill her sadistic desires.

Features: whipping, corporal punishment, slave training, military, uniforms, amazons, BDSM, female domination

Category: FEMDOM


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DomNation – MASTURBATION TEASE & DENIAL FULL VERSION. Starring Mistress Elena De Luca

DomNation – MASTURBATION TEASE & DENIAL FULL VERSION. Starring Mistress Elena De Luca




Of course a Mistress like Elena De Luca has no tolerance for slaves pleasuring themselves in her service, so all her slaves are required to stay in chastity for weeks or even months at a time. The sexual frustration they must be feeling is unimaginable, especially considering the fact they are serving such a sexy and voluptuous mistress. In one of those very rare occasions, Mistress ElenaDeLuca allows her slave to touch himself while in her divine presence.

Well you know the old saying: If its too good to be true, it usually is. Such is the case here; his nightmare has just begun. His hands are strung up with ropes above his head, and Mistress Elenacontrols his every masturbatory movement with the tug of a rope. In a cruel game of tease and denial, her slave gets a limited time to stroke, all the time with Mistress Elenas frequent interruptions with the yank of her rope. By the time its over, the slave is practically driven insane with the appearance of pleasure, but lacks any substance thereof. By the end he almost wishes to go back into chastity, just to have a moment of steadiness in his troubled life.

Elena De Luca

face sitting, smothering, corporal punishment, forced fem, BDSM, verbal humiliation, female domination



Keywords: dominatrix, elena

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DomNation – A GOOD DAY FOR A BEATING. Starring Mistress Storm

DomNation – A GOOD DAY FOR A BEATING. Starring Mistress Storm




Mistress Storm woke up in a particularly sadistic mood today, and she intends to take it out on this helpless slave with a few of her favorite heavy duty leather straps and paddles.

He can only stand and take it, bound and helpless, as the heavy strap comes crashing down on his backside. The pain is excruciating and he squeals and squirms like a pig, but his antics only fuel Storm to take it to him even harder. He will be black and blue in no time at all, and that puts a smile on Mistress Storm’s face.

Mistress Storm

Features: strap-on, pegging, sissy training, BDSM, verbal humiliation, female domination



Keywords: storm

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Merciless Dominas – Sensual Torture by Nikky French. Starring Mistress Nikky French

Merciless Dominas – Sensual Torture by Nikky French. Starring Mistress Nikky French




Mistress Nikky French is using and abusing her slave Hexib in a classic female domination game. Tied to the wall of Ashton Studios in Bristol (UK), Hexib is defenseless as Mistress Nikky approaches him, with her evil mind and sexy French accent. Not a single part of the slave’s body will be spared when Mistress Nikky are getting started with her punishment. The suffering start with nipple torture and CBT, but it the slave thought that would be it. All of course in genuine Nikky French style.

Category: CBT


Keywords: mistress nikky french, bristol, the uk, nipple torture

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Brat Princess 2 – Lola – Desperate Auditioning slave Jerks Off and Eats Cum

Brat Princess 2 – Lola – Desperate Auditioning slave Jerks Off and Eats Cum




A slave has shown up at the Brat Princess household, begging to serve. Lola’s spent a few hours determining if the slave has any value the Princesses can extract. To conclude the assessment, she’s decided to let it out of chastity to jerk off at her feet. Lola sips some tea while the slave desperately faps. She verbally humiliates the slave from across the room, between glances out the window at something more interesting. The slave must cum soft. It isn’t a real man, and can’t cum fully erect like a real man. The slave pathetically cums soft onto its belly. Lola makes the slave eat its own mess. She won’t let it stop jerking after the first orgasm. She wants the slave to jerk off directly into its own mouth and swallow more of its own cum. The slave is very desperate for any female attention. It does as its told, jerking feverishly until it collapses at Lola’s feet. While on the ground, Lola makes the eager audition kiss her shoes. Then, she immediately locks it back into chastity. The girls in the household will keep him in chastity indefinitely. The slave is in service to household now. He doesn’t have a choice. (13:01 long)

Clip Contains: Lola, Female Domination, Chastity, Masturbation Humiliation, Verbal Humiliation, Male Cum Swallowers, Shoe Kissing



Keywords: masturbation humiliation

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Beg To Cum – This Isn’t Supposed To Be Fun For You. Starring Lauren Phillips

Beg To Cum – This Isn’t Supposed To Be Fun For You. Starring Lauren Phillips




Yes Lauren Phillips is beautiful, and yes being stroked by her is pleasure. But this is not supposed to be fun for him. Instead she will ridicule her slave, treat him like while edging and ultimately denying him any relief.

Category: TEASE & DENIAL

Related Categories: VERBAL HUMILIATION

Keywords: verbal humiliation

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